How To Store Pots & Pans When Your Cabinets Are Overflowing

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A good cookware set is a must-have in any kitchen, but keeping everything neat and tidy is another challenge of its own. While figuring out how to store pots and pans, it's important to think about what kind of storage space your kitchen has available. Most organizers come in one of four styles: upright, sliding, mounted, or hanging.

  • Upright organizers are generally freestanding and suited for countertops as well as cabinets. While they usually don’t boast as much storage space as mounted, sliding, or hanging models, they often use sturdy shelving systems to stack cookware in a compact fashion.
  • Sliding organizers better lend themselves to cabinets, since you can expand and retract the storage space when you aren't using it. Some installation is usually required, but you typically just need to screw the unit into place.
  • Mounted organizers are made to be secured onto the wall, and they provide ample storage space away from your cabinets and countertops. The one I've included has a shelf for pots as well as hanging hooks for pans.
  • Hanging organizers are similar to mounted options, but they attach to your ceiling instead of the wall. Usually, they boast a mesh storage platform with hanging hooks.

No matter how you decide to store pots and pans, your kitchen cabinets will thank you (because they won't be overflowing with haphazard cookware anymore). Keep scrolling for my favorite picks.


A Freestanding Upright Organizer In Lots Of Colors

Since it comes pre-assembled, this upright organizer is ready to go straight out of the box. It's compact enough that you can use it inside cabinets or on countertops vertically or horizontally. Plus, the metal shelves are spaced out and durable enough to accommodate a variety of pots and pans (even heavy-duty cast iron). The storage capacity is limited to five pieces of cookware while used vertically and four when use on its side, though. It's available in six shades, including both neutral and colorful tones to match your kitchen decor.

What reviewers write: "This is exactly what I needed. My skillets are not cast iron, but still very heavy. Now I don’t need to lift a heavy stack to get to the size skillet that I need. It does not accommodate my large wok pan, but that’s to be expected given that it is about 5 inches deep. It is very sturdy and doesn’t tip. The weight of the bottom skillet prevents this. It also came completely assembled. I highly recommend it!"


An Upright Organizer With Adjustable Shelves

If you're looking for a freestanding organizer with more versatility, this pots and pans rack is the perfect option (and it's available for less than $25). Unlike the first unit, the metal shelves are adjustable so deeper pots can still fit — and each one can be used with soft rubber grips to help prevent scratches. You have the option of using the entire unit vertically with both sides intact, or you can take the organizer apart and use each side upright by itself or horizontally. The entire structure comes with eight tiers, but you'll have to put it together before using it.

What reviewers write: Wasn’t hard to adjust and put together and really improved my cupboard space. Was always tangling with the pile of pans under my counter being disorganized and very noisy. This was such a simple improvement.


The Best Sliding Organizer

Hunching over and reaching into a crowded cabinet isn't ideal. That's why a sliding organizer like this one can be such a huge help. After being installed with four screws (which, yes, are included), you can slide the organizer in and out of your kitchen cabinet to locate and reach your cookware with ease. This option doesn't have dividers like the upright units — but that also means that the height of your cookware is less of an issue. There are, however, barriers to keep your cookware from sliding off the structure and into a messy pile. The commercial-quality steel construction is durable, and the industrial-grade ball bearings allow the shelf to glide in and out smoothly. This one comes in seven different sizes as well as two different finishes: metal or wood.

What reviewers write: "I loaded up the sliding shelf with heavy pans and lids (the largest in my picture is a 12” frying pan), and it still slides out easily. Installation of the sliding shelf was a breeze, with no side mounting required. Just four screws attach the frame to the bottom of cabinet, and then attach the shelf to the frame. Works beautifully."


A Sliding Organizer With 2 Levels

This sliding organizer features a tiered chrome-wire design with dividers to fit well over 10 pots or pans (and their matching lids) — but it's also more money than the first slider and requires a more complicated installation. This one must be mounted on the bottom, rear, and sides in order to work properly, but you get tons of functionality. Both shelves operate independently on ball-bearing slides, so you can find what you need instantly. Plus, the height is adjustable depending on how tall your cabinets are. The structure itself comes in two widths — 12 and 21 inches (shown above), but measure your cabinet before buying this one.

What reviewers write: "Just installed this over vacation, and after watching a YouTube video it was a piece of cake (and I’m not handy). Was easily able to install it alone. End result is very nice, and sturdier than expected. Am able to fit two saucepans, three frying pans, and five covers in an organized fashion and small space. My large stockpot and steamer did not fit, but I only bought the 12-inch version. Has opened up much more space in my kitchen drawers."


The Best Wall-Mounted Organizer

So, you'd rather use your cabinets and countertops for others things. That's fine. Thanks to this wall-mounted cookware organizer, you can display your pots, pans, lids, and more right on the kitchen wall. Similar to a standard shelf, it must be screwed into place — and according to reviewers, the hardware you need is included. The mesh iron surface can hold pots on top, and the 10 included hanging hooks can hold pans and other items with handles below. Plus, this rack is versatile enough that it also works in bathrooms, mudrooms, and more, too.

What reviewers write: "This was a great purchase. It was simple to install. Wall mounts went in fine, no problem. We've hung about 9 pans and put our pots on top. I would recommend this to anyone without fail."


The Best Hanging Organizer

Installing this ceiling-mounted organizer will give your kitchen a rustic feel, but it'll also keep your pots and pans within reach yet out of the way. It's made from thick, high-capacity iron with a power-coated exterior to help prevent rust. Each order comes with 15 hooks you can use to hang cookware and utensils — but similar to the previous mount, you can store cookware on the top mesh surface. This one comes with four mounting hooks that you must screw into your ceiling securely before use — and it comes in two shades: silver and black.

What reviewers write: "Exactly what we were looking for. Freed up space and I’m about to add more to it. The top rack is super handy, to store lids, can opener and blender. My last pot and pan rack cost three times as much and didn’t allow all of the space. I highly recommend this product. And it was a fast ship!"