If You Have Any Of These Expensive Problems Around Your Home, You'll Love These Genius, Cheap Fixes

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At my house, there’s always something that needs to be fixed. But it can be intimidating and financially overwhelming to tend to all that needs to be done. Lucky for you, Amazon has a seemingly endless supply of products designed to make caring for your home easier. If you have any of these expensive problems around your home, you’ll love these genius, cheap fixes.

It’s not uncommon to spend a couple of thousand dollars on a new couch, flooring, mattress, or shower — but once you’ve shelled out all that cash, what are you doing to maintain those assets? I’ve included plenty of options for protecting your investments and solving household problems.

On this list, you’ll also find quick fixes to commonly costly dilemmas like stains, pet odors, and unregulated home temperatures. For less than you think, these finds will be on your doorstep ready to help.


Problem: Pet Messes Have Ruined Your Nice Flooring Or Furniture

Fix: An Odor-Eliminating Spray Designed To Neutralize Pet Stains

Pets are messy, and cleaning up after them can be expensive. Make sure you have this odor-eliminating spray on hand for the occasional pet stain or accident. It helps to get rid of odors from urine, feces, vomit, and more, leaving nothing but a refreshing, citrusy aroma in its wake. Plus, this bottle is 24 ounces, so it’s sure to last you a long time. This set even includes a UV flashlight that helps you locate invisible stains. The under $40 kit has earned over 82,000 positive ratings from shoppers.


Problem: You’re Wasting Money Turning Up Your Heat

Fix: A Weighted Blanket That Keeps You Cozy

This weighted blanket will keep you cozy on cold winter nights without having to crank up the heat — saving you money. The evenly-distributed weighted blanket comes in a variety of weights, based on your size, as well as a washable and removable duvet cover. The cover is made of 100% cotton that’s cozy and soft on your skin. It includes seven soft layers that add weight to help you sleep soundly.


Problem: You Struggle To Access Jars And Bottles Of Food

Fix: This Cabinet-Mounted Jar Opener

Canning and food prepping is a great way to save money but reopening those jars can be such a pain. This jar opener has earned 20,000 reviews for how easily it opens bottles and jars of any size. The genius device attaches to the underside of a shelf or cabinet with an adhesive and screws so that it’s out of sight but convenient when you need it.


Problem: You Have No Space To Safely Store Pricey Seasonal Garments

Fix: An Under-Bed Storage Organizer That’s Waterproof

Blankets and other seasonal items can be costly. So when you’re trying to store them for the winter or summer, the last thing you want to encounter is a moldy, mildew-filled nightmare when it comes time to re-use them. Eliminate this expensive problem by buying the perfect storage solutions — these under-bed storage bags that have secure zippers, transparent covers, and sturdy reinforced strap handles. They come in a pack of two and collapse flat for easy storage when you’re not using them.


Problem: Your Pricey Work Clothes Are Worn & Tired

Fix: An Open-Ended Hanger That Protects Slacks

You spend good money on your work attire, so make sure you’re not stuffing it into a drawer, but rather hanging it in a way that will preserve them for a while. These slack and trouser hangers are made of anti-rust metal with a non-slip coating that keeps clothing in place. The open-ended design allows you to easily hang pants neatly in your closet without taking up too much space. Reviewers love these hangers, giving them 13,000 reviews and a 4.8-star rating.


Problem: You Shelled Out Lots Of Cash On A Mattress

Fix: This Waterproof Mattress Protector That Insures Your Investment

Mattresses are not cheap, so make sure you protect yours with a waterproof mattress protector like this plush option. It’s ultra soft, noiseless under your sheets, and made without vinyl. This set comes in nine sizes, all of which fit over mattresses up to 18-inches thick. The protector stands up against dust, mites, and water.


Problem: Your Costly Coffee Beans Are Going Bad Too Soon

Fix: This Airtight Coffee Canister For Freshness

The secret to delicious coffee is quality, fresh beans. There’s nothing worse than shelling out money for premium beans only to let them lose their flavor and aroma in a subpar container. This airtight coffee canister features a BPA-free rubber seal and a one-way valve to de-gas and keeps oxygen out. The stainless steel canister even features a convenient date tracker on the lid to ensure you consume it in its prime freshness window. It helps minimize waste and your coffee will taste better.


Problem: Your Cat Loves Scratching Your Pricey Couch

Fix: A Pack Of Couch Shields That Deter Your Kitty

You shouldn’t have to choose between having a sweet cat or an expensive sofa. The next time your kitty tries to claw the furniture, these cat scratch deterrents will keep their scratching at bay. The shields, which come in a pack of six, are transparent (so they won’t take away from your room’s aesthetic) and they stay on with simple screw pins. This popular pick has more than 11,000 reviews.


Problem: Your Designed Handbags Are Strewn Across The Floor

Fix: This Hanging Purse Organizer To Give Them A Rightful Home

If you have a love affair with purses, make sure you’re storing them properly. This closet purse organizer can hold eight bags at once on a single hanger. The double-sided organizer features transparent pockets so you can see all of your bags at once. They can also be used for clothes, shoes, or other accessories.


Problem: Spending A Fortune On A Bath Reno & Worrying About Leaks

Fix: This Frameless Shower Door Seal To Prevent Water Damage

The tiniest details can make or break a room. If you renovated your bathroom, make sure you don’t skimp on preventative measures like maintaining moisture. By simply installing this shower door seal you can avoid leaks. Small leaks can lead to big damage, but these low-priced seals are a solid prophylactic measure. Plus it can be cut to fit your exact shower specifications.


Problem: Your Heavy Furniture Is Scratching Your Hard Floors

Fix: These Customizable Furniture Pads To Protect Floors

Hardwood floors can be expensive to maintain, and shuffling chairs and furniture around is a mistake that can result in scratches. Luckily, tools like these non-slip furniture pads can preserve them. These felt core pads come in multiple pre-scored sizes, but they can be cut to your exact dimensions. Stick them to the bottoms of your couch legs, chair legs, and beds so they slide easily when they inevitably get bumped or moved. They’re made with anti-slip rubber that grabs the floor and furniture without any glue or nails.


Problem: Your Wood Furniture Has Watermarks

Fix: This Easy-To-Use Cloth That Removes Marks Instantly

Don’t panic over watermarks — they can be fixed. Even on your priceless valuables, this watermark remover cloth gets the job done. It easily removes marks on wood caused by water, alcohol, or heat. It also hides scratches and gets rid of paint and permanent markers to revive your antiques without breaking the budget. This remover has earned more than 10,000 reviews.


Problem: You Misplace Priceless Items Frequently

Fix: This $30 Bluetooth Tile Tracker That Connects To Your Phone

Never worry about losing your keys thanks to this powerful Bluetooth tracker. It works up to 400 feet and connects to your smartphone to pinpoint your belongings. No need to make key replacements or panic about a lost wallet. This Tile Pro is a life-saver, plus it’s waterproof. The included network also allows you to enlist strangers into helping you find your missing items.


Problem: Your Expensive Cookware Is Getting Scratched

Fix: These Budget Dividers That Provide Protection

Pots and pans aren’t cheap, so make sure you’re protecting your investment with a set of these cookware separators. The star-shaped dividers are made of polyester felt that keeps pots and pans from getting scratched or dinged up. You can even use them as hot pads when cooking. The dividers easily fit between a stack of pans to provide a non-slip, smooth surface that will extend the life of your cookware.


​​Problem: Extreme Temperatures Make Your Electric Bill Unpredictable

Fix: These Insulated Curtains That Regulate Indoor Temps

This insulated curtain set not only blocks light from waking you up, but it also works to regulate your room’s temperature. In the summer, it seals off your windows, keeping cool air in and heat from the sun out. This pack comes with two panels of 100% blackout curtains that each have a black liner sewn in to further help block UV light. This set has earned nearly 100,000 reviews and is available in 45 colors and 16 sizes to fit your space.


Problem: You’re Shelling Out Serious Cash For Plumbers

Solution: A Tub Drain Protector That Catches Hair

You can keep your drains clean and clear without the cost of a plumber — just rely on this innovative drain protector that’s shaped like a mushroom. The hair catcher nestles inside of your drain, so it won’t pop up and float in your tub. The TubShroom won’t block water flow and boasts more than 110,000 reviews.


Problem: You Spilled Red Wine On The Sofa

Fix: This $8 Stain Remover That Works Wonders

Drink wine without worry thanks to this low-cost secret weapon: red wine stain remover. This 4-ounce bottle rescues rugs, clothing, and even your furniture from new or set-in wine stains. The water-based product works quickly without any allergens, animal by-products, chlorine, or phosphates. It’s also worth keeping an extra bottle of the super-concentrated formula in your purse for spills that happen when you’re out.


Problem: Your Kitchen Reno Budget Is Slim

Fix: This Contact Paper That Looks Like Real Marble

Get a brand-new-looking kitchen without the reno price tag. This removable marble wallpaper can be used on so many surfaces such as cabinets, backsplashes, and tables. The vinyl paper comes in four sizes and is a cinch to wipe clean. It goes on like temporary wallpaper. And if you get tired of the design and want to swap it out, it comes right off without ruining surfaces.


Problem: Your Tile Looks Dingy & Old

Fix: This $9 Pen That Restores Grout

Don’t spend all of your money replacing your dingy tile — just give it a makeover. This grout pen has earned more than 24,000 reviews and has earned the title of Amazon’s #1 best-seller in tile grout for how it transforms your tile. For just $9, the grout and sealant combo restores your old, dirty grout. Choose from a narrow or wide tip depending on your tile size. One pen can cover up to 150 feet of grout.


Problem: Your Wood Furniture Or Floors Are Scratched

Fix: These Markers That Conceal Nicks & Imperfections

Scratches happen on wood furniture or floors, but you don't have to replace the entire surface to make it look new again. Instead, touch those nicks up with this pack of wood markers and wax sticks. The set of 13 colors can be mixed together to match your wood perfectly. The set includes a sharpener and it can be used on tables, chairs, floors, molding, and doors. This set has earned more than 23,000 reviews.


Problem: Your Pantry Goods Are Going Stale Too Quickly

Fix: These Stackable, Airtight Food Containers

These airtight food containers will keep your snacks fresher for longer to help prolong the time between trips to the grocery store. This set of seven includes one tall container, two medium containers, two small containers, and two mini containers, each with an airtight lid. The BPA-free, transparent containers keep your ingredients and snacks neatly stacked on top of each other, and come with labels to keep your pantry looking organized.


Problem: You Can Never Completely Empty A Jar

Solution: These Narrow Spatulas That Get Every Last Drop

Every time you throw out a peanut butter jar, cleaning solution, or eye cream when there’s still some product left in the bottom, you’re just throwing away money. These flexible spatulas fit into any bottle or container, so you can get every last drop. This two-pack comes with a 12-inch spatula and a 6-inch spatula. They’re both BPA-free and made of food-grade silicone.


Problem: You’re Wasting Money On Disposable Bags

Fix: This Silicone Bag That’s Washable & Reusable

Stop wasting money on disposable storage bags and opt for this reusable one. The BPA-free and food-safe bag work just like its plastic counterparts, only these are leak-proof, waterproof, and can even be stored in the freezer. The manufacturer recommends handwashing them to preserve them over time. Spend $10 now and never have to buy new bags.


Problem: Snow, Salt & Sand Are Ruining Your Favorite Shoes

Fix: This #1 Best-Selling Shoe Kit That Cleans It All

Don’t leave dirt, dust, and grime from outside to settle into your sneakers and just sit there. Revive your tired shoes with Amazon’s #1 best-selling shoe cleaner. This 8-ounce bottle can be used on leather, vinyl, nubuck, suede, canvas, and cloth. This bottle of concentrated cleaner is made with saddle soap, oils, and conditioners that safely remove dirt, snow, salt, and more to leave your shoes looking brand new. This kit even comes with a free brush that’s perfect for scrubbing out stains and set-in debris.


Problem: You’re Too Nervous To Run Glassware Through The Dishwasher

Solution: These Flexible Stemware Holders

Keep your wine glasses sparkling by properly cleaning them in your dishwasher thanks to these silicone stemware savers. The flexible supports keep your wine glasses upright on the top shelf of your dishwasher to ensure a deep clean without the risk of broken glass. This $13 set comes with eight versatile rods to secure wine, champagne, and cocktail glassware.


Problem: Small Holes In Your Drywall Or Exterior Are Eye-Sores

Fix: This Patch-A-Wall Kit For Easy, Cheap Fixes

No need to hire a professional for small holes in your wall. This hole repair compound makes it a cinch to fix them without spending a fortune. It replaces vinyl spackling and won’t shrink, crack, or sag. It even doubles as a primer, so once it’s dry, all you need to do is add a touch-up of paint. You can use it inside or outside of your home.


Problem: Your Countertop Produce Goes Bad Instantly

Fix: These Freshness Saver Balls That Slow Ripening

Keep your fruits and veggies fresher longer with these produce saver balls. These gadgets look like blue apples and work by absorbing ethylene gas in your fridge that prematurely turns your produce. Just place one in your fridge and change it out every three months.


Problem: You Have To Run Multiple Wash Cycles To Clean Clothes

Fix: A Machine Cleaner Pod That Improves Efficiency

If you aren’t occasionally cleaning your washing machine, you are leaving dirt and grime behind that can affect your washer’s efficiency. These washing machine cleaning tablets remove residue and will work in both front and top-load washers, as well as HE washing machines. Each package comes with six tablets and the manufacturer recommends using them monthly. They have an astounding Amazon following, with more than 170,000 reviews.


Problem: You Can’t Remember If You’ve Already Run The Dishwasher

Solution: This Reversible Magnet Indicator

Did you know that it could be costing you more to run your dishwasher during the day than at night? High usage times — like when everyone is awake and washing their hands or doing laundry — can sometimes cost you more. Make sure everyone in the house is on the same page and knows to run the dishwasher at night with one of these magnets. The reversible sign indicates whether the dishes are clean or dirty so everyone is on the same page. No more wasted energy re-running clean dishes or washing them at inefficient times.


Problem: Your Wine Bottles Don’t Stay Fresh After Opening Them

Fix: The Vacuum-Powered Silicone Seal That Preserves Wine

Open that second bottle of wine guilt-free thanks to these wine savers that preserve freshness. If you don’t finish it all, these stoppers will keep your wine fresh for up to seven extra days. Just insert the silicone wine stopper into the bottle and use the vacuum to suck out extra air. You'll never waste wine again and, with four vacuum stoppers in each set, the price of these stoppers is hard to beat.


Problem: Your Couch Has Seen Better Days

Fix: A Budget-Friendly Slipcover That Conceals Imperfections

Conceal all of those scratches and pulls in the fabric of your sofa without blowing your budget on a whole new living room set. This stretchy slipcover simply slides right over your couch and provides a barrier for all of those outside sources of destruction (like your beloved pooch). It comes in five sizes and 20 colors, plus it’s earned more than 40,000 reviews.


Problem: Your Plants Are Dying While You’re Out Of Town

Fix: These Self-Watering Stakes That Keep Plants Happy

Even the most seasoned plant parents still forget to water their plant babies — especially if you go out of town. These plant watering stakes are made of terracotta and deliver water slowly to plants and flowers, ensuring they are hydrated without getting overwatered — even if you’re not home. The stakes come with six in a pack.


Problem: Your HVAC System Is Escaping In Door Cracks

Fix: This Self-Adhesive Weatherstripping

Keep dust, noise, heat, or cold from entering your home and costing you money with this adhesive weatherstripping. The 32-foot-long roll of weatherstripping is self-adhesive, making it a breeze to install in doors, windows, or indoor cabinets with gaps. Customize the length by easily cutting it. You’ may notice an immediate difference in your utility bill.


Problem: You’re Wasting Food By Under Or Over-Cooking It

Fix: This Digital Meat Thermometer That’s Accurate

If your grilling skills are not the best, this digital meat thermometer is a wise investment. It gives you an instant temperature reading to help you grill and cook meat to perfection. The waterproof device has an easy-to-read LED screen and can easily be cleaned by running it underwater. It works just as well on beverages, frying oil, bread, and candy. And cooking your foods to perfection means you’ll save money when you don’t have to toss them away and buy new meat.


Problem: You Love An Expensive Latte

Fix: A $10 Frother To Make Drinks At Home

This battery-powered frother makes delicious barista-level drinks at home to save your budget. It has an ergonomic handle and a stainless steel whisk that whips milk and transforms it into a light and fluffy foam. Create a delicious latte, matcha, or other special drink right at home. To clean it, just run it under hot water and turn on the whisk.