65 Insanely Cool Things For Your Home Under $30 On Amazon Prime

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Written by Cianna Garrison
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Imagine finding something so cool for your home that you can’t stop talking about, and your guests can’t stop complimenting it. Then, think about how much better it would feel when that something costs less than $30 (including shipping). TBH, I know that feeling well, and as a shopping writer, I’m here to tell you that so many products out there fit the bill. So, I’ve compiled a list of 65 cheap, unique home products on Amazon Prime that just might make your day (or month).


These Genius Coffee Mug Organizers That Maximize Your Cabinet Space

Use these coffee mug organizers to take advantage of the unused space in your cabinet. When you place a stacker on a mug, then place another mug face-down on top of it, and three arms will hold the top mug in place. Since they’re adjustable, they also fit a variety of small and large mugs.


A Budget-Friendly Vegetable Slicer That Works Like A Pair Of Scissors

This vegetable-slicing tool works like a pair of scissors to cut vegetables like lettuce, cabbage, and peppers, but you can also remove the blade to slice tougher ingredients. To remove the blade and use it like a classic knife, gently pull on the handle until it clicks. To keep it sharp, use the handy included knife sharpener’s coarse and fine slots.


These Magnetic Measuring Spoons That Are Cleverly Double-Sided

Cooking prep will be way easier with this set of six dual-sided magnetic measuring spoons. This set cleverly sticks together in your drawer, and the double-sided design features all the measurements you might need. Use the round end to measure liquids, while the narrow, oblong end is perfect for dry ingredients since it fits inside most spice jars.


This Top-Selling Lazy Susan Turntable That Makes Items More Accessible

While this Lazy Susan turntable won’t break the bank, it will add value to your space by making items more accessible. Its 360-degree rotation happens on a cute heart-shaped track. Load it up with nearly 18 pounds of kitchen, bathroom, or pantry items, and give it a turn to reach the item you need. One reviewer wrote, “This is great on my condiment shelf. I pretty much have to move every single item on the shelf to find the beets or the olives or the baby kosher dills because my husband has 15 different open jars of jellies! Problem solved!”


A Chic Little Gel Lint Roller You Can Wash Off & Reuse

This cheap gel lint roller gives you a portable solution to lint on clothing and other surfaces. Its stylish container looks like lip balm, but inside is a gel ball that easily picks up crumbs, hair, and lint when rolled over surfaces or clothes. To clean it, simply take the ball out and rinse it under water.


These Motion Sensor Night-Lights With Customizable Glowiness

These motion sensor night-lights are super budget-friendly, but they’re also packed with impressive features. They give off a warm-white glow when motion occurs within 16 feet and turn off after one minute of inactivity. They’re also customizable — choose between two brightness settings, an always-on mode, or automate the lights to come on at dusk.


The Outlet Concealer That Perfectly Hides Wires & Plugs

Plug this thin outlet concealer into any outlet to instantly hide the unsightly all of your cords. Simply adhere the white cord along your baseboard for a sleek look. Then, plug your items into the power strip, and they won’t look cluttered on your wall. Plus, it’s slim enough to hide cords behind furniture.


These Unique Fuzzy Towels That Are More Absorbent Than Regular Towels

This set of fuzzy ball towels is well under $30, and each towel is made of spongy chenille material that’s up to 30% more absorbent than regular hand towels. Because the towels have multiple strands, they’ll also help dry hard-to-reach spaces, like in the crooks of your fingers.


These Grippers That Keep Rugs Flat (But Still Let You Clean Under Them)

These rug grippers adhere to each corner of a rug and have a sticky gel bottom that flattens rugs to the floor without leaving any residue behind. The gel makes your rug anti-slip. Plus, if you want to move your rug, you can — the gel’s stickiness is renewable with a quick cloth and rubbing alcohol. One reviewer raved, “[These have] been on my rug probably six months and all four corners are still stuck down and haven't budged [...] I can lift them so I can sweep, but then I stick these puppies back down and bam. Stuck. These are well worth the cost.”


A Collapsible Phone Stand That Fits In Your Pocket

Not only does this desktop phone stand come in over eight cute colors, but it’s also adjustable and collapses flat. Your phone will fit securely on its sturdy (and adorable) design. Simply fold it flat to travel with it or save space. When fully extended, it’s adjustable to about 3 inches tall.


A Cushioned Anti-Fatigue Mat That’s A Kitchen Game-Changer

Put this extra-thick anti-fatigue mat in a work area like your kitchen and enjoy a more comfortable standing experience. It’s made of nearly 0.5-inch PVC foam, which cushions your feet while you wash dishes or tackle laundry. It’s also waterproof and oil-resistant, making it easy to clean with a washcloth.


A Silicone Pet Feeding Mat That Keeps Messes Contained

This waterproof pet feeding mat comes in over 30 colors and has raised edges to keep your dog or cat from getting kibble or water all over the floor. Its silicone material is anti-slip, and it’s also easy to wash in the sink, the top rack of a dishwasher, or with a cloth after mealtime.


These Rustproof Shower Caddies That Hold Up To 40 Pounds

These affordable shower caddies have a sleek, modern look and won’t rust in the shower. A pack of two comes with strong adhesive panels with hooks that adhere to your shower walls. Once installed, the caddies can hold up to 40 pounds of bathroom items each.


These Timeless Towel Hooks With Colors For Every Bathroom

It’s easy to elevate your bathroom’s aesthetic without spending a ton with these wall-mounted hooks. They are made of durable, rustproof stainless steel and feature a stylish brushed gold look. They have included hardware, hold things up to 50 pounds, and there are more than five other colors to choose from (in case gold isn’t your bathroom vibe).


These Magnetic Key Holders That Screw Into Your Light Switch Covers

Install these clever little magnetic key racks by simply screwing them into the bottom screw holes of your light switch cover. They’re made with magnets that can hold up to 3 pounds each. Use them to hang a set of keys, a lanyard, or anything else you want to keep at hand (zero entryway table required). One happy shopper wrote, “My keys have never fallen off. It is so convenient to have them by the garage door or wherever else works best for you.”


These Fun Cable Clips That Hold Your Cords In Place

A pack of these thumb-shaped cable clips keeps charging cords in place with a side of fun humor. Apply them to the side of a desk with the adhesive backing, then slip a cable or electrical cord through the curled fingers to secure it. The flexible, durable silicone makes it easy to insert or remove cables.


A Mess-Free Drywall Repair Putty Stick That Fills Holes Fast

For well under $30, you can use this drywall repair putty stick to fill holes all around your space. Simply rub the stick over a nail hole in a circular motion until it’s filled, then remove the excess with a cloth. Once it’s dry, simply paint over the putty to make the wall look like new.


A Genius Grout Pen That Makes Tile Look New Again

This grout pen is easy on your wallet and a cinch to use on tile grout. Uncap the pen, press it down on paper several times to activate the tip, and then use it to fill in lines of dirty or stained grout. One pen covers up to 150 feet of 2-millimeter grout lines, and the results are permanent.


These Reusable Wool Dryer Balls Designed To Soften Fabrics

Stick these wool dryer balls in your dryer with every load of laundry because they’re designed to make your clothes come out softer. They can also reduce drying time and wrinkles and, since they’re reusable, they may be cheaper than disposable dryer sheets. In their lifetime, they’re equal to over 2,000 dryer sheets or 30 bottles of liquid fabric softener.


These Washing Machine-Cleaning Tablets For Hard-To-Reach Grime

These washing machine cleaner tablets help clean invisible areas of your top- or front-load washing machine, including hard-to-reach seals and pipes. Stick one in your empty washing machine once per month and run a normal cycle. When it's done, wipe away the residue inside the drum, and you're good to go for your next dishes.


This All-Purpose Pink Cleaning Paste That’s A Best-Seller

This impressively rated pink cleaning paste is formulated to be mildly abrasive, so it can handle tough cleaning jobs without scratching surfaces. All you need is a small amount of paste on a damp cloth to clean tile, glass, showers, saucepans, stovetops, and more. After scouring, wash the paste off with hot water and reveal a clean, shiny surface.

“[This] has been a game changer in my cleaning routine,” one reviewer wrote. “[It] tackles everything from sauce-stained countertops to the grimiest oven doors with surprising ease. Its gritty texture works hard so I don’t have to, scrubbing away at dirt and stains almost like magic.”


A Chic Automatic Foaming Soap Dispenser

Mount this impressive-looking soap dispenser to your bathroom wall, and it will automatically dispense perfectly foamed soap. It holds 12 ounces of foaming soap, or you can use liquid hand soap diluted with water (instead of splurging on foaming soap). Once installed, choose between three settings to adjust the amount of soap dispensed, and it’s easy to recharge.


These Under-Sink Organizer Racks That Give You Extra Space

Stick these durable plastic under-sink organizer racks under your kitchen or bathroom cabinet, and you’ll have so much extra storage space. The two-tier design allows you to use vertical space, while the sliding drawer on the bottom makes items more accessible. The best part is they set up in just a few minutes.


These Stick-On Magnetic Door Stoppers That Are Easy To Customize

Use these magnetic door stoppers to prevent doors from slamming or doorknobs from denting your walls or other surfaces. They’re an absolute breeze to tuck behind doors with the included adhesive or screws. Plus, you can pop them on horizontally to a wall and door base, or vertically to the floor and door.


This Memory Foam Pillow That Can Make Side Sleeping More Supported

If you’re a side sleeper, this clever little knee pillow is designed to promote better alignment of your spine while you sleep and offer support for your knees, thighs, and legs. Simply wedge the contoured surface between your thighs and drift off to sleep. It may also help ease pain by reducing pressure on your joints.


These Clever Underwear Organizers That Clean Up Your Drawers

These cheap underwear organizers make it so simple to find everything you need. A set of four organizers comes with four different slot sizes, so you can fit different essentials in these breathable bins. The smaller bins are perfect for storing underwear, ties, or scarves, while the larger bins fit bras and socks.


This Easy-To-Pop-On Air Conditioner Cover To Protect From Leaves & Grass

This clever and seriously easy-to-install air conditioner cover prevents leaves, grass, and more from falling in by covering the top with heavy-duty mesh. Simply pull and clip on the four bungee cords to secure it on top. It’s also designed to help reduce moisture in the outdoor unit, which can lead to dreaded rust or other problems.


These Best-Selling Cord Organizers That Adhere To Appliances

Keep each cord on kitchen appliances better organized with these best-selling cord organizers. Simply pop them on your appliance’s surface with the preinstalled adhesive backing, and after 12 hours, they’re ready to use. Wrap untidy appliance cords around the sturdy silicone wings and secure the plug using the cord holder slot.


These Genius Colander Baskets That Expand To Fit Over Your Sink

If you need extra room in your kitchen, these over-the-sink colander baskets will add drying and rinsing space. Their BPA-free plastic design has an expandable track, so you can slide the baskets in or out to adjust their size between 14 to 19 inches long. One reviewer raves, “What a great invention. Fit my sink perfectly. Very durable. I’ve used it for washed fruit/veggies and to drain my morning hot chocolate cup/a few dishes.”


An Airtight Rice Dispenser That Holds Up To 25 Pounds Of Rice

This rice dispenser has a sleek, compact design that won’t take up too much space. Fill it with up to 25 pounds of rice and it will stay fresh thanks to the airtight seal. The holder also dispenses rice at the push of a button and comes with a measuring cup with a 4-cup capacity.


These Professional Stainless Steel Mixing Bowls With 16,800 5-Star Ratings

These stainless steel mixing bowls have earned over 16,800 five-star ratings on Amazon, and they’ll make your kitchen look so professional. A set of five bowls features matching airtight lids and a capacity that ranges from 3/4 quart to 5 quarts in size. They’re also space-saving — each small bowl nests inside the next size up.


An Electric Can Opener That Opens Cans Hands-Free

Simply align this battery-operated electric can opener on top of a can and push the button — it’ll open the can automatically, so it’s essentially hands-free. It also crimps the can lids so there are no dangerous, sharp edges to cut your hands on accidentally.


This Nonstick Electric Skillet That’s Surprisingly Dishwasher-Safe

This 2.5-quart nonstick electric skillet will upgrade your cooking game thanks to its multi-layered nonstick technology designed to eliminate the risk of stuck-on food. Its compact design is perfect for grilled cheese, omelets, pancakes, and more. Cleaning it up is easy, too — the skillet and the tempered glass lid are dishwasher-safe after you remove the power adapter.


An Affordable Portable Blender With One-Touch Operation

This personal blender is not only below $30 but also offers quick, one-touch blending for smoothies, shakes, juices, and more. Its four stainless steel blades can crush fruits and veggies in just a few minutes, and its capacity is just over 15 ounces. Plus, its lightweight, compact size makes it perfect for weekend trips and blending on-the-go.


A Sleek Kitchen Scale With A Super Clever Bowl On Top

This sleek little kitchen scale has a bowl on top to measure items as heavy as 11 pounds and as small as 1 gram. The removable plastic bowl is perfect for weighing larger items, as well as liquids, while the scale itself has a large display and easy operation via two buttons. One reviewer raved, “This a great scale for measuring your food. It has a nice large clear bowl, and you can also use your own container to measure with, as this [has] a zero-out function. It measures in kilograms/grams or pounds/ounces, the display is large and easy to read.”


These LED Light-Blocking Stickers To Stick On Bright Devices

Adhere these light-blocking stickers to literally any electronic with a too-bright display, and your eyes will thank you. The different shapes and sizes are perfect for covering up all kinds of annoying lights — especially ones in your bedroom. Two sheets of stickers (which block up to 80% of light) include pre-cut options and one uncut sheet for custom-cut stickers.


The Absorbent Coffee Mat That Instantly Hides Stains

Stains from coffee spills begone with this ultra-absorbent coffee mat. It’s a low-cost solution you didn’t know you needed thanks to its PU and rubber material which sucks up liquid fast without leaking onto your counter. Stains stay hidden once absorbed, and the mat is also easy to clean with soap and water.


A Carbon Fiber Ping-Pong Paddle That’ll Level Up Your Game

This ping-pong paddle features a large surface area and a lightweight handle that’s also made of five durable layers. It has two layers of lightweight, shock-absorbing carbon fiber built into its design. Premium rubber on the paddle handle gives you more control, while the included carrying case will protect your paddle on the go.


A Fogless Shower Mirror That Comes With A Mountable Hook

Keep this fogless shower mirror in your shower for shaving, or hang it on your vanity mirror for after-shower skin care. The mirror activates after you run it under a stream of warm water, and then it impressively stays fog-free in steamy bathrooms. Its shatter-less plastic also means you won’t have to worry about accidental drops.


These Smart Plugs To Automate Your Electronics

Plug these smart plugs into your outlets, and it will be an absolute breeze to control electronics throughout your home. They’re compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant so, whether you use an app or have a hub, you can use voice control to turn them on or off. You can also automate everything through the compatible Smart Life app. One reviewer wrote, “I set these up to use with my Alexa, and now I can turn the living room and bedroom lights on with ease [...] Being able to control the bedroom light is extra awesome when you’re snuggled down and don’t want to move.”


These Best-Selling Dishwasher-Safe Liners To Keep Your Oven Clean

These heavy-duty nonstick oven liners are durable enough for ovens up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit, so you can pop them in the oven to catch spills. They’re made of durable Teflon that’s reusable and can even go in the dishwasher. Place one in the bottom of your oven to prevent food drips from creating baked-on messes, or cut one to fit inside a countertop toaster oven.


A Sleek Trash Can That’s Compact For Your Countertop

Keep this countertop trash can by your kitchen’s coffee station or on your bathroom counter, and you can conveniently dispose of small trash items. It holds up to about half a gallon of trash and is less than 7 inches tall, so its small footprint won’t take up too much space.


These Mini Coconut Shell Bowls That Make Snacks Look So Good

These mini coconut shell bowls are such a chic addition to your dishware since they’re handcrafted from real coconut shells. They’re easy to clean, and a set of these impressive bowls are perfect for serving fruits, nuts, pretzels, or other snack foods for a spread that looks totally photo-worthy.


A Tidy Bamboo Knife Block You Can Pop In A Drawer

This bamboo knife block is just 2 inches tall, so you can easily tuck it inside a kitchen drawer. Despite its compact size, it can hide up to 14 knives in your drawer. There are two layers of slots for neatly tucking away knives and a clever spot for a knife sharpener in the middle slot.


A Set Of Colorful Cotton Washcloths That Won’t Bleed In The Wash

This set of colorful cotton washcloth set featurse a chic, gradient design, and a pack of 12 is under $30. In short? The perfect replacement for your old, tired washcloths. They’re made of 100% quick-drying, absorbent cotton and feature a large 13-by-13-inch surface area. While you can get them in six colorful combos, but they won’t bleed in the laundry.


This Silicone Sponge Holder To Keep Your Sink Tidy

Pop this silicone sponge holder by your sink, and the raised design will prevent soap bottle leaks and damp sponges. You can put it in the dishwasher to clean off soap grime or toothpaste. It’s roomy enough to hold bulky soap bars and toothbrush holders but is still compact enough to fit at the top of a narrow sink.


A Set Of Cheese Knives To Upgrade Your Charcuterie Experience

Make at-home charcuterie boards feel professional with this stainless steel cheese knife set. The set includes four knives for various cheeses — one for spreadable cheeses, one for semi-soft cheeses, one for semi-hard cheeses, and one for hard cheeses. The best part is that they’re top-rack safe, so cheeseboard cleanup is a breeze.


A Collapsible Whisk That Lays Flat In Your Drawer

This twist whisk is easy to store in a drawer, thanks to its collapsible construction that lays flat next to your other utensils. Twist the base to use it as a flat whisk for blending or a balloon whisk for whipping. Its steel wires are coated with nonstick silicone, so it’s also super easy to clean. “This design is brilliant,” wrote one reviewer. “I have ruined at least two regular whisks as they get stuck in my utensil drawer and get bent out of shape. Since this folds flat, it makes it easier to store without taking up as much space.”


This Compact Pizza Stone For Speedy Cooking Times

Pizza and bread will cook a bit faster with this square pizza stone, and it’s designed to make the bottom crust come out impressively crispy. Preheat this game-changing stone in the oven, then slide on your favorite pizza and bake. Its clever design also has a nonstick coating so, when the pizza is done, it’ll slide right off.


A Vegetable Chopper That Holds & Measures Prepped Veggies

Make prepping produce easier with this best-selling vegetable chopper that comes with four interchangeable stainless steel blades that dice, julienne, and ribbon produce with a quick push. The catch tray has convenient measurement marks, so you can see how much you’ve prepped, and it holds up to 5 cups at once.


A Shatterproof Double Dispenser That Holds Snacks & Cereal

These shatterproof food dispensers hold over 2 pounds of snack food or cereal and keep it fresh for up to 45 days, thanks to the airtight seals on the canister lids. Load food into the canisters, and dispense an ounce at a time with a quick twist of one of the knobs.


A Natural Wax To Give Furniture A Professionally-Finished Look

This clear furniture wax is made of a blend of beeswax and tree nut oils that’s perfect for achieving a smooth, finished look on raw wood or painted furniture. Paint it onto a piece of furniture, and after it’s cured, it protects your furniture against moisture and dirt while giving wood a slight sheen.


These Space-Saving Hanger Holders That Organize Your Closet

These space-saving hanger holders do the impossible: They magically create more room in your closet. Each hanger has five hooks and five slots for stacking clothes and accessories. And since they’re only 10 inches long, they also prevent clothes from hanging too low or dragging on the floor.


This Mini Clip-On Book Light With 5 Cozy Brightness Settings

This LED clip-on book light has five brightness settings, so you can cleverly customize it to your comfort. It also has three color temperatures — warm white, bright white, and amber light to make it even cozier. Clip it onto a book, use the convenient buttons to adjust the settings, and you’re ready to read.


A Laundry Soap Station That Makes Pouring Detergent A Breeze

Never spill liquid laundry detergent again with this laundry soap station that holds the bottle for you. It makes it a breeze to dispense detergent mess-free into a cup on the drip tray. Designed with a nonslip base, it stays steady wherever you put it, while the included strap secures any size detergent bottle in place. One reviewer raved, “Seriously. This little gadget is a game-changer [...] No more juggling the giant container, tipping it over to get the soap out. This does the work for you, and the tray catches all of the soap residue.”


This Pumice Stone Toilet Bowl Cleaner That Erases Rings In Seconds

Built-up stains and rings are no match for this pumice stone toilet bowl cleaner, which you can use with water to scour away stains in seconds. Its natural pumice stone is abrasive enough to remove limescale and buildup without scratching your toilet bowl. You can also use it to remove stains in sinks and showers.


These Swaying Solar Garden Lights That Are Weatherproof

Your garden or patio will look so magical with these solar garden lights. Wherever you stick them, you won’t have to worry about water or heat damage since they’re resistant to both. Each light has a base with a solar panel and eight flexible wire arms with circular bulbs that sway in the wind.


A Solar-Activated Fountain Disc That Upgrades Static Birdbaths

This solar-powered fountain fits inside birdbaths or garden ponds and instantly upgrades them into a pretty fountain. Choose from six included nozzles to customize the stream, then put it in direct sunlight. Soon, it’ll draw water through the pump and create a serene stream.


A Set Of Dry-Erase Fridge Calendars To Get You Organized

Keep these magnetic dry-erase calendars on your fridge, and you’ll have access to a monthly, weekly, and daily planner at all times. The set comes with eight colorful whiteboard markers that have erasers on the caps, plus one large eraser for clearing a whole sheet.


These Trimmable Drawer & Shelf Liners That Smell Like Roses

Whether you place these scented liners in an old chest of drawers or on modern shelving, they’ll look chic. A pack comes with six trimmable liners infused with French fragrance oil that smells like roses. After trimming them to size, simply slide them into place — no adhesive is necessary. It comes in more than six pattern options to elevate your drawers.


These Stick-On Draft Stoppers That Stop Cold Air At The Source

You can save on your cooling or heating bills by adhering these draft stoppers to the bottom of doors. They block air from entering and exiting the gap, keeping your room warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. They’re also weatherproof, so they even work on outside doors.


These Self-Watering Planters That Hold Up To 2 Weeks Of Water

A set of these self-watering planter pots includes five pots in three sizes, so you’ll have plenty of options for your plant babies. Each durable plastic pot has a watering compartment that can keep up to two weeks’ worth of water, which plants receive via cotton ropes inside the reservoirs. You can leave plants unattended for days without worrying.


These Bed Sheet Holders To Keep Fitted Sheets In Place

These bed sheet holder straps are a genius solution to keep fitted sheets in place. Use the three clamps on each strap to hold the corner of a fitted sheet, and adjust the elastic bands to get the right tension. Repeat for each corner, and your bottom sheet will stay put.


These Magnetic Vent Covers That Can Save Money On AC & Heating

Place these magnetic vent covers onto vents around your space to block heating or air conditioning from entering unused rooms. This will redirect the airflow so the rooms you care about get a boost. They may also save you money since you’ll only be cooling or heating rooms you use regularly. One reviewer wrote, “We have a home from the 1920s, our bedroom is on the second floor. The first floor is always cold, and our bedroom is stifling [...] These dropped our room temperature down perfectly and kept the rest of the house warmer.”


This Microfiber Blinds Duster That Cleans Multiple Slats At Once

Keeping your blinds clean is easy with this microfiber blinds duster. Its curved design hugs standard-size curved blinds, dusting the tops and bottoms of two slats simultaneously. It also comes with five removable, washable microfiber sleeves, so you can slip another one on when one gets dirty.