Just Because You're Lazy Doesn't Mean Your Home Can't Stay Organized — Thanks To These Clever Hacks

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Written by Allison Bolt

I love a good home hack that doesn’t involve any effort. You know, like grabbing a utensil holder so you don’t actually have to organize that cluttered kitchen drawer. An organized home is a happy home, but taking a ton of time to sort your closet by color or installing an entire shoe storage system is a ton of work. But just because you’re lazy doesn’t mean your home can’t stay organized — thanks to these clever hacks.

What other hack-like products save you from doing a long and complicated DIY project? There’s an easy-to-wash fridge bin that’ll make all of your sparkling water flavors look cohesive in the fridge and keep them all in one easy-to-see spot. This list also has under-bed storage bags that let you get away with bunching up that folded sheet. Trust me, the breathable zipper bag keeps those unfolded sheets nice and hidden under your bed.

So, stick a few of these things around your home, and you’ll be shocked just how organized everything ends up being.


Stick A Lazy Susan In Your Cabinets To See All Your Spices

You’re going to want to add a stainless steel lazy Susan into every kitchen cabinet. Your ingredients will be instantly more organized with the two spinning shelves that hold onto things like spices that otherwise get cluttered and moved around easily. This fingerprint-resistant lazy Susan is 10.5 inches wide and 6 inches tall, giving you plenty of room for your stuff. Plus, the edges have a slight lip, which helps keep your spices in place.


Keep These Clutter-Free Charging Stations Handy

Simply throw this charging station on a cluttered table and plug it in to keep your phone, tablets, and more in order. You’ll never have to wonder where these things are after charging them thanks to the four USB ports, clear dividers, and non-slip surface. You also get three different types of chargers, so all of your devices will work on this station.


Pop Plastic Bags In This Sleek Dispenser

Instead of letting plastic grocery bags take over a cabinet, grab this fingerprint-resistant stainless steel dispenser. It comes with double-sided adhesive to stick it in your pantry, inside a cabinet, or simply next to your garbage can. The lidless design makes it easy to throw your bags in it after you unpack your groceries.


Replace Plastic Bins With These Foldable Cubes

You honestly don’t even need to organize what’s in your mismatched bins because you can simply dump everything in these fabric cubes with handles. They fold up flat, so you always have a durable and matching bin handy. Plus, they’re way more lightweight and chic looking than classic plastic bins, so it’s easier to pull them out or keep them on a shelf.


Hang Up Kitchen Tools With These Adhesive Magnets

With these super strong magnets, you can avoid using tools to mount, well, anything, all while keeping items you use frequently nearby. Simply stick these compact magnets on your wall or backsplash with the built-in adhesive. They’re perfect for hanging up kitchen tools, spice jars, beauty tools, or anything else you can think of.


Throw Blankets & Clutter Into This Storage Ottoman

This padded ottoman is an easy way to avoid folding throw blankets in your living room or bedroom, all while keeping them nearby and tidy. It’s basically a foldable storage cube with a lid, so you can ball up blankets and hide them away in a jiffy. Then, use this as a true ottoman or footstool, because this cube can hold up to 350 pounds on top.


Clean Out Kitchen Drawers With This Utensil Hanger

There’s no need to organize kitchen drawers if you simply hang your go-to tools on this sleek iron rack. It mounts to your wall and gives you 29 inches of space and 15 hooks to de-clutter your drawers. Best of all, it holds up to 22 pounds, so you can even hang up a few pots or pans. Regardless, this adjustable hook design makes all of your utensils look organized and decorative no matter how you hang them.


Organize Your Socks & Underwear In These Organizers Without Folding

These foldable fabric organizers mean that even if you stick a bunch of unfolded socks in this drawer insert, the breathable mesh slots make them look super organized. It also comes with two sizes, so they’re easy to arrange in your dresser for your exact needs. This three-pack of tear-resistant organizers are complete with 64 slots, which are ideal for socks, panties, ties, scarves, and other hard-to-fold small clothing items.


Hang Up Scattered Bags In This 6-Pocket Organizer

Hang this durable fabric and plastic organizer onto your closet door and tidy up scattered bags with barely any effort. Simply slide each bag into one of the six transparent pockets. They’re open on each side, so you can quickly put away your bags. The deep pocket design is also perfect for bath towels if you hate folding them.


Stick This Knife Bar Onto Your Fridge Without Any Effort

You can totally just pop this knife organizer right onto your fridge, thanks to its zero-effort magnetic design. Then, you have 15.75 inches of stainless steel bar to hang up all of your kitchen utensils. If you don’t want it on your fridge, it’s super easy to mount on your wall because it comes with simple hardware.


Tuck Away Skincare In This Oversized Organizer

This countertop organizer has an oversized design that’s perfect for hiding a bunch of skincare products. It’s complete with three drawers to tuck away all of your lip glosses, eyeshadow palettes, and mascara tubes that always look messy. Plus, this durable plastic organizer has slots on the top that make it easy to organize the rest of your skincare, including brushes, serums, and more in the eight top compartments.


Add These Dishwasher-Safe Jars To All Of Your Countertops

Grabbing a few of these BPA-free glass jars is way easier than figuring out where to tuck away crafting supplies, laundry detergent pods, coffee pods, candy, and other odds and ends. The dishwasher-safe design is complete with a silver lid that makes everything look cute and clean. Plus, they have a weighted bottom, so they’re even sturdy enough to store and scoop laundry detergent powder.


Drape Your Denim & Scarves Over This Versatile Tiered Hanger

This versatile organizer can hang vertically to save you closet space or horizontally so you can quickly grab your denim. The anti-rust frame is sturdy enough to just toss your denim and scarves on when you put away laundry. Plus, each rack has a non-slip cover and a grippy stopper on the end to keep your clothing items in place.


Organize Your Fridge With These Clear Bins That Have Handles

It’s easy to fill up your fridge (and make it seem organized) with these durable plastic storage bins that come in two different sizes. Each one has handles on each side to avoid dropping these transparent bins as you pull out your ingredients. These stackable organizers are even shatterproof, in case you drop one when you’re pulling out ingredients.


Stick Hairpins On This Magnetic Holder

You barely have to try to organize your hairpins with this metal holder. Simply pop this compact tray on your bathroom counter and throw your hair pins on top of it. The bowl shape and magnetic design catches them all without any effort on your part. Plus, your pins stay secure and organized if you accidentally knock the holder over.


Get Brooms Off Of Your Floor With This 5-Slot Hanger

This set of waterproof broom hangers saves you from picking up fallen-over mops and brooms every time you open your storage closet. Each organizer comes with easy installation hardware, five slots for hanging brooms, and six hooks for whatever other cleaning supplies are cluttering your closet floor. You can also stick one of these weatherproof hangers outside for stray yard supplies.


Toss Your Go-To Jackets On This Easy-To-Setup Coat Rack

This durable wooden coat rack is a quick way to tidy up your closet. Throw all of your go-to jackets (or simply the bulky ones) on the six sturdy hooks, and keep your umbrellas, hats, bags, and scarves handy too. Your closet will look less cluttered and this easy-to-assemble coat rack adds to your entryway decor.


Display Your Fruit In This 2-Tier Basket With A Banana Hook

This two-tier iron fruit basket is complete with unique hooks for an adorable spot to hang bananas. The durable wire design gives all of your fruit a designated space as well as some airflow, while also decorating your countertop. Of course, this pre-assembled basket also helps you keep your fridge less full, which is a bonus.


Hang Up Cleaning Supplies Or Shoes In This 24 Pocket Organizer

Grab one of these over-the-door hanging organizers for your shoes and another for all of your cleaning supplies. Sticking your multi-surface cleaner in one of the 24 clear pockets is way easier than trying to find an organized spot for it in your cabinet. Plus, this fabric organizer protects all of your accessories or cleaning supplies from dust.


Store Small Items In This Durable, Versatile Organizer With Drawers

This unique organizer is complete with 16 miniature drawers that are perfect for hiding away stray batteries, small screws, crafting supplies, office supplies, and more. Along with designated 5.25-inch long drawers, you also get four drawer dividers for extra-small things like paperclips. Plus, it has a hangable design so you can put it on the wall above a tool cabinet and add in all of your screws and nails.


Hang Up This Minimalist Rack For Easy Towel Storage

Instead of spending a bunch of time perfectly folding towels in your closet, mount this simple towel rack on the wall of your bathroom. The six-tier design lets you quickly roll up each towel to store them, and it doubles as decor. It’s also rust-resistant, which makes it ideal for the bathroom setting.


Pop Messy Kitchen Utensils In This Stainless Steel Holder

Grab this fingerprint-proof and stainless steel utensil holder instead of organizing any drawers. The extra large design is complete with a removable three-slot divider, so your utensils stand up straight and neat on your countertop. You can also spin this organizer to quickly grab utensils from each section.


Stick All Of Your Desk Clutter In This File Organizer

Every bit of your desk clutter can go in this three-level metal organizer. It has durable slots on top to keep your files and folders upright and two breathable mesh shelves that fit all kinds of papers or even your headphones. Unlike other file organizers, this one comes with a little basket that hangs on the side, giving you plenty of space on the side for pens, notepads, erasers, and more.


Stack Hairties & More On This Compact Organizer

This acrylic organizer is the perfect solution for a messy drawer full of scrunchies. All you have to do is stack 20 to 30 of your hair ties right onto the compact tube for easy, compact storage. With the hollow design, you can even stick extra scrunchies, hair ties, and barrettes inside this organizer.


Add Extra Closet Shelves With This Hanging Organizer

This organizer feels like a hack because it adds five shelves and six pockets to your closets, but all you have to do is hang it up — no handy skills required. The fabric mesh design is also way more breathable than other closet shelves, which makes it great for sweaters, towels, blankets, and well, anything. Each shelf is reinforced and 12 inches wide, so you can fit plenty of folded clothes on them.


Hang This Entryway Shelf Wherever Your Mail Piles Up

Pop this durable yet chic alloy steel shelf on your entryway wall, and your messy mail is taken care of (or at least tucked away). The decorative design conceals all of the cluttered mail, and it’s complete with five versatile key hooks. Plus, the rust-resistant design is perfect for hanging up your pup’s leash after a rainy walk.


Slide This Adjustable Organizer In Your Cutlery Drawer

The adjustable design of this drawer organizer gives you a bunch of designated space for extra cutlery, serving spoons, or even cooking tongs. It expands from 13 to 20 inches wide or six to eight slots, making this suitable for a large variety of kitchen drawers. Simply toss your silverware into the water-resistant slots, and they’ll instantly look tidy.


Adjust This Durable Shelf To Work With Annoying Pipes In Your Cabinet

This durable plastic shelf holds up to 40 pounds of your under-the-sink essentials. You can change up how wide and tall this quirky shelf is, so it fits right around any pipes or your sink disposal. There’s plenty of room to line up your extra hand soap bottles or cleaners, and the non-slip grips keep them secure.


Avoid Makeup-Stained Drawers With These Clear Organizers

These drawer organizers are clear and come in three different sizes, making them ideal for office supplies, jewelry, and of course, makeup. The BPA-free plastic means you can avoid makeup stains in your drawers, and you can clean them less. Plus, the clear design lets you see through these stackable bins to find your go-to concealer.


Pop These Cute Cactus Pencil Holders All Over Your House

Stick these cactus-shaped pencil holders all over your home, because they’re super versatile. Each one is big enough to clean up pens, eyeliner pencils, makeup brushes, and more without having to put together a bulky organizer. These zero-effort holders are aesthetically pleasing and also sturdy enough for the pencils you reach for the most.


Divide Messy Drawers With These Bamboo Inserts

You honestly don’t even have to take clutter out of your dresser to use these bamboo drawer dividers. Simply move workout socks to one side and cozy socks to the other before popping in one of these adjustable dividers. They’re complete with non-slip rubber ends that won’t catch on your socks or scratch up your drawer, which makes them ideal for every kind of drawer, whether it’s in the bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, or beyond.


Stack Your Sparkling Water In This Clear Organizer

This BPA-free can organizer makes all of your go-to sparkling waters look organized in your fridge because it fits nine 12-ounce cans or 11 7.5-ounce cans. It has an open-front design that makes it easy to grab the flavor you want, and the rest of them will just roll into place. If one of your cans spills, pop it in the sink because it’s super easy to wash.


Hang Your Jewelry On This Adjustable Holder

Using this six-tier jewelry holder is just as easy as throwing your necklaces on your bedside table — but it keeps them super organized and less likely to tangle. There are four tiers with holes that hold onto your dangling earrings and hoops, and you can also adjust the height and direction of the arms to fit your extra-long necklaces. Of course, there’s also a linen tray to securely stick your rings and studs in, and if you really feel compelled to just toss your jewelry somewhere, you can just throw stuff into the wooden tray.


Tuck Away Extra Sheets & Clothes In These Under-Bed Organizers

With these breathable under-bed organizers with handles, you don’t even have to try to fold that fitted sheet. So, go ahead and bunch it up, and these secure zipper bags will keep it hidden under your bed. The clear top lets you see what’s inside, but the opaque sides make these bags look organized under your bed.


Add Cereal To These Air-Tight Containers For Quick Pouring

These air-tight containers let you avoid a grocery store trip to replace stale cereal. Their BPA-free clear plastic design makes your pantry look more organized than mismatched cereal boxes, and they’ll keep your food fresher for longer. The 16 included labels are totally reusable, and the handy lid on top makes it quicker to pour your cereal.


Fill Your Closet With These Matching Velvet Hangers

These space-saving hangers make your closet look tidy without actually having to organize your clothes. Quickly pop all of your clothes on these hangers that hold up to 10 pounds each, and the built-in notches and grippy velvet texture will hold them in place. Not only are these slim hangers practical, they’ll also give your closet a chic and matching aesthetic.


Stick Stray Coffee Pods In This Compact Organizer

There’s not really any organizing necessary with this three-drawer coffee pod organizer, because you simply add your pods in. This organizer has three drawers for separating 36 flavored, normal, and decaf coffee pods, and each compartment has a center divider. Plus, there’s room on top for your Keurig or mug tree.


Pop Your Laptop On This Breathable Desk Organizer

This desk organizer fits your computer screen or laptop on top, but it also holds a bunch of desk clutter. There are four pockets on the side that are sturdy enough to hold onto your phone, sticky notes, and writing utensils. There’s also a mesh tray with plenty of airflow for files or even for tucking your tablet under your laptop.


Hang This Toothpaste Dispenser Next To Your Bathroom Sink

Use the easy adhesive to stick your this sleek toothpaste dispenser onto your wall, instead of storing everything on your bathroom counter. In addition to holding your toothpaste, this organizer even hangs up your toothbrushes and protects the bristles with a dust-proof cover. It also gives you two rinsing cups that dry quickly in their magnetic hanging spot and extra storage in the form of a little drawer and top shelf.


Slide This 3-Tier Shelf Into Countertop Corners

This versatile bamboo-top shelf takes care of all kinds of countertop clutter. The turnable design means you can stick this in the corner or flush on your counter. It’s complete with hooks and stainless steel legs that won’t rust if you display it next to the sink.