If Your Cat Is A Pain In The Butt, You'll Wish You Knew About These Clever Things Sooner

All cats can be annoying, but these things make time with them more of a pleasure.

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Let’s face it — sometimes you love your cat so much they scream, and sometimes they rip up your couch so much that you scream. Like any relationship, cat ownership comes with highs, lows, and a lot of work. Once you add their distinct personalities — one drinks still water, one drinks from the faucet; one needs constant petting, one refuses to be touched — it takes a village of people and products to keep your cat happy.

From comforting plushies to water fountains to litter box cleaners, these clever cat products will do the hard stuff and make your life with a feline friend a little less of a pain in the butt.


These Clear Scratch Protectors That Keep Your Furniture Safe

Is your cat always scratching the sides of your couch? Look no further than these scratch protectors. Just cut these extra large transparent pads into the perfect size and stick them onto any polyester, cotton, acetate, or acrylic furniture for discrete, strong protection. They’ll blend right in and all those coveted couch and chair corners will stay safe from your furry friend’s nails.


A Mountable Corner Comb That Lets Your Cat Groom Herself

If you’re spending more time brushing your cat than playing with her, this mountable self-groomer is exactly what you need. Made with soft plastic bristles, the brush gives your furry friend an enjoyable rub while removing loose hair at the same time. It fits around most wall corners and table legs, and can be installed with adhesive tape or screws, making it great for renters and owners alike. Plus it’s hand washable and super easy to clean.


This 6-In-1 Water Additive That Cleans Your Cat’s Teeth For You

If cleaning your cat’s teeth is the bane of your existence, this water additive can do the job for you. Adding just 1 teaspoon of this solution to every 8 ounces of your furry friend’s water will keep their teeth as clean as regular brushing. Described as “toothbrush in a bottle,” it also targets bad breath, fights plaque, and supports overall gum health.


The Cult-Favorite Pet Hair Remover That’s Easy To Clean

Get rid of all that pesky pet hair from where it doesn’t belong with this reusable lint roller. Just roll it back and forth over your clothes, couch, rug, car seat — you name it — to pick up any lingering fur. Then press a button on the side to open the storage compartment and remove everything for a super easy clean. Best of all, it’s reusable, so you’ll never need to get another sticky tape roller again.


A Whisper Quiet Water Fountain That Entices Your Cat To Stay Hydrated

Whether you’re constantly refilling your cat’s bowl or you can’t get your cat to drink a sip, this stainless steel water fountain is the perfect solution for both. The automatic tray refills itself from the 2.1-liter basin and features a four-level filtration system to eliminate bad tastes, hard water, heavy metals, hair, and dust so your furry friend’s water is always crisp and clean. Plus it boasts a free-falling stream and a bubbling fountain to entertain your cats and encourage them to keep drinking.


These Gentle Gloves That Make Grooming Easy & Fast

Perfect for cats and any other fur babies in your family, these one-size-fits-all gloves make grooming, de-shedding, bathing, and massaging easy and fast. Featuring flexible nubs on the fingers and palm, the gloves remove hair gentler and faster than a brush, which is great for fussy kitties. They have an adjustable strap around the wrist to tighten, and they’re machine washable for easy clean up.


This Waterless Shampoo That Refreshes Cats Who Hate Bath Time

This waterless, no-rinse shampoo is a great way to extend the time between your cat’s cleans and grooming appointments. Not only does it naturally clean and deodorize your furry friend, but it also boosts their fur’s shine and nourishes their skin. From fan-favorite brand Burt’s Bees, this shampoo is pH-balanced and free of fragrances and harsh chemicals so it’s safe for all cats and kittens.


A Plant-Based Deodorizer That Keeps Your Cat’s Litter Box Fresh For Longer

If you’ve ever waited one too many days to clean your cat’s litter box and then couldn’t get rid of the smell, try this odor eliminator. Just sprinkle this plant-based product on top of the litter, and it’ll wick away moisture and use essential oils to keep your cat’s bathroom smelling fresh — even in multi-cat households. It extends your litter’s life, which means less scooping, less sniffing, and more snuggling.


These Freeze-Dried Treats That Are Yummy & Healthy

Your furry friend will love the taste of these freeze-dried treats, and you’ll love how healthy they are for them. Made with whole animal, butcher-cut protein, this is a perfect addition to your cat’s raw diet. Available in all different kinds of fish and meat, including minnows, salmon, tuna, rabbit, chicken and duck, these snacks promote energy, digestion, hydration, healthy gums, healthy teeth, strong muscles, and shiny fur.


This Purring Pillow Toy That Makes Your Cat Comfy & Calm

Does your cat suffer from separation anxiety? Check out this colorful, soft pillow. Great for anxious, stressed, or over-energized cats, it features a touch-activated purr that lasts two minutes for a soothing snuggle every time. The pillow is battery-operated and just remove the battery pack and throw it into the wash for an easy clean.


This Cute Personalized Collar That Also Keeps Your Cat Safe

These collars are great to make sure your cat’s wandering curiosity doesn’t, well, you can fill in the blanks. It can be embroidered with their name and your phone number, so you’re always reachable in case your furry friend strays too far for comfort. Available in six colors and 12 thread colors, this collar features an adorable cat-shaped buckle and is made of nylon with tapered edging for long-lasting durability. Plus, it’s adjustable to make sure its secure and comfortable around your cat’s neck.


This Free-Standing Hammock For Maximum Relaxation

This cat hammock is cozy and comfy so you won’t get nap trapped under a sleeping fur baby again. Suspended 2 feet off the floor, the hammock is made of breathable material so it’s never too hot or too cold. It works inside or outside and dries quickly. Plus, it folds right up for easy traveling and storing, so your cat never has to go a day without the perfect sleeping spot.


This Heavy-Duty Storage Bin That Keeps Food Fresh

No matter where you store your cat’s kibble, this heavy-duty food container will keep it fresh and pest-free. Featuring a threaded locking system and double gaskets to ensure an airtight seal, the food container controls internal moisture to keep the food fresh and flavorful while also making sure no ants or other pests are attracted to it. It’s made of shatter-free plastic can store anywhere from 15 pounds to 80 pounds, depending on size, which is why it has a 4.7-star rating on Amazon after 84,000 reviews.


This Toy That Moves, Flaps & Quacks For Endless Entertainment

This ducky cat toy will keep your furry friend endlessly engaged and entertained. The built-in motion sensor will turn the duck on the second your cat touches it. It has three flapping modes — gentle, normal, and active — and it also quacks and flutters around. Plus, as a bonus, a silvervine and catnip pouch (and one is included) can be stuffed inside the duck to further attract your cat and keep them moving and playing for longer. It’s washable for easy cleaning and USB chargeable to keep it quacking.


A Double-Layered Litter Trapper That Keeps Your Floors Clean

If your cat always drags pellets all over your house after using their litter box, this mat is for you. Just place it underneath the litter box, and the extra large holes will trap any lingering litter on your cat’s paws in between its double layers, keeping everything off your floors. Then, simply lift the top layer and all the remaining litter can be dumped or vacuumed off. It’s also urine- and water-proof and can double as a pee pad.


A Scratch Mat That Doubles As A Furniture Protector

This scratch pad can hook onto the arms of couches and sofas to keep your furniture safe and your cat entertained at the same time. Available for both the left and right side of the couch, just loop the bottom to the couch’s legs, rest the sisal scratching part against the arm, and then cover the linen section over the armrest and under the cushion to protect the couch from all sides. Plus the sisal fabric is great for sharpening claws, while keeping your furniture rip-free.


A Highly-Rated Silicone Mat That Makes Mealtime Less Of A Mess

Use this silicone mat underneath your cat’s food and water bowls to keep your kitchen floor mess-free. The mat is waterproof and features a non-slip pattern to keep bowls in place. It has raised edges to keep everything contained, and it’s dishwasher safe for easy clean up. This mat has a 4.7-star rating on Amazon, and one reviewer raved, “I bought 2 XXL blue mats for 3 messy cats. This is the third round of mats I have tried and they are THE best! Very durable. My cats cannot drag them around. Edges are high enough to contain water spills. They are heavy duty and easy to clean! About 3 times thicker than other mats I have tried.”


These Nail Covers That Keep Your Face & Furniture Safe From Scratches

If your clothing or your skin gets scratched up when you play with your cat, check out these cat nail covers. After choosing the right size for your feline, apply the pet-safe glue to the vinyl resin caps and stick them right over your cat’s nails to create a smooth surface. Each pack comes with 100 pieces in 10 colors and each application will last two to six weeks depending on your cat’s nail growth.


A Washable Wool Cat Cave That’s The Perfect Cozy Hideaway

This cat cave is perfect for a furry friend who needs some secluded alone time every once in a while. Made of hand-shaped boiled wool, it stays cool in the summer and warm in the winter, giving your cat the perfect spot to relax. They can snuggle inside for privacy, or lay right on top and turn it into a cozy bed. And it’s available in 13 colors and designs to match any cat’s vibe.


These Squeeze Tubes Of Creamy Purée With A 4.9-Star Rating

Whether you feed your cat directly from the tube, use it to top meals, or sneak pills into it, this creamy purée will keep your cat full and satisfied. Each chicken- or tuna-flavored tube contains 91% moisture, which is essential to keep your cat hydrated longer. Available in six flavor varieties, this purée is a fan-favorite with over 11,500 five-star reviews and a 4.9-star rating overall.


This Cotton Carrier Sling For Hands-Free Cat Cuddles

If your cat can get a little clingy, check out this reversible sling that allows you to carry your furry friend without losing access to both hands. Available in a variety of colors, it can hold up to 12 pounds and features a small pocket for keys or phones and a safety latch to keep your cat secure. The breathable cotton will maintain a comfortable temperature and the whole thing is machine washable for easy cleaning.


This Colorful Cat Ball Toy That Will Keep Your Pet Busy

With a colorful multi-layer base that holds three solid balls and three balls with a small bell inside, this cat toy stimulates your furry friend’s eyes, ears, and hunting instincts for endless entertainment. It’s made of super durable plastic that’s scratch-resistant and features an anti-slip bottom so it stays put. Plus, it can be easily dissembled and wiped down to clean.


This Popular Odor-Controlling Litter Box With A Scoop-Free Tray

Say goodbye to smelly, gross litter boxes, and hello to this Arm & Hammer litter pan, which has over 29,000 five-star ratings on Amazon. Featuring a sifting tray stacked between two pans, just fill the top pan with litter and, when it’s time to clean, pour the contents of the dirty pan into the sifter discard everything that doesn’t fall through to the clean pan. It’s as easy as that and — bonus! — it contains Microban to prevent the growth of odor-causing bacteria.


A Bubble Backpack Pet Carrier That’s Airline Approved

If you ever need to travel with your cat but they hate their classic carrier, this backpack is for you. It’s approved by most airlines, and features a see-through bubble side that has nine ventilation holes and lets your cat see what’s going on around her. The backpack side has a zipper that reveals an attached mesh that expands to give your cat some space to move around while still staying contained. It can hold cats up to 13 pounds and includes a mat and flannel blanket so your cat has an enjoyable flight.


A Grooming Pad & Rubbing Post That Comes With A Mouse Toy

For a fur-free home and an entertained cat, check out this self-grooming arch. Available in two sizes — for cats under 10 pounds or over 10 pounds — the groomer features a cork and faux fur bottom and a mouse toy with catnip inside to keep them entertained while grooming. The arch has durable plastic bristles to get deep into your cat’s fur for maximum impact.


This Motion-Activated Laser That Your Cat Will Chase All Day

Great for one cat or a couple, this laser will sense movement up to 160 inches and automatically turn on for maximum fun. With adjustable slow or fast modes, the laser runs in circles along the floor or the wall for 15 minutes before automatically turning off. It can only be activated once every two hours so your cat won't get overtired from playing too much.


An Adorable Textured Lick Mat That Reduces Cat Anxiety

Give your cat an entertaining and stimulating eating experience with this lick mat. The mat features ribs and ridges to embed raw, wet, or chunky food and mimics eating in the wild. It promotes fresh breath and healthy gums, and the licking motion reduces anxiety and slows down their eating to cut down on bloat. And it can be thrown into the dishwasher for easy clean up.


This Hanging Toy That Extends From 10 To 70 Inches

Get all your cat's energy out with this clever hanging mouse toy. Just fasten the triangle hook onto a doorframe, handle, or archway, and the elastic rope and attached plush mouse will do all the work — no need to hold a ribbon toy yourself. The rope extends from 10 to 70 inches and the mouse is stuffed with a built-in sand ball to rustle and keep your cat running, jumping, and chasing until nap time.


These Stainless Steel Nail Clippers With 46,000 5-Star Reviews

Use these small, ergonomically designed scissors to trim your cat's nails and keep your skin, clothes, and furniture safe from scratches. With over 46,000 five-star ratings on Amazon, this fan-favorite product features an angled stainless steel blade so you can see what you're doing while cutting and keep your furry friend comfortable the whole time.


This Splurge-Worthy Auto Feeder That’s Controlled By An App

Whether you're traveling or working at the office, this automatic feeder will make sure your feline always has a full belly. The locked container keeps up to 3.1 pounds of kibble fresh, and will dispense 1 cup per day for 16 days. With an app, you can control feed times and amounts, and even record a 10 second voice memo to call your fur baby when it's time to eat.


This Nutritious Cat Grass That Sprouts In Less Than 1 Week

If your fur babies won’t leave your plant babies alone, check out this organic grass kit. Not only will it satisfy your cat’s itch to ruin your plants, but it’s also packed with fiber, vitamins, and minerals to support a shiny coat, night vision, strong bones, a fresh breath, and a healthy heart and liver. The kit comes with three soil disks, grass seeds, and one wooden planter. Once added and watered, the grass will sprout in just four to seven days.


This 2-Sided Cardboard Scratching Pad That’s Extra Durable

This double-sided scratching pad is the perfect thing for any cat to scratch the day away. It’s made of heavy-duty, high-density, 100% recycled cardboard that’s compressed into multiple patterns to entertain your furry friend and keep their claws healthy and sharp. If your cat is a little lazy, it’s also the perfect thing for them to lounge on.


This Delicious & Nutritious Food Supplement That Helps Skin & Fur

Get your cat’s mouth watering when you add this wild Alaskan salmon oil to their food. Depending on your cat’s weight, just add 1 to 3 teaspoons to your cat’s food for all the extra Omega-3 fatty acids they need. The supplement supports hydrated skin and shiny coats and after one month of use, one reviewer wrote, “both of the cats’ fur is super shiny, soft, and most of all, their skin is hydrated so you don’t have to deal with them scratching.”


An Odor-Controlling Litter Pail That’ll Encourage You To Scoop More Often

Keep your cats clean and your house fresh with this odor-controlling litter box pail. Use the attached shovel to scoop waste from the litter box and drop it into the pail, then close the lid and pull the handle for an airtight seal that locks in odors. It holds up 21 days worth of waste (per cat) and includes a pail refill bag.


This All-Natural Paw Butter Stick That Keeps Your Cat Moisturized

Keep your feline’s paws moisturized and comfortable with this paw butter. Packed with all-natural ingredients like shea butter, beeswax, avocado oil, coconut oil, and more, this moisturizing butter will restore your cat’s paws to their old velvety glory. And, don’t worry, it’s safe to eat incase your furry friend licks a little off before it’s fully absorbed.