If You Hate Having A Messy Home, You're Going To Love These Clever Things

After checking these items out, you may actually enjoy doing chores.

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The difficult thing about cleaning your home is that you have to do it over and over again. But when you’ve got the right tools, cleaning up a messy home can be so much easier.

Each of these ingenious products will help you organize every room in your house without any unnecessary hassle, so it’ll feel like a peaceful sanctuary, no matter what comes your way. Here are 45 clever items that are paramount when it comes to cleaning up a messy space.


These Refrigerator Organizing Bins That Are Crystal Clear

With these refrigerator organizing bins, you’ll never have to worry about your current fridge inventory — they're crystal clear, so you can easily find what you need. Their easy-grip handles give you more than enough traction, and their shatterproof plastic won't break, even in case of kitchen mishaps. Stack them on top of each other to maximize storage space.


These Drawer Dividers Made From High-Quality Bamboo

Keep your dresser organized with these drawer dividers. They're made of water-resistant bamboo wood, and you can clean them in a matter of seconds with a damp cloth. Thanks to their built-in springs, they're adjustable and super easy to install. They come in white, natural, and gray.


A Jewelry Organizer With 3 Separate Drawers

If you’re tired of tangled necklaces, reach for this jewelry organizer. It features three separate drawers, each of which is equipped to hold all your favorite earrings, bracelets, necklaces, and various accessories. With galvanized metal handles and a clear glass window, it's made with durable materials that'll give your jewelry the treatment it deserves.


This 3-Tier Paper Tray For Decluttering Your Desk

This three-tier paper tray has enough room to store all your necessary documents, eliminating desk clutter and freeing up space. Its sleek black design looks amazing in your office, and its scratch-resistant steel wire mesh won't damage easily. You'll be able to keep track of the files, forms, bills, and letters that always seem to hide away just when you need them the most.


These Food Storage Containers That Keep Food Fresh

Preserve your dry goods with these food storage containers, which significantly prolong their shelf lives. Each of the seven included containers features an airtight silicone seal that prevents leaks and spills, and their square shapes make them easily stackable. They even come with reusable labels and a chalkboard pen to help you keep track of which chips, cereals, and mixed nuts are which.


A Kitchen Organizer That Mounts On Your Wall

Make all the space you need for your pots, pans, and cooking utensils with this kitchen organizer. Because it mounts on your wall, it saves so much counter and cabinet space. It’s also strong — made with heavy-duty iron, it can hold up to 35 pounds. All the mounting hardware you need is included, so you can put it up in a matter of minutes and get to cooking.


This Red Wine Stain Remover That Works On Clothes

There's no use crying over spilled alcohol; instead, pick up this red wine stain remover. You can clean up clothing, carpets, and upholstery in no time flat, and it's just as effective as a pre-laundry treatment as it is on its own. Simply spray, blot, and rinse for fabrics that look as good as new (and its adorable wine-bottle design doesn't hurt).


This Vent Cleaner Kit That Extends Up To 40 Feet

Cleaning out your vents doesn’t need to be an impossible task; all you need is this vent cleaner kit. It extends up to 40 feet, and its flexible rods can bend to fit wherever you need them to go. Use it with or without a power drill; either way, you'll achieve professional-grade results at a fraction of the cost.


This Carpet Cleaner That's A Must-Have For Pet Owners

If you're a pet owner, you might just need this carpet cleaner. Its two-in-one formula removes stains and eliminates bad odors with active enzymes that’ll help your carpet smell fresh for 80 hours post-clean. Whether you use it on carpet, tile, turf, or concrete, it'll work like a charm and keep floors looking amazing, making pet ownership just a little easier.


These Sheet Straps For A Beautifully Made Bed

Making your bed can be a serious pain, especially when you’re trying to wrangle a fitted sheet; that’s why these sheet straps are such a big help. It eliminates wrinkles and popped corners with its nickel-plated metal clips, which hold your sheets in place without rips or tears. Their elastic nylon material stretches to fit your bed and mattress, so you can buy with confidence.


This Microfiber Bed Skirt That's Machine Washable

Sleep in the lap of luxury with this microfiber bed skirt. Its pleated corners and wrap-around design make it a welcome addition to any bedroom since it complements most decorative styles. Best of all, it’s a classy way to cover up anything you may be storing underneath. It's machine washable, so in case of spills or stains, you can simply throw it in the washing machine alongside the rest of your linens.


This Cotton Rope Basket With Convenient Handles

If you need a storage solution that looks just as lovely as the rest of your decorations, reach for this cotton rope basket. Its convenient handles mean you can carry heavy loads from room to room without any unnecessary strain, and it’s a perfect way to store anything from clothes to extra blankets. It’s foldable, making it easy to store in closets or drawers until you need it. That said, it’s built to maintain its shape over time.


This Jumbo Storage Box With Clear Plastic Windows

Have you ever rifled through your storage bins with no clue what was in each one? This jumbo storage box will demystify the organization process and help you find what you need fast, thanks to its clear top window. With high-quality polypropylene fabric, it won't rip, tear, or accumulate dust over time, and it keeps pests out. Two bins come per set.


These Storage Bags That Fit Perfectly Under Your Bed

Running low on space in your dorm room or apartment? Try these storage bags; they fit perfectly under your bed, which maximizes space everywhere else. Their clear vinyl tops let you peek inside to quickly find what you need, and their handles help you slide it in and out with ease. They’re especially great for a growing shoe collection or out-of-season clothes.


A Plastic Shower Caddy Designed To Drain Water

Clear out bathroom clutter with this plastic shower caddy, which you can hang in your bath or shower for easy access. The holes in the bottom drain out excess water, keeping your favorite products dry and stopping mildew in its tracks. Thanks to its portable design, you can bring it to the gym, the campsite, or even to the garden.


An Extendable Duster That Can Clean Your Ceiling

If you're not sure how to deal with a dusty ceiling fan, this extendable duster might just be the solution you need. Its fluffy fibers are made with an adhesive material that locks dust in place, reducing the number of allergens in your space and keeping your sneezes at a minimum. Its handle can reach up to 47 inches, so even the hardest-to-reach crevices will be dust-free in no time.


These Swedish Dishcloths That Are Reusable & Biodegradable

If you're sick of buying rolls and rolls of paper towels, these Swedish dishcloths will fit the bill. Each one can be washed up to 50 times in the dishwasher or washing machine and replaces up to 15 rolls of paper towels, so it's a seriously sustainable choice. Not only that, but they hold up to 20 times their own weight, so they’re tough on spills.


A Handheld Dustbuster That's Conveniently Cordless

Whether you’re cleaning hard-to-reach spots or simply tidying up around the house, this handheld dustbuster is a lifesaver. Simply press and hold the power button to turn on the vacuum and clean up messes in no time flat. Peek into the clear dirt collection bowl to see when it's full, and easily discard of crumbs and dust. It's completely washable, so you can keep it clean for years to come.


A Microfiber Kitchen Pad That Just Needs Water

Save money on sponges, cleaning solutions, and paper towels with this microfiber kitchen pad. It'll easily absorb dirt, dust, and water up to five times its weight, so it's a sturdy choice for even the most intimidating spills. The secret to its genius lies in its double-sided design; the green side picks up grease and stains, and the purple side picks up dust.


A Counter Gap Filler That's A Kitchen Necessity

Prevent crumbs and debris from building up with this counter gap filler. It comes in an extra-long size that you can cut to fit your counter, so you can feel confident in your purchase. Each one is made of food-grade silicone that's dishwasher-safe; if you're saving the dishes for another time, simply wipe it down with a damp cloth and go on with your day.


A Waterproof Mat That Goes Under Your Sink

This waterproof mat is kind of ingenious; simply stash it under your sink to protect cabinets from leaks and spills, which can cause damage over time. It features a built-in drain hole that lets out excess water, and its reinforced lip helps it hold up to 3.2 gallons of water at a time. Plus, it's made with a nonslip design that ensures it stays in place, even through the elements.


A Cat Litter Mat That Keeps Litter Contained

If you seem to find litter in the strangest of places, this cat litter mat might be a huge help. Its textured backing keeps it from sliding around, and its thick mesh coils trap litter in place, preventing messes all over your home. As a bonus, you can pour the collected litter back into the box, which reduces the amount of litter you'll need to buy over time.


A Desktop Vacuum That's Silent But Powerful

Dust and debris are no match for this cute desktop vacuum. Its ability to rotate 360 degrees means it can clean hard-to-reach areas without your having to rearrange your books, pencils, and pens. Simply recharge its USB battery before use, and it'll clean quietly and powerfully enough not to disturb your workday.


This Makeup Organizer With Enough Room For Your Favorite Products

From eyeliner to lipstick to blush, you need a cosmetic storage system with room for all your favorite products, and this makeup organizer more than fits the bill. With three drawers, one large and one small, and eight top compartments, you’ll have enough space to support your frequent visits to Sephora. It's versatile enough for any of the products that accumulate in your home, from office supplies to spices and everything in between.


This 2-Pack Of Self-Adhesive Shower Caddies

Store your personal care products within reach with this two-pack of self-adhesive shower caddies. Their transparent adhesive strips are super strong, and when you remove them from the wall, they won't leave a trace of residue behind. Made of rustproof stainless steel, they won't fade or scratch over time, so you can buy with confidence. But if you still need more reassurance, just trust the over 22,000 five-star reviews it’s collected on Amazon.


These Cable Clips That Hold Your Chargers In Place

Charge your devices in peace with these cable clips. With five slots in each one, they'll keep cords from tangling up, be they phone chargers, power cords, or USB cables. Thanks to their built-in adhesive pads, they're easy to install without any hardware needed, and their flexible silicone material allows for smooth insertion and removal.


A Bakeware Rack That Keeps Pots & Pans Scratch-Free

Stop stacking your pots and pans and invest in this bakeware rack instead. Its coated steel dividers keep your cookware from scratching, which extends its lifespan and helps it look newer for longer. Store it in your cabinet, pantry, or even on the countertop; its stable base stays put wherever you place it.


A Bulletin Board With An Updated Design

This bulletin board is not your mother’s classic cork board — its perforated metal surface can hold both push pins and magnets, making it a multipurpose choice that's basically a no-brainer. With push pins, magnets, and mounting hardware included, you'll have all the necessary tools to display your favorite photos and postcards. It's an especially great choice for kids, since magnets can be a safe way for them to display their art and accomplishments.


A Rustic Key Holder With An Antique Vibe

You don’t need to stop by an antique store for a rustic key holder to display in your home. Install it in your entryway with the included hardware, and you'll have a visual reminder to take your keys when you walk out the door. Each of its five hooks can help you stay organized as you go about your day. Its convenient top shelf holds mail, newspapers, and small accessories, so you can keep track of everything you need to start your day.


This Storage Cube With 6 Spacious Units

When you can't seem to find room for all your clothes, books, or accessories, try this storage cube. Each of its six units is roomy enough to store pretty much anything that takes up space, and it's incredibly easy to assemble and disassemble. Spills won't be a problem, since it's fully waterproof, so it's a great option for homes with kids and pets. Each cube can hold up to 11 pounds.


A Glass Snack Jar To Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth

Keep candy, cookies, and sweet treats close at hand with this glass snack jar. Not only is it super convenient when you need a quick bite, but its airtight lid and rubber gasket keep food fresher for longer. It's built for stability and can stand upright or on its side, depending on your kitchen vibe, and it's also a great option for bathroom essentials like cotton balls and bath bombs.


These Compact & Chic Apothecary Jars

These compact and chic apothecary jars have removable lids and feature a modern design that's sure to match your bathroom aesthetic. Their clear glass material gives you a window to easily find what you're looking for. You can store cotton swabs, cosmetic sponges, hair ties, and more, and they're versatile enough to work as desktop containers for paper clips or rubber bands. They come in a variety of colors, from rose gold to bronze.


This Double-Sided Carpet Tape That's Seriously Strong

If your rugs tend to slip and slide, check out this double-sided carpet tape. Not only is its adhesive incredibly strong, but it sticks to surfaces of all kinds without leaving any messy residue behind. It couldn’t be easier to install, and you can rest assured that your carpets will stay in place for years to come. It comes in both 20 and 30-yard packs.


This Wooden Clothing Rack That’s Adjustable

This wooden clothing rack is good for more than just coats. It has an adjustable height and doesn’t require any tools for setup. You can easily put it together in under 10 minutes and hang clothes, bags, and accessories on each of its 13 strong hooks. Available in six different shades, its sleek design matches well with most decorative styles. In short, it's a win-win.


These Shelf Dividers That Are Built To Last

Organize clothes, bags, and towels with these shelf dividers; all you have to do is slide them into place to separate your piles from one another. Each divider is made with a durable polymer fabric that isn't woven, so it won't rip or tear, and its steel frame is built to last. At 12 inches, they're large enough to accommodate even the most precarious piles.


This 10-Pack Of Adhesive Wall Hooks That You Can Install Everywhere

This 10-pack of adhesive wall hooks can be a serious lifesaver in any room of your house. To install each hook, all you have to do is peel off its back film and stick it firmly into place; it'll hold up to 37 pounds at once. They stick to surfaces including tile, glass, wood, and stainless steel, and they'll blend in seamlessly with your walls, thanks to their transparent bases. You can also grab them in packs of 20 or 30.


This Mug Storage Box With Sturdy Dividers

Safely storing mugs can be a challenge; that’s why this mug storage box is such a great investment. Made with high-quality TC fabric and durable cardboard, the dividers and padded sides protect your cups from cracking, and each box features handles that allow you to carry up to 25 pounds at a time. When you want to take one out, simply slide open the box with the two-way zippers and make your selection.


This Detergent Dispenser That’ll Upgrade Your Laundry Room

Instead of lifting heavy bottles every time you wash your clothes, pick up this laundry detergent dispenser. Because it slopes downward, you won't need to lift or tilt the detergent bottle, reducing unnecessary strain on your arms and giving you just the right amount every time. The rubber feet keep it from slipping, and the strap fastens the detergent bottle in place.


A Collapsible Drying Rack For A More Efficient Laundry Day

When you've just hand-washed your sweaters and delicates, you need room to dry them; that's where this collapsible drying rack comes in. Made of coated steel, it helps each piece retain its shape without wrinkles. When you're finished drying, simply fold it back up; it'll only be three inches high, so you can store it away until the next laundry day.


A Tufted Ottoman That Helps You Clear Out Clutter

Not only is this tufted ottoman a stunning addition to your living room, but it also has a secret storage compartment that helps you clear out the clutter. It's made of a sleek faux leather material that's easy to clean and built to last — and, it also happens to be waterproof. Use it to store toys, games, out-of-season clothes, and anything else without an obvious home.


An Adhesive Drawer That Slides Under Your Desk

No matter how much desk storage you have, you could always use more, which is where this adhesive drawer comes in. Books, pens, and other accessories will fit snugly in its main compartment, freeing up extra space for you to do your work. You can set it up immediately after it arrives, as it comes with strong adhesive tape that’ll allow you to mount it beneath your desk with ease.


A Stainless Steel Cleaner That Keeps Surfaces Free Of Smudges

Keep your fridge, stove, and microwave smudge-free with this stainless steel cleaner. It uses coconut oil to polish and protect surfaces, completely removing streaks and fingerprints in the process. Even better, it’s been formulated without having been tested on animals. It even works after you’ve cleaned, as it leaves behind a protective barrier that stops dust and dirt in its tracks.


A Magic Eraser That Lives Up To Its Name

When you clean with this magic eraser, you might just feel like you’ve cast a spell over your bathroom, bedroom, or kitchen. Its melamine resin seems to have an almost supernatural cleaning ability, picking up even the toughest stains, dirt, and grease. The best part? You won't even need to use additional products; simply swipe the sponge, and your surfaces will be cleaner than ever before.


A Stain Remover Spray That’s Gentle On Fabric

Messy eaters, rejoice; this stain remover works on tough spots of all kinds, from a spaghetti dinner stain to a bad nosebleed. Created without bleaching agents, you can trust that the stain will vanish without taking your clothing’s vibrant color along with it. While it’s best to use in the laundry room or on tablecloths, plenty of Amazon reviewers also use it for household carpet and rug stains and claim it works like a charm.


This Bathroom Trash Can Made Of Strong Stainless Steel

This bathroom trash can will withstand years of refuse — and look good doing it. Its lid closes slowly and silently, and its sturdy steel pedal was designed to withstand over 150,000 steps. Plus, its shiny stainless steel is fingerprint-proof and looks amazing below any sink. It comes in a few different colors that’ll complement any powder room.