How To Plan A Cottagecore Vacation & Channel All Those Cozy Fall Vibes

Prepare to live out your Folklore fantasies.

by Jessica Goodman

Leaves are changing, apples are being picked, and the lattes are pumpkin spiced, all of which can only mean one thing: It’s fall. And as we all begin looking out our windows, hoping to capture the magical moments when the foliage is burning bright, TikTok is abuzz with all of the cottagecore clips of yore (#cottagecore has 11.5 billion views on the platform) — but this time of year, those videos take on an autumnal theme.

Instead of the green, grassy meadows and ethereal dresses that make the slowed-down life-in-the-country trend so popular in the summer, the fall version of cottagecore is all about mountain ranges full of orange leaves, tapered candles burning above a steaming bathtub, big pots full of slow-braised stews, and splayed-open books next to chunky knit throw blankets. Basically, activities that help set your mind at ease and enjoy a simpler lifestyle than you might be used to in a hectic work week. So why not take the Internet’s obsession with fall cottagecore as a sign to book a weekend getaway and live out your Folklore fantasies?

Going on a cottagecore-inspired vacation can help you relax, connect to nature, and get in touch with some outdoorsy beauty ahead of a long, dark winter. “This kind of trip is for people who are interested in something a little bit deeper or more intentional than your average hotel or bed and breakfast,” says Kathryn Arffa, co-founder and head of experience at Sagra, a network of sustainable hotel farms in New York, Vermont, and California that provide visitors with agricultural experiences. After all, the cottagecore aesthetic is all about experiencing simple pleasures like tasting a perfectly ripe piece of fruit, leaf-peeping just for fun, and chopping your own wood (though you definitely don’t have to do that on your off hours to achieve vacation bliss).

Sure, you can make a pilgrimage to your local pumpkin patch or apple orchard to experience the season, but if you want to plan a longer getaway to really experience serenity in the form of staying in a quiet country inn, harvesting some of your own vegetation, and walking through crunchy leaves with a cozy flannel keeping you warm, here are some tips to help you achieve a perfect cottagecore vacation this season. Manifest your own idyllic weekend below.

Choose A Remote, Natural Location

Picking a vacation spot that has vast landscapes “really slows time down and allows people to relax and exhale,” says David Rust, CEO of Sagra. Look for hotels or inns that are situated on working farmland or are integrated into the agricultural experience, which can help you feel connected to a more nature-focused way of life. Plus, you’ll be able to enjoy actual country-based activities like foraging and hiking.

Hill Farm in Sunderland, Vermont

A newly opened inn set on a 200-year-old dairy farm, Hill Farm is located in Vermont’s Equinox Mountain Valley, known for its robust fall foliage, stunning hikes, and local artisans keen to share their woodworking and tapestries with visitors. Guests can enjoy food made from produce harvested on site, join culinary classes, play lawn games, and take in the natural beauty.

Inness in Accord, New York

A luxury hotel and resort set between the Hudson Valley and the Catskills, Inness was designed with an eye toward Dutch minimalism with clean lines and simple Shaker-style furniture, making the property feel utterly serene. With farm-to-table dining, hundreds of on-property acres to explore, and private cabins featuring their own hearths, a stay at Inness can help you forget the stressors of the modern world.

Zapata Ranch in Mosca, Colorado

Cottagecore but make it cowboy at this Western getaway that focuses on conservation and helping guests connect to the equine members of the ranch. A stay at Zapata Ranch, a 103,000-acre ranch that borders the Great Sand Dunes National Park, will most certainly have you get back to simpler times when bison run free and guests can stay in a comfy lodge with origins dating back to the 1800s to dine on comfort foods like biscuits and pies.

Get Rustic With Activities

After you choose where to spend your getaway, embrace the natural locale by signing up for on-theme daytime adventures recommended by your host. For example, at Hill Farm by Sagra, Arffa recommends activities like mushroom foraging walks, plant identification hikes, culinary preservation classes, and butchery workshops. You can also search local Airbnb Experiences or go extremely analog and ask shop owners and farmers for the best locals-only haunts and pursuits like beekeeping, horseback riding, guided hikes, antiquing, and visiting local artisans’ or woodworkers’ studios.

Pack For Peak Comfort

Grab all your knit sweaters, fleece socks, comfy beanies, and cashmere. Embrace soft fabrics that make you feel cozy and at ease, so you can experience what the wide open spaces have to offer without worrying about staying warm or needing to adjust your activities for comfort.

Embrace Alone Time

Even if you’re traveling with friends or loved ones, try to find some solo downtime to completely unplug. Grab books you’ve been meaning to read, music that speaks to you, and journals you want to fill, all of which can make you feel like you’re in your own storybook, the ultimate cottagecore dream.