If You Like Awesome Sh*t, You'll Love These Weird Things That Are Actually Genius

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I love those random little online finds that are weird but definitely awesome and seriously helpful — all at the same time. They’re pretty rare. They’re also almost impossible to search for. How would you know to search for machine-washable refrigerator handle covers? So smart, but how would I ever think to Google that? It’s almost like the universe only wants us to stumble on them occasionally (if we’re lucky).

So, if you like awesome sh*t, you’ll love this list that’s full of genius things.

Maybe you recently took up gardening. If so, there’s a garden kneeler on the list that has three helpful functions that make gardening more comfortable. It keeps your jeans clean when you kneel on it, allows you to sit on it like a bench, and stores all of your go-to tools

Or maybe you’re really leaning into that late-night screen time, and you need easy coffee. This list has multiple coffee products that are genius. There’s a glass cold brew coffee maker with a two-level silicone air-tight seal. But if you constantly forget to make it the night before, the beverage chiller might be a better option. It hangs out in your freezer next to the ice trays and cools your hot drip coffee down in under 60 seconds.

Those weird and genius products don’t have to be rare finds anymore. Because they’re all in one easy list — finally.


This Ice Roller That Can Help Your Skin & Stress Levels

Using this ice roller calms your skin and can even help with your stress levels. After chilling in the freezer, the water and gel core is super cooling on irritated skin. Like other rollers, it stimulates lymphatic drainage and can help to reduce puffiness and tension.


A Soothing Essence With A Moisturizing Ingredient Made By Snails

This skincare essence is packed with 96.3% snail secretion filtrate. Yes, this utterly unique snail ingredient is actually a strong moisturizer. It’s 100% natural, and it doesn’t harm any snails. This hypoallergenic formula is soothing for damaged skin and deeply hydrating. Plus, the bottle looks as chic as all of your other skincare, despite its unique star ingredient.


A Strainer That Clips Onto Your Round Pots & Bowls

Not only does this silicone strainer save space in your kitchen cabinet, but it also simplifies the pasta draining process. It comes with two clips on the side to hold onto almost every round cooking pot or bowl you own, saving you from awkwardly trying to hold a strainer in one hand or put it in an unclean sink. Once your pasta is ready, this BPA-free strainer can even go in your dishwasher.


A Large Outlet Extender That Stays Out Of Your Way

Adding extra charging spots doesn’t mean you need to clutter your floor with a power strip. This outlet extender clicks into your outlet and stays mounted on your wall and out your way with a screw to make sure it’s extra secure. Not only does this extender add six AC outlets, two USB outlets, and one USB C outlet, it also has a removable shelf so you can keep your phone and other small electronics off the floor.


A Handheld Facial Roller For All Of The Microneedling Benefits

Don’t let its spiky design scare you away, because this derma roller mimics a microneedling facial. Each one is complete with 540 small titanium microneedles that exfoliate your skin while you roll. They’re easy to clean and sanitize with alcohol. Just be sure to roll gently and apply your skincare after you finish this rejuvenating at-home treatment.


These Easy-To-Use Pimple Patches That Work Overnight

These transparent pimple stickers are way better than painful creams that sting your skin. They won’t peel off easily, even if you sleep in them. Hello to no more stained pillowcases. Going to sleep in one is such an easy zit solution because the medical-grade hydrocolloid works to reduce blemishes in six to eight hours.


This Exfoliating Brush That Helps Get Rid Of Ingrown Hairs

Regular use of this handheld body brush means you don’t need to try out a bunch of razors or ingrown hair creams. If you prefer shaving, use this brush anywhere you shave to help out with ingrown hairs and razor bumps. If shaving isn’t your thing, the flexible and easy-to-clean brush is also a good exfoliation tool for softer skin.


A Sliding Measuring Spoon That Works For Wet & Dry Ingredients

Replace your mess of scattered measuring spoons with this adjustable measuring spoon. It has a sliding cover design that changes the size of your spoon from 1/2 teaspoon to 1 tablespoon. Simply follow the measurement markings on the handle, and you can switch between all of the measurements you need for that sourdough recipe. This unique tool works for wet, dry, and oily ingredients, saving you tons of drawer space.


A Spot For Trash In Your Car That Doesn’t Look Like A Garbage Can

This car trash can looks like a sleek bag, so no one will know it’s holding your unwanted receipts and used takeout napkins. The material is waterproof, and this bag comes with 20 liners that fit perfectly inside. Use the strap to secure it to a headrest, side door, or console, and the magnetic lid will keep all of the trash and smells inside while keeping your car tidy.


These Tiered Hangers That Add *So* Much Space To Your Closet

You won’t have to stock up on bulky hangers if you grab this set of tiered metal hangers. Each one has five levels for skirts or pants, and they’re high-quality with rubber-coated clips and corners to protect your clothing. When you’re hanging up your clothes, each level is bendable to easily access the clips without your other items getting in the way.


A Handheld Milk Frother That Comes With A Convenient Stand

Instead of spending tons of money at cafes every morning for perfect lattes, use this single-button milk frother for barista-level drinks at home. Just add batteries, click the on switch, and you’re creating luscious foam for the top of your favorite coffee. This simple little coffee whisk is also complete with a stand that looks quite attractive on your counter.


A Vegetable & Fruit Chopper With A Handy Cleaning Tool

Choose from three sizes of diced fruits and vegetables with this food chopper, which makes prep work way faster and easier. It comes with stainless steel blades and a push-down lid for safe chopping. It’s also complete with a lid to keep everything neat and fresh in the eight-cup container. Plus, if a bell pepper gets stuck in one of the blades, this kit comes with a handy cleaning tool.


A Unique Hair Brush That Detangles Without Causing Breakage

This hair brush may have an interesting shape but that’s simply part its unique design that unravels knots. It detangles your hair differently with flexible, bead-less bristles that work on wet or dry hair and won’t cause breakage. This helpful shine-enhancing design works on all hair types, and you can pick from several aesthetically-pleasing colors.


These Tumbler-Style Wineglasses That Can’t Break

These stainless steel wine glasses just make sense. Unlike glass, they’re unbreakable, dishwasher-safe, and will keep your drink chilled. If you want a serious pour of red wine or simply iced tea, each one holds up to 18 ounces. This set comes in 13 colors, including a few ombre styles and a unique blue marble pattern.


A Fluffy Travel Pillow That’s Even Helpful For Hotel Beds

If those hotel pillows are way too lumpy, wear this travel pillow for extra support. The memory foam forms to fit your neck, whether you’re laying down or sitting on a plane or in a car. No matter you’re position, you’ll still be cozy because this pillow has a fluffy velour fabric on the outside that feels like your favorite robe, and this removable cover is machine-washable.


This Handy Crab-Shaped Spoon & Lid Holder That Won’t Burn Its Bottom

Instead of propping your spoon on top of your pan, give it to this little silicone crab to hold. It has a non-slip and heat-resistant design, so you won’t have to worry about the crab’s bottom burning. The claws are also perfect for propping open your lid if your recipe calls for simmering something half-covered.


A Pack Of Gold Under Eye Masks For Hydrated Skin

Apply these 24K gold eye masks for a little extra under-eye hydration. With this set, you’ll get 15 pairs of these vitamin E, hyaluronic acid, and vitamin E formulated masks that elp you look bright eyed and bushy tailed without synthetic fragrances. Also, it’s simply nice to walk around your house wearing sparkling gold eye masks sometimes.


The Motion Sensor Lights That Add Needed Brightness To Your Stairs & Halls

Tuck these adhesive LED lights under a few of your stairs, or line your hallways with them. They’ll illuminate you pathway as you walk with their built-in motion sensor, which also turns off after 30 seconds of no use. Add your own AA batteries, and these handy lights will light up your stairs with a warm white light for up to 125 hours.


These Machine-Washable Covers For Any Appliance With Handles

Wrap these machine-washable covers around any kitchen appliance with handles, like your fridge, oven, or even your dishwasher. They prevent all of those daily fingerprint smudges and food spills. Each one is double-sided, in case one side gets a little too stained. If you’re not sure about these genius covers, they come in four colors, so they’ll blend right in with your appliance.


A Set Of Cleanable Refrigerator Liners That Happen To Be Quite Cute

Make your fridge a little more colorful and cleanable with this pack of quick-drying refrigerator mats. Their waterproof and oil-proof material is easy to wipe and wash, so you always have a clean spot to arrange your fruits and vegetables. These food-safe liners also have a dot texture, so they aren’t slippery.


A Wireless Phone Charger With Over 98,000 Five-Star Reviews

There’s no need to guess if your phone is actually charging with this best-selling wireless charger. That’s because it’s complete with a green LED light that flashes when your phone connects to it. (But don’t worry — it stops flashing after three seconds.) Compatible with Samsung and Apple phones as well as wireless headphones, this fan-favorite charger works on cases that are up to 4 millimeters thick.


A 4-Pack of Soap Savers You’ll Barely Need To Clean

The best part about these soap savers (other than longer-lasting bar soap) is that you’ll barely have to clean them. When the durable material has leftover soap stuck to it, all you have to do is rinse it in the sink. Plus, you can still use them if your sink has a built-in soap dish because they’re easy to trim.


A Set Of Unique-Looking Hair Ties That Are Seriously Helpful

The spiral style of these hair ties look a little unique, but it’s so smart. That coiled design means they won’t tug your hair, break your ends, make your ponytail too tight, or leave awkward indentations on your wrist. Each one is made of waterproof plastic that also makes them the perfect hair tie for swimming or rainy days.


A Magnetic Strap That Lets You Wear Your AirPods Around Your Neck

It’s super frustrating to search for your AirPod case anytime you want to take them off for a second. But this magnetic strap means you can take your headphones out and simply wear them around your neck. You’re way more likely to keep up with them because it slides onto the stem of each earbud, and it’s even secure enough to go on a jog. This lightweight carrying strap also comes in a wide variety of colors including white, green, pink, and black.


A Ring Light That Clips Right On Your Phone & Computer

Pack your chargers and this miniature ring light in your laptop bag because it’s perfect for video calls. Whether you take that meeting on your laptop or phone, this LED light will clip on top of your device and help you take the perfect selfie or look extra crisp for workday Zoom calls. It’s also easy to dim and comes with aesthetic lighting settings like a daylight mode.


A 30-Pack Of Soothing Sheet Masks That Come In A Portable Container

There’s no need to worry about figuring out how to best store this pack of 30 sheet masks, because they come in a unique tub that lets you pull one out with a set of included tweezers whenever you need a little extra dose of hydration. Infused with soothing and cooling aloe, cucumber, and lemon balm, these vegan sheet masks are packed with glacier water and hyaluronic acid to give your skin much-needed moisture.


A Weighted Blanket That’s Covered In Soft Fabric

If you normally get way too warm under a weighted blanket, this comforting weighted blanket has thin, soft, and breathable fabric. It also has weighted glass beads distributed evenly inside, of course, which help to give you a comforting, hug-like feeling. This classic dark gray blanket matches most bedroom or living room decor and comes in four different sizes and weights.


The Beverage Chiller That Makes Iced Coffee In Just 1 Minute

If you constantly forget to brew your drip coffee and stick it in the fridge overnight, you need this dishwasher-safe beverage chiller. You fill it with water, and it lives in your freezer, just like an ice tray. In the morning, add your hot coffee to this gadget before pouring it into your glass or to-go tumbler. This cools it down in less than 60 seconds without melting all of your ice in the process.


A Double-Sided Facial Brush With A Sponge For Your Cleanser

This exfoliating brush is double-sided, and it has a built-in sponge. Squeeze your cleanser directly onto the sponge, and it will foam up to really get your face clean. You can choose from flexible or firm silicone bristles, depending on your skin’s unique needs. Not to mention, this pore cleaning brush has an adorable design.


These Reusable Food Bags With Color-Coded Sizes

It’s such an easy adjustment to swap your throwaway bags with these reusable food storage bags. The clear BPA-free material lets you see your food, and the double-layer closure won’t let any leaks happen. You’ll get sandwich, gallon, and even snack-size bags in this dishwasher-safe set, and the sizes are color-coded for easy use.


This Vacuum Sealing Kit That’ll Keep Wine Fresher For Longer

Keep your favorite bottle of wine fresh with this vacuum sealing kit. This set removes the excess air with the pump, and the two air-tight stoppers keep your go-to bottles tasting crisp for up to one week. You can also choose from five colors in the sleek vacuum sealing tool, including black and white.


A Lightweight Mug Warmer That Looks Like A Coaster

This mug warmer won’t look bulky on your desk because it has a coaster-like design. You can use this heated electric plate with your ceramic or glass mugs to keep your coffee or tea nice and piping hot. Plus, if you want morning coffee at home and mid-day coffee at work, it’s easy to carry this lightweight warmer with you.


These Multi-Surface Sliding Discs For Your Strength Workouts

You can use this pack of sliding discs on various floor surfaces, including carpet, tile, hardwood, and gym flooring. Add them into your strengthening workout, for lunges, planks, pushups, and other popular moves. They come in five colorful options, and they’re easy to toss in your bag because they weigh less than half a pound.


An Expandable Over-The-Sink Colander That Looks So Sleek

Normal metal strainers are fine, but this heat-resistant plastic colander is more aesthetic-looking, with several different colors to choose from. The expandable design fits over your sink, allowing for hands-free use, but it’s also narrow enough to not take up all of your dishwashing space. Since it stays out of the way, this BPA-free colander is also helpful for drying dishes.


A Spatula Set That Gets Every Drop Out Of Frustrating Makeup Bottles

This spatula set is helpful for those glass makeup bottles that are so difficult to use. This set comes with a 6-inch and 12-inch spatula that can reach to the very bottom of that concealer or lotion. Even if you’re not near the bottom of the bottle, these flexible spatulas come in handy for scooping out the perfect amount every day.


An Endlessly Reusable Pet Hair Remover That Isn’t Messy

Roll up your cat or pup’s fur left behind on the couch with this reusable pet hair remover. It makes the fur cleanup process quicker and way less messy. The brush catches it, spins it up into a no-mess compartment, which you can empty when it’s full with the simple press of a button. You don’t even need batteries, sticky lint sheets, or even replacement rollers, which is why this genius item has over 80,000 five-star reviews.


This Lotion Dispenser That Warms Up Your Go-To Products

It only takes two minutes for this lotion dispenser to warm up your favorite nighttime moisturizer or hand lotion, which helps it better penetrate your skin. Plug it into your vanity outlet and keep up to 16 ounces of lotion in it at a time. It makes your routine feel much more luxurious and calming..


This Hydrating Hair Finishing Stick That Tames Flyaways

This hair finishing stick comes in a compact tube, so you can easily toss it in your bag before you had out the door. Sweep the helpful applicator wand across stray hairs or bumps in your slicked back pony for a cleaner look. The hydrating formula is full of natural plant ingredients and oils that keep your hair in place. It’s also easy to wash out when you’re tired of having your hair up.


A Tofu Press That Keeps Your Meal Prep Tidy

This dishwasher-safe tofu press with a removable drainage tray makes tofu prep easier and tidier. This compact gadget with two pressure levels saves you from a countertop full of damp paper towels during the pressing process, because it all goes in the drainer. With the built-in spring, your tofu will only take 15 to 20 minutes to get ready for your delicious dinner plans.


These Bendable Stove Gap Covers With A Dust-Proof Design

These heat-resistant stove gap covers prevent that spill from leaking in between your oven and countertop. When they’re not catching food, these covers have a dust-proof design to stay dust-free and looking clean. Best part? These bendable covers go in your dishwasher anytime you spill something while cooking.


This Glass Cold Brew Pitcher With An Airtight Seal

This 34-ounce cold brew coffee pitcher has a two-level silicone air-tight seal in case you drink one cup and want to save the rest in your fridge for tomorrow. This borosilicate glass coffee maker is complete with a laser-cut coffee filter that keeps grounds out of your coffee while giving you the best flavor possible. It has an airtight seal that helps you avoid pre-caffeinated spills, and it looks pretty in the fridge with its stainless steel cover.


This Hanging Organizer For Your Bags Or Bath Towels

This over-the-door organizer is the perfect place to display your bags in your closet. The six transparent and deep pockets also come in handy in the bathroom to store your bath and hand towels. Each pocket is open on the sides, so you can easily grab whatever you’re storing away from dust.


A Lunch Tote That’s Designed To Pack Large Leftover Containers

If you love your large glass food containers, this lunch tote will fit them, because it’s nearly 10 inches wide. The velcro top opens up as wide as the base of this lunch bag, so you can fit even your largest leftover container. Inside, there’s a waterproof lining and foil insulation to keep everything cold, of course. Plus, you can choose from gray, black, orange, or light blue colors for this stylish, minimalistic canvas bag.


This Armrest Table That Won’t Mess Up Your Sofa

Don’t worry — this armrest table doesn’t use any damaging screws or overly sticky tape to securely attach to your sofa. Instead, it has a clip design with springs to keep it in place and ready to hold your remote, coffee, phone, or other small belongings. If you accidentally knock something over, simply wipe off the food-grade plastic.


A Vegetable Steaming Set For Your Microwave

This little steamer kit means you don’t even need to turn your stove on to cook a quick and easy veggie side dish. This BPA-free, three-piece silicone can be microwaved for up to five minutes and is heat-safe up to 480 degrees, so you can cook a wide variety of foods in it.


A Foldable Stool For Gardening & Tool Storage

Use this foldable garden kneeler as a stool, a spot to store your tools, and a place to kneel without getting dirt on your jeans. The adorable patterned bag attached to the side holds your shears, shovel, and the free gloves that come with this set. If you kneel on the comfortable foam base, the sturdy metal legs act as handles to help you up.


These Food-Saving Containers For Onions, Garlic, Limes & More

This BPA-free food-saving container comes in various fruit and vegetable shapes, including an onion, pepper, tomato, lime, and more. Each is designed to keep that specific produce item fresh in your fridge. They also keep pungent scents inside the container, and they’re dishwasher-safe.


A Magnetic Screen Door That Allows For Hands-Free Entry

This magnetic screen door is easier to open than a normal pull-style door, whether you’re constantly letting your dog in and out on a nice day or carrying in groceries from the store or food out into the backyard. Instead of opening the screen door, simply go through the magnetic seam at the center of this heavy-duty mesh screen. This best-selling screen door is easy to attach with the included tape thumbtacks.


These Dog Walking Bags With A Handy Dispensing Box

Keep these dog poop bags on your entryway table because they come in a dispensing box. Pull a couple of these 100% leak-proof bags out before every walk, because this budget-friendly pack comes with 300 bags. Plus, each one has a lavender scent that you’re sure to appreciate when it’s time to use it, a handy feature that helped these get a 4.8-star rating on Amazon.


A Velvety Jewelry Box That Stores The Pieces You Never Want To Be Without

At just 3 3/4 inches wide, this jewelry box might be designed for travel, but the velvety finish also means it looks nice on your vanity at home. It has a zip-up design that keeps even your daintiest necklaces protected and secure in your suitcase. This little box is also complete with a mirror and a hidden earring pocket to keep your valuables safe.