If You Want Your Home To Look Cooler, Check Out These 50 Dope Things Under $30 On Amazon

Achieve the vibe on a budget.

If You Want Your Home To Look Cooler, Check Out These 50 Dope Things Under $30 On Amazon
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Sure, you can design a seriously cool home by shelling out major bucks — but thanks to Amazon, you can get a similar vibe on a budget. Whether you're looking for cute finds that add personality to your space or you crave some smart tech upgrades, it can all be delivered straight to your home. Just check out these 50 items (all under $30!) that will transform your home into an oasis of awesome.


A Sunset Lamp Projector That Can Rotate 180 Degrees

This energy-efficient sunset projection lamp is great for creating mood lighting or simply adding an interesting focal piece to your room. The light rotates 180 degrees, so you can direct the sunset image on a wall, the ceiling, or even the floor. And the extra-long USB cord makes it easy to move around.


These Stylish Round Towels That All Of Your Guests Will Be Asking About

These ball-shaped towels are a fun upgrade from traditional terry cloth and flour sack options, and they’re bound to get noticed by your houseguests. The absorbent material soaks up water and dries hands quickly, and the attached cord on these towels makes them easy to hang on a hook. You can grab this set in three different color options.


A Cute Vase That Adds A Whimsical Pop Of Color To Your Home

This ceramic strawberry vase can add a bit of whimsy to your home. The textured surface and rich colors make it seem like an actual berry (just don’t take a bite). Fill it with your favorite flowers or use it to store kitchen utensils or pens. It also comes in a quirky orange juice carton motif that was designed by artist Dustin Williams.


A Dual-Sided Faux-Fur Throw That’s So Soft

This soft and cozy blanket is dual-sided, with shaggy faux fur on one side and sherpa on the other. The blanket comes in a ton of colors and sizes, so there’s an option for every decor style. And best of all, it’s machine washable, making inevitable spills no biggie. Over 21,000 Amazon customers adore it, giving it a five-star rating.


These Hanging Glass Planters That Double As Art

These glass planters have a unique oblate shape and are a fun, artistic way to either display hydroponic plants in your home or propagate cuttings. Installation and removal for cleaning and filling with water is easy thanks to the included nail hook. Grab a set for yourself and one for a friend because they would make an amazing housewarming gift that’ll add life to any home.


These Warm LED Lights That Are Motion-Activated For Convenience

These warm LED lights are motion-activated, and their subtle glow can help you get to the bathroom at midnight without waking up pets or partners. You can select when you want the lights to turn off — choose from 30 seconds to 10 minutes after movement is detected. They can also be used elsewhere throughout the house to provide a little extra safety.


A Seriously Cute Mini Humidifier That Powers Itself Down After 4 Hours

This mini humidifier is super portable and ideal for use at your desk or anywhere you need a little extra hydration in the air. The humidifier has a fun silicone cactus topper and it charges via a micro USB cable. It has an automatic safety feature that shuts it down after four hours, and it comes in multiple colors.


Some Decorative Soap Dishes With Automatic Drainage

This set of two lotus-shaped soap dishes is crafted from BPA-free silicone so they won’t rust or get moldy. The nubs keep soap in place, and since water flows right through the five drainage holes, they’re quick to prevent buildup. Since good drainage can help preserve the life of your soap, these decorative dishes may end up saving you a little bit of money.


This Reed Diffuser That Leaves A Lasting Scent For Up To 90 Days

This reed diffuser set can make your home feel like a fancy spa. The glass jar is sleek and opaque and the included preserved baby’s breath and reed diffusers are a chic addition. The clean linen scent lasts for up to 90 days; to increase the scent, just add more reeds to the bottle.


These Cactus-Themed Bath Accessories That You’ll Want To Show Off

Forget about hiding your toilet plungers and brushes in a corner; you’ll want to proudly show everyone this cute cactus-themed set. The handles are shaped like your favorite prickly plant and they fit easily into the rounded holder. Plus the brush heads are easy to replace when necessary. So far, this set has earned itself an impressive 4.7 out of five-star score on Amazon.


These Mini Ice Cube Trays With A Bucket That Easily Release Ice In Just 1 Second

If you’re an ice aficionado (or just enjoy a cold beverage), you need these mini ice cube trays in your life. Available in five colors, these trays are super easy to fill. When you’re ready to remove the ice, just twist it a few times to pop them out — it should only take a second. The set comes with an ice bin and scooper, so you’ll always be stocked.


This Wooden Alarm Clock That Also Charges Your Phone

This wooden alarm clock has an analog vibe while offering up the latest tech. There’s a wireless charging spot on top for your phone to charge, and you can choose from several brightness levels. Plus, it comes with a snooze feature for days when you need a little more time in bed.


A Waterproof Phone Holder That Makes It Easy To Watch Movies In The Shower

Watch videos or stream music while you shower or cook with this 100% waterproof phone holder. The holder installs easily with adhesive (no tools necessary) and the touchscreen is highly sensitive and can tilt for easier viewing. Best of all, it works with a variety of phones up to seven inches long and doesn’t fog up.


This Cup & Bottle Washer That Reduces Soaking & Scrubbing Time

This cup and bottle washer makes the dishwashing process way more efficient. With five powerful water sprayers, it cleans your cups from every angle to wash away residue in a matter of moments. It's a great choice for home kitchens, coffee shops, bars, and anywhere else you need to do lots of dishes fast.


These Easy-To-Install Lights That Detect Motion From Up To 10 Feet Away

These easy-to-use LED stair lights can be installed with either adhesive tape or mounting hardware, both of which are included, and they’re perfect for dim areas that need a little extra illumination. They’re motion-activated, which saves energy and time, and their battery lasts for up to 125 hours. These lights are impressive since they’re capable of detecting motion from up to 10 feet away.


This Wine Opener That’ll Put A Smile On Your Face

Why use a regular corkscrew when you can use a wine opener shaped like a vampire bat? This funky fella is made of silicone and metal and can open both wine corks and beer bottle caps. This would be perfect to give as a housewarming gift, so you might want to snag a few. You can also get it in a colorful parrot design that’s perfect for pinot.


This Backlight That Has Adhesive For An Easy Install

These LED backlights can really make your screen pop, enhancing colors and potentially reducing eyestrain. The lights have adhesive, so you can easily attach them to the back of your TV or monitor, and they plug into a USB port. There are a ton of color options and brightness levels to choose from so you can best personalize your viewing experience.


These Solar-Powered Garden Lights That Sway In The Wind

These solar-powered garden lights are heat and water-resistant and a perfect addition to your outdoor space. The flexible iron rods bend and sway with the wind, making it look like fireflies are dancing in your garden. Even better, the lights are long-lasting due to being solar-powered, so you can sit outside and enjoy the view for quite some time.


A Glass Teapot That’s Dishwasher-Safe & Comes With Tea To Get You Started

This genius glass teapot can be used on the stovetop (yup, even over an open flame) and the stainless-steel filter helps you get the best-tasting cup of tea, without any leaf remnants. The dishwasher-safe teapot also comes with a sample of the brand’s unique “blooming tea,” which also makes it a great contender for a gift.


This Window Privacy Film That Still Lets Light In

Whether you’re looking for an alternative to curtains or want to reduce your energy bill, this window film is a genius way to upgrade your space. The easy-to-install window film blocks UV rays and makes rooms more energy efficient, while still allowing sunlight to filter through. “Great product for adding privacy, rainbows, and joy,” raved one reviewer.


This Cute & Clever Cloud-Shaped Plant Watering Gadget

Fill this clever cloud gadget with water and it will slowly rain down over your plant, increasing absorption while looking super cute. This dripping cloud is suitable for plants in pots that are five inches or larger and the water reservoir holds up to four ounces.


A Himalayan Salt Night Light For A Soft Amber Glow

Rest easy with this Himalayan salt night light, which creates a calming atmosphere. Its pink crystal salt casts a warm glow throughout your space, and its on/off switch is incredibly user-friendly. Himalayan salt can help purify the air, so don’t be surprised if it helps you breathe a little easier.


This Adorable Flower Dish Brush With Powerful Nylon Bristles

This adorable flower brush brings a ray of sunshine to your dishwashing routine. Its powerful nylon bristles will scrub off even the toughest food residue, and its petals double as built-in scrapers. Plus, it’s partially made of sustainable materials like rice husk, and its vase keeps your brush dry between uses.


This Filtered Shower Head With LEDs That Change Color

This filtered LED shower head reduces impurities in your water, which can lead to healthier skin and hair. Its bright LED lights change color based on the temperature of the water, and its high-pressure nozzle saves water. It's incredibly easy to install yourself, even if you're new to the world of home improvement.


These Faux Fur Throw Pillow Covers With Hidden Zippers

Dress up your sofa with these faux fur throw pillow covers, which come in 10 colors to match any decor. With their chunky stripe pattern and plush fabric, they're a cozy and chic addition to any room in your house. You'll also appreciate their hidden zippers, which won’t snag on clothes or furniture.


An Asymmetrical Vanity Mirror With A Bamboo Base

If you’re obsessed with celebrity home tours on TikTok and YouTube, you might like this asymmetrical vanity mirror. Its modern design looks so chic anywhere in your home, and its bamboo base keeps it stable. It’s also lightweight enough to move around, so you can change up your decor on a whim.


This Silk Pillowcase That Helps Promote Healthier Hair & Skin

Don’t sleep (metaphorically speaking) on this silk pillowcase. By reducing breakage, maintaining moisture, and keeping curls intact, it’s crafted to help give you the healthiest hair ever. Choose between five chic colors to complement your bedding, giving “beauty rest” a whole new meaning.


A Wireless Charging Station That Organizes All Your Gadgets In One Place

With this wireless charging station, you won’t have to take off your phone case. Just lay your smartphone flat against its base, and you’ll have a full charge before your next BeReal. The best part? It’ll power up your AirPods at the same time as your phone, so when you walk out the door, you’ll be ready to go.


These Rainbow Glass Bulbs That Water Your Plants

Go ahead, splurge on those plane tickets — these rainbow glass bulbs will water your plants while you’re gone. Over time, they'll administer a steady dose of water to keep your flowers hydrated and happy. You'll also love their iridescent rainbow hues, which make them a gorgeous garden decoration.


This Culinary Butane Torch With A Built-In Finger Guard

If you’re ready to step up your cooking skills, invest in this culinary butane torch. With it, you can sear vegetables, sous vide meats, and make a mean crème brûlée. Its built-in finger guard and safety lock prevent mishaps while you whip up restaurant-level dishes at home. “This torch does an awesome job at searing off your meats after a water bath. Also great for finishing off desserts!” said one reviewer.


These Laser-Engraved Bamboo Bag Holders To Organize Your Kitchen Drawers

These bamboo bag holders have laser-engraved labels for quick and easy identification. Their durable bamboo material holds up for years; if they get dirty, wipe them down with a damp cloth. They're compatible with bag sizes from snack to gallon, so you can store your favorite brands in style. Four arrive in each size per purchase.


These Reusable Swedish Dishcloths That Might Fully Eliminate Your Need For Paper Towels

With these reusable Swedish dishcloths, you’ll save on paper towels — and your dishes will simply sparkle. They'll lift stains and spills off any surface, from wood to tile to stainless steel. Each dishcloth equals 17 rolls of paper towels, so your wallet and the planet will thank you. In fact, these may be all your household needs.


A Stainless Steel Shower Caddy That Holds Up To 20 Pounds

This stainless steel shower caddy is strong enough for your whole hair care routine. With its 20-pound weight capacity, it’ll hold shampoos, conditioners, and any other personal care essentials. Simply peel off its plastic film, apply its adhesive, and hang it up — it only takes a moment or two, and it won’t damage your shower wall.


These Flame Pouches For A Rainbow Campfire

For a camping trip you’ll never forget, bring these magical flame pouches. Sprinkle one to three pouches over your campfire for a kaleidoscope of color; each pouch gives you up to an hour of rainbow magic. With packs ranging from five to 50, you can stock up for the summer or prep for your next party.


This Whimsical Spoon Holder That Keeps Your Counters Clean

This whimsical spoon holder turns your soup or stew into a mysterious potion. Its food-grade silicone material is BPA-free, so you can use it safely around your latest concoctions. Whether you're using it to rest utensils on the counter or propping open a pot to let off steam, you'll be just as obsessed as the 3,000 Amazon customers who gave it a five-star rating.


A Wireless Smart Doorbell With Customizable Settings

For security and convenience, you can’t beat this wireless smart doorbell. When you buy, you'll receive a doorbell transmitter and a plug-in receiver, which notifies you that your guests have arrived; you’ll also get the hardware you need for installation. Its signal ranges up to 1000 feet, and extremely hot or cold weather won't mess with its effectiveness.


These Trendy Bubble Candles To Create A Cozy Atmosphere

You’ve probably seen these trendy bubble candles all over your TikTok feed — and for good reason. They’re available in a wide range of cute colors to customize your space, and their eye-catching design is sure to garner compliments. With soy wax and a cotton wick, they’re a health-conscious choice for savvy candle collectors.


These Glass Oil & Vinegar Dispensers With Convenient Markers

With helpful measurements on the side, these glass oil and vinegar dispensers give you the perfect pour. They're made with borosilicate glass and smudge-proof stainless steel for an elegant, modern design, You'll also appreciate their flavor filters, which keep herbs and spices from clogging the spout.


A Pair Of Flexible LED Grill Lights With Strong Magnetic Bases

Level up your backyard barbecues with these LED grill lights. Their strong magnetic bases keep them securely in place, and their flexible goosenecks illuminate every angle. Plus, they're weatherproof and portable, so you can stash them in your suitcase or backpack if you’re traveling to another destination.


A Sturdy Glass Pitcher With A Built-In Pouring Spout

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade and pour it from this sturdy glass pitcher. It's made of thick, textured glass that's safe to go in the dishwasher and fridge, and it holds up to two liters at a time. With its strong handle and built-in pouring spout, it's a great choice for dinner parties and picnics.


This All-Inclusive Mixology Kit Made Of Durable Stainless Steel

With this all-inclusive mixology kit, you can make your favorite cocktails from the comfort of your kitchen. It comes with must-have tools like a mixer, a muddler, and a strainer, which are all made of rustproof stainless steel. You'll also receive a book of recipe cards for inspiration when you're not sure what to drink.


These Glass Tumblers With Silicone Rings To Prevent Spills

If you’ve been on TikTok recently, you’ll likely recognize these glass tumblers. With stainless steel straws and acacia wood lids that help prevent spills, they're made of durable materials that last, allowing you to sip comfortably for years to come. When you buy, you'll receive a special straw cleaning brush for thorough handwashing. The whole set comes in a chic box for hassle-free gifting.


These Geometric Floating Shelves Made Of Durable Wire & Wood

For a chic storage solution, try these geometric floating shelves. They’re functional and fashionable, holding up to 13 pounds each, and they’re made with a strong metal wire that’s built to last. If you live in a smaller space, like a dorm or apartment, these are an excellent way to make the most of it.


A Marble Mortar & Pestle Set For Delicious Dips & Dressings

Guacamole chefs will want this marble mortar and pestle on their kitchen counters. Its unpolished interior helps you grind herbs, spices, and other ingredients to release their delicious flavors and aromas. The perfectly sized pestle gives you a comfortable grip, so you can make your favorite dips and dressings with ease.


This Chalkboard Paper That Sticks To Almost Any Flat Surface

Level up your classroom, closet, or charcuterie board with this chalkboard paper. Simply peel off its backing and stick it to any flat surface; use the included chalk to write notes, label items, and draw creative doodles. With its durable, water-resistant material, it'll last for years in any room of the house.


This Cold Brew Coffee Maker With A Nonslip Silicone Base

With this cold brew coffee maker, you can skip the café to brew your favorite beverage at home. Simply add coffee grounds and water, pop it in the fridge for 12+ hours, and remove the filter. Its borosilicate glass material and nonslip base make it a kitchen must-have that you never knew you needed.


A USB-Rechargeable Candle Lighter That Protects Your Fingers

Keep your fingers away from flames with this USB rechargeable candle lighter. Its lithium-powered wand lights up in any weather, so it's great for camping trips and backyard barbecues. When you buy, you'll also receive a convenient USB cord, so you can charge your lighter between uses. It charges fully in just a little less than an hour.


A Book-Shaped Vase To Perfect Your Shelfie

Literature lovers will want to fill this book vase with beautiful bouquets. Its acrylic material won't break or shatter, and it's lightweight enough to move whenever you redecorate. Plus, it's heavy enough not to tip over or tilt, so you won't have to stress about potential spills.


This Elegant Wine Decanter With A Spill-Reducing Design

Bring out this classic wine decanter at your next dinner party, and your guests will be impressed. Its U-shaped design maximizes aeration, allowing your wine to breathe, and its curved bevel makes it easy to pour when you're ready for a glass. Keep it on your dining table as a stunning centerpiece that's actually functional.


This Quick-Dry Bath Mat That Also Works In The Kitchen

This quick-dry bath mat has a faux suede surface that feels like stepping onto a cloud. Its high-quality rubber backing holds it securely in place, and it absorbs every drop of water to keep your bathroom floor dry. Pro tip: buy an extra to catch splashes at the kitchen sink while you wash dishes.