If You Like Saving Money, You'll Love These Cheap Ways To Make Your Home Look 10X Better

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I'm calling it now: 2022 is going to be the year of smart financial planning, once and for all. As an avid enthusiast of online shopping who partakes in said activity quite frequently, it's vital to my wallet's health that I assess my purchases on the regular. Lately, Amazon has been my go-to source for home-related finds that’ll make my space look 10 times better (peep the smart light dimmer on this list). Plus, Prime shipping has my heart.

So what exactly are these show-stopping, spectacular finds? To save a few bucks on quick-burning candles, the flameless LED tea lights have been phenomenal. For green details to revitalize my WFH space with zero maintenance, mini potted faux plants have also been a fan favorite. (It's me, I'm the fan.) Honorable mentions include the outdoor globe string lights that are both waterproof and shatterproof, nonslip pads for your area rugs that are sheer genius, and velvet hangers that’ll instantly make your closet look like it has its life together.

Maybe you're not going for a full-blown home renovation, but you want to make changes on a smaller scale. It can definitely be done, my friend. With this list of 41 items to order ASAP, your home is about to undergo a mini makeover that goes a long way.

Consider your nationwide search for affordable top-notch pieces concluded with this carefully curated selection that’ll fulfill all of your dream-house Pinterest board wishes.


This Peel & Stick Marble Paper For Seriously Luxe Counters

To the marble enthusiasts reading this: Give a warm welcome to your new trusty home essential. Designed to adhere to any flat surface, this PVC peel-and-stick glossy paper gives an upgrade in a flash. Simply measure, peel, and place onto your desired surface and you're in business. Not only is this realistic paper a dupe for real marble on your countertops, but it can also be used for a multitude of projects like a DIY laptop skin. The choice is entirely yours, friend.


An Ultra-Stretchy Sofa Cover For Extending Your Couch’s Shelf Life

Whether you're looking to protect or update the look of your couch, this stretchy slipover cover is the answer to all your questions. Made with jacquard fabric and an ultra-elastic body, this cover fits seamlessly over the average three-seater sofa. Plus, it comes in quite the number of shades — from pureed pumpkin and dusty pink to classic blue and wine. Oh, and there are four sizes available, so everyone gets a piece of the pie here.


These Silicone Chair Foot Covers To Help Keep Your Floors Scratch-Free

Maintain your furniture and floors in one fell swoop with these silicone feet covers that make hardware scratching a thing of the past. Available in packs of 16, these felt-bottom covers come in a range of neutrals including several shades of grey, clear, black, and brown so you can color-match with the utmost precision. You can also find them in an array of sizes to cover all your bases in need of extra surface protection.


This Smart Light Dimmer For A Calming Ambience In Seconds

Raise your hand if you're ready to step into the future (or just add to cart if that suits your fancy). This smart dimmer switch can be fully controlled at your fingertips or with the sound of your voice. Compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant to name a few, this genius switch can even be set to dim out or fade in with a pre-set schedule. P.S. the Kasa app is compatible with both Android and iOS devices.


The LED Lights To Illuminate Your Countertops

For brightening up your TV stand, counters, cabinets, or any other surface that could use a little glow, these light strips are the dream solution. They come in sets of six, and you can even choose to take home warm or cool white. BTW, my favorite feature is the mini remote control that can work within a distance of 60 feet. Consider the game changed.


This Adhesive Tile That Could Double As The Real Thing

It's safe to say that backsplash can make a world of a difference in the textures that define your kitchen. If a full-on renovation isn't what you had in mind for your weekend plans, this peel-and-stick tile is here to do the job at a fraction of the time and cost. You can find it in six cool neutrals, and all 10 sheets are 12 by 12 inches for reference. Heat- and moisture-resistant, this super-strength tile dupe will also keep your walls protected from splashes while playing up the features of your cooking space. BRB, I’m just a tad mesmerized.


This Handy Push-Button Soap Dispenser Station For A Clutter-Free Shower

The days of knocking over shampoo and conditioner bottles are about to be a dim memory, because this shower dispenser station carries it all. You can have your pick of several package options — but in my humble opinion, the three-pack is superior. Just mount it securely onto your shower tile and pour in your products for a no-hassle shower session. Oh, and the pump has a clog-free design so that your soaps will dispense with a 10/10 flow.


These Flameless Tealight Candles For Zero-Stress Mood Lighting

Because who doesn't love a good tealight candle? Take your lighting game to the next level with these flameless tea lights that give all the flickering warmth of a traditional candle (minus the quick-burning flame). They’re also battery operated and convenient to use with their on-and-off switches, and they even come in sets of 12.


These Sleek Cabinet Pulls For A Simple Kitchen Refresh

Over time and tons of use, your cabinet handles can take on a worn-down, less-polished look. Luckily, these replacement pulls exist and will bring a pop of modern into your kitchen with a super simple installment. Available in a wide array of packages ranging from one to 60, these 5-inch stainless steel pulls also come in a few trusty finishes to perfectly match the vibe of your cooking quarters.


This Stick-On Brick Wallpaper To Warm Up Your Walls

Bare walls got you down? Add a focal point of texture and character into your space with this peel-and-stick wallpaper that is essentially a dupe for bona fide brick. This pre-lined paper also adheres firmly to the desired surface and will more than likely get a few double-takes from guests. To really bring it home, there are also several brick color options available to align with your personal preference. Unbelievable and indescribable.


These Mini Artificial Plants For Touches Of Green Throughout Your Place

Greenery is known to add an element of liveliness to your abode, but not everyone has time to maintain plants on the daily. Skip the extra watering and opt for these mini faux potted eucalyptus plants that are guaranteed to last a good while. Available in sets of three, these green-gray tabletop plants are ideal for placing throughout your home wherever you need a touch of color.


The Globe String Lights To Brighten Up Your Backyard

Create the perfectly well-lit background scenario with these globe string lights. Wedding-appropriate and made to last, each set is 43 feet long and contains 70 LED shatter-resistant bulbs. They’re also waterproof, so even the rainiest of days can have a little bit of sunshine. What’s more is the eight light modes you can adjust to fit the event, ranging from flash and twinkle to slow fade and waves. I already added them to my cart.


This Tabletop Himalayan Salt Lamp With The Prettiest Amber Glow

This salt lamp designed like a bowl filled with chunky salt crystals is a space-defining piece, and it has the most stunning amber glow to it. Use it as a night light or just as an extra decor find to add to your desk. It even sites on a wooden base and comes with a dimmer. Amazon has reached its target audience.


A Nonslip Pad To Ensure Your Rug Stays In One Place

The downside of decorative rugs? They slide around from time to time. Fortunately, this mega-grip pad is specially made to help prevent this worldwide road bump. Available in an array of pre-cut sizes that are trim-friendly, this foam pad is ridiculously easy to install. Simply place it down onto the floor and lay your rug on top, pressing into the pad to secure its grip. Your guests will never know.


This High-Pressure Shower Head With A Revolutionary Built-In Water Softener

Meet the SparkPod, a life-changing adjustable shower head that is about to change the way you wash. Its high-quality filtration system uses elements like calcium sulfite and vitamin C to help clean out toxic remnants like chlorine and sediment from your water. This genius tool also works to balance pH levels for extra-soft H20. There’s even a wide selection of pressure modes and finishes.


These Versatile Mason Jars That You Could Use For Just About Anything

Mason jars have proven to be useful for pretty much any project you can think of. From storage and DIY gift jars to canning jams and holding your favorite florals, one can do no wrong with mason jars — especially when they’re mini. These multipurpose jars by Otis are fan favorites and also come in several styles including a compact milk pot with a nifty cork top and a square jar to for all of your square-jar purposes. Plus, twine and paper labels are included with every purchase so personalization is a piece of cake.


A Nonslip Mat With Marshmallow-Soft Padding

This just in: An anti-fatigue floor mat that’s designed to provide cushiony comfort anywhere from the office to your kitchen. Made of marshmallow-soft memory foam and available in a wide variety of sizes and colors ranging from deep burgundy to green ombré, this nonslip, ergonomic pad is a dream for relieving joint stress during the workday and providing that boost of comfort to keep you on your toes. The final stamp of approval comes from its curl-resistant edges for a mat that stays totally put.


These Velvet Hangers For The Most Orderly Closet Of All Time

These velvet hangers ones — which can hold up to 10 pounds each — will make your closet look so unbelievably put together. They’re also nonslip (which will help ensure your clothing stays put), and are available in parks of 30, 50, and 100. Just don’t get me started on the space-saving size and full-rotation swivel.


A Storage Organizer That Fits Perfectly Under The Bed

For storage in subtle form, this slim organizer bag with built-in handles is ideal for housing excess sweaters and shoes while also filling that mystery space between the bottom of the bed and the floor. This gem can even hold up to 20 pairs of shoes if you want to go that route, which is pretty impressive in my book. Plus, both beige and black shades are available for ultimate customization.


This Modern Salt & Pepper Shaker Set That’s Too Sleek For Words

In a shocking turn of events, salt and pepper shakers have earned their rightful spot on this list. Despite the miniature size, sleek duos like these make a massive impact on the look of your kitchen and the at-home chef's experience as a whole. On top of being really freaking cute and tightly sealed for maximum freshness, they’re also adjustable so you can choose how fine or coarse your spices are.


The Billowy Bedding That’s A True Alternative For Down

Sleep is good, but comfortable sleep is even better. If your comforter is slacking, this down alternative is a lightweight-yet-fluffy option that will make your snooze time so much more satisfying. Available in three sizes and over 10 shades to match your room, this gem can also function as a duvet insert or blanket. Plus, many Amazon reviewers love it for its temperature-regulating powers.


A Coffee Canister That’s Guaranteed To Keep Your Grounds Fresh

Toss out the coffee bag and switch things up with this stainless steel coffee canister that’s made to keep your grounds and beans fresh. It’s designed with a BPA-free super seal and oxygen-blocking valve — and there’s even a date tracker at the top, which is on a whole other level of intelligence if you ask me. You can also find this container in a decent array of finishes, from medium gray to matte black.


This Bamboo Drawer Dividers To Whip Your Utensils Into Shape

These adjustable bamboo drawer organizers are made to fit in your standard kitchen drawers, and they’re perfect for compartmentalizing forks and spoons alike. They’re also crafted with built-in springs, so you can simply place and fit each divider accordingly while keeping the inner surfaces of your drawers protected (thanks to the foam padding on both ends). Plus, you can opt for grey or white if the natural bamboo look isn’t your thing. BTW, each set comes with four dividers.


These Rustic Frames With A Window-Inspired Design

For creating the illusion of windows in your home, these rustic window-inspired frames offer the quintessential touch of vintage and openness. Available in sets of two — as well as three color options ranging from natural to bright turquoise — these frames can either be mounted or set on top of your table of choice. Essential hardware for hanging is also included so you can get your decor game going in minutes. I’m actually in love.


The Floating Shelves Held Up By Rope For A Beach-Inspired Feel

Floating shelves are cool, but have you ever seen floating shelves with rope detailing? Reminiscent of seaside summers and farmhouses alike, these rustic three-tier shelves add a ton of character to your walls while also giving your plants and trinkets a home. They’re virtually effortless to mount and even come in single-shelf form if you’re on the lookout for a slightly different style.


These Knit Throw Pillow Covers For Cozying Up Your Living Room

These plush-knit throw pillow covers are not only soft to the touch, but they come in a huge selection of colors so you can mix and match to your heart’s content. You can also find them in five sizes — including a rectangular option — for even more convenience. The cherry on top? They’re washer machine-friendly.


A Plush Jewelry Organizer That Makes Accessorizing On The Go A Breeze

Make taking your jewelry on the go a tidy affair with this plush velvet travel organizer that perfectly separates your accessories. Handheld and compact, it has a designated space for your rings and delicate pieces, as well as a mirror flap and additional section for hanging tangle-prone chains. There’s also a larger rectangular option available and five gorgeous shades to choose from.


This Wooden Frame For Your Most Treasured Vinyls

For the record aficionados out there, this frame was made for you. Pull your treasured vinyls out of hiding and display them for all to see with this solid wood frame that has a sturdy acrylic face to help protect your records of choice. Available in black and natural, this frame is also lightweight enough to mount with hooks or adhesive strips (but the choice is completely up to you). Your framed albums can double as wall art now.


A Soft Woven Basket That Stores While Adding Style

This cotton-woven storage basket sets the standard. Designed with built-in pleather handles and available in multiple count sets, it’ll stand solid while storing anything from throw blankets to plush toys. Plus, its gray-and-white-striped pattern can blend seamlessly into virtually any room you put it in. Bonus points for the soft material that keeps the contents well-protected. Should I get one, three, or five?


These Hypoallergenic Bed Sheets For The Comfiest Snoozes Of Your Life

Behold hypoallergenic, wrinkle-resistant bamboo sheets that so many Amazon customers are raving about. They’re available in all standard bed sizes and even come in a wide selection of colors ranging from neutrals like cream and taupe to more poppy shades like sky blue and gold. They’re crafted with a premium quality microfiber blend — so not only are they ultra-soft, but they’re also incredibly durable. You can even kiss sheet-fading goodbye, as these should stay 100% true to color even after washing.


A Faux Sheepskin Rug That Brings All The Fluff

Faux sheepskin is easily what comes to mind when I think of an extravagant space. This rug, in particular, is *chef’s kiss* for adding the ideal amount of fuzz and glamour to any room with its ultra-fluffy artificial wool and undefined shape that makes it look even better. You can find your new favorite rug in five solid colors ranging from white to dusty rose, and have your pick of seven sizes. Is anyone else speechless?


This User-Friendly Wall Putty For Filling In All The Holes & Cracks

If the walls of your room are full of small holes from past decor, this repair putty is an absolute necessity for filling in all the holes and cracks. With its quick-drying formula and user-friendly applicator, restoring your walls can finally be simple and long-lasting. Plus, it has a 4.5-star rating on Amazon.


A Marker To Help Restore Your Grout To Its Former Glory In Literal Seconds

If your tile floors are looking a little worn, this grout pen will help immediately bring back their original color and brightness. With its odorless formula and fast-drying pigment, this white colorant is an Amazon’s Choice paint marker for a reason. You can even find it in narrow or wide tip form, as well as in a wide range of neutral colors to match your specific grout. I’m... intrigued.


This Smart Bulb That Can Be Controlled With Voice Commands

Live modern with these smart bulbs that can be controlled with both the sound of your voice and a one-and-done mobile app. They can light up your room with any of 16 million colors to choose from in addition to dimmable neutrals and brights. Wireless internet is a prerequisite here, but this set of four works like a charm and will make your lighting situation a smooth one. Once again, welcome to the future.


These Crystal-Clear Flower Vases Tied With Rope For Some Rustic Elegance

Whether you’re on a mission to find understated decor for a wedding or just something pretty for everyday life, these mini clear flower vases complete with rustic twine are an absolute vision. This set of 10 comes with a range of uniquely shaped vases for some variety. I couldn’t think of more fitting table accessories.


A Fuzzy Sherpa Throw For Days Dedicated To The Couch

I don’t know if it’s just me, but there’s something about a fluffy sherpa thrown over a couch that looks so luxurious. Available in a large selection of colors ranging from chocolate to red wine, you can also find this throw with and without decorative pompoms. With its double-sided fleece-and-sherpa design, this blanket makes for the perfect snuggling situation while looking cute and giving a lightweight cover.


These Stove Gap Fillers To Keep The Fallen Crumbs At Bay

Crumbs love to hide in dark spaces — especially that mystery gap between the stove and the counter. Luckily, these silicone fillers have come to the rescue and are here to stay (especially with their plethora of five-star reviews). Available in clear, white, and black, these fillers come in sets of two and can be installed in literal minutes. There are a couple of size options, but the heat-resistant silicone material can also be cut to size with zero hassle — just in case.


A Set Of Sleek Mixing Bowls Made With Stainless Steel

Whether you’re moving into your first place and stocking up on all the kitchen necessities or just looking to upgrade from what you already own, this set of stainless steel mixing bowls is a premium choice. Complete with five uniquely sized bowls that each have silicone bases and rims, this set is a must-have. They’re also dishwasher-friendly and come with rubber for freshness.


The Motion Sensor Lights So You Never Have To Walk Through The Dark Again

For late-night water runs and early mornings, these motion sensor lights are here to make sure you can see where you’re going in the dark. With adjustable brightnesses and three lighting modes, these plug-ins will glow upon any movement they sense. Plus, the slim design of each is virtually undetectable while plugged into your outlets.


These LED Vanity Lights To Make You Feel Like You’re About To Go On Stage

Feel like a literal movie star with these LED vanity lights that make applying makeup a whole experience. Complete with 10 adjustable bulbs, this set of lights is easy to install with a durable adhesive backing on each bulb. There’s even a touch dimmer to control the brightness accordingly. Oh, and even though these bulbs are LED, the light has a soft balance to it so your eyes won’t be too shocked.


These Colorful Picture Frames For A Touch Of Bold In Your Home

Personalizing and displaying your favorite memories throughout your home is a must — and these fun frames will bring some serious color to your place while also showing off your treasured photos. Available in packs of 10, these mini magnetic frames are ideal for holding polaroids or any other small film pictures.