If You Want A Nicer Home But Don't Know Where To Start, Check Out These 40 Clever Things

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If you’re looking around your home and feeling uninspired, unmotivated, or unsure where to start, you’ve come to the right place. Amazon has plenty of home items that can elevate your home’s style or function without spending a ton of money. And if you’re trying to spend as little money as possible, Amazon is still slashing sales post-Prime Day, which means home-upgrade products have never been within easier reach for your budget. A few ingenious products can completely change a space and, lucky for you, I’ve done all the heavy lifting. If you want a nicer home but don’t know where to start, check out these 40 clever things.

Clutter is the number one vibe-ruiner. The most beautifully decorated or smart homes can boast all the bells and whistles, but if it’s cluttered, you may not even notice. Wrangle that mess with one of the many storage options I’ve included in this list. You’ll see additional closet storage, a better way to store your pots and pans, as well as a cable management box to hide cords. These easy switches will instantly cause clutter to disappear and make your home feel nicer.

The trick to a beautiful home is finding decor that looks luxurious but is easy to take care of. The faux fur blanket and white grout pen make your home look high-end and brand new, respectively, without breaking the bank or even a sweat. Clever products like these can make your home feel updated in a snap. From decor to functional storage, look for high-end options that are easy to clean and last a long time.

It can be a huge undertaking to make a house a home, but with a handful of upgrades and two-day shipping, you will be able to transform your home without a meltdown.


Some Elegant Throw Pillow Covers

New couches are expensive but throw pillows are an instant way to update their look (and hide stains). These fuzzy throw pillow covers with zippers come in an impressive range of shades in jacquard or solids. Get some pillow inserts here.


An Expandable Colander That Goes Over The Sink

This expandable over-the-sink colander makes washing produce or draining pasta a much easier task. This unique gadget extends from 14.5 to 19.5-inches long to accommodate your sink. It does the job of a three-in-one compact gadget: rinse with it, drain food in it, or use it to dry your dishes. It’s Amazon’s #1 bestseller for colanders.


The Anti-Fatigue Mat That Eases Pain From Standing

If you’re on your feet all day, you’ll appreciate having this $40 anti-fatigue mat supporting you as you cook or wash dishes. The mat is made of super thick PVC to relieve back pain and take pressure off your knees. It’s waterproof and can be cleaned by simply rinsing it with water. The non-slip texture keeps the mat in place and the lattice design (available in 13 colors and three sizes) is timeless and elegant in any room.


40% Off This Dryer Vent Cleaner

Easily remove lint build-up from your dryer vent with this handy vacuum hose attachment, which connects to most standard vacuums and is equipped with two suction levels to handle both light and heavy-duty cleaning jobs. "This product is well worth the money, easy to use and will pay for itself in the long run by maintaining the efficiency and drying power of our dryer," one of thousands of reviewers commented.


A Cable Management Box To Organize Unruly Cords

Conceal rogue cords around your house by keeping them in one of these cable management boxes. It’s large enough to hold a full power strip and features two entry points for cables to neatly exit the box so they can power up your device or appliance. The discrete box blends into any decor style and comes in two sizes and two colors.


This Affordable Set Of Matching Kitchen Tools

Having cooking utensils that actually match adds an instant touch of polish to your kitchen, and when they are non-stick and dishwasher-safe? All the better. So it’s little wonder why more than 1,000 shoppers have given this set of spatulas, whisks, and tongs a perfect five-star rating. Get them in black or multicolor.


A Two-Pack Of Smart Plugs To Upgrade Your Outlets

These smart plugs are an affordable way to transform your house into a smart home. They can operate via voice control using Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant, but can also be used in conjunction with the Kasa app when you're away from home. There are also scheduling and timing features that allow them to automatically turn items — such as lamps and fans — on and off at your desired settings.


34% Off Motion-Activated Closet Lights

Perfect for closets or under cabinets, these LED lights feature a motion sensor so that they turn on automatically when they detect movement within 9 feet. They offer up to 50,000 hours of illumination before the batteries need to be replaced, and they have an impressive 4.3-star overall rating after more than 12,000 reviews on Amazon.


These Customizable Light Bulbs That Connect To Alexa

While you’re making your home smart, don’t forget to convert your light bulbs with this budget-friendly pack of smart light bulbs. They sync to an app or your smart home hub, like Amazon Alexa, so you can turn the lights on and off with the sound of your voice. Depending on the vibe you’re aiming to achieve, you can choose among 16 million colors and a number of customized brightness levels.


A Rubber Broom That Removes All Pet Hair

Get rid of pet hair faster with this fur-removing broom that has more than 83,000 reviews. This bestselling product is just $13 and makes keeping a tidy home much easier. The secret is the rubber material that attracts and traps hair from rugs, hardwood, and carpet. It also has a telescoping handle that extends from 36 inches for countertop cleaning to 60 inches for cleaning the floor.


30% Off A Shark Robot Vacuum Cleaner

This robotic vacuum from Shark lets you forget about vacuuming for up to 45 days. Just start it up with your phone or voice (it's Alexa-compatible), and it'll clean your whole home using powerful suction and thorough mapping. It then self-empties into its charging base that holds more than a month's worth of dirt. Currently, it has about 8,000 reviews and a 4.5-star rating.


These Furniture Markets That Hide Scratches

Nicks and scratches on wood furniture and floors are inevitable after time, but these wood repair markers can restore your belongings for less than you think. This set comes with six markers and six wax crayons, as well as a sharpener, to fill in holes and imperfections on wood. The pack features six colors, ranging from maple to black. Just draw over the scratch and watch it disappear. They’ve earned more than 21,000 reviews and only cost $10.


The Cloud-Like Foam Bath Mat With 51,000 Reviews

Turn your bathroom into a spa oasis without spending too much with this adorable and cult-favorite memory foam bath mat that feels like you’re stepping onto a cloud. The outer surface is velvet microfiber that’s soft and easy to care for. You can machine wash and dry this rug without worrying about the colors fading or the mat losing its shape. It keeps you safe, too, since it’s so absorbent and has non-slip grips on the underside to prevent sliding. It’s available in 21 colors and eight sizes and boasts more than 51,000 reviews.


14% Off These Gel Cooling Pillows

This set of two cooling gel-filled pillows will feel like sleeping in the most luxurious of hotels. They're designed to provide plush yet gently firm support whether you're a back, side or stomach sleeper. And best of all, these pillows won't scrunch or lose their shape as you sleep. With over 100,000 five-star ratings from Amazon shoppers, these pillows are best-sellers for good reason.


This Grout Pen That Makes Tile Look New

Give your bathroom an instant facelift without breaking the bank with this crowd favorite tool: a grout pen. Use this affordable marker to simply "color in” the grout between your tiles and wait 30 minutes for it to dry — your walls and floors will look brand new. The pen comes with a narrow or wide tip and boasts more than 13,000 reviews.


30% Off These Silky Satin Pillowcases

These smooth polyester satin pillowcases are a fan favorite on Amazon with over 66,000 ratings and 4.5 stars overall, and they're an easy way to instantly make your bed feel more luxurious. The ultra-soft pillowcases are wrinkle-resistant, machine washable, and gentle on your skin and hair while you sleep.


A Reusable Cloth That Removes Water Marks

Get rid of those distracting watermarks left on surfaces with this water mark removing cloth. It erases those white rings and any haziness that is caused by moisture or heat. The reusable cloth restores the original finish of your wood conditioner and even removes minor blemishes, surface scratches, latex paint, and most permanent marker.


These Hotel-Inspired Sheet Sets That Are A Steal

​​Say goodbye to messy, wrinkled sheets and opt for these luxurious microfiber sheets. Not only are they wrinkle-resistant, but they are affordable and highly rated with more than 279,000 reviews. The four-piece set includes a flat sheet, fitted sheet, and two pillowcases. These sheets are low-maintenance, too, since they’re resistant to fading, stains, and shrinking. They’re available in 42 colors and patterns like stripes and checks.


20% Off An Echo Dot

Shop the highly popular and highly-rated Amazon Echo Dot for a major discount while it's on sale. Set appointments, create shopping lists, turn on some tunes, check the weather, and so much more completely hands-free.


The Fridge Door Handle Covers To Avoid Grime

Over time, your refrigerator door handles get dirty. These plush, protective sleeves keep stains, water drips, fingerprints, and smudges at bay, and they’re totally inexpensive. This pair of machine-washable covers feature Velcro closures, which you can adjust to fit your door’s handles. Choose from a variety of sizes and quantities so you can protect your other appliances, too.


A $5 Sink Accessory Holder To Let Sponges Dry

Reduce clutter and sitting water around your sink with this sling kitchen accessory holder. It slides over your faucet to offer a shelf for your sponges or brushes. The holes in the holder allow water to drain so your sponges always dry between uses without sitting in your sink and becoming mildewy. This $5 fix has earned more than 18,000 reviews.


These Stove Gap Covers That Block Debris From Falling Through Cracks

If you’re prone to making a mess in the kitchen, these stove gap covers can help. The nonslip silicone covers prevent crumbs or spills from getting in between your oven or dishwasher and your countertops, so you don't have to move these heavy appliances to give your kitchen a good cleaning. This two-pack is a cinch to install, can be cut to size, and stays put, thanks to their silicone construction that conforms to the shape of your counters.


A Silicone Mat To Keep Your Dog’s Food Mess Contained

They say dogs take on the personality traits of their owners — if that means your dog is a bit on the messy side, remedy that with this silicone pet feeding pad. The anti-slip and waterproof mat has a lip around the edge to keep stray water or food from getting all over your floors. It’s easy to wipe clean and perfect to take with your when you travel. It’s available in 12 colors and five sizes.


These Thin Push LEDs For Extra Light Where You Need

Custom lights in your home aren’t cheap, but if you need some extra light, these battery-powered slim push lights will do the trick. They have a genius screw-mount, as well as an adhesive option, so you can stick them anywhere for a little extra light — for hundreds less than you’d spend with professionals. One reviewer noted, “This casts a soft under cabinet light on our dark winter days. I could have mounted three under the cabinet for a brighter, work light.”


The Keyhole Light To Update Your Front Door

Upgrade your front door and avoid fumbling around in the dark while looking for your keys with this motion-activated light. The LED light comes on when you approach the door, illuminating the keyhole so you can quickly and easily unlock it. It comes with screws or an adhesive to attach to your door and has two modes: daytime or nighttime. You can also use it in cabinets or drawers for extra light on a budget.


A Versatile Surge Protector With USB Ports

Your home will always look more refined when various cords and wires aren’t hanging from every corner. This six-outlet extender makes it possible by offering enough spots for many of your appliances and lights, as well as two USB ports. It has earned more than 27,000 reviews and features a built-in surge protector to help prevent outages.


This Floor Repair Kit That Fixes Chips In Your Home

Restore any wood flooring or furniture with this repair kit that’s an Amazon bestseller. It easily fills chips, cracks, and other imperfections in wooden furniture, molding, laminate, edging, baseboard, and even decks. This set includes ten repair compounds in various colors, a spatula, an application brush, a wood putty stick, and a mixing jar.


These Magnetic Curtain Tie-Backs For Your Windows

Don’t just push your curtains open, tie them back with these magnetic curtain holders that keep them in place and add a charming accent. Not only are they easy to use, but they’re also decorative with a modern spindle-shaped clasp and rope tie that’s stylish. They come in a pack of six for an affordable price.


A Textured Bath Mat That Dries Quickly To Avoid Mold

Keep your bathroom smelling fresh by avoiding common mold traps like an old, soggy bath mat. This textured mat dries so quickly so you don’t have to worry about mold growth. It’s made of PVC loofah material that secures itself to the floor without suction cups. It comes in three sizes and five colors.


These Solar-Powered Spotlights For Curb Appeal

Add an attractive security component to your home while improving its curb appeal with these solar-powered spotlights. The outdoor lights are waterproof and have three modes: eight, 15, or 25 hours. After the sun charges them during the daytime, they automatically turn on when it gets dark. These two lights have yard stakes on the ends that make them easy to push into the ground where you want them.


This Sink Mat That Absorbs Sitting Water

Keep sitting water in your kitchen to a minimum with this sink mat. It wraps around the base of your sink and absorbs splashes or drips. The protective mesh material dries super quickly and can be machine washed and dried. It has a snap that secures the mat around your faucet and comes in three colors.


The Reusable Tape For Rugs That Sit Flat And Smooth

Keep your rug corners from curling with this double-sided carpet tape. The non-slip material is safe for your floors and won’t leave behind residue, even if you change your mind about the placement. The triangular tape fits in the corner of your rugs to keep everything in its place. Best of all? It’s reusable.


A Matte Black Squeegee For The Shower

An easy way to make your bathroom look nicer is to squeegee the glass doors when you’re finished taking a shower. This option comes with a convenient holder and a sleek matte black design. The 12-inch wide rubber blade removes hard water to leave your doors, car, or windows streak-free. It’s available in four colors and three sizes.


An Organizer For Mops, Brooms & Accessories

This cleaning tool organizer mounts to any wall and — perfect for a utility room, garage, or laundry space — and keeps your mops and brooms off the floor and organized. It’s lightweight and made of strong metal that won’t rust, with five spring-loaded slots for holding brooms, rakes, and mops, as well as six hooks for smaller accessories like brushes, towels, and other tools. It’s no wonder this holder has more than 33,000 reviews.


The Magnetic Garage Door Accents For Curb Appeal

Give your home’s exterior a refresh in less than a few minutes with this magnetic decorative garage hardware. This pack comes with four hinges and two handles, enough to outfit a one-car garage. Using magnets, they stick to your garage door to add character and custom detail that’s impactful without being expensive. This is a curb appeal must-have you’ll wish you knew about sooner.


This Smart Plug For Your Outdoor Lights

Now you can control all your outdoor lighting with an app thanks to this budget-friendly smart outdoor plug. The dual-socket Wi-Fi outlet can be individually controlled, making it ideal for Christmas lights, sprinkler timers, or patio lighting. Connect to the accompanying Kasa app to set up schedules or countdowns for various lights and appliances. The weather-resistant plug also responds to voice commands via Google or Alexa and it comes with a convenient remote control.


A Pan Rack To Revamp Your Cabinet Space

Revamp your kitchen storage and free up some space for cheap with this durable pan rack. The layered unit can be used on its side or standing up to accommodate your cabinet size and store five pans at once. The adjustable design makes it ideal for stashing baking dishes, serving trays, griddles, and more. It’s quick to install and you can’t beat the price.


These Chair Leg Covers That Protect Your Floors

Repairing the flooring in your home can cost a pretty penny — but these stretchy furniture leg covers provide an easy way to protect your floors from scratches. They’re available in five sizes and a few colors to blend with your furniture. The set includes eights covers that can stretch over a variety of leg shapes to keep your home looking brand new.


A Silicone And Stainless Steel Sink Strainer That’s $10

This sink strainer traps debris to keep your sink drain clean. The silicone center is easy to clean and the stainless steel ring is sturdy. It won’t stain over time and is easy to insert and remove. Best of all? If it gets too grimy, you can always toss it in the dishwasher.


An Under-Cabinet Shelf For Extended Storage

Gain back a ton of extra space by using this under-cabinet shelf that features wire racks that hook onto shelves and sit just below them, offering additional storage for dishes, books, food, and more. The rack doesn’t require any assembly — just slide it onto the shelves. They have a tight mesh grid that keeps your items safely in place and comes in two sizes and five colors.


These Best-Selling Reusable Bamboo Charcoal Air Purifying Bags

Freshen the air without adding fragrances or chemicals with these bamboo charcoal bags. They absorb unwanted odors in your closet, drawers, kitchen, and more. As one shopper put it: “I was skeptical at first. But, I placed 4 around the house and forgot about them. After a couple of days, I realized [...] the area by our cat's litter [box] no longer smelled. I placed one in a storage area of our home that always had a stale the smell is gone.” Plus, you can put them in the sun for two hours to recharge them so you’ll get plenty of use out of each bag.


The Stylish And Absorbent Turkish Hand Towels

They’re fast-drying, made from the softest 100% cotton, and will make your bathroom look instantly more beautiful — yet they cost less than $20. Add these Turkish bath towels for practical elegance at an affordable price. The striped towels feature tassels at the ends and come in 29 colors.


A Pack Of 162 Labels For Your Spice Jars

Finally, tackle your spice cabinet and get it in shape with these spice jar labels. This pack of 162 comes with pre-printed spice labels with common and uncommon spice names. The black text on white labels is clear, modern, and easy to read — and the labels instantly elevate your organization.


This Bright, Battery-Powered Ceiling Light

Add this motion-activated ceiling light anywhere in your home that needs extra overhead lighting. It detects motion up to 22 feet away and projects light at a 120-degree angle to illuminate your hallway, closet, garage, or other dark space. The energy-efficient light is battery-operated and gives off 300 lumens for a brighter light that can cover up to 300 square feet.


The App-Controlled Strip Lights You Can Easily Install

​​These LED strip lights add ambiance to any space. The pack comes with more than 16 feet of lights with adhesive backs to install them anywhere. Use the accompanying app as a remote to select from more than 16 million colors and multiple modes. Just plug the lights in and set the mood.


A Fan-Favorite Closet Organizer With Four Sections

This fabric closet organizer is designed to hold clothing you ordinarily fold like sweaters or jeans, so you can prevent a bulky pile-up in dresser drawers. The best part? It was designed with a metal garment rod below to provide even more room for hanging additional clothing. There are four cubbies in the organizer and three attached hangers that hang from your closet rod. On the rod below, you can hang other shirts, dresses, or jackets. One customer noted, “This saved me a lot of space considering I could hang my pants, skirts, and dresses and fold everything else. It’s sturdy and I love it.”

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