The 'Don't Leave Me Challenge' On TikTok Is Un-UnbeLEAFably Amusing

Courtesy of Josh2Funny

Does chucking a bucket of ice over your head, planking, or (less fun) challenging someone to go on a 5K run sound familiar? These are but a few of the viral challenges that have permeated the collective conscious in recent times. The latest one, however, will leave you and your friends creasing with the LOLs. So what is the don't leave me challenge?

The challenge is based on a skit by Nigerian comic Chibuike Josh Alfred, also known as Josh2funny. The challenge went viral on TikTok and now is now trending everywhere. It started with a video that shows a stone-faced Alfred as he speaks to his friend utilising the power of puns, and you won't beleaf his clever use of props. Yes, basically he inserts the word leaf/leave into the conversation as much as possible while remaining very serious about it all, and holding an actual leaf.

The skit was such a hit that, according to the Guardian, videos of the challenge have been viewed more than 6 million times on the Josh2funny Instagram page. If that's not enough online appreciation from the fans, over on TikTok videos have gained over 2 billion views.

It appears that dad jokes are going global and for those gifted in the pun department, this is truly your time to shine and get the recognition you deserve.

I know what you're asking, "how do I get in on the action?" Well I'm glad to say that unlike planking or any of the other more risky viral trends, this challenge won't put your life at risk.

All you have to do is ensure you have (at least one) hype man to record you and laugh at your hilarious puns. Make sure you give credit to its creator and tag Josh2funny in the video. He's even created a song on his website that you can attach to the videos when you share them on your social. Enjoy!