If Your Cat Is Messing Up Your Home, You'll Wish You Knew About These 20 Genius Things Sooner

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Though your feline friend may offer the kind of friendship no human can match, they might also be wreaking havoc on the domestic front. This mayhem can take a number of different forms: a sofa clawed to bits, cat litter sprinkled all over the floor, lingering offensive smells, or cat hair on every possible surface. If your cat is messing up your home, you’ll wish you knew about these 20 genius things sooner. And you’ll rejoice knowing there are ways to enjoy your cat’s company without sacrificing your space.

If your cat is destroying precious furniture, there are plenty of solutions like an all-natural deterrent spray or literal shields you can adhere to the sides of your sofa or chair to block claw attacks. To rid your space of unwanted odors, go for a citrus-scented spray that’s powerful enough to destroy stains thoroughly and completely. And if boredom is what’s causing all the chaos, there are ingenious toys out there like an automated flopping fish or a multi-level track toy to keep kitties entertained for hours.

No matter what the issue at hand, there’s probably a genius solution on this list that’ll only sweeten that beloved friendship all the more.


These Double Cat Bowls That Catch Food And Water Spills

Instead of dragging out the vacuum or mop after every mealtime, choose these double cat bowls that sit inside their very own silicone tray. The raised lip of the tray catches any and all food and water spills, containing them for easy removal. The non-slip silicone material keeps the tray in place without scratching your floors. No matter how frisky your kitten might be, mealtime can remain a mess-free affair.


A Scratch Deterrent Spray That Naturally Deters Cat Scratching

Nothing is more frustrating than fully adulting by investing in some quality upholstery, only to see it destroyed by your sweet feline friend. Simply apply this cat scratch deterrent spray to fabric and it will signal to your cat to stay away. It contains natural ingredients such as rosemary oil and lemongrass that people will love but cats naturally dislike. Spray the non-toxic formula on all kinds of fabrics, floors, or even plants.


These Clear And Flexible Shields That Protect Furniture From Claws

These deterrent shields flexibly wrap around your furniture to provide a sturdy barrier to any attack from claws. They’re clear and attach to a number of different materials such as polyester, cotton, acetate fabric, or acrylic. Cut the shield to suit your specific needs, peel off the adhesive, and apply it to your piece of furniture to protect it from excessive cat attention.


An Odor Eliminator That Attacks Cat Urine With Fresh Citrus

Cat urine can be a vexing problem that requires immediate attention. This odor eliminator comes in concentrate form and uses the oil from fresh orange peels to destroy freshly made stains or lingering smells from past accidents. Add 4 tablespoons of the formula to 32 ounces of water, give the mixture a shake, and spray. Bad odors will be lifted and you’ll be left with the lingering scent of an orange grove.


A Fan Favorite Pet Hair Remover To Make Sofas And Clothing Look New Again

There’s a reason this pet hair remover has over 106,000 reviews on Amazon. It doesn’t require you to constantly buy replacement rolls of sticky paper or fresh batteries. Instead, it relies on generating static electricity through a vigorous back-and-forth motion. Cat hair is cleaned up in no time and deposited into a small compartment that can be emptied in a pinch.


This Mat With Special Holes To Trap Cat Litter

If you love your cat but are tired of finding little pieces of litter left like small gifts all around your house, you need this cat litter mat. The top layer is constructed of small holes so litter caught in their paws can drop through to the bottom waterproof layer. Empty the litter from the mat right back into the litter box to keep the mess contained and save money on supplies at the same time.


A Litter Scooper Deep Enough To Catch Everything

This premium litter scooper not only has a deep shovel for maximum scooping power but also features a non-stick coating to keep your tool cleaner. It’s made of solid cast aluminum and is designed with a fine grate to let clean litter through, with an ergonomic handle that’s sturdy and comfortable to hold. As a bonus, it comes with a plastic hanger with an adhesive backing that you can mount so that you can conveniently store your scooper.


This Cactus Cat Scratching Post That Doubles As Fun Decor

If you’re in desperate need of a cat scratcher but are loathe to ruin a perfectly good living room, then opt for this adorable cactus cat scratching post that doubles as cute decor. It is designed in the shape of three saguaro cacti emerging from a desert-like carpeted base. Each cactus post is made of soft carpet with two that are additionally wrapped in rough sisal, which is sure to appeal to your cat’s claws. A hanging toy dangles from the highest cactus to provide even more entertainment.


A Cat Hammock To Give Them A Designated Napping Place

When your cat has claimed a less-than-optimum place for napping (say, your pile of clean laundry) get them this comfortable cat hammock asap. It’s constructed of breathable cotton and sits above the cold or hot floor to provide them with the temperature-regulated nap of their dreams. Assembly takes place in minutes and can be easily folded away when not in use.


This Flopping Fish Toy That Will Trigger Their Animal Instinct

Instead of sacrificing another expensive shoe for your cat’s entertainment provide them with this flopping fish toy that will cue their natural cat instincts. It has a built-in USB-rechargeable battery and a motion sensor that triggers the toy to flop automatically. The toy also comes with a catnip pouch that can be placed inside of it to further engage your cat to play. Choose from four types of fish from carp to clownfish.


An Engaging Catnip Toy That Also Cleans Their Teeth

Provide your cat with some engaging play with this catnip toy that will actually clean their teeth in the process. The toy is stuffed with premium catnip and features a crinkle noise that cats will love. The mesh texture helps to clean plaque and tartar off their teeth and the softer fabric material remains gentle on their gums even after the most rigorous play. Choose from 11 different shapes such as the charming pickle pictured above, a pretzel, or even donuts.


These Nail Clippers With Precise Stainless Steel Blades

Save your cat’s claws from getting stuck in furniture (or that favorite pair of pants) with these nail clippers. They have professional-level sharp stainless steel blades for precise cutting and also feature an ergonomic handle for your own comfort. As an added perk, you can know your money is well spent as this brand donates 15% of its profits to local animal rescue shelters.


A Stimulating Scratcher Toy With A Rolling Ball

This cat scratcher toy has it all: a racetrack-style rolling ball, a cardboard scratcher, and even catnip to up the ante. The base is non-slip to keep it in place and to increase its longevity and the cardboard scratcher is completely replaceable. A high 4.7-star rating and over 20,000 reviews on Amazon prove this toy’s popularity with humans and cats alike.


This Cat Harness And Leash For Adventurous Strolls

Be the Aladdin to their Jasmine and show them the world using this harness and leash designed just for them. It’s made of sturdy nylon and keeps them comfortable by fitting in an H-shape around the chest to evenly distribute pressure. Choose from five shades: pink, green, orange, black, and a rainbow option.


A Built-In Cat Door For Easy Access

Keep the litter box area discreet behind closed doors, yet allow your cat easy access with this built-in cat door. It can be installed on either solid or hollow-core doors and includes a stencil for easy setup. Once you’ve cut along the stencil with a jigsaw, you can add the frame with provided hardware, and voilá – you have an adorable cat-shaped interior door that lets them in and out while the litter box is inconspicuously hidden away.


This Oatmeal Spray That Deodorizes And Conditions Coats

If your cat is looking a little worse for wear and smelling just as suspect, turn to this oatmeal spray that will both clean them and neutralize any odors. It uses baking soda and oatmeal to reduce dander, calm irritation, and moisturize dry itchy skin. It’s basically like giving your cat a good shampooing without suffering the ordeal of a bath. Simply spray where needed knowing the formula is safe on even sensitive skin.


A Multi-Level Toy That Keeps Cats Occupied

This cat toy with more than 55,000 reviews features multiple levels and brightly colored balls to occupy your cat’s attention for hours. The toy is great for both single or several cats as they will chase the balls around the track, engaging their hunting instincts. The base is non-slip and the top includes a bar that prevents cats or kittens from becoming stuck. Choose from eight differently designed toys that will hone their chase skills.


This Cat Relaxant That Helps Curtail Stress-Related Behavior

Add a little something special to the air to curb behaviors like scratching, biting, and urine-spraying. With the use of a diffuser, this cat relaxant infuses the air with the scent of a nursing mother’s pheromones and calms your cat in the process. This diffuser refill lasts up to four weeks, works in areas up to 700 square feet, and is best used wherever your cat spends most of their time.


A Wall-Mounted Toy With Four Different Treats

Give your cat’s tastebuds something to sink their teeth (or tongue) into with this wall-mounted toy. It includes four different treats that are made from natural ingredients and are sure to keep your cat happy: cat sugar, catnip, silvervine, and gall fruit. The groove board can be mounted with the provided adhesive and each of the treat balls has its own plastic lid to preserve flavor and potency.


This Nail Grinder That Makes Trims Even Easier

Are you a little worried about cutting your cat’s nails with clippers? This grinder may be another good option to help protect your furniture (and skin, if your cat loves to swat.) Ideal for cats, dogs, and small animals, this grinder may be a gentler option if your pet’s nails tend to crack. It’s quiet, so it likely won’t scare your cat and is easy for beginners to use.

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