If You Have A Cat, These Clever Things Will Make Your Life Easier

For you and your fur friend.

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If You Have A Cat, These Clever Things Will Make Your Life Easier
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Your cat is one of your best friends. They’re there for you when you’re sad, stressed, tired, or even just in need of a pal to sit with on the couch. The only trick is that they — like any other pet — can take a little work, which is why I’ve put together this list of clever things that will make your life so much easier if you own a cat. From interactive toys that keep them busy to shields that protect your furniture from scratches, I’ve made sure to include a little something in this list for every kind of cat.


A Magnetic Chart That Helps You Keep Track Of Your Cat’s Feeding Routine

Not sure if someone in your house fed the cat? This magnetic chart is a smart way to clear up any confusion. There are three sliders for every day of the week, covering meals for morning, afternoon, and night. Plus, its magnetic backing lets you stick it to the fridge so that everybody can easily reference it.


A Silicone Mat That Helps Protect Floors From Water Bowl Spills

With a tall, spillproof lip around the edges, this mat is an easy way to help keep your floors dry from water bowl and fountain spills — even if your cat is a messy drinker. The best part? It’s made from soft, paw-friendly silicone, with a textured surface that provides extra grip to help keep water bowls from tipping over.


The Pet Hair Remover That You Can Use Over & Over Again

Whereas lint rollers eventually run out of sticky sheets, this pet hair remover relies on hundreds of tiny bristles to latch onto hair, making it infinitely reusable. All the collected hair is stored inside a built-in dustbin — and once full, you can easily empty it out over a trashcan by pressing the button on the handle.


An Odor-Resistant Mat That Helps Keep Floors Clean From Litter

Tired of cleaning up litter from your floors? Place this mat underneath your cat’s litter box, and it’ll trap all those stray bits of litter that get stuck to their feet before they can fall onto your floors. It easily shakes clean over a trashcan — and since it’s odor-resistant, it’s less likely to absorb unwanted smells from dirty litter.


A Stainless Steel Water Fountain That Comes With 4 Filters

There’s nothing wrong with letting your cat drink from a water bowl — though if you really want to treat them, consider upgrading to this water fountain. It’s made from sleek stainless steel that’s resistant to rust and features a four-stage filtration system to help make sure your cat gets the freshest water possible. Each order includes four replacement filters to get you started.


These Food Bowls That Come With A Nonslip Base

If your cat’s food bowls always end up sliding across your floors, consider switching over to these nonslip ones. The base is weighted as well as skidproof, helping keep them in place as your cat eats. And since the bowls are made from stainless steel, they’re also less likely to rust over time.


This Allergy Treatment That Can Help Soothe Itchy Skin

If you’ve noticed your cat scratching themselves more than usual, it could be due to allergies — that’s why this homeopathic treatment is worth a look. The tablets dissolve quickly and don’t have a bad taste, making them easy to mix into food. Plus, they’re gluten-free and have no adverse side effects.


A Reversible Papoose That Lets You Carry Your Cat Handsfree

Not only is this papoose reversible, but it’s also made from a strong polyester-cotton blend that can easily support cats up to 12 pounds in weight. The adjustable shoulder strap makes it easy to fix how high or low your cat sits — and you even have the choice of six different fun colors.


The Round Cat Bed With A Memory-Foam Base

With its orthopedic memory foam chip base, this round bed is sure to become your cat’s favorite place to snuggle. It’s made from temperature-sensitive material that adjusts to their body heat, reflecting heat back at them to help keep them warm. And unlike some pet beds, this one is also machine-washable.


These Can Covers That Help Keep Open Pet Food Fresh

Plastic wrap does an alright job at saving pet food for later — though if you want to make sure it stays fresh, consider opting for these covers instead. They’re designed to fit nearly any can of pet food and can be reused as many times as you need. Amazon reviewer Nitsa A. Trayler also described them as “well designed” and “sturdy.”


A Litter Scoop That Doesn’t Require You To Bend Down

Whether your back is sore or you’d prefer not to kneel down on a dirty floor, this litter scoop has you covered. Its telescopic handle extends from 24 out to 34 inches, making it easy to clean litter boxes without bending over. Plus, its triangular shape helps you clean into awkward litter box corners.


The Organizer That Makes It Easy To Transport Canned Pet Food

Whether you’re kenneling your cat or giving them to a trusted friend to babysit, this organizer makes transporting their food a total breeze. There’s enough space for two weeks of meals, or up to 12 3-ounce cans in total. Plus, the handle at the top makes it easy to carry from home to home.


This Interactive Cat Toy That Comes With 2 Bobbles

Some cats can keep themselves entertained, but for the ones that need a little extra stimulation? This interactive toy is a must-have. Simply attach it to a table using the built-in clamp, then press the button on the front. The attached bobble will begin to bounce and wiggle around so that your cat has something active to chase — and each order even includes two bobbles to get you started.


This Litter Scoop Holder Designed To Fit Nearly Any Scoop

Regardless of whether your litter scoop is large or small, this holder’s universal design should have no problem fitting it inside. And if it ever gets dirty? You can also send it through the dishwasher for an easy clean. Each order also includes three colorful paw decals that you can place on the front for a cute touch.


These Transparent Shields That Help Protect Furniture From Scratches

Add these shields to your furniture, and they’ll help protect the upholstery the next time your cat feels like scratching. They’re completely transparent, giving them an ultra-subtle appearance that’s hardly noticeable — and the adhesive backing makes it easy to stick them right into place without any tools needed.


This Catnip-Stuffed Chew Toy That Helps Clean Teeth

Not only is this cute chew toy stuffed with cat nip, but the tough mesh material on the outside also helps scrub away plaque when your cat chews on it. It’s great for cats of all ages, whether they’re teething or just plain bored — and many reviewers even raved about how it’s “well made.”


An Interactive Laser Toy That Gets Lazy Cats Moving

If your cat enjoys chasing around laser pointers, there’s a good chance they’ll get tons of playtime out of this interactive laser toy. The laser speed is adjustable up to three levels, making it suitable for cats of any activity level. And since the laser movement pattern is completely random, there’s no need to worry about your cat growing tired of chasing the same pattern all over.


The Sisal Rope Scratching Post That Comes In 3 Sizes

Unlike some scratching posts, this one is covered in natural sisal rope that’s harmless, durable, and satisfies your cat’s desire to scratch against a rough surface. A sturdy wooden base helps keep it upright — even if your cat is particularly rough with it. And with three sizes to choose from (small, medium, or large), you shouldn’t have any trouble using it with cats of nearly any size.


A Slow Feeder Bowl Made From Sleek Ceramic

Sometimes, eating too quickly can leave your cat’s stomach upset — but that’s where this slow feeder bowl comes in handy. Raised channels in the center mean your cat has to nose around in order to eat their food, which forces them to eat more slowly. And unlike the food bowl you’ve probably been using, this one is made from sleek ceramic rather than plastic.


This Interior Cat Door That Fits Solid & Hollow-Core Doors

Whether your door is hollow or solid, as long as you have a jigsaw, you shouldn’t have any trouble installing this interior cat door. Each order includes screws as well as a template to help you get it installed in 30 minutes or less — and the cat silhouette shape is an undeniably cute touch.


These Elevated Food Bowls That Help Alleviate Neck Strain

Some larger cats may have to strain their neck in order to eat lower food bowls — instead, feed them using these elevated bowls. Not only can they help reduce strain, but the platform is also made from sleek bamboo that looks undeniably nicer than plastic options. Choose from two finishes: bamboo or walnut.


An Affordable Pack Of Cat Toys That Bounce All Over

You don’t have to spend an arm and a leg in order to buy quality cat toys, and this set of springs is proof. They’re made from high-quality plastic, allowing them to retain their shape as they bounce all over your home with a simple toss. Each order includes four colors: yellow, green, pink, and blue.


This Tunnel Tube That Collapses Down For Easy Storage

Some cats love to hide, so why not give them this tunnel tube to play with? It’s made from tear-resistant polyester, with a sprung-steel frame to help it keep its shape — even after it’s been collapsed into storage for long periods of time. And at 10 inches tall, it’s big enough to fit most cats.


An Adjustable Door Latch That Keeps Dogs Out Of The Cat’s Area

If you want to give your cat access to your room but don’t want to leave your door wide open, consider adding this latch to your door. Its adjustable design lets you choose how open you want to leave your door, and there’s no cutting required in order for installation; just use the included adhesive to stick it right into place. Plus, if you keep the cat litter and cat food in a room and don’t want your dog getting into it, this can help keep them out.


The Interactive Puzzle That Forces Your Cat To Eat Slowly

Some cats are too smart to use slow feeder bowls — in which case, this puzzle toy is likely the challenge your cat needs when it comes to mealtime. Simply fill it with treats or kibble, and your cat will have to sniff, paw, and bat it around in order to get them out. And if your cat can’t quite figure it out? You can also adjust its difficulty up to two levels.


This Window Sill Perch That Can Hold Up To 40 Pounds

Not only is this window sill cat perch so sturdy that it can support up to 40 pounds, but it also comes with a faux lambskin cover that you can easily remove for washing. The best part? There’s even a built-in heating function you can turn on during cold days — just in case your cat gets a little chilly by the window.


A Cat Scratcher Board That Doubles As A Napping Perch

Whether your cat is in the mood to scratch or nap, this board has them covered. It’s made from tough corrugated cardboard that holds up against constant scratching, while its hammock-like shape doubles as a comfy place for your cat to lounge. Each order also comes with a packet of catnip included.


The Interactive Cat Toy With 3 Tiers Of Fun

With three tiers and six balls in total, this interactive cat toy can keep even the pickiest cats occupied. A nonslip base helps keep it from sliding across your floors while your cat paws at it — and since there’s a safety bar across the top central opening, there’s no need to worry about your cat’s paws getting stuck while they play.


This Collar That Has Space For An AirTag

Few things are as stressful as when your indoor cat escapes outside, so why not keep track of where they are with this collar? There’s space where you can insert an AirTag, making it easy to see where your cat is at all times — and it even comes in two sizes, as well as nine different colors.


A Soft Pet Blanket That Protects Furniture From Accidents

Want your cat to hang out with you on the couch, but don’t want to wind up with fur all over the upholstery? Consider laying down this soft pet blanket. Not only does its waterproof design help protect furniture from accidents and fur, but the reversible design also means you’re almost getting two blankets for the price of one.


The Spray That Helps Deter Cats From Scratching

When no amount of scratching posts or furniture shields seem to keep your cat from scratching, it may be time to bust out this spray. It’s completely nontoxic, as its potent blend of rosemary and lemongrass oil help discourage scratching naturally — and you only need to spritz your commonly-scratched surface about three times per day for best results.


A Grooming Brush That Gently Massages Away Loose Hair

Whereas some pet brushes can feel rough on the skin, this one is made with soft silicone bristles that gently massage away loose hair. It’s suitable for nearly any pet, regardless of how long their hair is — and the dishwasher-safe design makes cleaning up afterward a total cakewalk.


This Moisturizing Balm That Helps Soften Rough Paws

It’s never a bad idea to keep some of this balm on hand — especially if your cat’s paws lean towards the dry side. It’s made with a blend of natural butters and oils that help soften rough paws with just a few swipes. And since it absorbs quickly (when warmed), your cat won’t be stuck walking around with wet paws after application.


The Wireless Camera That Lets You Talk To Your Cat

Ever wonder what your cat gets up to while you’re away? Grab this wireless camera, and you’ll be able to see what they’re doing simply by opening up the smartphone app. Two-way audio also lets you talk to your cat remotely, while built-in night vision means you can even see what they’re doing if it’s dark — all in 1080P high-definition video quality.


A Puzzle Toy That Comes With *Thousands* Of Paws-itive Reviews

Bored cats can quickly become destructive — that’s where this puzzle toy comes in handy. Simply fill the compartments with treats, and your cat will have to figure out how to open them up if they want a snack. But if that isn’t enough? One Amazon reviewer wrote, “So fun to watch my cats problem-solve this toy to get their treats. They both really seem to love this toy and will sit by it waiting for treats to find.”

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