How To Pull Off A Holiday Scavenger Hunt On Zoom

It’s all about the theme.

by Lauren Grant
Revolu7ion93/E+/Getty Images

Between happy hours, trivia nights, birthday parties, and holiday gatherings, Zoom has given us a social life this year — even if it means we've been glued to our screens more than usual. But just because you’re sitting at your computer or holding up your phone to communicate doesn’t mean you can’t get your friends up and moving, too. In fact, a classic game like a virtual holiday scavenger hunt is the perfect way to liven up a Zoom party.

In general, Zoom games help guests open up to one another. If you have people at your virtual holiday party that don't all know each other, a scavenger hunt is a great way to build camaraderie and make new friends. And who doesn't love a little friendly competition?

The good news is that a holiday scavenger hunt over Zoom actually isn't too difficult to pull off. You'll need a theme, festive backdrops, and some creative items to add to your hunt list. Below, you'll find some tips on how to prepare.

Send Out Evites

Customize your virtual holiday invitations with websites like Paperless Post or Greenevelope and spread the word about your digital showdown.

Set Up An Entertaining Backdrop


Virtual backgrounds — remember those Tiger King ones we all used? — have been a quick way to add some creativity to Zoom parties this year. But you may not even need to upload a scene from your favorite holiday movie as your background. By setting yourself up in front of your Christmas tree or your stocking-lined fireplace, you can get an instant festive backdrop.

Holiday Scavenger Hunt List

Here's where the fun begins. Your holiday scavenger hunt list doesn't have to just be basic holiday finds like a stocking, mistletoe, or Santa's hat. You can mix it up by turning your list into fun riddles that your guests will have to figure out before venturing into the depths of their homes. For example, if a candy cane is on the list, think: What's white and red but not a stocking or bell and when you see its shape, it kind of looks like an L?

Choose A Theme

You can go with the basic Christmas theme and include items like ornaments and stockings on your hunt list. Or you can shake up the fun and choose a themes like holiday candies, items that are specific colors, or weird decorations — like that pickle ornament your ex gave you. You can even choose a holiday film, like Home Alone, as your theme. The hunt list can be inspired by the movie and everyone can come dressed as a character with a relevant Zoom backdrop.

Scavenger Hunt Time

Ask your guests if they'd like to team up to see who can bring back all the items the fastest. Guests can split into breakout rooms to come up with their plan of attack. Allow the winning team to soak up their glory by giving them the vote on the next activity and decide if the losing team should pay the price — shots, shots, shots!