Your June Tarot Reading

You're a small part of a big world.

Here's your tarot reading for May 2024.

As June saunters in with sunny weather and a carefree attitude, I did a five-card tarot spread, asking my deck, “What do we need to know for the month ahead?”

The message is to find the sweet spot between self and community, independence and structure.

Your June 2024 Tarot Reading

Your Energy: The Hierophant

The Hierophant represents your vibe right now, and asks you to be aware of the structures, systems, and traditions that you are a part of (by choice or by default). Ask yourself if and how these communities and organizations align with your beliefs. Is there a way to improve or humanize these groups? How can you work the system to achieve your goals?

You might feel like this card is asking you to conform, but that’s not the only takeaway. It’s encouraging you to learn more about how you function as one piece of a whole, then share your insights with others. Knowledge is power.

Your Situation: High Priestess

Even if you’re riding the energy of the Hierophant and learning how to make it within a system, you should still trust your intuition. The High Priestess symbolizes that you can still be a magical creature under capitalism.

Your emotional and spiritual depth will help you navigate structures that are challenging, or even inherently problematic. Your self-awareness and emotional intelligence are the keys to your success.

Visualize the future you want, then work with the universe to get there.

Your Obstacle: The Emperor

When presented as an obstacle, the Emperor speaks to the oppression we’ve internalized and faced. It can be that voice in the back of your head that claims your dreams won’t ever materialize, or that you’re not “good enough” to achieve them. You need to talk back to that voice with real facts: You are capable of learning. People before you have accomplished hard things. So can you.

If you are dealing with a domineering or difficult person in your life — whether it’s a friend, partner, coworker, or boss — try to mediate the issue diplomatically. If that doesn’t work, step away as much as you can. You deserve better than being held down.

Your Action: Queen of Cups

The Queen of Cups encourages you to move forward with sweetness. Feel your emotions, find outlets for your creativity, and prioritize your spiritual practices. You are special. Taking good care to know yourself better and cultivate what makes you unique, will help you find joy and abundance.

If you struggle with finding you direction, go within. What nourishes you?

If you know your purpose, the Queen of Cups reminds you. how empowering it is to holistically tend to your wellbeing.

Your Lesson: Two of Wands

Let the Two of Wands remind you of the power of baby steps. Whatever your goal is — even if that’s just finding a goal — you can get there if you take small, achievable actions every day. Stay in the present moment and commit to making steady progress.

You will get there. Eventually.

How To Use June 2024's Tarot Lessons

Make a list of all the communities, organizations, companies, schools, and other groups you are associated with, past or present. What can these systems offer you?

If you don’t find what you need, maybe you’re the person to help create it. How can you assist others?

Balance the needs and wisdom of the self with the needs and structures of your communities. Don’t be complacent; get involved.

Jezmina Von Thiele’s tarot readings celebrate their Romani heritage. Their forthcoming book with Paulina Stevens, Secrets of Romani Fortune Telling, shares more details about how they read tarot and other divinatory tools. For more on tarot, click here.