How To Make Your Home & Car Look Way Cooler For Cheap

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There’s a real satisfaction that comes when you find a product that solves a problem you didn’t even know you had. Or when you find the perfect piece of home decor that finally completes your living room. Amazon has tons of products for both your car and your home (which is really just an extension of your home) that will make it look way better, and the best part is they’re super affordable.

If your kitchen could use a little pop of color, this bright and cheery toaster is the perfect combination of aesthetics and function. Keep all your spoons, spatulas, and other utensils organized with this wall rack, so they don’t get lost in the drawer. You can keep your car organized too with this storage pocket that fits in between the crevice of your car seat and center console. Or just add some freshness to your car with this mini essential oil diffuser that plugs into your vehicle’s cigarette lighter.

Whether you need a new throw pillow and some decorative mirrors to spice up the decor in your home, or whether you want your car to be a little more comfortable, there are tons of products on this list to help you out. And the best part is they’re super affordable, and available right from Amazon.


These Throw Pillow Covers With A Velvet Design

Add some color and texture to your living room with this throw pillow cover made from soft velvet. The cover has a modern, abstract design that adds a unique touch to your couch or bed. The cover is fade and stain resistant so it won’t show wear and tear. It has a 4.8 rating on Amazon and reviews rave about the softness of the velvet. “I cannot believe the quality for the price,” read one review. “The design and fabric [are] perfect for a midcentury home.”


This Steering Wheel Cover That Helps Regulate Temperature

Whether you want to keep your steering wheel from getting icy cold in the winter or scalding hot in the summer, this steering wheel cover can help regulate the temperature for a more comfortable drive. Made from a faux-leather material with a breathable mesh layer, this cover protects your steering wheel. Plus it adds a pop of color to your car’s interior. It comes in blue, red, brown, and black.


A Bamboo Lazy Susan That Keeps Your Kitchen Organized

This Lazy Susan turntable is a versatile piece that can be used in either your kitchen or dining room. Use it in a cabinet to organize spices or sauces. It can easily spin, helping you find exactly what you need to cook. If you’re hosting a group dinner, you can also place it in the center of the table to hold seasonings, toppings, or utensils.


Decorative Gold Mirrors That Come In A Set Of Three

These gold mirrors come in a pack of three, so you can arrange them together on the wall as a statement piece, or spread them out around the house for a more subtle effect. The mirrors are lightweight so they’re easy to hang. It’s a great purchase if you’re looking for quick decor that’s bound to get compliments. “The gold color is really rich and it just looks really great on the wall,” wrote one reviewer.


This Colorful Toaster That Brightens Up Your Kitchen

Most appliances come in basic colors like silver or white, but this colorful toaster comes in bright yellow or light turquoise shades that will make your kitchen pop. The toaster has two wide slots, seven heat settings, and a removable crumb tray for easy cleaning. One review even states that it’s great for RV life, if you’re currently on the road.


These Cupholder Lights That’ll Help You Avoid Late-Night Spills

The cupholders in your car can be a vast and dark void where small items go to get lost. These LED car cupholder lights fit snuggly into most cupholders and automatically illuminate with a motion sensor. They’re rechargeable and have seven different color options. “These are so easy to use and give just enough light,” said one Amazon reviewer.


These Car Coasters That’ll Keep Minor Spills At Bay

Keep your car’s cupholders clean with these absorbent coasters. Designed to fit into most car cupholders, these coasters are made from a flexible neoprene that absorbs liquid. Plus, they come in a fun leopard print. “What a perfect little way to add personality to my car!” wrote one reviewer.


These Jars That Make Organization Look Good

One of the most satisfying parts of organizing? Getting cute containers to store everything in. These apothecary canister jars are perfect for organizing bathroom tools like cotton pads or hair ties, but they can also be used for craft supplies like pom poms or paper clips.


These Stylish Kitchen Jars That Keep Food Fresh

Storing food in its original packaging can be a pain if the box or bag doesn’t seal well. These kitchen canisters have an airtight seal, making it easy to store everything from pasta to cookies. The containers are also dishwasher and microwave safe, plus they come in bright colors that look good on your counter.


This Vase That Doubles As A Sculpture

The ancient Greeks were known for their sculptures of naked bodies. While this vase is much more modern and affordable, it takes inspiration from the Greek sculptures that pay homage to the curves of a woman’s body. The vessel can be used as a vase for flowers, or as a planter to hold a pot. It’d also make a great gift for a friend who has a bunch of houseplants.


Motion Activated LED Lights That’ll Help Guide You As You Get A Midnight Snack

Whether you need a little extra light in the kitchen or want to illuminate a hallway at night, these LED motion sensor lights are sure to come in handy. The battery-powered lights are easy to install and don’t require any tools. They automatically turn off after 20 seconds without motion, so they won’t waste battery.


A Hanging Rack That’ll Help Organize Your Kitchen Tools

There are some kitchen tools that get used so frequently, you want them to be easily accessible at all times. This kitchen rack has 10 hooks, making it easy to organize spatulas, pans, spoons, and other tools. The rack is made from sturdy wrought iron and can hold up to 25 pounds.


This Wooden Alarm Clock With Minimalist Design

If you’re trying to cut down on relying on your phone as an alarm clock, then this minimalist wooden clock is a good choice. With its sleek and sophisticated cube design, this clock adds a cool touch to any room. Plus, it doesn’t have any distractions like apps or texts like your phone does.


This Bamboo Plant Stand That Can Be Used Two Different Ways

If you have a plant too big to rest on your windowsill, then it’s time for a plant stand. These bamboo plant stands have a modern, minimalist look and can be used in two different ways. The stand can be flipped upside down if you’re looking for something shorter, depending on the size of your plant and pot. Assembly is required, but plenty of Amazon reviewers have said it’s a very simple process.


A Humidifier That Doubles As An Essential Oil Diffuser

The air in your home can get dry, especially during the colder months. Keep things comfortable with this humidifier that doubles as an essential oil diffuser. Just put a few drops of your favorite essential oil into the diffuser and it can run for up to 8 hours. It automatically shuts off when the humidifier is out of water.


An Attachment For Your Car That Holds Masks

In my car, my masks are always ending up on the floor or in the cupholder. This visor attachment creates a designated slot to store your face masks so you’re always prepared with a clean one. It can attach to your car’s visor or other areas like the back of the seat or the center console. It’s not just for masks — it can also hold tissues.


These Smart Lightbulbs That Can Be Controlled By Your Voice Or Phone

Sometimes the light switch just isn’t the most convenient way to adjust the lights. These smart bulbs connect to your phone so you can adjust the color and set scheduled timers easily from an app. They even connect to Amazon Alexa and Google Home so you can use voice controls. Lighting your home has never been easier.


These Flameless Candles That Look Completely Real

Candles are great for creating an atmosphere, but having them lit for too long can be dangerous. These flameless LED candles give off the same warm glow as real candles but without worry. To further add to the ease of these candles, you can control them with a remote. They can also be set to a timer so they automatically turn off.


These Vanity Lights That Make Your Mirror Feel Like A Dressing Room

There are few things more glamorous than a Hollywood dressing room. These vanity mirror lights can transform your basic dressing space into a beautiful space to do your hair and makeup. The LED lights stick directly to your mirror, so they’re easy to install, and have a dimmable setting to adjust brightness.


A Heated Blanket That You Can Plug Into Your Car

In the winter, your car can be very cold, especially if it takes a while for the heat to kick on. This heated blanket plugs into your car’s cigarette lighter to keep you warm and toasty. “The blanket is EXTREMELY soft, and once you plug it in and have the car turned on, it gets warm quickly,” wrote one reviewer.


A Bamboo Bath Mat That Makes Your Home Feel Like A Spa

Make your home feel like a luxurious spa with this bamboo bath mat. Instead of a knitted cloth bathmat, which can be difficult to clean, this wood mat is easy to wipe off. The mat can be rolled up, so it’s great for traveling, like taking on a camping trip or in an RV. The wood has a waterproof coating so it stays intact.


This Seat Belt Cover That Is Made From Faux Fur

Seatbelts are essential, but they’re not always comfortable. This faux fur seat belt pad adds a fuzzy, cushioned layer to your seatbelt so you can be both safe and comfortable. The covers come in a two-pack and can be used in the front or back seat. “My neck feels much better with that nice fluffy addition instead of the feeling of the edge of the seat belt on my neck!” one Amazon reviewer said.


A Rotating Makeup Organizer That Fits All Of Your Supplies

It can be hard to keep track of all your makeup and skincare products, but this organizer makes it easy. With seven adjustable trays, this makeup organizer has spots for all your products, both small and tall. The best part is that the shelf has 360-degree rotation, so you can easily access the products you need.


This Car Phone Mount That Works With Popsockets

Not all car phone mounts are created; some barely keep your phone upright. But this car phone mount works with your Popsocket, or another collapsable phone grip, to lock your device in place. It also has a slot to hold a cable, like your phone charger. As a bonus, the phone has an adorable design that looks like a teddy bear.


These LED String Lights That Can Twinkle In Eight Different Ways

There’s something about a set of string lights that immediately adds more warmth to a home. These curtain lights are great for hanging along a blank wall and also work outdoors on a patio or deck. Plus, you can change up how they twinkle, so every night can be a different experience. “It gives off a warm cozy glow, and really adds a nice touch of oomph to the room,” praised one reviewer.


Some Car Hooks That Can Hold Your Purse Or Groceries

There’s never a good spot to put your purse in the car, especially if you have someone sitting in the passenger seat. These handy hooks clip onto your car seat headrest and provide an easy way to hang your purse, shopping bags, or water bottle. Each hook can hold up to 13 pounds.


This Projector Lamp That’s Great For Photoshoots

Add a warm and colorful glow to any corner of your house with this sunset lamp. The lamp has colorful projection lights with 16 shades to choose from, and a crystal lens so you can get a dreamy effect. It’s perfect for having your own private photoshoot, or just for adding a bit of ambiance to your home.


These Pet Food Bowls That Are Dishwasher Safe

You eat off of pretty dishes, so why skimp when it comes to your pet? These ceramic pet food bowls have a sleek, minimalist design and come with a bamboo stand so they’re slightly elevated off the ground. The stand has no-slip grips on the bottom, so it won’t move around while your pet is eating.


These Window Decals With Over 40,000 Fans

If you want to obscure your windows for extra privacy, these window decals can add some colorful kaleidoscope designs to your home. The window film uses static cling, so there’s no sticky residue on your windows. “Not only is it beautiful no matter the time of day, on very sunny days you can see it casts rainbows into the room,” raved one reviewer.


A Mini Wine Rack For Your At-Home Bar

Unleash your inner sommelier with this countertop wine rack that can hold up to six bottles. This wine rack is compact enough to fit on your counter, table, or bar cart, but still holds enough wine to keep the party going. The rack is also collapsable, so you can put it away to save space.


This Bamboo Caddy That Makes Baths More Enjoyable

As someone who’s recently taken to weekly baths, I can see they’re much more enjoyable if you have a tray to hold your accessories. This bamboo bathtub caddy rests on the edges of the tub and has enough space to hold a glass of wine, a candle, some soap, and any other additions to make your bath more luxurious.


An Essential Oil Diffuser That Plugs Into Your Car

Keep your car smelling nice with this essential oil diffuser that plugs into your car’s cigarette lighter. The diffuser can run continuously for up to two hours and has slots where you can plug in phone adapters. “Everyone who rides in my car loves it and wants one,” wrote one reviewer.


These Night Lights Made From Himalayan Salt

Using Himalayan salt lamps can have several benefits, like aiding with allergies and breathing. These Himalayan salt night lights plug directly into an outlet and give off a soft light that won’t disturb you while you’re sleeping. “They look amazing and give the room a very nice atmosphere,” wrote one reviewer.


This Magnetic Knife Rack That Makes Your Kitchen More Organized

Having your knives roll around in a drawer can make them dull. This magnetic knife bar keeps them organized without risking damage. The bar can attach to a wall in your kitchen and hold knives and any other metal tools like spatulas or whisks. It can even be used in other settings, like in the garage to hold tools.


A Side Table That’s Super Lightweight

This side table is lightweight enough that it can easily be moved around depending on where in the house you need it. Put it next to the couch, your bed, or use it at a TV dinner stand. The tables are made from oak and are easy to assemble. “They clean up very easily, they're sturdy, and they look great!” raved one reviewer.


This Dispenser That Will Make Your Shower Feel Like A Hotel

I love using a shower in a hotel where they have a dispenser on the wall because it makes the experience easier and more enjoyable. This dispenser has three compartments for shampoo, conditioner, and body wash, so you don’t have bottles resting precariously around your shower. The device uses a waterproof adhesive, so no tools are necessary.


These Cabinet Handles That Easily Upgrade Your Kitchen

It’s easier than you think to add small updates to your kitchen, like these handles that add a sleek, modern look to your home. With only a few simple tools, you can replace your outdated cabinet hardware with these brushed brash handles. “This is an easy, affordable DIY upgrade you can do in no time!” wrote one reviewer.


These Floating Shelves That Come In A Pack Of Three

These floating shelves are perfect for displaying art, flower vases, books, or other knick-knacks around your home. The shelves have metal brackets that attach to the wall with screws, and the shelves can each support up to 20 pounds. They look great grouped together on the wall, or they can be spread out around your home.


These Woven Pot Holders That Are Heat Resistant

Whether you use them as potholders or trivets, these woven cotton mats will protect your hands and surfaces from heat. Place them on your dining table to rest hot pans, or use them to pull dishes out of the oven. “They are perfect for protecting your wood table and look great too,” raved one reviewer. They come in four different color packs.


This Adhesive Paper That Looks Just Like Marble

Real marble has a hefty price tag, but this adhesive paper with a faux-marble look is a much more affordable option for updating the look of your kitchen, bathroom, or other surfaces. The sheet can be measured and cut to fit the desired area. One reviewer writes that the paper is “thick and great quality” and “easy to install.”


These Colorful Interior Lights For Your Car

Add some custom mood lighting to the inside of your car with these interior lights. The lights easily attach to the inside of your car with adhesive tape and the color can be adjusted with an app on your phone or with the switches on the lights themselves. You can even sync the lights with the music you’re listening to.


This Storage Pocket That Keeps Your Car Organized

If you’re always dropping things in the crevices next to your car seat, this pocket organizer can help save the day. The organizer fits in the gap between your seat and the center console, so it not only blocks the gap, but provides a pocket to put your phone, wallet, sunglasses, and any other small essentials.