If You're A Weirdo, These 42 Things Have Your Name Written All Over Them

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According to the Merriam Webster dictionary, the definition of “weird” is “of strange or extraordinary character.” If you consider yourself a weirdo — aka an extraordinary human being — then you’re going to love the extraordinary products on this list. The following items from Amazon will have you shaking your head in bewilderment because they’re so freaking cool. TBH, they’re so cool that they probably have your name written all over them (because you’re cool, too).

Take, for example, the rolling alarm clock that I’ve included here. It’s unlike ordinary alarm clocks because it sits on wheels — and when it’s time to wake up, the clock buzzes and rolls around them room. It basically forces you to get up and start your day, which is pretty unique. Another out-of-this-world product included here is this stainless steel butter knife. It’s unlike other butter knifes because it features tiny holes that cuts pieces of butter that are easier to spread (genius). And I can’t forget about the pizza scissors, because they make it simpler than ever to cut a slice of pepperoni and transport it to your plate effortlessly.

See what I mean? These products are so unique and useful that you might’ve already added a few to your cart. If not, go ahead and start scrolling to find the weirdest, coolest items on the virtual shelves.


These Silicone Finger Stretchers That Can Help Increase Strength

If you’re hoping to increase the strength in your hands, these finger stretchers can help. They’re made of flexible, odorless silicone that’s meant to be stretched out with your fingers, and three resistances come in each pack (light, medium, and heavy). They’re great for musicians, athletes, and beyond; one customer even wrote, “I am a hairstylist and I want to take care of my wrists. This is a great way to do so.”


This Tea Bag Squeezer That’ll Give You More Flavor With Every Sip

This tea bag squeezer is ideal for anyone who likes their tea a little stronger than usual. It’s basically a pair of tongs made with stainless steel, and the slightly rounded clamps on each side are meant to hold onto your tea bags so you can squeeze more flavors out of them. The tool also allows you to remove each tea bag without putting your fingers in hot water.


This Tomato & Grape Slicer That Dispenses Half-Cut Pieces

Whether you’re preparing salad, pasta, or even a fruit-filled dessert, this handheld produce slicer can help. It’s meant to slice tomatoes and grapes in half using an enclosed swiping system. There’s a hidden stainless steel blade inside the barrel that slices the snacks, and the entire plastic device is both dishwasher safe and BPA-free.


These Feet Scrubbers With Built-In Pumice Stones

These sandal-shaped scrubbers are meant to help thoroughly clean your feet in the shower. They’re backed with suction cups that help keep them in place, and they’re filled with over 1,000 bristles that help exfoliate your skin. There’s even a built-in pumice stone at each heel to help smooth your skin even more.


An Electric Bug Zapper That Works Like A Tennis Racquet

This bug zapper takes fly swatters to the next level: Instead of a flat, flexible surface, this handheld device — which resembles a tennis racquet — features a 4,000-volt electric grid that can help you remove bugs with a gentle swing through the air. That grid is protected with safety mesh, and there’s a small LED light that’ll glow when it’s on.


The Rolling Alarm Clock That You Have To Chase To Turn Off

This alarm clock is unlike many others, because it rolls and jumps around the room when it’s time for you to wake up. In fact, it can jump from a nightstand up to 3 feet tall and roll across hardwood floors or carpeted surfaces — and it’s just as loud and bright as a standard alarm clock.


This Silicone Splash Guard That Helps Protect Your Clothes At The Sink

Sometimes, doing the dishes can get messy and your clothing can get splashed with soapy water. This splash guard is meant to act like a shield to help prevent that from happening. It can be adhered to your countertop with suction cups and easily cleaned in the dishwasher, too.


A Faucet Light That Changes Colors Based Off The Water Temp

Why have an ordinary faucet when you can add this light attachment to the water nozzle? It’ll add some color to your sink, because the light will changes hues based off the water temperature. It switches between blue, green, red, and flashing red — and no batteries are required.


These Expandable Stainless Steel Trivets Lined With Silicone

It doesn’t matter what size pans you’re cooking with; these expandable trivets can unfold and support small and large containers alike. They’re durable (thanks to the stainless steel interiors), and they’re soft as well as heat resistant due to the colorful, BPA-free silicone linings surrounding each.


A Silicone Bracelet That Holds Your Ponytail In Place

Not only is this bracelet stylish, but it’s also convenient. It’s made of soft silicone and has a small indentation around the outside to hold your elastic ponytail in place. The bracelet itself even comes with a ponytail and is available in five pastel colors including foxy teal, maui violet, coral reef, and more.


These LED Lightsaber Chopsticks That Glow In Green & Purple

Add some extra color to dinnertime with these LED chopsticks. They’re meant to glow like lightsabers and are operated by batteries (which are included). Two pairs come with each purchase, both of which are BPA-free and nontoxic, per the manufacturer. You can choose from green and purple or red and blue.


This Cooking Pan That’ll Print Animal Designs On Your Pancakes

This versatile pan — which is made with durable aluminum — has seven circular indentations with animal designs carved into each center. That way, when you cook pancakes, the designs will show up on the surface of the cooked batter. This pan can also be used to cook eggs, veggies, and more.


The Motion-Activated Night Light That’ll Make Your Toilet Bowl Glow

This night light sits inside your toilet bowl and turns on whenever it senses motion (within 5 feet). Then, it turns off after two minutes. There are 16 colors to choose from, along with five different brightness modes. It stays in place with the help of a flexible attachment that bends over your toilet rim, and it runs on three AA batteries.


This Genius Pickle Storage Container With A Built-In Strainer

Thanks to this pickle storage container, you can easily remove pickles from the jar without using your fingers or a fork. It comes with a strainer platform that’s attached to a handle — and when you lift the handle, the pickles come out of the jar with it. It’s also made with BPA-free plastic and is dishwasher safe.


A Genius Knife That Makes Spreading Butter So, So Easy

This butter knife is more like a butter spreader, because it makes the process of spreading butter a lot simpler. One side of the stainless steel utensil has multiple holes that help curl up tiny string-like pieces of butter that are easy to glide across your toast. However, the opposite side can still slice butter without an issue.


The Small-But-Powerful Vacuum Cleaner That’s Shaped Like A Ladybug

This tiny vacuum cleaner is pretty powerful, complete with a 360-degree wind blade that helps clean crumbs in its path. It runs on two AA batteries, so you don’t have to worry about charging it up — and since it’s compact, you can easily take it from room to room. This vacuum is also available in a green ladybug design.


This Waterproof Notepad That Lets You Jot Down Notes In The Shower

This waterproof notepad is perfect if all of your best ideas come to you in the shower. It’s backed by suction cups that help adhere it to your bathroom wall, and it even comes with a waterproof writing utensil. Each notepad comes with 40 sheets, and many customers wrote about how it “works perfectly.”


The Alarm That Lets You Know If You Left Your Fridge Open

Although this alarm system is advertised for use on your freezer, it can also be used on your refrigerator to remind you when you’ve left the door open. There are three alarm modes that go off after one, two, and three minutes, as well as four siren modes that control how loud the alarm is.


A Durable Steel Clothes Hanger That Can Also Store Masks

This hanger has multiple built-in hooks that can store various pieces of clothing at once (and it can even hang face masks, as pictured here). According to the brand, the hanger can hold eight pieces of clothing — and it’s best for tank tops, swimsuits, lingerie, and more. Three come in one pack, giving you even more room to organize your clothing.


This Curved Broom That Comes With A Foot-Operated Dustpan

This broom and dustpan set is pretty unique for various reasons. 1) The broom is curved and topped with electrostatic bristles, making it easier than ever to collect debris. 2) The dustpan can create a tight seal with the floor when pressure is applied, which means the crumbs will make it into the pan without a problem. It’s available in three colors: blue, pink, and purple.


These 90-Degree Prism Glasses That Let You Watch TV While Lying Down

Feeling lazy? Go ahead and put these prism glasses on before watching your favorite show or reading a book. Thanks to the curved lenses, they give you 90-degree vision — and they can even be worn over other pairs of glasses. So many reviewers wrote that they’re a “game changer.”


This Wine Corkscrew That Looks Like A Cat Stretching

This corkscrew is shaped like a cat stretching out, and it can do more than open a bottle of wine. In fact, the cat’s tail can be used to cut foil on your wine bottle, and the opposite end acts as a bottle opener. The entire wine accessory is made with stainless steel and is coated in soft material.


The Clever Box Of Pizza-Inspired Socks

This box of pizza — er, I mean, pizza socks — is a perfect gift to yourself of a pizza-loving friend. It’s packed with four pairs of socks that are folded into pizza slices, and they’re decorated in “flavors” including Hawaiian, Italian pepperoni, and more. They’re also made with 80% cotton, making them breathable and soft.


A Silicone Egg Separator That’s Shaped Like A Frog

This silicone egg separator — which is shaped like a mellow frog — is meant to help you easily remove the yolks from your egg whites while cooking or baking. All you have to do is create a suction between the yolk and the silicone frog’s lips until it’s completely inside the separator. And then, you can release the yolk elsewhere and clean it out. It’s nonstick, so washing it should be a breeze.


This Soft Cotton Face Mask For Chilly Or Steamy Relief

This face mask is made out of smooth, breathable cotton that’s easy to use over and over again (up to 1,000 times, per the brand). It can be used as a steamy compress to warm up your complexion and detox your pores, or it can be used cold to help refresh your skin.


These Soothing Facial Rollers Filled With Cooling Gel

Need some cool relief gliding across your complexion? You can reach for these facial rollers, which are filled with cooling gel to help refresh your skin. The handles are are lined with soft silicone, so you can easily maneuver them around your face. However, per the brand, you can even use them as wine chillers.


The Bamboo Cutting Board With Built-In Drawers For Your Prepped Food

Meal prep has never been so easy, all thanks to this versatile cutting board. It’s made out of bamboo, but it has a hollow center that holds four slide-out drawers that can hold prepped food. There are also grooves around the edges to catch juices, along with handles for easy transportation between the counter and the kitchen table.


This Tiny, Decorative Essential Oil Diffuser For Tropical Desktop Vibes

This lightbulb does more than emit light. When filled with water, it can double as a mini humidifier (or even an essential oil diffuser if you drop your favorite scents into the water). There’s also a palm tree at the base with a few pebbles, and it lights up in seven different colors.


A Manual Whipped Cream Maker That’s Simple To Use

If you’re trying to make homemade whipped cream (or simply froth milk), this gadget is a great choice. It’s basically a cylinder with a plunger system in the center that’s connected to an outer handle. All you have to do is add milk, plunge 20 to 30 times, and then determine when your whipped cream is ready.


This 5-Pack Of Wine Stoppers With Funny Sayings On Them

This five-pack of wine stoppers will help you save your favorite bottles for later. Each one has a funny saying on top, ranging from “because work” to “wine a little, laugh a lot.” They each fit snug with a watertight seal, and they can be cleaned in the dishwasher. There are also similar packs with cacti, cheese, and pineapple stoppers.


These Scissors That Are Made To Slice & Serve Your Pizza

These scissors are meant to slice your pizza and then help you serve it, all thanks to their unique design. The handles act like standard scissors handles, but the stainless steel blades curve downward and meet a nylon base that makes slicing and catching each piece simple. They’re available in black and red.


These Silicone Oven Mitts That Are Shaped As Lobster Claws

These oven mitts are unlike many others, because they’re shaped like lobster claws instead of standard gloves. They’re also made of silicone that’s heat resistant up to 446 degrees Fahrenheit and are simple to wash when needed. These claws are also easy to store because one can fit into the other, and they both have hanging loops to air dry.


These Colorful Standing Silicone Utensils With Arms & Legs

This pack of human-shaped utensils are just as useful as they are decorative. Each one is made with heat-resistant silicone that can handle up to 392 degrees Fahrenheit, and six different cooking tools come with each purchase (including a potato masher, whisk, spaghetti server, and more).


This Credit Card-Sized Multitool With 37 Different Uses

This stainless steel multitool is shaped like a credit card (and can fit in your wallet), but it offers multiple uses — 37, to be exact. Some of the built-in tools include a bottle opener, screwdriver, smart phone stand, different types of wrenches, a can opener, and more. It’s also lightweight, so you might not even notice that you’re carrying it around.


This 3-In-1 Bluetooth Water Bottle That Glows To Remind You To Hydrate

This water bottle does a lot more than hold your water. In fact, it doubles as a Bluetooth speaker and triples as a light that glows every so often to remind you to stay hydrated. You can even change the setting so the light changes to the sound of your tunes, and it’s even BPA-free.


This Fork That Loops Onto Your Favorite Condiment Jars

Instead of opening your utensil drawer and looking for a fork every time you need a pickle or a different snack within a condiment drawer, you can opt for this fork. It can be attached to a flexible loop that latches onto a jar of your choice so you have a fork right there when you need it. The prongs are made of durable stainless steel, and the entire setup can be washed in the top rack of your dishwasher.


The LifeStraw Water Filter That Removes Over 99% Of Bacteria

This LifeStraw water filter is great for anyone on the go. It’s basically a personal water filtration system that removes bacteria and parasites as you sip — over 99%, to be exact. It can even help remove micro-plastics from the water you’re drinking and filter a total of 1,000 gallons of water per straw.


These Gloves With LED Flashlights Built Into The Index Fingers & Thumbs

Whether the power’s out or if you’re working outside in the dark, these gloves can help light the way. They’re made of polyester and Velcro to stay in place when you need them, and there are LED lights build into the index fingers and thumbs. They even come with batteries that’ll last up to 30 hours of use.


These Utensil Holders That Hang Underneath Your Cabinets

If you don’t have enough room in your kitchen drawers for utensils, these hooks could be useful. They’re made of ABS material and hook underneath your cabinets with a strong adhesive. Then, each individual hook — there are six of them — can be used to hang various utensils.


This Baking Pan With Removable Dividers For Pre-Cut Brownies

This brownie pan will ensure everyone gets a crisp edge piece, because it comes with a removable divider that separates the batter as it cooks. The pan itself is PFOA-free and made with nonstick aluminum — and it’s even dishwasher safe. You can also use it for other snacks including pizzas, mini cakes, and more.


This Flannel Blanket That Looks Just Like A Burrito

This flannel burrito blanket is equally trendy and comfortable. The once-viral throw is still popular on Amazon, with well over 2,000 five-star reviews and many customers writing that it’s “lightweight” and “super soft.” It’s available in different shades and sizes, ranging from 39 inches to 60 inches.


This Biodegradable Cleaning Gel That Smells Like Lemons

This biodegradable cleaning gel uses its stickiness to collect dust in small crevices, whether you’re cleaning your car or your keyboard. It can be used repeatedly, but the brand suggests buying a new one when the color changes. This gel is available in yellow or blue — and the yellow smells like lemons.

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