Aldi Is Now Selling Pigs In Blankets Candles

Plus there's Turkey and Stuffing, Christmas Pudding, & more to chose from.

Aldi's Christmas novelty candles.

From pungent pine to cinnamon and spices, there are so many aromas associated with Christmas. And Aldi has found a way to replicate the scents coming from your kitchen all season round.

The retailer’s new novelty food candles come in fragrant scents including Pigs in Blankets, Turkey and Stuffing, Christmas Pudding with Brandy Butter, and Mince Pie, and cost £1.69 each.

Top notes of turkey and base notes of bacon may not be something you’ve ever looked for before but at less than £2 each, it’s hard not to let your curiosity get the better of you.

After Aldi announced the launch, one fan commented, “[This will] Save me cooking dinner.” Another shopper was equally enthused and said, “Bet the Mince Pies and Christmas Pudding with Brandy Butter ones smell nice.”

However, some people were a little bit suspicious of the new scents. “Did Gwyneth Paltrow inspire this idea?” one person joked. Another said, “I love Aldi but these candles are a big no from me. Cooking and food smells permanently in your house ugh.”

Over the last year, Aldi has made a name for itself in the homeware and candles space. The shop’s “numbers” range mimics the scent range from Jo Malone: No.1 offers Lime, Basil and Mandarin while No. 12 gives off the fragrance of Amber Woods. “Rivals any top candle on the market! Excellent! Gorgeous!” said one reviewer. Another wrote, “Love this candle it is the second year I have bought it. Wish I could purchase all year round, amazing scent.”

So, if you don’t quite have the heart (or stomach) to embrace the smell of Christmas dinner all month long then there are other options. And who knows? Food-scented candles could be the future. One shopper wrote on Facebook, “What next? Full English candles?”