If Your Dog Is A Little Naughty, You May Just Love These 36 Genius Things

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Even the most well-behaved dogs can have their naughty moments. Case in point? My sweet little French bulldog seems to get a kick out of nosing his kibble off his plate and all over the floor. And while it might be cute the first time, amusing the second time, and maybe even funny the third time — I’m tired of sweeping my floors. Luckily, there are tons of genius dog products on Amazon that are perfect for naughty little pups.

Speaking of messy floors, I’d like to direct your attention to this food bowl that helps prevent spills. Since the bowl is sealed into the base, it’s nearly impossible for your dog to tip it over — and the raised edges around the base keep kibble from spilling out onto your floors. Or, if your pup needs some entertainment, I’ve also made sure to include a slow-feeder licking mat. Just add a dollop of peanut butter to the center (if your veterinarian approves), then sit back and watch as your dog has to work between the grooves to lick it all up.

Whether you’re looking for ways to keep your dog busy, or simply save yourself some mess, there are tons of gadgets out there that’ll do just the trick — keep scrolling for more.


This Anti-Skid Bowl Set For Messy Eaters

If your pup sends their food flying every time they eat, try this feeder set. It comes with two stainless steel bowls nestled inside a silicone mat with raised edges to contain food and water. And all the components of the set are dishwasher safe, making clean-up a cinch.


A Slow Feeder Dog Bowl That Comes In Different Colors & Designs

My dog used to eat his food too fast, and that’s why I bought a slow-feeder bowl like this one. Not only does it slow down how quickly your dog is able to eat, but the nonslip base also prevents your dog from pushing it across the floor. Plus, it comes in four different colors that each have their own design, along with various sizes.


These Chewable Treats Formulated To Help Calm Dogs

Calm down a nervous or hyperactive dog by giving them one of these calming treats. The chews are formulated with chamomile, valerian root, and ginger root to help sooth dogs when they’re stressed. The chews are vet-reviewed and come in three flavors pups can’t refuse — chicken, liver, and duck.


These Training Tools That Are Perfect For Puppies

If your puppy is always getting into mischief, you might want to try using these training tools to help get their behavior under control. Each order comes with a treat pouch bag, clicker, and set of potty training doorbells so that your pup can let you know when they need to go outside. And if you aren’t sure how to get started? You also get a helpful guide that’s filled with tips and tricks.


This Bath Brush That Makes It Easy To Wash Pets

You don’t have to get into the tub with your dog when they need a bath: Simply attach the hose on this brush to your bathtub faucet, then give him a good wash while you stay high and dry. The silicone bristles gently massage away dirt, while two pressure settings make it great for dogs of any size.


A Dental Stick That Helps Freshen Your Dog’s Breath

This dental stick can help help freshen your pup’s breath up if needed, and it’s shaped like a dog bone. It’s made from tough nylon so that heavy chewers are less likely to destroy it, and it even comes in two flavors: mint or peanut butter.


The Leash That’s Perfect For Obedience Training

If your pup doesn’t have the best recall skills yet, try using this leash when you’re training them. It comes in sizes that are long enough so that your pup can roam, yet you’ll be able to pull them in if they decide to ignore your commands. Plus, it’s made from tough nylon they can’t easily chew through.


An Interactive Puzzle To Stimulate Your Dog’s Mind

Hide a few treats under the tiles in this puzzle; your dog will probably have fun trying to flip, lift, and slide the pieces as they sniff the treats out. It also comes in four different difficulty levels so that pups of all intelligence levels can play, and it has over 38,000 five-star ratings.


This Calming Stuffed Animal With A Soothing Heartbeat

This stuffed animal has a natural-feeling heartbeat that can help soothe your pup during crate training or while you’re away from home — and it even comes with a heat pack to make it extra-snuggly. It’s available in five different colors, and it has over 26,000 five-star ratings.


A Little Reminder To See If You’ve Fed The Dog

Wait — did you feed the dog already? Or maybe someone else did? Hang up this little reminder, and you’ll always know whether your dog has been fed. It’s made from high-quality plastic, and even comes with double-sided adhesive so that you can hang it up wherever you like.


This Classic Chew Toy That So Many Dogs Fall In Love With

If your vet allows it, fill this Kong up with peanut butter and then toss it across the floor to give your pup hours of fun. The shape causes it to bounce off into random directions, keeping your pup on their feet if they want to keep up — and you can even freeze it with treats inside for special occasions.


A Super-Cozy Dog Bed For Dogs Who Like To Cuddle & Nest

Sometimes, anxious dogs can turn destructive, especially when they’re left alone or scared. This calming dog bed gives them a safe place to retreat. The bolsters give your pup something to lean on, while the plush cotton filling gives plenty of cushion for comfort. It’s covered in a shag faux fur and is available in small, medium, and large options as well as four colors.


This Tugging Toy Made From Tough Rubber

There’s no need to worry about this tugging toy ripping, as it’s made from ultra-tough rubber that can handle rough play. The comfortable grips on either end won’t dig into your hands when you’re tugging, and many reviewers raved about how it’s great for heavy chewers.


A Ball Launcher That Does The Work For You

Not only does this launcher help you throw balls really far, but it also helps your hands stay clean — no more having to pick up slimy balls. “Love that I no longer need to bend over to pick up the ball,” raved one reviewer. “You can also use regular tennis balls with it.”


The Backseat Hammock That Helps Your Car Stay Clean

I have a hammock similar to this one in the back seat of my car. Truth be told? My dog prefers riding with it as opposed to without it. Besides keeping your car clean from hair and dirt, it also helps prevent your dog from falling into the foot space in front of the seat.


A Harness That Helps Keep Your Dog Visible At Night

Unlike some harnesses, this one is made from reflective nylon to help keep your dog visible at night. There’s also a D-ring clip on the front and back, giving you options when heading out for walks — and it even comes in three colors: black, plum, or teal.


This Camera That Lets You Check In While You’re Away

Curious to see what your dog is up to while you’re away? Grab this indoor camera. The 1080-pixel, high-definition video lets you see your dog’s every movement, while night vision capabilities even let you see in the dark. Plus, you can even speak to them using two-way audio.


A Flirt Pole That Gets Your Dog Running

If your dog needs a little more exercise in their life, try getting them excited with this flirt pole. It only takes a few flicks for the colorful lure to entice your dog into chasing it around, and many reviewers wrote about how it quickly became their dog’s “favorite toy.”


The Pet Gate That Locks Into Place Without Tools

Whereas some pet gates require tools to lock them into place, this one uses pressure to help prevent it from falling over; simply adjust the handle until it’s set in place. Rubber bumpers on either end help save your door frame from scratches, and it even comes in two colors: light gray or fieldstone.


A Pair Of Gloves That Wipe Away Excess Dog Hair

It’s okay if you have tumbleweeds of dog hair roaming throughout your house — but if you’re looking for ways to keep them to a minimum, try grooming your dog with these gloves. Silicone bristles pull away excess hair, which in turn helps keep your floors clean. Plus, one size is made to fit all.


This UV Flashlight To Identify Urine Stains

When it comes to unwanted odors that you can smell but can’t see, this UV flashlight is sure to come in handy. Use it to identify those invisible spots of urine that need some extra cleaning. As a plus, the flashlight attaches to the sprayer of the ANGRY ORANGE Odor Eliminator if you want to further simplify the cleaning process.


A Ball That Dispenses Treats As It Rolls Around

Fill this ball with dry kibble for a fun, slow-feeder way to deliver your dog’s meals — or even use treats if they’re being good. It comes in two sizes for medium as well as large dogs. Plus, you can easily dissemble it to clean the inside.


These Dog Collars You Can Personalize

You can personalize these dog collars with your pup’s name, or even add your phone number — just in case they ever get lost. They’re made from high-quality nylon that’s resistant to rips, while the stainless steel D-ring is resistant to rust.


An Interactive Puzzle With Thousands Of Positive Reviews

Fill this interactive puzzle with treats, and your dog will have figure out how to slide and pull the tiles in order to get them. It’s a great way to challenge your pup’s mind as well as keep them entertained. The best part? One reviewer even wrote that it “kept the pup entertained for longer than other toys.”


These Ultra-Absorbent Pee Pads For Potty Training

If your pup is still working on their house-training or is prone to accidents, these pee pads will be an invaluable tool. The pads — which have an i impressive rating of 4.7 stars overall — feature six absorbent layers to soak up urine and keep it off your carpets and floors. Choose from four sizes — standard, little, gigantic, and XL — and packs containing anywhere between seven and 200 pee pads.


A Barrier That Keeps Pups From Going To The Front Seat

If your pup is always trying to join you in the front seat while you’re driving, try putting this barrier up. The mesh is elastic so that pups aren’t harmed if they try jumping into it — and depending on how and where you install it, you can also use it to hold groceries.


This Sling That Gives Small Dogs A Lift

If you want to take your dog with you on your walk, you can carry them inside of this sling to give their paws a break. It’s made from a combination of leather and mesh, making it as durable as it is breathable — and it’s even balanced so that you can walk without having to hold it steady.


A Fun Ball That Giggles As It Moves & Glows In The Dark

If only the most interactive toys can keep your dog entertained, you might want to check out this giggle ball. Any type of movement — shaking, rolling, bouncing — will set off a set of giggles that your dog will be drawn to investigate. Plus, it even glows in the dark.


The Cover That Helps Keep Sofas Free From Pet Hair

Love letting your dog sit with you on the couch, but hate seeing all that hair stuck to the upholstery? Put this quilted cover down. Not only is it soft and comfortable, but the bolster pad around the edges puts it a step above regular blankets.


A Pet Hair Remover That’s Reusable

You don’t have to waste money on sticky sheets; switch over to this roller and save yourself a few dollars. Hundreds of tiny bristles latch onto pet hair to help keep your furniture clean, while the built-in dustbin keeps everything collected until you can toss it out.


This Retractable Dog Leash That’s 16 Feet Long

With this 16-foot leash at your disposal, your dog can easily roam around the park while you’re sitting down to take a break. The handle is ergonomically designed for comfort, as well as coated in soft nonslip material — and the ABS case is durable.


A Harness That Lights Up In The Dark

Whether you’re feeling festive or have a camping trip coming up, this harness is a great pick. The LED lights throughout the vest help keep your dog seen at night, and the battery is easily recharged via USB. Plus, the no-pull design helps prevent choking if your dog pulls.


The Stainless Steel Food Bowls Secured In Silicone

My dog was always tipping his food bowl over, which is why I bought him a pair of non-spill food bowls like these ones. The bowls are moulded into the silicone mat, which makes them nearly impossible to tip over. They’re also skid-resistant, as well as made from rust-resistant stainless steel.


A Snuffle Mat That Reviewers Can’t Get Enough Of

Hiding a few biscuits inside of this snuffle mat is a fun way to slow-feed your dog treats. All they have to do is pull the carrots out of their holders to reveal the food. “My 6 month old puppy absolutely loves it,” raved one reviewer. “It keeps her active and interested for almost 35 minutes.”


This Waterproof Dog Blanket For Your Couch & Bed

Not sure if you can trust your dog not to have an accident while they’re sitting with you on the couch? Put this waterproof blanket down for a little insurance. It’s reinforced so that accidents shouldn’t leak from one side to the other, and the sherpa lining is so cozy you might even want to snuggle under it yourself.


A Door Knob Sign That Tells People Not To Let The Dog Out

If your dog is always trying to run out the door when someone walks through, try hanging this sign on the knob as a reminder to guests and family. It’s made from thick, durable plastic — and the printed ink is both UV- as well as water-resistant.

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