If You're Obsessed With Your Dog, You'll Probably Love These 44 Things On Amazon

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Are you obsessed with your dog? If so, I’ve got good news for you: Amazon is full of products that’ll help you pamper your pup, from accessories to toys and everything in between. To make the process of spoiling your pet a little bit easier, I’ve rounded a bunch of them up right here on this list. That way, you can shop for the latest and greatest pet products without leaving your dog’s sight. It’s a win-win, if you ask me.

But first, let’s talk a little bit more about those accessories and toys. This list begins with a genius water bottle that doubles as a water bowl for your dog. That way, you can carry it like a standard water bottle while you’re on a walk and then gently fill the bowl up with water when your dog is thirsty. And while I’m on the topic of water, allow me to direct your attention to this water fountain that filters as it flows — because your dog deserves the best.

There’s also a mealtime puzzle that lets your dog strategize in order to find hard food within the compartments, along with a memory foam bed that gives them a luxurious place to relax when they’re done eating. You can even place this stuffed animal next to them for some added comfort.

Are you ready to take your pet products to the next level? Go ahead and start shopping; your dog will appreciate it.


This Water Bottle That Turns Into A Water Bowl

This water bottle turns into a water bowl with the press of a button. The bottle itself has a large capacity — either 12 ounces or 19 ounces — and the lid is shaped like a bowl to catch water that comes pouring out. The bottle is leakproof and the perfect size to take with you on walks to the dog park with your pup. Choose from blue or pink.


The Pet Fountain That Filters Water So It’s Always Fresh

This water fountain is unlike many others, because it filters water as it flows through the system. In fact, the filtration system has three steps to help ensure your pup is always getting a clean sip, and the item comes with three replacement filters. There’s even a small window on the side that shows you how full the container is, along with an LED light to brighten the view.


A Pet Hair Remover That You Can Keep Using

This pet hair remover doesn’t use sticky, disposable papers to help remove stray hairs from various surfaces. Instead, it uses static to help collect hair as the device rolls against fabric of your choice. The hair lands in a container that’s easily emptied so you can use it again and again on furniture, carpets, and more.


This Dog-Feeding Mat That’s Made Of Waterproof Silicone

This silicone mat gives you a place to put your pet’s water and food bowls without worrying that they’ll spill all over the floor. Not only is it waterproof, but the edges are raised to help keep inevitable spills within the mat itself. It’s also dishwasher safe and available in tons of different colors and sizes.


The Toy That Makes Your Dog Solve Puzzles For Treats

This interactive puzzle can make it even more enjoyable for your dog to eat. It’s made of various pieces that slide over and open up to reveal treats and hard food underneath, giving your pup a challenge when it’s time to snack. The entire puzzle is BPA-free and easily cleaned.


This Handheld Brush That Sprays Water For Easier Baths

This dog brush makes bath time a total breeze. It fits onto your hand and sits on your palm, revealing a textured surface for petting and washing your dog simultaneously. It can be turned on and off via the button within the palm, and the water attachment can be secured onto your shower head or hose.


A Soft, Absorbent Towel That Was Designed For Dogs

This towel was designed for dogs, and it’ll help you dry your pup off post-bath. Not only is it lined with seriously soft microfiber chenille, but it’s also absorbent enough to hold seven times its weight in water. The towel is even machine washable and available in four different colors. Plus, many reviewers wrote how their “dog loves” it.


This Lick Mat That Holds Treats & Soft Food Within The Crevices

Instead of placing your dog’s favorite treats or wet food on the floor or in a bowl, you can spread them onto this lick mat. Its textured surface holds onto dog food within the crevices, and there are four different sections for their favorite treats. The mat itself is dishwasher safe and available in various colors.


The Dog Seatbelt So You Can Confidently Travel With Your Pup

This seat belt was made for your dog so you can confidently take them with you while you travel. It consists of two durable nylon straps with metal hooks that are meant to attach comfortably to your dog’s hardness. The opposite sides have buckles that can be clipped into most standard cars. The system is available in seven colors, all of which swivel and stretch to help keep your dog happy on the go.


This Waste Bag Dispenser That Attaches To Your Dog Leash

This waste bag dispenser makes cleaning on the go so much simpler. It’s shaped like a dog treat and attaches to your dog’s leash via Velcro. The container also has an opening where you can access a roll of waste bags that are leakproof and biodegradable. They also smell like lavender, which is a bonus.


A Natural Balm That Helps Moisturize Your Dog’s Paws

If your dog’s paws are feeling a little dry or uncomfortable, you can try using this natural paw soother on them. It’s a moisturizing balm packed with nourishing ingredients like coconut oil, cocoa butter, vitamin E, and more to help sooth the paw pad surfaces.


The Comfortable Vest Harness Lined With Breathable Mesh

This harness was designed to fit comfortably on your dog’s upper body, helping to relieve uncomfortable pressure during walks. It’s lined with mesh that’s breathable (and available in different colors), and it’s adjustable for simple customization based off the size of your pup. In fact, the harness is available in four different sizes ranging from small to extra large.


This Tiny LED Flashlight That Clips Onto Your Leash

This tiny flashlight has four flexible legs that can be bent into place around your dog leash, giving you some extra brightness while you walk around at night. The light has different brightness modes that range from low to flashing, and it comes with two extra batteries.


This Pet Bed Frame That’ll Add To Your Decor

You can spoil your dog while simultaneously adding to your home decor with the help of this pet bed frame, which is made of wood. The frame itself comes in three wooden shades — gray wash, bamboo, and walnut — and it stands on four stylish legs. The frame is easy to put together, but the pet bed isn’t included.


A Hands-Free Dog Carrier With A Pocket In The Front

If your dog weighs under 15 pounds, they might be able to fit comfortably inside this breathable carrier that’s constructed with mesh. It can be worn like a cross-body purse, and the inside is large enough to secure your pup. The strap is adjustable, the bottom is padded, and there’s a front pocket to keep your essentials while you walk.


A Stretchy Net Barrier For Secured Road Trips

This stretchy net barrier for your car has a universal fit for most cars. Clip it between your two seats with the safety hooks and close the gap to stop your pup from jumping up in the front seat. Plus, it has a pocket for extra storage during road trips or even just quick errands.


A Memory Foam Pet Bad That Helps Keep Your Dog Cool

Treat your dog to a bed as luxurious as yours with this memory foam pet bed that offers orthopedic support with the unique contour design. Choose from foam options to fit your pup’s needs, including memory foam, orthopedic foam, and even a cooling gel foam for hot sleepers. Every style has a removable and washable cover.


This Pack Of Collapsible & Dishwasher-Safe Dog Bowls

Pack these high-quality silicone collapsible dog bowls in your tote, suitcase, and maybe even your car. They come in a two-pack and fold into a compact flat disk. Plus, each one has a clip to attach it to your bag. After your hike or road trip, these durable travel dog bowls are dishwasher safe.


A Collapsible Ball Launcher For On-The-Go Fetch

This lightweight ball launcher is collapsible so that you can keep it in your bag or car. The handle extends for playtime and is long enough to secure the ball every time your dog brings it back. The cushioned handle even has grips to help prevent the launcher from slipping from your hand. Plus, it comes with a tennis ball.


This Adjustable Dog Bowl Stand With Convenient Handles

This dog bowl station is adjustable to be the perfect height for your pup. Assembly is quick and the stand can be adjusted two three different heights based on dog size. The hardwood stand comes with two stainless steel bowls that are dishwasher safe. Plus, it has convenient handles so you can easily move it around.


A Foldable Dog Car Seat That’s Waterproof

This waterproof dog car seat gives your pup their own secure section of the vehicle, and the adjustable straps help keep it in place. The chair folds flat for storage while not in use, and it has a pocket to store all of your dog’s travel essentials. Plus, it has open mesh sides for airflow to help prevent your dog from getting too hot.


A Post-Dog Park Paw Washer To Remove The Mud

This portable BPA-free dog paw washer is a perfect dog park companion. Simply fill the cup with water, and let the soft silicone bristles clean your pup’s paws one at a time. The compact size is easy to carry with you. When you’re back in the house, you can disassemble all of the parts to clean off any leftover mud.


This Comfy & Waterproof Car Seat Cover

This waterproof car seat cover with a hammock design should fit the bench seat in your car. This four-layer cover creates a comfy spot for your pup, and it securely attaches to the headrests and the seat. The cover grips to your seat with rubber backing, and it has Velcro openings for your seat belts.


A Water-Resistant Doggy Doorbell

Attach this water-resistant dog doorbell to your wall with a strong 3M adhesive backing — but place it at a height your dog can reach so they can press it when they need to go outside. You can plug the receiver into a wall outlet up to 1,000 feet away, and you can customize the sound of the doorbell.


An All-In-One Dog Bag That Was Designed For Travel

This complete pet travel bag is water-repellent and has a leakproof lining in case something spills at the airport. It comes with two collapsible pet bowls, two zipper bags for food storage, a water-resistant mat for snack time, along with plenty of pockets for any other pet necessities.


This Gel Mat That’ll Help Your Dog Cool Down

You don’t have to freeze or refrigerate this cooling dog mat, because your pup laying on it will activates the cooling gel. The gel is nontoxic, and the mat has a puncture-resistant outer shell to help prevent leaks. It comes in three sizes, and it’s flat enough to roll up for easy storage.


An Adjustable Dog Leash That Straps To Your Waist

Strap this adjustable leash to your waist for a hands-free walk. While your pup is running around at the dog park, you can clip the loose end of the leash to the leash belt. Plus, there’s an emergency release just in case you need it. You can even adjust the leash to use it as an everyday handheld leash.


A Strong Dog Leash With Reflective Stitching

This nylon leash is super strong — even for larger breeds. It features reflective stitching for nighttime walks, and there’s a spot to clip extra waste bags. The best part is that buying this leash donates a leash to a dog rescue. It even comes in seven different colors and multiple lengths.


A Compact Collar Light That's Rechargeable

Clip this little rechargeable LED light to your dog’s collar or the end of the leash for after-dark walks. The lightweight light is battery operated and should last for 20 hours before it needs charging. One customer wrote that the light is “super bright, has 3 settings and charges really fast!”


The Soothing Dog Ear Wipes With Aloe Vera

This pack of 100 alcohol-free soothing dog ear wipes has so many benefits for your pup’s ears. They’re meant to clean out excess ear wax, help prevent infections as well as unwanted odor, and more. These gentle wipes were also made with aloe vera and eucalyptus, but it’s best to talk to your vet before using them on your pup.


A Cooling Dog Harness With Reflective Accents

Soak this cooling dog harness in cold water before summertime walks. It has three layers of fabric, including mesh and cotton, that dry while you walk and keep your pup cool. It’s fully adjustable, so it shouldn’t slide around on your walk — and it has durable leash clips as well as reflective straps.


This Breathable Dog Backpack With Four Pockets

You can clip this lightweight dog backpack on your pup just like you would a normal harness. It even has a spot to clip your leash, too. It’s made of mesh material that’s comfortable and breathable, and the four zipper pockets can expand. Plus, they’re designed with weight distribution in mind.


A Fleece Dog Blanket That’s Machine Washable

This lightweight and machine-washable fleece blanket keeps dog fur off of your furniture, but it’ll also become your pup’s new favorite cozy spot. It comes in multiple colors and a lot of sizes — even an oversized option for extra-large breeds or to cover your entire bed.


This Collapsable Dog-Training Obstacle Course

This obstacle course dog-training kit comes with a tunnel, a small adjustable jump, and four weave poles. Everything is collapsable, and you can disassemble all of the pieces to store them when training time is over. It even comes with a training booklet, and you can tuck it all away in a zip-up case.


A Clicking Device To Help With Dog Training

This small handheld clicking device is perfect for clicker dog training. Hold it securely with the loop on the back, or use the loop to attach it to your keychain or bag. You can add this into your training routine, and your pup will likely start to associate the clicks with your rewards.


This Water-Repellent Cream To Help Itchiness

This water-repellent cream with shea butter and avocado oil is especially helpful for bulldogs or any pup that has wrinkles. If your vet gives you the OK, simply apply the cream between wrinkles and it’ll help keep their skin dry while also calming any irritation or itchiness.


A Portable Dog Mattress For Crates

This machine-washable quilted dog mattress is perfect as a crate mat, an on-the-go bed in the car, a cover for an elevated pet bed, and more. It has an anti-slip backing, and it’s thin enough to fold up and pack while traveling. This comfy cotton mattress is covered in soft fleece, and the entire mat is machine washable.


The Dog Boots That Help Protect Their Feet From Hot Pavement

These dog boots can help protect your pup’s paws from hot pavement, rough terrain, and more. They’re made with nonslip rubber outsoles, and they’re even waterproof. These boots can be secured onto your dog’s feel with Velcro, and they come in tons of colors as well as sizes ranging from two to eight.


These Stainless Steel Food Bowls With A Silicone Mat

These stainless steel water bowls fit inside an included mat that’s shaped like a dog biscuit. The mat itself is made of silicone that keeps stray pieces of food off the floor, all thanks to the edges that are raised. It’s also available in different colors and can be cleaned in the dishwasher (along with the bowls). You can choose from four different sizes.


These Silicone Protective AirTag Cases

These protective silicone AirTag cases come in a pack of two, and there are 12 color combinations to choose from. They slide onto a collar and securely hold an AirTag so your pup is never without it. The silicone cover has a snug fit, and it covers the AirTag in case it’s raining on your walk.

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