30 Inexpensive Things That'll Instantly Make You Like Your Bedroom A Lot More

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by Laura Harper

Comfort, calm, and cohesive are my three C’s when it comes to building a bedroom. After all, isn’t our bedroom the place we all head to relax, chill out, and escape the stress and pressure of a busy day? When I think about my own perfect resting place, these three words are what come to mind. Luckily, they’re easy to accomplish with a simple trip to Amazon. The site is filled with inexpensive things that will make you like your bedroom a lot more — and many of them are on this list.

My ideal bedroom is an oasis of comfort, starting with a literal nest of a bed. On Amazon, I can find super plump memory foam pillows and plush comforting duvets to help in that endeavor. Calm is easy to accomplish with items including lavender linen spray that’s known for its soothing effects, along with essential oil diffusers that really enhance your space. Perhaps most importantly, creating a cohesive setup that looks amazing, works well, and eases your mind for sleep (and helps you wake up rested) is simple to tackle with cheap, yet effective organization and tech items found on Amazon, like this charging lamp I’ve had my eye on or a bedside organizer that frees up your bedside table.

I haven’t let you in on the best part: All of these things I’m about to share come highly reviewed and recommended by verified Amazon shoppers just like you. So put on your favorite pair of slipper socks, grab a cup of cocoa, and get ready to buy some of my best bedroom finds that are fairly affordable.


These Blackout Curtains That Let You Nap In Total Darkness

Block out the sun for a refreshing midday nap with this pair of blackout curtains. Three-layer construction delivers total darkness with the added benefit of energy-saving insulation, and hanging is easy on standard curtain rods. These privacy-ensuring curtains come in a range of colors to match your color palette.


An Essential Oil Diffuser That Has 2 Misting Modes And 7 Colors

Add soothing scent and relaxing color to you bedroom space with this essential oil diffuser. The compact size fits easily on your nightstand, while the curved profile makes an artful statement. Simply fill with water and your favorite oils for a calming escape and shifting colors. This diffuser features auto-shutoff for safe use and runs for up to eight hours.


A Set Of Essential Oils That Meets Your Every Mood

Relax for sleep or reinvigorate for the day with this set of essential oils. Each 10-milliliter bottle contains one of six popular oils, including lavender, orange, and eucalyptus, that drip easily into your diffuser. Add a few drops to massage oil for therapeutic effect. Packaged in a box with a guide for use, this simple set also makes a terrific gift.


This 2-Pack Of Himalayan Salt Night Lights That Deliver A Soothing Glow

Night lights can be a little harsh, especially when you’re trying to sleep. This set of Himalayan salt lamps deliver needed illumination with a warm, gentle glow that shouldn’t disturb your rest. The hand-mined salt makes each lamp unique; switch them on or off as needed using the convenient base switch.


This Cool Mist Humidifier That’ll Add Some Moisture To The Air

Sneezing really gets in the way of trying to go to sleep. This cool mist humidifier delivers needed moisture to dry air, so you sleep peacefully all night through. Near-silent operation makes it ideal for use in your bedroom or a nursery, and a 360-degree nozzle along with multiple mist settings offer simple customized care.


A Fluffy Faux Fur Area Rug That Fits Perfectly Next To Your Bed

Sink your feet into the plush fibers of this faux fur area rug to keep your toes warm when you get out of bed. Reviewers are all about its super soft surface, and the size is perfect for placing next to your bed or in front of your favorite chair. Seven color options support your bedroom style.


This Set Of Satin Pillowcases That Are Gentle On Your Skin & Hair

There’s nothing like the feeling of a satin-encased pillow, and this set of two satin cases gives you that sensation at a fraction of the cost. They slide easily on and stay in place with envelope closures, creating a quick and sophisticated upgrade for your beloved bed. They’re also soft on your hair and shouldn’t absorb moisture from your skin. Choose from a range of stunning colors and four size options.


This Quilted Duvet Insert That Adds Instant Plump To Your Cover

Cozy is key when it comes to your covers, and this quilted comforter offers that and more. The 100% microfiber construction is breathable for year-round use, keeping you warm in winter and cool throughout the summer months. Baffle-box stitching keeps the fill in place for lasting use on your bed.


A Motion-Activated Bed Light That Keeps You From Bumps In The Night

Get up in the night without harsh overhead brightness when you install this motion-activated under-bed light. Passive-infrared technology senses when you step onto the floor and illuminates your way — and then, it quickly shuts off when you return to bed without having to hit a switch. Best of all, you can schedule the the light time from 30 seconds to 10 minutes after leaving.


This Color-Changing Alarm Clock That Simulates The Sunrise

Imagine waking up gently every morning without the jangle of your phone’s alarm; this clever and fairly cheap alarm clock lets you do just that. It replicates the sunrise and slowly helps you adjust to the day. Use the light throughout gloomy days to help enhance your mood. Bonus: You can set two separate alarms, both of which have seven alarm sounds to choose from.


An Amber Light Bulb That Emits A Soft, Warm Glow For Sleep

Who would have thought a light bulb can actually help you go to sleep? This amber light bulb works with standard E26 lamp bases for a soothing glow that lets you drift off to sleep by naturally by lessoning the amount of blue light in the room. A 30,000-hour lifespan delivers years of use in your bedside lamp.


A Spray Mist That Leaves Behind A Calming Lavender Scent

Mist your room and sheets with this lavender and chamomile linen spray for an instant calm that helps you relax for sleep. The formula is nontoxic, so you can use it anywhere; simply spray your pillows lightly for a restful night’s sleep. Plus, this spray was never tested on animals for your peace of mind.


This Iconic Smart Speaker That Has A Super-Small Footprint

Over 800,000 positive reviews and a third generation make this smart speaker a total “Buy Now” move. The compact profile and fabric exterior look great on your table, and compatibility with Alexa lets you play your music, set up your smart home, and literally do hundreds of other things by simply using your voice. Plus, the built-in privacy controls offer added security.


This Bedside Organizer That Keeps Your Stuff Close At Hand

I sleep easier when everything in my room is neat and organized, but I hate not being able to find what I need when I need it. This bedside organizer keeps all the important stuff right at the edge of the bed and neatly contained. Four mesh front pockets are ideal for phones and remotes while two larger rear pockets hold tablets and magazines.


These Decorative Mirrors That Mimic The Moon’s Phases

Create the illusion of space above your bed while building on a peaceful theme with these decorative mirrors. They mimic the moon in all its phases, adding perfect balance for your bed. The wooden frames deliver a laid-back appeal for your eclectic aesthetic, too. Choose from natural or a black finish to add a mystical touch to your space.


A Set Of Shelves That Makes The Most Of A Bedroom Corner

Get extra display space without taking up actual space. These minimalist shelves fit easily into a corner and offer five levels for plants, photos, or other things you’d like to show off. The MDF laminate piece comes with all the hardware you need for quick and simple mounting.


A Set Of Twinkling Curtain Lights That Deliver A Little Glamorous Glimmer

Infuse your space with the shimmering appeal of these twinkling curtain lights. Ideal for window seats or walls, this set of lights has eight modes of operation, letting you set a steady glow, rolling wave, twinkling beat, and other fun effects. A 6-foot width offers more than enough coverage to handle your decorating ideas.


This Bedside Table Lamp With An Outlet And 2 USB Ports

Plug in this bedside lamp for a little illumination and a whole lot of charging power. A standard outlet and two USB ports offer space for your electronics without needing a power bar, and the pull chain switch combines classic charm with effortless lamp operation. With its modern minimalist profile, this lamp is ideal for contemporary and industrial décor.


This Sunset Projection Lamp That Looks Like The Real Things

Enjoy a beautiful sunset from the comfort of your bed with this sunset lamp projector. It’s powered by USB for simple setup, and the 180-degree rotation lets you recreate the golden hour for relaxing ambience. Sturdy aluminum construction makes this a sturdy piece you can use every day to illuminate your space.


A Set Of Pet-Friendly Flameless Candles That Create Instant Ambience

Love the look of natural candlelight, but you’ve got a precocious pet or two? This set of flameless candles lets you light up the night while keeping your curious cat safe. Flickering LEDs replicate the look of a flame, and the real wax pillars expand on the illusion. Control this set easily with the included remote.


A 30-Pack Of Hangers To Organize Your Master Bedroom Closet

One of my goals in life is to have all matching hangers in my bedroom closet, and this set of 30 velvet hangers gets me well on my way. The sturdy hooks rotate 360 degrees, while built-in notches keep spaghetti straps in place instead of on the floor. With a super-slim design, these hangers make the most of your clothing rod.


This Neon Sign That Wishes You Only The Best

Neon signs have gotten pretty popular when it comes to bedroom accents, and this “Good Vibes” sign makes a mood-enhancing statement the second you switch it on. At a less painful price than similar light-up signs, this one gets a 4.5-star rating from verified purchasers. This size is perfect for creating a subtle artistic statement.


This Sleek Satin Duvet Cover Set That Delivers A Complete Look

You’ve read about satin pillowcases. Why not outfit your entire bed in the sleek, smooth look with this satin duvet cover set? The cover slips easily onto your existing duvet for a seamless update, and the two included pillowcases are ideal for standard pillows. Choose from nine upscale colors for a complete upgrade.


A Space-Saving Makeup Organizer That Has 8 Adjustable Layers

Keep your makeup and your brushes all in one convenient place with this rotating makeup organizer that makes morning life oh-so simple. Eight adjustable layers can handle jars of moisturizer and tubes of primer, while the top level is ideal for your polishes and lipstick. Clear acrylic construction and the rotating base make it easy to find your beauty tools.


These Clever Scrunchie Holders That Are Perfect For Dressers Or Countertops

I can never find a scrunchie when I need one. This set of scrunchie holders keeps hair bands together and ready for use. Simply slide them over the 7.6-inch stand. It kind of makes a cool soft sculpture. Each of these holders can handle up to 24 of your favorite go-to style, eliminating last-minute searches to keep your hair in place.


This Smart Dimmer Switch That You Can Control With Your Voice

Upgrade your switches so you can dim the lights from your bed with this smart dimmer switch. It’s the same size as standard switch plates, so no modifications are needed — and compatibility with Alexa and Google Assistant support convenient voice control. Use the Kasa app to set your lights when you’re away from home.


An Angular Bookshelf For Artful Arranging Of Your Favorite Reads

This modern bookshelf is truly a work of art, adding contemporary flair to your workspace or dresser. Stack your books every which way to create visual interest and keep your favorites close at hand. Available in 11 delightful finishes, this shelf lets you build on your color palette.


This Slender Blanket Ladder That’s Easy To Set Up

Use this blanket ladder to keep your blankets up off the floor and easily displayed. The versatile design features rubber stoppers to keep it in place against the wall and on your flooring, while five rungs let you arrange throws, towels, or even your magazine collection. The possibilities go on and on.


A Giant Set Of Light Covers That Block Out Annoying LEDs

Dim all the lights — even tiny ones on your alarm clock or modem — so you can get some rest with this set of electronics light covers that work with a range of light sizes. They stick easily in place and completely block out LED and UV lights. When you remove them, there’s no residue left behind. You get over 100 covers for only $6.


This Set Of Memory Foam Pillows That Comfortably Cradle Your Head

The search for the perfect pillow ends with this pair of shredded memory foam pillows. They offer the same support of memory foam with the comfort shredding brings, keeping your spine aligned and your head cozy as you sleep. Cooling gel particles go a step further for even more comfort. This set features removable outer covers for effortless maintenance.