How To Hide Cords Under A Desk

Temporary and permanent solutions that’ll make your space look *so* much better.

How To Hide Cords Under A Desk
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Whether you’re working from home or in an office setting, one thing stands true: When your desk is overrun by chaotic cables, chargers, and cords, it can take your focus off your work tasks. The good news? It doesn’t have to be that way. Amazon is filled with useful products that’ll help you figure out how to hide cords under your desk. The top picks can accommodate all of the cords that you need to conceal and can be as temporary or fixed in place as desired, taking aesthetic factors into account as well.

What To Consider When Shopping For Ways To Hide Cords Under A Desk

When on the hunt for products that can help wrangle the cord situation under your desk, the first thing you’ll want to determine is how permanent a solution would be best for your setup. If you’re constantly plugging and unplugging cords (think phone chargers, computer chargers, etc.) or moving from workspace to workspace, then a solution that allows you to quickly and easily do that is likely best — think options like a cable management box, extra drawer/basket space, or cable ties.

Alternatively, if you don’t really mess with the cords (like if you have a printer that’s always plugged in), then you likely can go with a solution that’s more fixed in place; this includes adhesive clips that guide the cords in a more streamlined way or channels that run along your desk and/or walls to conceal cords entirely.

Regardless, make sure the solution you choose can accommodate the number of cords that you have and any power strips or extension cords as well. You’ll also want to go with one that you find aesthetically pleasing — some options are designed to be more stylish, while others are meant to be more minimal, so think about what you prefer.

Shop The Best Solutions To Hide Cords Under A Desk

In a hurry? Here are the top products to hide cords under a desk:

  1. Group Cables Together With This Popular Wire Sleeve: Alex Tech Protector Wire Cable Sleeve
  2. Clamp These Wire Baskets To The Back Of Your Desk To Stash Cords: Baskiss Under Desk Cable Management Tray
  3. Stash Spare Cords, Chargers & Other Small Accessories In These Adhesive Drawers: YOOUSOO Under Desk Drawer
  4. Hide A Power Strip & Excess Cables In This Budget-Friendly Cable Management Box: D-Line Cable Management Box
  5. Or Go With This Stylish Cable Management Box That Holds Even More: TEYGA Bamboo Cable Management Box
  6. Add These Adhesive Clips Which Can Guide Multiple Cords At Once: SOULWIT Self Adhesive Cable Management Clips
  7. Conceal Cords With These Cord Covers In Many Shapes & Sizes: Delamu Cord Cover Channel Kit
  8. Tie Up Excess Cables With These Reusable Straps: OneLeaf Reusable Fastening Cable Ties

Unruly cords no more! Scroll on for eight clever ways to hide cords under your desk.


Group Cables Together With This Popular Wire Sleeve


  • Fan-favorite on Amazon, boasting a 4.7-star rating after 46,000-plus reviews
  • Split wire sleeve makes it easy to load and unload cords
  • Comes in several colors and widths/lengths

Boasting a 4.7-star rating overall on Amazon after 46,000-plus reviews, this cable sleeve from Alex Tech is an overwhelmingly popular pick for hiding cords under a desk because it’s simple to use and quite cost-effective. The product is made from a sturdy wire material that’s split, making it easy to place multiple cables and cords inside it. Once everything is loaded, the sleeve closes on itself so the contents will stay grouped together cleanly.

Choose from three different colors, as well as a bunch of widths and lengths based on your specific cord situation, though the sleeve is also trimmable for further customization.

One Reviewer Wrote: “This works very well for wrangling cables under desks, behind TV cabinets, or anywhere you have many loose cables running wild.”

Type: Sleeve | Made From: Polyethylene wire | Available Colors: 3


Clamp These Wire Baskets To The Back Of Your Desk To Stash Cords


  • Clamps to the back of your desk; no adhesive or drilling required
  • Open design to easily access the cords

Most baskets and trays that are designed to help corral cords need to be screwed into your desk — that can be intimidating and even potentially cause damage! Luckily, this pick from Baskiss is different. It features a unique clamp design that allows it to mount to the back of your desk. All you have to do is tighten the knob to secure it!

This set comes with two sizable metal wire baskets with an open design that allows you to thread cords through them as desired.

One Reviewer Wrote: “Finally decided to clean the mess of cables under my work from my work from home sit/stand desk. Very glad I did. These trays worked very well and hold securely.”

Type: Baskets | Made From: Metal | Available Colors: 1


Stash Spare Cords, Chargers & Other Small Accessories In These Adhesive Drawers


  • Easily attaches to the underside of a desk using adhesive
  • Can hold a wide variety of items

If you have a growing pile of cords taking up space in a drawer or on a shelf in your workspace, this is a handy solution. Offering extra storage space for spare chargers, cables, or other desk accessories like pens, sticky notes, paper clips, and pencils, these drawers from YOOUSOO are a simple and smart solution — and they cost just $20! Made from plastic, the drawers are designed to attach directly to the underside of your desk using sturdy adhesive, no drilling required. And they’ll provide you with a good amount of extra room for all of your items. The drawers are super lightweight (weighing just over a pound) and come in a two-pack.

One Reviewer Wrote: “I have a gaming desk that needed a small drawer for pencils or cords and this worked perfectly for me. The adhesive makes the drawer stick to the desk amazingly. They are plastic but sturdy for small items.”

Type: Drawers | Made From: Plastic | Available Colors: 2


Hide A Power Strip & Excess Cables In This Budget-Friendly Cable Management Box


  • Can hold a power strip and cables
  • Comes in different sizes based on your needs

This cable management box from D-Line is designed to hold an 11-inch power strip as well as excess cables and chargers, majorly cleaning up the cord situation in your workplace. It has three entry and exit points that you can run cords through, as well as a lid to help keep everything contained. Ventilation holes prevent any overheating and the box is made from durable plastic to last in the long haul. It has a rather minimal appearance so it is discreet under your desk.

Choose from either black or white color options, as well as a small or large size based on the amount of mess you need to contain.

One Reviewer Wrote: “So glad I bought this product! All of the cords under the desk in my home office for the computer, keyboard, speakers, printer, etc were a big jumbled mess. This cable box makes the area look so much more neat now. It’s also a million times easier to clean under the desk because I’m not having to pick up all of the cords to sweep and vacuum around. It also hides the power strip and now my cat can’t accidentally knock a plug out of it when he lays under the desk by my feet.”

Type: Cable management box | Made From: Plastic | Available Colors: 2


Or Go With This Stylish Cable Management Box That Holds Even More


  • Can hold two power strips and cables
  • Comes in 5 colors and 3 sizes

Seeking a cord management solution that marries style with functionality? This cable management box from TEYGA is made from bamboo wood with chic rounded corners — it basically seems like a piece of home decor. Looks aside, it also is quite useful for minimizing chord chaos. The product is large enough to hold up to two power strips and excess cords, and the magnetic lid ensures all of the components stay put inside. Utilize the slits on the sides to run cords in and out of the box as needed.

Choose from different colors and finishes based on your home’s aesthetic, as well as three size options — small, medium, or big. The brand recommends measuring your power strip to ensure you choose the correct size.

One Reviewer Wrote: “This is a very nice looking, sturdy box. I use it in my office to organize the laptop, landline, shredder, and lamp. No more tangled mess of wires under the desk.”

Type: Cable management box | Made From: Bamboo | Available Colors: 5


Add These Adhesive Clips Which Can Guide Multiple Cords At Once


  • Each clip can hold multiple cords of various thicknesses
  • Adheres to a variety of surfaces, including walls
  • Also available in white

These cable management clips from SOULWIT may seem basic at first glance, however, they actually work wonders for keeping cords, cables, and chargers under control — use them to guide the cables under your desk in a much more streamlined and organized fashion. The set comes with 50 individual clips, and each one has adhesive on the back to secure them to surfaces like walls or desks made of metal, wood, and more. Each clip can hold multiple cords of various thicknesses, and the hinged design makes them simple to open and close to access the cords.

One Reviewer Wrote: “I purchased these to tidy up the cables running under my countertop/desk in my home office/studio. They are large enough to hold several cords/cables at a time and keep them up out of the way. They have been in use now for more than a year and are still holding securely. At $14.95 for a bag of 50, they are a great value and I have enough to work with for years to come.”

Type: Clips | Made From: Plastic | Available Colors: 2


Conceal Cords With These Cord Covers In Many Shapes & Sizes


  • Completely hides cords
  • Can be trimmed to any size necessary
  • Comes in 5 colors and two sizes
  • Paintable to blend with walls

If you’re *totally* over staring at unruly cords in your workspace, this cord cover kit from Delamu is your best bet for making them practically disappear like magic! Made from PVC, the channels are designed to cover the entire path of your cords (they stick to surfaces using adhesive) from start to finish. And they can even be painted to blend in further. The set comes with 10 pre-cut channel pieces (157 inches total length), but each one can be trimmed to the exact size needed. Each channel can hold two to three cables.

Keep in mind that this is the most fixed solution on this list — once in place, you won’t really be able to move the cords around, so consider whether this is a tradeoff you’re willing to make.

One Reviewer Wrote: “Great for hiding cables under my desk and along wall. Great double sided adhesion tape, probably the best part of this!”

Type: Channels | Made From: PVC | Available Colors: 5


Tie Up Excess Cables With These Reusable Straps


  • Bulk pack of cable ties in various lengths for only $10
  • Reusable

If you have a bunch of cables that are just way too long, use these cable ties from OneLeaf to tie up any excess — trust me, it’ll make everything look so much more organized, plus it’ll prevent your cords from getting tangled and knotted. The set comes with 60 cable ties in four-, six-, and eight-inch lengths, as well as five different colors. The cable ties are reusable, and a hook and loop fastener keeps them securely closed during use. The brand also makes a set of black cable ties as well.

One Reviewer Wrote: “For my desk: all the cords are neatly organized in the drawer and the cables around my desk are tied neatly.”

Type: Cable ties | Made From: Plastic | Available Colors: 1 (with 5 different colors in the set)