London Now Has 3 Restaurants Completed Dedicated To Doritos

The menu features Doritos-crumb-coated fried chicken burgers & Texas BBQ wings served with Chilli Heatwave Crunch.

The Doritos Diner can be found in three areas across London.

Let’s face it, many of us spent a little too much on takeaways over the last year but it may be time to further increase your budget this October as Doritos is venturing into the restaurant biz as of this week.

Opening exclusively in three areas across London, the Doritos Food Diner will take the crisps and turn them into quirky dishes such as Doritos crumb-coated fried chicken burgers, Texas BBQ wings served with Chilli Heatwave Crunch (to crank up the heat, apparently), as well as a host of spicy vegetarian options such as BBQ pulled jackfruit nachos.

The new diner is described as a “virtual restaurant” and can only be enjoyed at home via delivery, but how exactly can Londoners get involved?

What Is The Doritos Diner?

In a bid to spice things up (sorry), Doritos have partnered with Lean Kitchen Network – an organisation that transforms underused spaces into functional kitchens – to create meals “dusted” with the popular Doritos spicy flavours. It’s the snack brand’s first-ever venture into making fully-fledged meals and signs say it could stick around as bosses say the unique offering “will evolve over time in line with tastes, trends, and customer feedback.”

How To Order From The Doritos Diner

Before you prepare to venture out, The Dorito Diner can only be experienced at home via the delivery app Uber Eats. Beware though, the unique virtual restaurant is only available in Clapham Junction, Bethnal Green, and Kings Cross in London.

Still, for London nacho fans who don’t live in the delivery radius, the Asda superstore in Clapham Junction is also offering a selection of Doritos-inspired meals as a dine-in experience.

What’s On The Doritos Diner Menu?

Doritos have gone all out with their new dishes, as the snack brand has come up with a menu that remixes well-known food favourites.

As expected, there’s a lot of nachos on the limited menu, and nacho fans can enjoy chili beef (£5.59), fried chicken, and vegetarian jackfruit (£4.79) toppings complete with lashings of melted cheese. Doritos are also offering very tempting spicy Cheese and Jalapeño Bites (£4.99), Texan BBQ Wings (£5.99) and Tangy Mac N Cheese (£3.50)

And what’s a fast-food menu without burgers? Doritos have created their own fried chicken and cheeseburger masterpieces (£7.99) topped with “awesome sauce”, lettuce, fresh guacamole, and red chillis, all sandwiched in a Doritos-encrusted bun.

If you’re not yet had your fill then you can also try out the Doritos Diner’s Make Your Play nachos (£6.00) allowing Dorito fans to build their own nacho plate.