If Your Dog's Making Your Life Difficult, You'll Wish Got These Genius Things Sooner

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Your dog is obviously the love of your life. They hold a prized position in your heart that few people, places, or things can touch. And yet, there are those moments when one more errant bark at a stranger or spilled dog bowl might send you over the edge. If your dog is a pain in the ass, you’ll wish you got these things sooner. Your pup doesn’t mean to test your nerves — but it’s going to happen. When it does, these products can help immediately restore your loving relationship.

This list is packed with items that make everyday doggy routines far less stressful, which can help keep your pooch in better spirits and well-behaved. A bowl that slows your pet down while they are eating may help pace their meals and prevent tummy troubles. A pair of grooming gloves feel like a calming massage to your dog, while simultaneously eliminating loose fur and hair so that you can keep your home clean. And a doggy booster seat for the car helps your pet feel secure while preventing them from jumping into the front seat or causing you to panic while you drive.

Perhaps you could use pee pads with more than 166,000 reviews that will make potty training a lot less of a pain in the ass — or a package of simple and affordable training clickers that can curb barking and other behaviors you want to eliminate. These are the best products out there that will ensure your pooch maintains their best friend status.


A Puzzle With Hidden Treat Compartments To Eliminate Boredom

Put your puppy through some mental agility training with this interactive puzzle that decreases boredom and redirects energy towards something constructive. It has over 78,000 reviews from grateful dog owners. Nine removable dog bones hide nine different hidden compartments that can hold your dog’s favorite treats. This puzzle, which is a level one, is part of a series of puzzles that range from easy to expert and is appropriate for all breeds and sizes.


This Dog Bowl That Slows Down Eating

If your dog’s enthusiasm for dinner is doing more harm than good, then this specially-designed dog bowl will do the trick. It features well-placed ridges to help slow your dog’s eating down by 10 times, which in turn can help them digest better and, consequently, feel better. Choose from four different sizes and 12 styles that range from ridges in swirl patterns to flower patterns to even those that feature an adjustable height.


A Large Capacity Pooper Scooper For Your Yard

If you’ve got some outside space that your dog enjoys as much as you do, then you may require this large capacity pooper scooper that comes complete with a plastic rake and swivel bin. The handle of the rake measures 32 inches so you don’t need to bend or squat and the swivel bin comes with two included odor-eliminating bags. Once you’re finished, simply snap the rake and bin handles together for easy hanging storage.


These Leak-Proof Pee Pads For Potty Training

Is there anything worse than your pup deciding to do their business in the middle of that new rug you just bought? Instead, go for these popular, leak-proof pee pads with over 166,000 reviews, which absorb liquid and feature four other protective layers to help keep floors dry and clean. Each disposable pad has a built-in attractant that draws dogs to its surface when they need to relieve themselves. Choose from multiple sizes as well as different levels of absorption ability.


An Expandable Safety Gate To Keep Your Pooch Out Of Certain Areas

Quickly prevent your dog from reaching off-limit spaces with this expandable safety gate. Use it at the top or bottom of stairs or in doorways and hallways. It’s constructed of steel and comes with a convenient safety lock with a rotating latch that allows it to swing open. It can fit openings that range anywhere from 24 to 40.5 inches wide and is as high as 28.75 inches – perfect puppy height.


These Ear Wipes That Clean And Soothe

Use these ear wipes to keep your dog’s ears sparkling clean (the better to hear you with). Each container comes with 100 pre-moistened soft wipes that are made with aloe and eucalyptus to prevent possible infections, itching, and wax buildup. The gentle wipes are non-irritating, alcohol-free, and come recommended by veterinarians.


Compostable Grooming Wipes For Pups With Bathtime Anxiety

These grooming wipes will save you the hassle and headache of a bath, and, as a bonus, you can toss them in the compost bin afterward. They come in either unscented or lavender-scented squares and are made with shea butter, aloe, and chamomile for gentle cleaning. You can even take the package with you to clean your pet’s paws while you’re out and about.


This Durable Dog Leash To Keep Excited Pups From Running Off

This tough dog leash is sturdy enough to help you maintain better control over your excited pup when you take walks. It’s made of half-inch diameter rock climbing rope and also includes a strong clip hook that swivels 360 degrees for no possibility of tangling. It comes in five different sizes from two feet for close, controlled walks to six feet for more range of motion. Other features include padded handles, reflective trim for nighttime walks, and ten different colors ranging from black to pink.


A Plant-Based Ear Cleaner Solution That Has A Convenient Applicator Spout

Relieve your pup’s discomfort (and their potential disruptive behavior) with this ear cleaner solution that is made from plant-based and non-toxic ingredients like purified water and citrus peel extracts. Simply administer drops into your dog’s ear canal until you can see the liquid, then massage the ear gently, and use a cotton pad to wipe away any dirt or wax buildup. Your pet will thank you for using this formula free of any alcohol or parabens.


This Dog Brush That Expertly De-sheds

Is seeing hair everywhere, despite constant cleaning, driving you insane? Go straight to the source with this dog brush that uses stainless steel blades to get underneath the undercoat to minimize shedding. The handle comes with a convenient quick-release button so as to remove the blades for easy cleaning. As a bonus, your dog will love the feel of this brush that increases blood flow and circulation.


A UV Flashlight To Instantly Detect Hidden Stains

Has your dog left a lingering smell somewhere that you can’t seem to locate precisely? This UV flashlight literally shines a light on stains and shows you exactly where to spray to eliminate the stink. You can even attach it to the top of your spray bottle using an adhesive backing so that you can locate and treat it all at the same time.


These Grooming Gloves That Soothe While Removing Excess Fur

Turn playtime into grooming time by slipping on these rubber grooming gloves with tons of long and short nubs that help to de-shed, bathe, and massage. Because there are brushes on each finger, you can get to hard-to-reach areas easily, while the shorter nubs on the palm help to comb through knots and matted hair. Best of all, the gloves trap the loose hair, which can be easily removed by peeling off and disposing of it.


A Dog Training Kit To Encourage Reward-Based Training

Is it time to lay down the law (in a loving and reward-based way)? Go for this fully equipped dog training kit that provides you with a dog clicker, ultrasonic whistle, weatherproof treats pouch, and house training doorbell. On top of all these effective tools, you’re also given access to an e-book and manual to give you all the instructions you need to begin your training journey.


This Stain Remover That Eliminates Odors

Some pet stains need to be dealt with from the root, and this stain remover does just that by using active enzymes to eliminate soiled and smelly spots. It can banish bacteria for up to 80 hours after an initial application and all that’s left behind is a refreshing and clean citrus scent. Use it on everything from carpet and wood floors to bedding and car interiors.


An Eco-Friendly Poop Bag Guaranteed Not To Tear

These poop bags are made of extra-thick material that can handle large waste with no fear of leakage or breakage and is even recyclable. Not only do these durable bags make picking up dog poop a lot less gross, but they are also infused with a lavender scent to keep odors under control. Choose between a black or green bone-shaped dispenser that you can easily refill.


This Set Of Chew Toys To Tame Your Dog’s Chompers

Give your pup something to chew other than those expensive shoes with this set of chew toys that not only help with teething and dental health, but also provide entertainment as well as soothe anxiety and stress. Each set includes four chewing rope toys, three toss balls, two squeaky toys, and one rubber bone. This set is great for small or medium dog breeds, and, as a bonus, a carrying bag with shoulder straps is provided so you can take your toys on the go.


A Pet Odor Eliminator That Comes In A Concentrate

If you’re in the middle of some serious potty training, you’ll benefit from this concentrated odor remover that, when mixed with water, can make a gallon of odor-eliminating spray. Simply pour four tablespoons of concentrate into a 32-ounce spray bottle, add water, give it a shake, and you’re ready to go. The stains are attacked at their source leaving behind a pleasant citrus scent created from natural and pet-friendly orange peel oil.


This Harness To Keep Pets Safe In The Car

If your dog is at all active or perhaps just excited about being in the car, then this car harness can be used to keep them comfortably secure and safe while en route. The straps are adjustable, made of sturdy nylon, and feature a 360-degree rotating clasp so that your dog can sit, stand, or lay in comfort. It’s made with a universal fit for any car buckle and takes only seconds to install and so you can be on your way.


A Front Seat Cover To Keep Your Car Clean Of Mud And Fur

There’s nothing like the satisfaction of taking your pup out for a rollicking good time in a field somewhere, but when that mud finds its way inside your newly-cleaned car? Not so much. This dog seat cover fits securely over the front seat using snap buckles and seat anchors to protect your upholstery from undesirable messes. It’s made of durable Oxford cotton with a waterproof coating, so you can simply wipe it down with a wet cloth or rinse it off in the shower to get it clean.


This Popular Pet Hair Remover To Save Couches And Clothing

This pet hair remover has over 99,000 reviews on Amazon and is praised for its ability to quickly and efficiently clean up all that loose hair you have covering every piece of furniture. It’s completely mechanical (no batteries or outlets needed) and doesn’t require tons of replacement adhesive roller sheets. You simply run it vigorously over the upholstery in question and the patented brushes pick up every stray piece of hair using static electricity. Pop open a compartment on the roller and dispose of hair directly into your trash.


A Nail Trimmer So Your Pup Can’t Scratch Up Rugs And Furniture

Are your dog’s nails getting stuck in literally everything? End the suffering now with this handy nail trimmer that features a helpful safety guard to prevent cutting nails too short. The blades are made of high-quality stainless steel and there’s even a built-in nail file hidden in one of the handles, so you give your pup the mani/pedi they deserve while protecting your rugs and furniture from ruin.


This Elevated Feeder That Prevents Watery Messes

If your dog loves to make a serious mess of their breakfast or dinner, you’ll rejoice at the sight of this elevated feeder that has a built-in splash guard and reservoir for spilled water. By draining into the reservoir below, water won’t soak your dog’s food bowl, plus it’s kick-proof so you won’t have to worry about causing any messes yourself (you’re only human). It’s available in seven colors and six sizes.


A Dog Bed That Helps Your Dog Unwind

This dog bed will be sure to calm and comfort even the most sleepless of pups because it’s made of your choice of either orthopedic foam, cooling gel foam, or memory foam — all of which are plush and comfortable. It’s lined in soft suede and the sleep surface includes a built-in blanket made with plush and cozy fleece. No doubt your dog’s joints will be sure to love you for this foam that adjusts to their contours perfectly.


This Inflatable Protective Collar That’s Actually Comfortable

Opt for this inflatable protective collar that can help keep your dog from becoming frustrated and uncomfortable while recovering from an injury or surgery. It won’t obstruct their vision and they can even comfortably eat, drink, and sleep with it on. The soft collar features an adjustable strap and comes in five sizes.


The Dog Collar Embroidered With Their Personal Info

If you have any worry about an info tag breaking and going MIA, choose this sturdy personalized dog collar instead. Your dog’s name and phone number will be stitched onto a durable nylon webbing material so there’ll be no chance of lost information. The collar also features a stainless steel D-ring and secure release buckle. Choose between five different collar colors and 15 embroidery thread colors to get just the right color combo for your doggo.


This Mini GPS Tracker To Keep Your Dog Safe

Never be in doubt as to the whereabouts of your pup — especially if you have a dog that loves to run or jump fences — with this mini GPS tracker. It allows for 24 hours of continuous monitoring and features 150 hours of standby time, with a convenient alarm to notify you when it’s time to recharge. It’s also water-resistant so that you know you’ll be able to locate your dog no matter what the weather.


An Affordable Training Clicker To Help Curb Barking And Jumping

This training clicker fits in the palm of your hand compactly and also features a finger band to make for fast clicking and a comfortable fit. It’s the perfect compact tool to help teach dogs not to bark, jump, or do anything else that you perceive as unfavorable. It comes available in both a blue and purple shade and costs less than an expensive latte. Use it to teach dogs eight weeks or older to learn commands and good behavior using positive reinforcement.


This Booster Seat To Make Car Travel Easier

This booster seat is perfect for dogs under 14 pounds and sits securely attached to the car seat to make their life on the road more comfortable and to help keep them from moving around and distracting you as you drive. It’s constructed of durable PVC pipes, breathable mesh, and features a waterproof oxford cloth mat that protects your car from potential accidents. It’s easy to clean, simply requiring a wet cloth to wipe away dirt and dander.


A Pet Corrector That Imitates A Natural Warning Sign

If your dog has developed a few bad habits like stealing food, barking at strangers, or jumping up on furniture, then you might find this pet corrector your saving grace. It uses compressed gas to emit a “hiss” sound that mimics a warning sign often heard in nature (such as from a cat or snake). It interrupts the behavior in question so that you can then retrain your dog using positive reinforcement. No more, “Hey, where did my Hot Pocket go?”


This Training Spray That Tells Your Pup Where Not To Go

Just as powerful as training your dog where to go, this training spray communicates to them where not to go, so you won’t stumble upon a little surprise where it shouldn’t be. The cruelty-free formula doesn’t contain harsh chemicals or fragrances and is safe enough to be used on most fabrics as well as indoor plants. Harness its full effect by using it alongside a potty training plan that relies upon positive reinforcement.


A Flea And Tick Home Spray That’s 100% Natural

Not into the idea of an inadvertent flea infestation caused by you know who? Use this flea and tick home spray to eliminate pests on contact using a formula made with steam-distilled essential oils. Spray it onto numerous surfaces such as dog bedding, crates, furniture, upholstery, and carpets. You can even spray it directly into your dog’s coat. The plant-based ingredients are powerful enough to eliminate fleas, flea eggs, and ticks on contact.


These Dog Calming Chews To Relieve Your Dog’s Stress

If Fourth of July fireworks send your dog into fight or flight mode, or maybe a winter thunderstorm has them completely rattled, try these dog calming chews to get their anxiety under control. They contain stress-reducing and relaxation-enhancing ingredients like thiamine, L-tryptophan, melatonin, and chamomile. Also included is ginger to soothe upset stomachs during long travel or flights. Give them to your dog about half an hour before a potentially stressful situation and watch the calm overtake.


A Flea And Tick Shampoo That Cleans And Soothes Coats

Not only does this flea and tick shampoo eliminate pests with a powerful natural insecticide called pyrethrum, but it also gives their coat a clean shine. The formula contains no harsh soaps or parabens and is pH balanced for your dog’s skin. In addition to treating ticks and fleas, it also soothes possible irritation and dermatitis, so your dog can feel great in their skin again.


This Dog Toothbrush That Fits On Your Finger

If your dog’s breath smells like, well, dog’s breath, then slip this dog toothbrush over your finger to brush those teeth with ease. Each pack comes with 10 finger brushes that are made of BPA-free and food-grade silicone. The bristles are soft and easy on your dog’s gums and help prevent plaque and tartar, all the while freshening up your pup’s breath.


A Dog Bath Brush That Brings The Pet Spa Home

Take a trip to the groomer from your own home by using this dog bath brush that has adaptors that connect either to your hose or shower. It conveniently functions as a scrubber as well as a sprayer, which allows you to brush and rinse your dog at the same time. It features two pressure settings to accommodate more or less sensitive washing areas and is adjustable via a handy button.


This Treat-Dispensing Lick Mat To Keep Your Dog Calm During Baths

Getting your dog into a grooming mood might take some persuasion and this lick mat does just that. Simply suction it to the floor or the wall of the shower, fill it with a spreadable treat of your choice, and let your dog slowly lick to their heart’s content. The licking can soothe any anxiety or boredom so you can get that grooming done in no time and end up with a happy dog at the end of it.