40 Irritating Problems Around Your House You Didn't Realize Are Easy To Fix

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by Madison Barber

There’s always a few pesky problems around the house that we just can’t get around to fixing — whether it’s a home improvement issue, a room that’s in desperate need of organizing, or a counter that needs deep cleaning, like, yesterday. No matter your problem, there’s a high chance that Amazon has what you need to remedy it without breaking the bank or worrying about whether or not something really does its job, thanks to its product range with low prices and thousands of reliable reviews from real customers.

Have hard water stain build-up in your bathroom that’s been driving you crazy? Try this cleaning solution with over 11,000 five-star reviews. Can’t stand the clutter in your closet, kids’ playroom, or basement? These fabric storage bins will stylishly and discreetly store those odds and ends that you can’t seem to find a home for. Tired of dragging mud from the outside on a rainy day through your living room? Keep this absorbent mat by your front door to prevent muddy messes. These products are just the beginning of what Amazon has to offer to help solve the annoying issues around the house.

I found tons of solutions to a variety of problems you might be experiencing in your home — check out all 40 of them here:

Problem: You Can’t See Inside Your Closet

Solution: Illuminate Your Clothes With These Under-Cabinet Lights

These under-cabinet lights will show you the reality of your wardrobe situation. Use heavy-duty adhesive tape or screws (both included in your order) to attach these slender lights to the underside of your closet shelf to let you see everything hanging inside. Control your lights from up to 15 feet away with the 10 features on your included remote or simply tap them on and off.

Problem: Your Wooden Furniture Is Scratching Up Your Floors

Solution: Let Your Chairs Move Freely By Putting These Furniture Leg Caps On

If your dining room chairs or living room couches are constantly scratching up your hardwood floors, these furniture leg caps will help protect both. Made from silicone and with soft felt bottoms, these caps secure to the legs of your furniture without any harmful gel or nails and ensure you can slide your furniture around without ruining your precious floors.

Problem: You Can’t Reach Your Ceiling Fans, Which Are Covered In Dust

Solution: Clean All The Way Up There With These Ceiling Fan Dusters

You can rid your too-high fans and corners of all of the dust with this ceiling fan duster that extends from 27 inches up to 47 inches. The fibers in this duster will lock dust in and remove it without making it fly everywhere, and it’s wide enough to fit over fan blades up to 6 inches wide.

Problem: Your Rugs Keep Sliding & Curling

Solution: Keep Your Area Rugs Secure With This Double-Sided Mesh Tape

This double-sided rug tape will keep you from tripping over bunched up rugs and stop those rugs from getting askew. This reside-free tape has heavy-duty adhesion and a mesh coating that won’t budge yet still won’t make a mark on your floors, making it a must-have for any of the indoor and outdoor rugs in your home.

Problem: Spills In Your Fridge Are Making Your Shelves Sticky & Gross

Solution: Install These Refrigerator Mats That Are Easy To Clean

If your fridge has a history of messes characterized by sticky spots and unidentifiable stains, these fridge shelf liners might be just what you need to keep messes at bay. These bright-colored mats are reusable and washable, and are 100% anti-skid thank to a light bubble texture, so they’ll stay in place as you move stuff around in your fridge. You’ll get nine of these mats in your order, and you can even cut them to the exact size if you need.

Problem: Your Dryer Doesn’t Get The Job Done (& Is Dangerously Full Of Lint)

Solution: Suck Out Every Last Bunch Of Lint With A Dryer Vent Cleaner

Did you know that neglecting to clean out the lint trap in your dryer can increase your risk for a house fire? Prevent that by using this dryer vent cleaner kit. This vacuum hose attachment uses its narrow 33-inch long nozzle to suck out trapped lint and help your dryer work better — and prevent a fire.

Problem: Your Chargers Are Taking Over Every Area Of Your Home

Solution: Power Multiple Devices At Once With This Compact Charging Station

Keep all of your Apple and Samsung devices charging in one place (and remove all of the chargers scattered around your house) with this charging station that has four USB ports and dividers to prop each phone or tablet up. This comes with five charging cables: 2 AP USB, 2 Micro USB, and 1 Type-C for Android — so you know all the devices in your home will be covered.

Problem: Your Coffee Maker Needs A Thorough Washing

Solution: Clean Your Keurig With The Special Pods That Work Like K-Cups

Cleaning your Keurig can be as easy as making a cup of coffee with this K-Cup cleaner and rinse. Just pop one of these concentrated cleaners into your coffee maker, run through a cycle of brew, a water cycle or two, and then your machine will be descaled and cleaned, extending the life of your pricey Keurig and optimizing the taste of your morning cup of java.

Problem: Your Cabinets & Closet Shelves Are Too High

Solution: Reach Even The Highest Places With A Handy Folding Step Stool

I’m only 5’3”, so reaching for stuff on high shelves and putting away dishes in tall cabinets is quite the task. Luckily, a step stool like this one exists to help me reach those places I normally can’t get to. This stool can support up to 300 pounds and can add up to 11 inches of height for the shorties and kiddos in your home, and it even folds down when you’re not using it for easy storage.

Problem: You Get Wet When You Do The Dishes

Solution: Block Splashes With A Silicone Sink Guard

Picture this: you’re super excited because all of your dirty dishes are clean and you can finally relax — until you realize your shirt is soaked. This unfortunate daily reality can be fixed by putting this sink splash guard at the front of your counter. This easy-to-wipe-clean silicone guard adds about 3 inches of height to give an extra barrier between you and splashing water and soap. When you’re not using it, wipe it clean, and allow it to dry with the convenient hanging hole on the side.

Problem: Your Walls Have Holes In Them

Solution: Make Your Walls Look New With An Easy-To-Use Repair Putty

If you have holes in your walls from push pins, nails, or maybe an Animal House style party that got out of hand, this drywall repair putty can help patch them up in a flash. With the twist-up applicator that’s super easy to use without any other tools, just rub this putty over your hole, wipe it off with your hand or a towel, and paint over it like nothing ever happened.

Problem: You Can’t Remember If The Dishwasher Is Clean Or Dirty

Solution: Use This Simple Dishwasher Magnet That’s Reversible

Prevent the risk of putting dirty dishes in with clean, unloaded dishes with this reversible dishwasher magnet that you and any of the other members of your household can use. Flip it to the clean side if you know they’re clean but you don’t have time to unload, and to the dirty side when they’re dirty — the easiest way to solve an everyday problem.

Problem: Your Clothes Are Always Slipping Off Your Hangers

Solution: Hang Your Silkiest Shirts On These Velvet, Non-Slip Hangers

These velvet hangers have a no-slip grip on your clothes that will make sure nothing falls to the floor — even those slinky, silky tank tops. These come in a pack of 50 so you can cover all the clothes in your closet, and you can choose from seven different hues when you order including gray, blush, ivory, and pink.

Problem: Your Dish Sponges Are Always Stinky

Solution: Use This Gentle Silicone Scrubber With A Nice Peachy Scent

No one wants to scrub their pots and pans with a stinky sponge — replace your old sponges with this peach-scented silicone scrubber. This sponge is safe on pots and pans and will last a few months longer than your traditional sponges, thanks to its fast-drying technology and peachy smell that actually lasts.

Problem: Your Charging Cables Always Fray

Solution: Keep Chargers Intact With The Cable Covers That Prevent Movement

Prevent the pain of frayed, broken charging cords (and having to keep buying chargers) with a 12-pack of cable protectors. These colorful coils go onto your charging cable and limit excess movement from causing future fraying, extending the life of your already expensive phone and computer chargers.

Problem: Your Drawers Are A Mess

Solution: Keep Your Dresser Tidy With Some Bamboo Drawer Dividers

If your dresser drawers are a crumpled mess of T-shirts and leggings, these drawer dividers will help you neaten them up again. Made from easy-to-clean bamboo, these dividers are expandable from 17 to 22 inches and will fit in any standard size drawers, but the non-slip rubber padding on the end of each divider ensures your drawers won’t get damaged. Each in this four-pack has a built-in spring to keep your dividers in place no matter what.

Problem: Your Stainless Steel Fridge Is Grimy

Solution: Wipe Your Fridge Down With A Scented Stainless Steel Cleaner

While stainless steel appliances may look sleek, the fingerprint smudges they often show are not so beautiful, but this plant-based stainless steel cleaner and bonus microfiber towel will have your fridge and stove looking as good as new. Made using coconut oil, this streak-free cleaner cleans, polishes, and adds a buffer layer to your stainless steel belongings, and does so with a totally pH-balanced formula.

Problem: Your Out-Of-Season Clothes Are Taking Up Space

Solution: Store Bulky Sweaters In These No-Fuss Under-Bed Storage Bags

These under-bed storage bags are ideal for storing out-of-season clothes, linens, and towels, given their large capacity — these bags are 42 by 18 inches. However, they’re only 6 inches tall, which means they fit snuggly under your bed or couch. These are easy to pull out thanks to the no-tear handles, and the clear vinyl zippered cover that makes it easy to see just what’s inside each bag when you need something from it.

Problem: You Have Hard Water Stains All Over Your Bathroom

Solution: Remove Tough Stains With A Hard Water Stain Remover

Hard water stains can ruin the aesthetically-pleasing bathroom vibe you’re going for, so it’s a good idea to get rid of them as soon as possible. Tackle this task easily with this hard water stain remover solution, which can remove years of hard mineral buildup on your sink, tiles, and more. One happy reviewer gave this product five stars and wrote: “Our house is old and has hard water from a well. We've been trying to get this tub to look better sense we bought our house, two years ago. My husband and I were considering replacing our tub because it looked so bad, but this made our tub look like new! The smell is pleasant and I feel more comfortable using non-toxic cleaning products, like this!”

Problem: Your Wooden Furniture Has Seen Better Days

Solution: Make Your Stuff Look Good As New With A Furniture Repair Kit

If the wooden furniture and floors in your home have seen better days, there’s no need to re-do the floors or buy all new chairs and tables — use this floor and furniture repair kit to make them all look as good as new. This kit includes repair compound tubes in 10 different colors that you can mix and match to get the exact shade you need, a woody putty stick, mixing jar, spatula, and applicator brush — all tools that will help fix chips, cracks, scratches and more on your wood.

Problem: Your Pillows Are Flat & Uncomfortable

Solution: Swap Them For These Cooling Pillows That Retain Their Shape

Replace your old, flat pillows with these cooling pillows that will bounce back to the plump shape the came in, no matter how many nights your rest your head on them. These are filled with a soft down alternative and have a 250-thread-count cover, and you can even wash and dry them when they need a clean. These pillows are an Amazon favorite with over 126,000 five-star reviews.

Problem: Your Fruits & Veggies Go Bad Too Quickly

Solution: Extend The Life Of Your Produce With These Fridge Drawer Liners

These produce life extending fridge liners protect your fruits and veggies from spoiling sooner than you want them to by allowing air to circulate through your produce drawer. therefore saving you money on groceries in the long run. These convenient inserts can easily be trimmed to fit the exact dimensions of your fridge’s bins.

Problem: Your Shower Floor Gets Way Too Slippery

Solution: Place A Comfy, Non-Slip Bath Mat That Drains Fast In Your Tub

Prevent any dangerous slips or falls in your shower with this non-slip textured bath mat. This mat is made from comfy yet supportive PVC, and it’s even soap scum resistant and will dry super quickly. Despite the non-slip bottom, this mat doesn’t have any heavy-duty suction cups that will ruin the finish on your shower floor either.

Problem: It’s Awkward To Strain Your Pasta Water

Solution: Attach This Strainer Right To Your Pot For The Easiest Straining Ever

This snap-on pasta strainer might be one of the most convenient inventions I’ve ever seen. This silicone device clips onto the side of your bowls or pots, allowing you to skip the colander-in-the-sink step and instead letting you simply tip your pot to drain the water without removing the pasta from it. Plus, it’s way easier to store in your kitchen than a large, clunky colander.

Problem: Clutter Is Taking Over & You Don’t Know What To Do With It

Solution: Store Anything & Everything In These Foldable Fabric Storage Cubes

These storage cubes are so versatile, you’ll want them in nearly every room in your home. Use them for storing odds and ends in your living room, bedroom, kids’ playroom — pretty much anywhere in your home where clutter is starting to take over. This pack of six bins comes in 10 colors and each can fold down when you’re not using them.

Problem: You Experience Back & Leg Pain While Working In The Kitchen

Solution: Reduce Body Fatigue With A Comfortable Kitchen Mat

Relieve your back and leg pain from scrubbing dishes and hours of meal prep with this ergonomic kitchen mat that provides cushiony support. Available in 14 colors and patterns, this thick mat will have you saying goodbye to body pain while working in the kitchen, thanks to its high density memory foam. It’s also stain resistant and waterproof — two key features for working in the kitchen.

Problem: You Don’t Have Enough Outlets To Charge All Your Devices

Solution: Plug Your Stuff Into An Extender With 6 Outlets & 2 USB Ports

This outlet extender plugs into your wall outlet and offers up six outlet faces and two USB ports for charging your devices, all while the surge protector prevents electrical spikes. There’s even a smartphone-sized ledge on top of this extender, so you can rest your phone there while it’s charging.

Problem: Your Cabinets Are Loud When You Shut Them

Solution: Close Cabinet Doors Without A Bang By Attaching These Rubber Pads

If you’re sick of hearing your drawers and cabinets bang shut and cause a ruckus, these cabinet door bumpers will allow for a quieter close and also lessen the impact of sudden closures, extending the life of your hardware. These self-adhesive bumpers come in a pack of 100 — so you’ll be set for a very long time — and they’re small and transparent for a discreet look on your cabinet doors and drawers.

Problem: Saved Grocery Bags Are Taking Over Your Under-Cabinet Space

Solution: Use A Bag Saver That Stores & Dispenses Your Plastic Bags

If you have tons of plastic grocery bags within a larger plastic grocery bag stored under your sink, you’re not alone. Consider this slim grocery bag dispenser to store your bags instead of your current solution, which not only keeps all your bags in one place but also dispenses one when you need it. Best of all, this mounts to wall or pantry door, so there’s no need to crouch under the sink to sift through your pile of bags anymore.

Problem: Your Dry Goods Go Stale Before You Can Even Use Them

Solution: Keep Your Food Fresh In These Airtight Canisters With Labels

Prevent the dry goods in your pantry from getting stale with these airtight canisters that keep moisture and pests out. Each of the six containers in your order are BPA-free and had a locked-lid closure that will ensure a longer life for your dried rice, pasta, cereals, and more. Plus, these canisters have chalkboard labels and are clear, so you know exactly what everything is and can see how much of each item you have.

Problem: There’s Stray Kitty Litter All Over Your Floors

Solution: Place The Mat That Traps Stray Litter In Front Of The Litter Box

Keep your feline’s stinky litter at bay with this litter trapping mat that’s the perfect addition to your cat’s litter station. This mat is slip-resistant and should be placed underneath your kitty’s litter box to trap stray litter in its thick coils before it escapes to other areas of your home. And even though this mat is tough on litter, it’s soft on your cat’s sensitive paws.

Problem: You’re Scared Of Breaking Your Wine Glasses

Solution: Use The Stainless Steel Glasses That Won’t Shatter

These shatterproof stainless steel stemmed glasses have the same elegance as traditional wine glasses but the durability of your favorite Hydroflask. These glasses are a must for clumsy folks who tend to drop drinks while chatting or shatter glass while doing the dishes. In addition to being super durable, the double-walled insulated material of these glasses will keep your whites and rosés nice and chilled.

Problem: Your Bedsheets Are Stiff & Uncomfortable

Solution: Sleep In The Soft Sheets That Are Treated With Soothing Aloe Vera

Sheets made with soothing aloe vera? Sign me up. Replace your old, scratchy sheets with this super-soft, silky microfiber set treated with soothing aloe vera that’s nice and calming . Available in four classic colors, this four-piece set comes with all of the bedtime essentials, including fitted and flat sheets and two pillowcases, in sizes ranging from twin to California king.

Problem: Your Utensil Drawer Is A Mess Of Forks, Knives & Spoons

Solution: Keep Your Utensils In Place With A Drawer Organizer

If you can’t set the table without sifting through a mess of forks, knives, and spoons, consider this bamboo drawer organizer for your flatware drawer. This organizer can expand from seven to nine slots depending on your drawer size, and has plenty of room to store even the most extensive silverware collections. Each compartment is even long enough to store larger kitchen utensils.

Problem: You Track Water, Mud & Dirt Into Your House Without Realizing It

Solution: Place An Absorbent Front Door Mat Outside

This water-absorbent doormat will prevent water, mud, and other outside grime from tracking into your home and causing a mess. This low profile rug is stylish enough that you can feel good about keeping it on your patio, in your entryway, or mudroom. The best part about this mat is if it gets a little gross, you can throw it in the washing machine for a good clean.

Problem: Your Oven Is Covered In Burnt Spills & Messes

Solution: Place These Reusable & Dishwasher-Safe Liners In Your Oven

Prevent baking drips and messes from dirtying up your oven with these non-stick oven liners. These dishwasher-safe liners will help save you time and energy when it comes to cleaning your oven from inevitable messes — you can just wipe them clean most of the time.

Problem: You Have Too Many Clothes With No Room In Your Closet

Solution: Store Accessories, Clothes & Shoes In A Hanging Closet Organizer

Keep shoes, accessories, and folded clothes neatly stored in your closet with this hanging closet organizer that comes with nine shelves and five drawers that slip perfectly into the shelves for concealed storage. This organizer lets you store your non-hanging items neatly and efficiently when you lack floor space in your closet or a dresser, optimizing the space you do have.

Problem: Your Fridge Makes It Impossible To Find What You Need

Solution: Use These Clear Bins That Keep Your Food Accessible & Organized

If it takes your forever to find the produce, condiments, or beverages you need to a meal due to your unorganized fridge, these clear bins will definitely help. You’ll get six bins in your order: an egg tray, a drink holder, two wide bins, and two narrow bins — all suitable for storing and organizing anything you keep in your refrigerator — and the handles on the bin make sorting through all of your sauces a breeze.

Problem: The Excessive Cables In Your Living Room Look Ugly

Solution: Organize & Tidy Up Your Cables In A Chic Cable Management Box

Looking at jumbles of cords and cables in your home isn’t necessarily pleasant, which is why these chic cable management boxes exist to keep them organized and neat. These come in two different sizes (both come in your order), and effectively conceal and streamline all of the cables in your living room, office, playroom and more, thanks to the exterior slits and included wire ties and clips that keep everything in place.

Problem: There’s Unpleasant Odors In Your Home

Solution: Soak Up Bad Odors With These Charcoal Air Purifying Bags

Is there a smelly gym bag, pair of shoes, or trash can stinking up your home? These bamboo charcoal deodorizer bags can help absorb the foul odors in no time. Hang or place these bags anywhere with an unpleasant scent in your home, and they’ll quickly absorb excess moisture and remove the stink. Reuse them again and again, too, just reactivate them with two hours in sunlight.