Keeping Your House Nice Is Hard, But These 45 Clever Things Make It SO Much Easier

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Even after you’ve done all of the renovations and upgrades that you want to your house, maintaining its beauty and organization is tricky. Especially if you have a house full of kids or pets, begging to make a mess of it all. I’ve shopped around and found solutions to all of your cleaning and organization woes. Keeping your house nice is hard, but these 45 clever things make it so much easier.

Protecting your investments is a no-brainer, but you may not realize there are plenty of affordable tools that will keep your higher-priced items looking their best. Check out the covers that protect your refrigerator handles from sticky fingers, or the canvas baskets that look good while hiding a mess of toys, blankets, or crafts. Little purchases like coasters or dedicated organizers for each room can help to protect your home from future damage.

Some wear and tear is inevitable when it comes to your house, so when things start to look a little dingy, try one of the restoration products I included, such as cleaners for windows, mirrors, or metal fixtures. I also added a repair kit for wooden floors or furniture, as well as one for repairing leather. These small maintenance hacks will preserve your favorite home pieces while you enjoy them.

Staying clean and tidy is no simple task, but you can rely on these highly rated and reviewed Amazon products to help you along the way.


A Mini Desk Vacuum That’s Rechargeable

If your desk is the messiest place in your home, you’ll love this adorable mini vacuum. It cleans up dust and crumbs from desktops, tables, counters, floors, and even keyboards. The rechargeable hand vacuum gets into corners and crevices, and you can clean out its filter with the push of a button. It comes with an attachable vacuum nozzle, a manual, brush, and USB charging cable.


The Covers For Your Fridge To Combat Fingerprints

Over time, grime inevitably builds up on your refrigerator door handles. These plush, protective sleeves keep stains, water drip, fingerprints, and smudges at bay, and they’re totally inexpensive. This pair of machine-washable covers features velcro closures, which you can adjust to fit your door’s handles. Choose from a variety of sizes and quantities so you can protect your other appliances, too.


These Furniture Leg Socks To Prevent Scratching

These stretchy furniture leg covers provide an easy way to protect your floors from scratches. They fit chair legs with diameters between two and eight inches and the set includes 16 covers that can stretch over a variety of leg shapes to keep your home looking brand new.


A DIY Wood Furniture And Flooring Repair Kit

Restore any wood flooring or furniture with this repair kit that’s an Amazon bestseller. It easily fills chips, cracks, and other imperfections in wooden furniture, molding, laminate, edging, baseboard, and even decks. This set includes ten repair compounds in various colors, a spatula, an application brush, a wood putty stick, and a mixing jar.


This Bug Trap That Doesn’t Rely On Harsh Chemicals

Insects are no match for this bug trap, as it uses a powerful UV light to draw all sorts of pests onto the glue board hidden inside. Unlike some traps, it doesn’t rely on harsh chemicals — and many reviewers even wrote about how it’s “worth every penny.”


The Leather Cleaning And Recoloring Kit For Quick Fixes

Make your tired and worn leather look as good as new with this cleaner and repair kit. The first step of the kit includes cleaning your leather to remove deeply ingrained dirt and grime while prepping the surface for step two: recoloring. It restores faded leather and protects leather surfaces for the future. This kit comes in 12 colored compounds that can be mixed to match your leather.


A Motion-Activated Keyhole Light For Your Door

There is a budget-friendly solution to fumbling around in the dark, looking for your keys: this motion-activated light. The LED light comes on when you approach the door, illuminating the keyhole so you can quickly and easily unlock it. It comes with screws or an adhesive to attach to your door and has two modes: daytime or nighttime. You can also use it in cabinets or drawers for extra light on a budget.


This Cable Management Box That Conceals Cords

How can your home look its best with messy cords and cables contributing to clutter? This cable management box set is the simple, affordable solution that conceals power strips and loose wires so you can see the room and not the accessories that make it come alive. This set includes three boxes of a variety of sizes and is available in two colors.


A Compact Drawer And Shelf Combo For The Kitchen

This small drawer adds usable storage space to your cluttered cabinets. The compact shelf features three tiers and a pull-out drawer. Stack spices or canned goods on the organizer so you can easily see everything at once. It easily fits in your kitchen, however, it’s versatile enough that you could use it to organize your bathroom or craft area.


These Stain-Resistant Comforters In 20 Colors

Finding a comforter that’s luxurious yet easy to maintain can be tricky, but this microfiber blanket is stain-resistant to keep it looking brand new. This $35 find features a down-alternative fill and double-sided box quilting that looks expensive and feels cozy. It’s super soft and lightweight enough to use year-round. Whenever it does need a clean, wash it in your machine on cold and gentle cycles. Choose from 20 colors.


The Bamboo Shoe Shelf For Your Entryway

If your shoes and the shoes of every guest that enters your home are sprawled out all over the hallway floor, this is the attractive solution you need in your home. This sustainable bamboo entryway shelf has two tiers where you can store shoes and boots, as well as purses and a basket for umbrellas. Buy a couple and stack them on top of each other for additional storage.


These Grippers That Stop Furniture From Sliding Around

Tired of your furniture sliding back a few inches whenever you sit down? These grippers work to keep couches, chairs, and more firmly in place. The adhesive backing lets you stick them right into place — and with their solid felt core, they can also help prevent scratches on your hard floors.


The Spoon Rests That Keep Counters Clean

This kitchen counter gadget is a chef’s dream because it makes post-meal clean-up a breeze. The food-grade, BPA-free plastic utility rests are designed for you to set spoons, pot lids, and other utensils on to avoid making a mess. The multifunctional rest keeps utensils separate and, thanks to the high lip around the edge, catches any liquids before they drip on your counters. This pack comes with two.


These Canvas Baskets That Can Hold 25 Pounds

If you’re looking for versatile storage that also looks good, try these metal frame storage bins. The rectangular baskets are made of canvas and feature a heavy-duty bottom board and frame that extends to create a rigid shape that supports up to 25 pounds. Use them for spare linens, toys, or craft supplies. The faux leather handles are elegant and modern, making this a no-brainer when it comes to upgrading your storage.


This Dual Lazy Susan Made Of Stylish Bamboo

This bamboo lazy Susan is convenient, sturdy, and stylish, so you can leave it out on your counters without it messing up your home’s aesthetic. It has two tiers that each spin 360 degrees with ease, with three pegs that fit into pre-drilled holes to make assembly a breeze. Each tier has a rim to keep items from sliding off. It measures 10 inches in diameter and serves as the perfect spot for storing spices, produce, or even essential oils.


The Cover That Helps Keep Patio Furniture Clean

If you’re tired of having to constantly wash your patio cushions, this cover is a total game-changer. It’s waterproof as well as UV-resistant, which helps keep your furniture clean regardless of the weather. Plus, it comes in two sizes: small or large.


A Pack Of Rustic Corner Shelves For Unusable Space

These unique corner shelves make use of wall space in your home you’d otherwise ignore. This two-pack comes with dark rustic-looking wood shelves and four black metal brackets to secure them to the wall. The right-angle shelves fit perfectly into any corner or nook.


These Unbreakable Cups For Your Next Party

Host a party without the fear of broken glass with these unbreakable cups. They’re eco-friendly and even made from reclaimed materials such a natural wheat straw and starch. They’re biodegradable and won’t break or chip — even if you run them through the dishwasher, microwave, or even store them in the freezer. This pack of five comes in a variety of colors so your guests can keep track of their drinks.


The Grout Pens That Make Tile Look Brand New

Give your tile an upgrade and avoid scrubbing in the future with these grout pens. This kit comes with a foldable cleaning brush that gets tough, stuck-on grime, as well as two beige-colored grout pens that easily cover dingy grout lines. This pack includes two replacement nibs for the pens so you can revamp your whole space for less than $20.


A Quick-Drying Bath Mat That Prevents Slipping

Keep your bathroom smelling fresh by avoiding common mold traps. Your bath mat is one of those spots, but with this textured mat, you can worry less about mildew because it dries so quickly. It’s made of PVC loofah material that secures itself to the floor without suction cups. The material is resistant to scum and can be washed in warm water.


This Unique Metal Brush That Eliminates Pet Hair

Eliminate pet hair from your favorite sofa with this magic tool that should cost a lot more than $10. This metal brush features a wooden handle, which is comfortable in your hand. In addition to handling pet hair and fur, you can use this tool to gently brush your couch and trim loose strings and banish pilling.


These Crowd-Favorite, Reusable Chalk Labels

Keeping your house organized can feel like an uphill battle, but with the help of these reusable labels, now your whole family can help out. This pack includes 96 labels that stick to glass bottles, jars, or plastic containers and a chalk pen that is erasable. This pack is Amazon’s #1 bestseller of “removable labels,” earning nearly 20,000 reviews.


The Sink Mat That Fits Around Your Faucet

Keep sitting water in your kitchen to a minimum with this sink mat. It wraps around the base of your sink and absorbs splashes or drips. The protective mesh material dries super quickly and can be machine washed and dried. It has a snap that secures the mat around your faucet and comes in three colors.


These Fun Wall Hooks That Encourage Tidying Up

Looking for whimsical solutions that will get your kids to pick up their stuff (or keep you motivated as an adult)? Try these wall hooks that look like little characters scaling the wall. The “buddy” wall hooks can hold up to five pounds — ideal for jackets, lightweight bags, and towels. This pack of three includes mounting hardware and adds a fun touch to any space.


The Glass Wax That Polishes Windows and Mirrors

Do your windows, mirrors, or metal fixures look tired and worn? This professional glass wax is the solution you’ve been searching for. It polishes and protects glass and metal by simply rubbing on and buffing the wax off. It goes on dark pink but dries to a chalky white so you know when it’s time to remove it. This little bottle will give your windows and mirrors a streak-free finish.


A Low-Pile Doormat That Absorbs Water Quickly

A durable doormat can save your floors from sitting water, mud, and snow, but not all doormats are created equally. This heavy-duty option is waterproof, low-profile, and easy to clean. It’s made with highly absorbent polypropylene fabric in a low pile that allows doors to easily open over the mat. To clean it, you can use a vacuum or hose, and the manufacturer says it’s safe to machine wash as well.


These Door Draft Stoppers That Keep Bedrooms Warm

These weather-stripping door draft stoppers fit onto your door to keep out sound and light and to regulate temperature. The transparent seal traps heat in or out, depending on the season, so you can cut electrical costs. Installing it is as easy as cutting it to size, peeling back the adhesive tape, and sticking it onto your door. You can use it anywhere to close gaps in garages, basements, beds, or even cabinets.


An Organizer That Can Fit More Than 90 Batteries

If you have a drawer that’s filled with loose batteries, consider transferring them into this organizer. There are dedicated slots for AA, AAA, 9-volt, C, and D batteries, and the transparent lid helps keep them all safe from dust. Plus, each order comes with a battery tester included.


This Modern Trash Can With A Handy Foot Pedal

This simple upgrade will make your whole house instantly cleaner: a new trash can. This one has a helpful foot pedal that opens and closes to lock in odors when you’re not using it. It also has a brushed stainless steel body that’s fingerprint-resistant, along with a removable inner bucket for easy cleaning.


A Set Of Nesting, Wooden Coasters To Protect Tables

These wooden coasters look like expensive decor accents when they’re not in use, but function beautifully at protecting your table from ring marks. The four-piece natural acacia wood and cork coasters nest into one another when stacked and offer a sturdy lip to keep drinks from spilling. The cord bed absorbs moisture to keep your tabletops in pristine condition.


The Fabric Pins That Are Magnetic And Release Easily

These genius magnetic pins ensure you never wake up with your duvet bunched up at the foot of your duvet cover. The easy-release pins secure up to 10 pounds so you can also use them for hanging curtains, pinning comforters, or securing couch covers in place. This set comes with eight pins.


These Traps That Help Protect Food From Moths

Hang one of these traps inside your pantry, and it’ll attract moths so that they stay out of your food. They’re designed to work with nearly any type of moth — and the hook on top makes it easy to hang them wherever you want. Plus, each trap lasts for up to three months.


The Sheer Curtains That Repel Dust And Dog Hair

The best way to keep your curtains clean is to dedicate time to wash them properly, but let’s be real — there’s not always enough time in the day for that. That’s why reviewers love these anti-dust sheer curtain panels. They’re made of a textured material that is anti-dust, anti-allergen, and repels pet hair, so your curtains stay cleaner longer. This polyester-blend set features a slide-through curtain rod pocket. Choose from three sizes and three colors.


The Magnetic Curtain Tie-Backs That Look Stylish

Don’t just push your curtains open, tie them back with these magnetic curtain holders that keep them in place and add a charming accent. Not only are they easy to use, but they’re also decorative with a modern spindle-shaped clasp and rope tie that’s stylish.


A Pack Of Odor-Beating Lavender Sachets For Home

Keep your closet smelling fresh by hanging a few of these lavender sachets over your hangers. The small bags are filled with French lavender, which has a calming fragrance that can reduce odors and boost your mood. Place one in your gym bag or by the door where everyone leaves their shoes. This set comes with 24 sachets.


The Self-Watering Pots That Hydrate Your Plants

These self-water planters make it easy to care for your plants, even if you don’t have the greenest thumb. The 6-inch pots feature a large, transparent basin that can hold excess water, which plants absorb through a connecting cotton rope. This set of three is available in gray and white and will water your plants for up to about a week, depending on the plant and time of year.


These Covers That Fill The Gaps On Your Countertop

Cover the space between your stove and countertop to keep it free from messes with this set of stove gap fillers. The flexible silicone is easy to cut to match the depth of your appliance, and the T-shaped profile slides easily into place for a super-simple setup. Its nonslip construction won’t slide around and it provides a seamless fit.


A Slim, Sleek Rolling Cart For Extra Storage Anywhere

If you need some additional storage, check out this rolling three-tier cart. It has more than 5,000 reviews, and many reviewers have raved about how easy the trolley-style cart is to move from room to room, as well as how the durable wheel brakes keep it from rolling away on its own. It’s made of plastic and stainless steel so it's easy to wipe down, plus its narrow size is perfect for storing in your bathroom, laundry room, or kitchen.


A Fitted Sheet That Can Help Extend The Life Of Your Mattress

Even if you’ve never spilled anything on your bed, the moisture your body gives off while you sleep can gradually wear away at your mattress — unless you have this protective fitted sheet. It’s ultra-quiet as well as cool, which means it’s less likely to leave you sweating at night. Plus, the extra-deep pocket fits beds up to 18 inches tall.


These Guide Lights That Easily Install On Your Outlets

Adding custom lighting to your home can be a huge investment, but these outlet guide lights are a budget-friendly solution — plus they have 11,000 reviews. This pack comes with two outlet plates that have a built-in light and don’t require batteries or wires. They snap on easily without occupying one of your outlets and they come in four colors.


A Container That Saves Bacon Grease For Later

Using bacon grease in your cooking can add another depth of flavor to your meals, but pouring it into plasticware while it’s still hot isn’t the best idea — so grab this container. It’s made from tough stainless steel that won’t melt, and even features a built-in strainer to remove any burnt bits, leaving you with just the oil.


These Storage Cubes That Come In Tons Of Colors

Whether your shelves look messy or you’d like to organize your closets, these storage cubes are a solid pick. They come in 10 different shades, making it easy to coordinate them with the colors in your home. Plus, they fold down when you aren’t using them, making it easy to stash them away in cramped homes.


A Paper Towel Holder That’s Sleek & Stylish

Not all paper towel holders are created equal — this one has a stylish chrome finish, making it a sleek addition to any kitchen. It’s large enough to fit nearly any roll, and many reviewers reported that it’s heavy enough to keep it from skidding across your counters when ripping sheets off.


This Bidet That’s Easy To Install

Not only does this bidet attachment not require any special tools for installation, but many reviewers were able to get the job done in just a few short minutes. The water pressure is easily adjustable using the small knob on the side — and unlike some bidets, this one is designed to fit onto any standard-sized toilet.


The Clothing Rack Dividers For Organizing Your Closet

Do you share a closet with your partner? Or do you want to make putting clothes away a bit easier? Try these clothing rack dividers. This pack of 16 comes with 60 labels that you can add to each divider to make it easier to find what you’re looking for. Use it to label colors or outfits, or just separate what is yours from what belongs to your partner. The sturdy plastic labels go over your closet pole and sit above hangers so you can clearly read them.

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