The Best Closet Deodorizers To Make Your Closet (& Clothes) Smell Amazing

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When it comes to figuring out how to make your closet smell good, the first (and easiest) step is pick up one of the best closet deodorizers listed ahead. There are two types of closet deodorizers: Odor eliminators, which rectify the root of the odor problem; and fragrances, which suffuse your space with fresh scents to mask odor. Some odor eliminators get rid of unwanted scents by absorbing the excess moisture from the air, while some electric options help remove particles that can trigger allergic reactions. After you're done with that step, you might want to consider things like sachets and cedar blocks that use gorgeous fragrances to freshen up your closets and drawers without actually absorbing contaminants. But before you pull out your wallet and choose one, there are several important questions to consider.

If you're trying to avoid harsh chemicals, it may be beneficial to focus on natural closet deodorizers such as charcoal-based products, which are also free of synthetic fragrances. And if you intend to use your eliminator to remove scents all around your home, you may want to consider decorative ones that blend into your decor. They're just as effective as their plain counterparts, but guests won't be able to tell you've been combating unwanted odors.

While it may not be the first thing you think of when sprucing up your home, keeping your closet clean and smelling nice can make a huge difference. With that in mind, here are some of the best closet deodorizers that can help keep clothes (and, ahem, dirty laundry) from smelling musty in your closet.


Dehumidify With These Moisture-Absorbing Bags

If you're looking for something to prevent mustiness in your closet, search no further than these DampRid bags. While you can't see other eliminators working, the crystals inside these bags absorb the excess moisture that they pull from the air — and you can even watch as they slowly fill up with water. There's no electricity required for them to work, and each order comes with three. According to the brand, the bags should be replaced when the crystals in the upper portion disappear.

Promising review: "I recently was having an issue where my closet was not smelling pleasant. [...] This DampRid hanging absorber fixed the issue in a matter of a day or less. It definitely is weird to see a hanging bag of water in my closet, but now I know it's doing the trick!"


Plug In This Odor-Eliminating Fan With Carbon Filters

When your closet smells musty, it's most likely caused by excess moisture, but if other contaminants are causing unwanted odors — like pets, tobacco, shoe odor, or just stale air — this electric odor eliminator is a good option. With an internal fan that pulls air through three built-in carbon filters, it eliminates smells in an energy-efficient manner (the average 15-watt light bulb uses more power than this machine). The speed is adjustable, so you can sleep soundly while it's running, and each order also comes with a free scent cartridge. The entire unit can work for three months until needing a filter replacement, but the built-in indicator will let you know exactly when that needs to happen.

Promising review: "Love this machine which I use in my closet. My shoe odor has disappeared. Using a timer it is on for only 3 hours during the night which keeps the room odor free."


Place These Bamboo Charcoal Bags On Your Closet Shelves

Even though most odor eliminators aren't aesthetically pleasing, these natural closet deodorizers look good no matter where you put them — including inside or outside of your closet. Made from activated bamboo charcoal, they're 100% organic, and each one absorbs unwanted odors over time. The cover is made from eco-friendly fibers, and they're reusable for up to two years.

Whereas other charcoal odor eliminators require a hook or bar to hang from (like the ones listed below), these are made with flat bottoms that allow you to easily place them all around your home. Guests likely won't even be able to tell they're deodorizers, and you can even recycle the charcoal in your garden after they've lost their effectiveness.

Promising Review: "Easy to use and effective. Inconspicuous way to manage odors. I use them in my closets, laundry room, and entry."


Put These Essential Oil Sachets To Work

For a closet pick that will leave a fresh scent left behind, these scented odor eliminator sachets not only come in a pack of 12 at an affordable price, but they're available in a variety of refreshing scents derived from essential oils, like lavender, lemongrass, honey peach, and more. Each sachet has an essential oil concentration level of 85% for long-lasting fragrance, but unlike their odor-absorbing counterparts, these simply freshen odors rather than really neutralizing them — so you may want to pair them with charcoal bags or a fan for the most smell-fighting power.

Promising review: "Great scent! My closets and dressers are happy with these!"


Sprinkle This Carpet-Cleaning Powder On The Floor

When regular odor eliminators aren't potent enough to get musty smells out of rugs or carpeting, this deodorizing powder is a must. It's so strong that it can actually neutralize allergens, remove pet stains, and more, with no scrubbing required. It's also safe to sprinkle on all types of carpets and fabric, yet gentle enough that you can even use it on silk. Just lightly brush it in, wait 30 minutes, then vacuum it up. You can safely walk on it since there are zero harsh ingredients in the formula, and you can even leave it on longer than 30 minutes if need be.

Promising review: "We vacuum every day and steam clean our carpets once a month but there always seems to be a lingering smell of something in the house. After using this powder our house stays smelling fresh even up to three months."


Hang These Charcoal Deodorizer Bags

For a bag style you can hang easily, these eco-friendly charcoal deodorizers come in a pack of four at under $15. Simply hang them in your closet using the built-in corner loop, or even lay them out in your car. They'll work in any confined space without a ton of airflow. After they've lost their odor-absorbing abilities, simply put them out in direct sunlight for a few hours to give them a quick recharge.

Promising review: "OMG THESE WORK!!! The next day I opened the closet and SMELLED NOTHING. No sweaty shoe smell, no dirt smell. I'm amazed."


Pop These Lavender-Scented Sachets In Your Drawers

Another natural choice, these lavender-scented sachets absorb odors using a simple blend of water, clove, lime, cedarwood, pine needle, anise, and lavender essential oils, while also imparting a fresh, woody scent to mask any lingering smells. Stash one in a dresser drawer or tuck one into the back of your closet (they’re more powerful than you may expect, so you only need to use one at a time). Or, take a few Amazon reviewers’ leads and drop one into your garbage can, diaper pail, car, or even in the cabinet under your sink to eliminate rusty or musty smells.

Promising review: “OMG. 1000 stars. I left a watermelon in my car. Exploded. Yes, disgusting! I tried everything, rug cleaner, diluting with water, rubbing alcohol, febreeze, rug shampoo, vacuumed over and over, I could not get rid of the smell. This item was delivered last night, I put it in my car at 630am, by 9am, the gross scent was gone !”


Display These Chic Fragrance Spheres On Your Shelves

If you love Yankee Candles, add these fragrance spheres to your cart next. A safer, but still stylish alternative to lit candles, this jug is packed with scented beads that work to neutralize odors, while also diffusing your room with the brand’s Clean Cotton aroma — an ideal pick for your closet, though you can choose among several other fresh scents, if you’d prefer. The honeycomb lid ensures a steady diffusion of scent that lasts for up to 30 days. But, as one Amazon customer pointed out, these beads are water-based and contain a water-soluble fragrance, so you can extend their life by adding a bit of water when they start to dry out.

Promising review: “Yankee Candle has been my favorite company for candles for more years than I can count. There are times when I don't want to have lighted candles around, and these spheres fit the bill perfectly. They have the scents I love and they are small enough to put in all kinds of places without being noticeable. And they do last quite a while, at least for me. I highly recommend these.”


Loop These Natural Cedar Blocks On Your Hangers

Threading your handers through these cedar rounds is an easy and streamlined way to control odor in your closet. These blocks are made of 100% North American cedar, a natural deodorizer, and they’re not infused with any oils or preservatives. That means the aroma is relatively subtle (according to one reviewer, it makes their clothes smell like they just went for a walk in the woods), making these a great choice if you don’t like synthetic or overpowering fragrance. Plus, cedar is a proven moth repellent, so they’ll also stave off dreaded mothballs.

Promising review: “A really great set of cedar blocks. Very fresh and powerful. Just enough smell to keep your closet fresh and not overpower the scent of clothes [...] They are perfect for hanging in the closet and layering in between sweaters. Excellent product, quick shipping and well packaged. Highly recommend.”


Freshen Up Small Spaces With These Pint-Sized Deodorizers

These miniature fresheners are technically made for diaper pails, but there’s no reason why you can’t place them in your closet, especially if it’s a relatively small space. Or, try popping these little rounds in your shoes, laundry bag, or gym bag. Each disc is filled with baking soda, another natural deodorizer, and infused with either a lavender or citrus scent for added freshness. They’ll retain their effectiveness for up to 90 days.

Promising review: “I love these. I got both the citrus and lavender and both smell great. I bought these to put in drawers and containers and just checked after a couple of days and they’ve neutralized any doors and have a mild, pleasant smell. Would definitely buy again.”

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