How To Make Spicy Rosé At Home

The ones that get it, get it.

There’s no better time than the summertime to try out refreshing new cocktails, and TikTok has pretty much every trending recipe under the sun with just a simple search. There was the Dirty Shirley, which singlehandedly set the tone for summer 2022 drink orders and revamped a childhood favorite. Then there was the hard seltzer hack that, naturally, involved a milk frother — don’t ask, just read.

Now, the latest sip to go viral? Its name is spicy rosé. Before you start wondering where the spice is coming from and how many ingredients you need to pick up from the store to stir up this tasty bev, rest assured that the steps are simple. Spicy rosé is simply your choice of rosé with a slice (or two, or three) of jalapeño. Who would’ve thought?

After TikTok user and cocktail connoisseur @allyssainthekitchen posted a video on April 10 of herself slicing up a fresh jalapeño and popping a few spicy slices into her glass of chilled rosé, viewers and users of the social media app began to try it out for themselves. In fact, the hashtag #spicyrose has over 66,000 views and a selection of videos to thumb through of the 21 and over club taste-testing this pink drink with a kick. And to be totally honest, it looks like a match made in wine heaven.

What Is Spicy Rosé?

As mentioned, spicy rosé is as straightforward as it sounds: rosé that is, well, spicy. In the original video, Allyssa slices up some jalapeño, takes a freshly-refrigerated bottle of Cote des Roses Rosé, pours it into a glass, and drops a few pepper slices in before calling it a day. Comments read along the lines of, “Unexpected combo that surprisingly goes together,” and “I can’t drink my rose any other way now! This is perfection!”

One commenter wrote, “I learned the hard way that this does not work with pickled jalapeños,” to which the creator responded, “Omg def not! I hope you didn’t waste a whole glass!” Noted for today to never confuse the two.

Another user, @sipwithlolo tried the spicy-meets-sweet sip and raved about the flavor. She says in her May 14 video, “This is really good. I didn’t have to keep the jalapeño in there too long before I drank have to try it.” One commenter even recommended putting a few jalapeño slices in the bottle, which would help to infuse the entire rosé while still being chilled. Kind of genius, IMO.

Cheers to everyone trying out this soon-to-be legendary drink that seems to be worth a taste. Just be sure to brush up on your wine know-how with a few tips for rosé season.