If You're Shady AF, You'll Be Mad You Didn't Get These 40 Things Years Ago

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There are times when you want clever solutions to solve what can seem like absurd dilemmas. Maybe you’re tired of trying to hide your laptop screen from strangers while you’re at the coffee shop. Or perhaps you just need a few good ways to carry your everyday essentials with you that doesn’t involve a bulky wallet. Whether you want protection while you move through the world or a better way to get the party started, if you’re shady AF, you’ll be mad you didn’t get these 40 things years ago.

From flasks designed to look like binoculars or hairbrushes to diversion safes that resemble a can of corn or a lint roller to scrunchies with secret pockets where you can stash your keys and cash, this list is filled with ingenious products that are perfect for concealing and keeping items safe and secure. You’ll find privacy screen protectors to keep your laptop and phone more private, as well as RFID-blocking wallets that protect your data and are especially ideal to use when you’re traveling. And there’s no shortage of slightly saucy shady products, either: a hidden bra pouch is both a wise and cheeky storage solution.

No matter what the reason, all of the picks below offer creative solutions to some of life’s problems while giving you the satisfaction of knowing you’ve got a secret up your sleeve.


This Bangle Flask That Hides Your Drink With Bling

Who doesn’t want to not only cleverly disguise their drink but do it in sparkling style? This bracelet bangle flask, made of food grade stainless steel, can hold up to 3.5 ounces of liquid, or about two shots. It conveniently comes with its own funnel in addition to a small velvet bag for storage.


A Multitool With 18 Functions That Slips In Your Wallet

You can do literally anything with this super versatile, secret-agent-style multitool. The size of a credit card, it boasts 18 tools including a bottle opener, screwdriver, hex wrenches of different sizes, and a can opener. Practically a tactical survival kit, the card is made of heat-treated steel that is extremely durable, yet it manages to be lightweight so you can slip it in your pocket or wallet and forget it’s there until you need it.


This Safeguarded Security Key

This powerful little security key takes two-step verification to the next level by protecting your accounts against unauthorized access using a two-factor authentication. Claiming to be the world’s most protective USB and NFC security key, it works with most apps and online services and is FIDO certified. Pop it into your USB port, register for the service, and online services such as Gmail or Dropbox will ask you to tap the gold circle for access — bingo: you’re securely in.


An Ingenious Safe Disguised As An Air Vent

This cleverly devised safe looks just like an ordinary humdrum air vent, but in fact, securely hides away your precious valuables and maybe even some cold hard cash. The hidden-in-plain-sight-style safe installs easily and uses magnets or screws to secure the cover. A stealth false wall is provided so valuables can’t be seen through the front grill.


This Scrunchie That Stashes Your Cash

This crafty scrunchie stash takes the scrunchie’s resurgence to new pragmatic heights. Made of soft, smooth velvet, this scrunchie is not only cute but also features a hidden zippered pocket to hold small items such as cash, keys, and jewelry. Available in six jewel-toned colors such as royal purple and steel blue, you can look stylish, travel light with essentials, and style your hair without snagging it.


A Hidden Bra Wallet To Keep Those Valuables Close

A definite upgrade to the traditional cumbersome travel pouch of old, this hidden bra wallet holds all of your necessary travel items in a small and portable fashion. Made from nylon with a snap enclosure, a connector clasp securely attaches to the bra in several possible places, laying flat against the body in an undetectable way. Perfect for holding passports, cash, credit cards, and IDs, you can stealthily move through the world knowing your valuables are safe.


This Door Lock That Gives You A Sound Sleep

For those nights where you might end up in some dodgy lodging, a portable door lock could give you an actual good night’s rest. Small enough to fit in your pocket and made of sturdy stainless steel, it works by inserting into the door jam, closing the door and then using the red handle to lock into place. It’s good to note that this lock only works on doors that open inwards, and additionally, that the lock can be removed in a pinch in case of emergency.


An RFID Blocking Wallet That Protects Your Data

Sometimes you need to match shady with shady. This RFID blocking wallet uses an advanced proprietary blocking material so no one can steal your data stored on RFID chips from the interior of your wallet. Made of 100% genuine leather, choose among 31 different colors such as pebbled champagne gold and waxed vintage purple. With enough space to carry 17 credit cards, cash, and your phone, this wallet has a detachable wrist strap that transforms it into a clutch or mini purse.


This Webcam Cover That Slides Open And Closed

If you’re not super into the idea of someone possibly watching you while you watch Netflix, then this webcam cover slide turns out the lights on unwanted surveillance. With the use of 3M adhesive, the cover sits over your camera securely and is thin enough to allow your laptop to close completely. With a choice between black, blue, pink, or white, easily slide the cover to either an “on” or “off” position.


A Laptop Privacy Screen That Discourages Snoopers

This laptop privacy screen is perfect for those days at the coffee shop where you’d prefer others didn’t see you doom scrolling gossip rags. The privacy screen allows you to see everything normally sitting directly in front of your computer, but displays as a completely black screen from a left or right angle. As an added bonus, the screen also filters out 96% of UV light as well as cutting blue light by 68%, and lets you choose between a glossy or matte finish simply by reversing the screen.


This Underwear With A Secret Pocket

As another creative way to keep those valuables close to the skin, these underwear with secret pockets keep anything from passports to cash snugly secure. Made from a soft and breathable modal fabric and ranging in size from X-small to X-large, these mini shorts have a variety of uses from protection during travel, to working out, to attending summer music festivals.


An Infinity Scarf That Doubles As A Purse

Serving multiple purposes, this infinity scarf has a nifty hidden zippered pocket that is big enough to fit a phone, passport, wallet and keys, allowing you to move about purse-free if you so desire. With many different ways to arrange it, it can double as a warm layer on an airplane or even a covering in a sacred place. Choose among 18 different colors and designs.


These Invisible Ink Pens That Add A Dose Of Playful Deviousness

These tricky invisible ink pens lend themselves to many fun and sneaky scenarios for adults as well as kids. After writing your secret message with the invisible ink, shine the blacklight that’s built into the pen to illuminate. The pens come with batteries already installed and you can write on a variety of surfaces such as a piece of paper or someone’s arm, knowing that the ink is fully washable. Each set comes with five markers in different colors.


A Pair of Hairbrush Flasks That Bring The Party

What’s more fun than taking a minute to brush your hair at a party? Taking a tequila shot first out of said brush, obviously. This pair of cute pink and green concealed hairbrush flasks can hold up to eight ounces each or about 10 shots total. Made of food grade plastic, they include a handy funnel and a mess-free pour spout for extra legit bartending vibes.


An Indoor Security Camera With Smart Features

This clever indoor security camera lets you covertly monitor all the action at home directly from your phone. In addition to offering a super clear 1080p high definition stream, it comes with several ingeniously smart features such as HD night vision, motion detection alerts, and even a two-way talk intercom that lets you listen and participate in conversations. Simply connect to your home’s wifi and you’re ready to go.


A Secret Gift Box Disguised As Classic Novels

Perfect for those gifts you’d really like your gift recipient to earn, this secret gift box made of walnut wood makes you solve a puzzle before the treasure reveals itself inside. Designed to evoke magical and rare books of old, you must solve the puzzle to open a compartment where you’ll find a brass key that will then unlock the main compartment to reveal the gift inside.


This Smart Padlock That Unlocks With Your Fingerprint

Never again will that lock that no one remembers the combination to take up space in the junk drawer for years on end. This weatherproof fingerprint padlock ingeniously uses Bluetooth technology to let you set authorized users, unlock, or see past unlocking activities. With the ability to register 100 sets of fingerprints, you’re free to share the lock with family or friends and the included battery is rechargeable through USB.


A Money Belt That Outwits Thieves

This cunning money belt sits flush against your waist or over clothing to keep valuables safe from equally cunning thieves. A super thin design, this fanny belt takes up barely any room and yet can still fit your passport, cash, credit cards, and anything else you might need thanks to three inner compartments and one outer pocket. Made of breathable mesh and moisture-resistant nylon material, the belt ups the protective ante with RFID-blocking fabric.


These Sunscreen Bottles That Double As Flasks

These sly flasks disguised as sunscreen bottles will blend seamlessly into any beach or cruise environment and bring all the party vibes. Made with BPA-free food grade plastic, the leak-proof bottles hold eight ounces and come with ten adhesive press seals for extra security. A small funnel as well as a soft-sided and reusable cruise flask are also provided.


This Super Portable Safe That Can Go Everywhere With You

You’ll never worry about bringing valuables en route with you when you have this cleverly compact safe. Lined with shock absorbing foam, this water-resistant safe comes with a cable for you to attach to any stationary object that can double as a handle. Set your own four digit combination, and there’s even an earbud or charging cable access port for you to conveniently use while it’s locked.


A Functioning Lint Roller With A Secret Compartment

There’s nothing like the secret satisfaction of knowing your boring everyday lint roller actually contains the family jewels. This secret safe lint roller hides in plain sight to hold valuables such as cash, jewelry or USB sticks, and the best part is that it actually functions as a real lint roller.


This Hanger Safe That Stashes Your Valuables In The Closet

This stealthy hanger safe sits underneath clothing to keep your stuff well-concealed. With a 17-inch wide zipper opening, you can store larger items such as documents, while smaller compartments are perfect for valuables. Great to have at home or on the road, all you have to do is slip the hanger in through the insert, then hang shirts or jackets as you normally would, immediately hiding the zippered safe within.


A Chic Clock That Tells Time And Hides Valuables

What looks like an ordinary analog clock just ticking the time away actually contains three shelves of secret storage. The time-telling functionality of this clock diversion safe, which requires one AA battery (not included), helps obscure its real purpose and it mounts easily and simply with the use of three screws.


These Customizable Hidden Shelves That Hide Small Items

This pack of two hidden shelves mount quickly and easily to the underside of any table or desk. Using self-adhesive 3M tape, you can customize your shelves to go wherever you’d like and they’ll easily hide any number of small personal items.


A Stainless Steel Water Bottle That Carries Valuables

This diversion-safe water bottle not only hides away the important stuff in a special compartment, but actually carries liquid as well, so it’s a functional stainless steel water bottle. The secret dry storage compartment can hold a variety of things such as credit cards, keys, and even claims to be able to stash 100 bills. It has a capacity of 17 ounces and is leak-proof and vacuum insulated, so it’s perfect for hot and cold beverages.


This Classic Dictionary Book Safe

The classic of all classic hiding-in-plain-sight safes has to be the book safe, and this model — with the deceptive title “The New English Dictionary” — lives up to that reputation. Inside the book cover is a metal safe with a secure three-digit combination lock. With a choice of two sizes and three colors (black, navy, or red), you can be sure to find the perfect fit for your home library.


An Unassuming Can Of Corn With A Big Secret

This can of fresh corn sits innocently and quietly in the pantry, all the while keeping a sly secret. Made from a genuine, authentic can, you’d never guess that underneath is a screw-off cap that allows you to place cash, jewelry, or any other valuable tucked inside. Just make sure no one decides to benevolently donate this particular item in a canned food drive.


This Hidden iMac Shelf To Conceal Your Accessories

This extremely useful hidden storage shelf sits behind or in front of your iMac or Apple display, providing a platform for your hard drive, phone, or even decorative action figures, to name just a few ideas. Available in both matte black and silver, the shelf helps get accessories off your desk surface, attaches seamlessly, and can hold up to 3.5 pounds.


A Travel Laptop Backpack That Goes Full 007

If you’re looking for a spy-craft worthy bag, this extremely popular travel laptop backpack fits the bill. With two models available to fit either a 15.6 inch or a 17.3 inch laptop, this water-resistant and scratch-resistant backpack has a multitude of both inner and outer compartments to store nearly anything. Several clever features include an external USB charging port that, by connecting your power bank inside, allows you to charge your phone without having to open the backpack. Its durable metal zipper lock keeps whatever’s inside totally secure.


This Ingenious Emergency Survival Kit With 200 Pieces

Never be caught in an emergency situation again with this ingenious and extensive emergency survival kit. With an incredible 200 pieces included — from survival gear and medical supplies (including an EMT pouch) to fishing gear — this kit was designed by US military veterans. With such supplies as a fire starter, a thermal blanket, a compass, and a parachute cord, there’s no scenario you can’t face out in the wild or just on your block.


A Privacy Phone Screen Protector To Prevent Side Snooping

This cunning privacy screen protector only lets those directly in front of the phone see the screen clearly, while the view is obscured for lurkers on the side. Available specifically for iPhone 11 and XR 6.1-inch models, and constructed of ultra-thin tempered glass, the screen is resistant to scratches, fingerprints, and dust.


This High Five Note Pad To Make The Moment Last

The relentless high five-ing of others can really take it out of you physically, and in those cases this high five nifty note pad really comes in handy. The clever note pad lets you indicate if you think someone “got lucky,” “looks good,” or simply got out of bed that morning, which can sometimes feel like the biggest win of all. Jot down a few complimentary notes, leave them in secret, and make someone smile — whether or not you choose to do so anonymously.


A Travel Bra Pouch That Stays Securely Close

Travel and move about safely knowing your most important stuff will remain close to the chest. This undercover travel bra pouch uses a turn-and-snap connector clasp with length adjustability to securely attach to either the middle or side of a bra. Constructed of soft polyester, the pouch is machine washable and can hold up to six credit cards, cash, and keys. Choose between orchid pink or black.


This Binocular Flask That Looks Like The Real Thing

Who doesn’t want a nip of something to warm you while you’re out birding in the early hours? This crafty binocular flask looks just like the real, modern thing, complete with rubberized coating and a neck strap. Two separate eight-ounce chambers hold the drink of your choice and a small funnel is conveniently provided to fill those chambers with ease.


A Combination Cable Lock To Keep Your Laptop Secure

If you want to be extra sure there’s no chance your laptop will be swiped, even if you step away for a moment, this laptop combination cable lock should give you peace of mind. Made of a cut-resistant six-inch long steel cable, anchor it to a fixed structure and then insert the lock into a Kensington security slot. Set (or reset) your password using a secure four digit combination and know that the lock head has been tested thoroughly for durability. Compatibility varies, so be sure to check and make sure this will work with your computer.


These Blackout Curtains That Let You Sleep In Peace

Enjoy that afternoon nap or late morning lie-in with the help of these handy blackout curtains. Available in 22 colors and 10 sizes, the curtains come with metal grommets to easily slide on a hanging rod. Able to block out up to 99% of sunlight, these curtains are also thermally insulated, so they keep both the winter cold and the summer heat comfortably out of the picture.


A Cult-Favorite Toilet Spray That Neutralizes Odors

With over 17,000 reviews and a 4.8-star rating, this genius toilet spray lets you do what you need to do while leaving a fresh citrus scent in your wake. You simply spray the bowl beforehand and, voilà, all that remains is an uplifting scent courtesy of non-toxic essential oils.


These Tactical Hair Clips That Double As A Multitool

There’s nothing foxier than the potential to transform into a real-life MacGyver at a moment’s notice. This set of four tactical hair clips allow you to strip a wire, saw through zip ties, open boxes, tighten mini screws and much more, on top of using them as actual hair clips. Made of strong stainless steel, these hair clips can get you through any possible mission and fit in your pocket.


A Set Of Water-Resistant Invisible Ink Pens

These invisible ink markers let you move about with a secret that can only be revealed with the shining of a blacklight. Coming in three colors (red, blue, and yellow), the ink can be applied to any other surface and then illuminated with the help of one of the three provided keychain UV lights. The color dries quickly and is water-resistant, so expect it to stay put.


This Aromatherapy Diffuser Necklace For Secret Soothing

Secretly spread inner peace and calm with this aromatherapy diffuser necklace. Sprinkle drops of your chosen essential oil onto the provided felt and place it into the stainless steel pendant, which boasts a pretty tree design and closes with the help of magnets. The 17-piece set comes with four bottles of different essential oils (lavender, peppermint, calm, and zen), the pendant necklace, and 12 felt refill pads.