Keeping Your House Nice Is Hard, But These Clever Things Help You To Do It With Half The Effort

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It’s easy to want a home that’s more organized, a home that’s a little tidier, or a home that just looks good, but that’s easier said than done sometimes. There’s no ifs, ands, or buts about it: keeping your house nice is hard. But, thankfully, it isn’t impossible, especially when you consider there are tons of genius products on Amazon that can help keep your space looking spiffy without putting forth a ton of effort.

Think of something as simple as your cookware. Having a mix of wooden, silicone, and metal utensils can feel a bit chaotic. Instead, grab the affordable pack of durable 100% acacia wood utensils on this list. The wood grain is so stunning, you’ll want to show them off.

There’s also a key hanger with a mail slot and a shelf for home decor on this list. Basically, it’s the only thing you need if your entryway to catch all of those random items you need before leaving the house. This list is also full of clever takes on necessities, like collapsible plastic storage bins and an extra-slim foldable laundry hamper.

Whether it’s design pieces or handy home solutions, these are the things to grab to make your home a little nicer with very little effort.


A Cable Management Box That Organizes & Hides Unsightly Cords

This cable management box can fit an entire power strip, effectively hiding one of the biggest home eyesores. This simple, sleek box has three slots on each side for charging cables to go through, allowing you to keep things organized. That also means you can arrange this wood top box wherever you need it (even between two pieces of furniture) and still access all of your cords.


The Magnetic Shelves That Add Storage To Your Kitchen

This pack of magnetic shelves let you add aesthetic looking-storage to your kitchen without messing up any of your metal appliances. With heavy-duty magnets and four included hooks, they give you a spot for your most-reached for ingredients or tools right on the front of your fridge, and they can hold up to 5 pounds each. They come in black, white, and even a retro red option to perfectly mesh with the rest of your space.


A Door Draft Stopper That Prevents So Many Problems

Dust, heat and air escaping, noise, and even bugs are a few of the problems this door draft stopper prevents. There’s also no need to remove that old rubber draft stopper underneath your door because this one sticks right to the surface of your door. The adhesive is also extra-strong, and the entire setup is non-toxic.


This Wall-Mounted Holder For Brooms, Mops & Other Cleaning Supplies

This stainless steel hanging rack has three rubber slots that clamp onto brooms, mops, and that extendable ceiling duster, keeping them off of the floor. Better yet, this cleaning tools organizer has four classic hooks for hanging up your reusable paper towels and handheld dusters. In total, it can hold 50 pounds of supplies. This mountable organizer is weather-proof, in case you want to use it outside in the garage for gardening tools.


These Night Lights With Sleek Little Motion Sensors

The sleek little white bead on the front of these LED night lights is actually a motion sensor. With an extra sensor that turns each light off when it’s daytime, this plug-in solution is perfect for a hallway, bedroom, or bathroom. They also let you control how bright the light is, which is extra helpful if you’re using them as a bedroom nightlight.


These Shelf Dividers That Will Keep Towels & Clothes From Toppling Over

These shelf dividers stop you from creating a mound of clothes or bags on your closet shelves. The soft non-woven fabric sections off your shelf, so you pretty much have to fold your clothes and stack them neatly. The steel frame securely attaches to your shelf without any screws and helps you organize your bath towels, sweaters, purses, and more.


This Organizer That Will *Finally* Get Your Intimates Drawer In Order

This drawer organizer can help your mornings go a little smoother — no more digging through a deep, dark intimates drawer looking for the exact beige bra you need or a pair or socks that match. This four-piece set has a seven-slot bin for bras, an eight-slot bin for underwear, a 24-slot bin for socks, and a six-slot bin for scarves, tights, or whatever else you need to organize. This non-woven fabric set also comes in six colors, including brown, gray, turquoise, and pink.


The Reusable Cloths That Keep Your Surfaces Clean & Dry With Little Effort

Not only do these super absorbent Swedish dish cloths replace paper towels, but they’re complete with a diamond texture for scrubbing off tub stains and sticky food, thus keeping your tub, counters, and dishes dryer and cleaner with less effort on your part. Use these to clean everything from windows and mirrors to appliances, dishes, shelves, and everything in between. These can be used to wipe down any surface with ease.


These Soft Pillowcases That Are Wrinkle & Fade Resistant

These soft pillowcases are wrinkle resistant, so they’ll look great on your bed for years to come. Best of all, you can wash them a little less often because the moisture-wicking fabric won’t make you sweat while you sleep. When you do need to wash them, the 100% microfiber fabric is fade-resistant, which will also help out with how often you need to replace them.


A 30-Pack Of Velvet Hangers That Will Keep Your Closet In Order

With these slim velvet hangers, your closet will be a lot more organized. Not only do they have a universally appealing look, but the grippy yet soft velvet will keep even your silkiest tank tops and dresses firmly in place. Complete with swivel hooks, each of these 30 hangers holds up to 10 pounds, making these suitable for heavier jackets and sweaters.


These Non-Stick Liners That Keep The Bottom Of Your Oven Clean

Place these non-stick liners in the bottom of your oven to catch rogue bits of batter, drippy cheese, and other things that are a pain to clean. You get two large sheets to line the bottom of your gas or electric oven, and you can easily trim them to fit your oven’s exact dimensions. They don’t require any adhesive, so it’s super easy to pull them out and wash off anytime your baked pasta overflows. These liners are safe to clean via wiping, washing in the sink, or going through a cycle in the dishwasher.


This Shoe Organizer That Fits Snuggly Under Your Bed

You’ll never wear those shoes at the bottom of that unsightly plastic storage bin, so organize them in this under-bed shoe organizer instead. This organizer can fit 24 shoes, and you can see every last pair with the durable clear top. Your shoes also won’t get musty or dusty under your bed because this set of organizers is made with breathable non-woven fabric.


A Compact Knife Block That Can Fit All Kinds Of Cutlery

This stainless steel knife block has a tall and slim design that is way more compact than classic knife blocks — it’s only 4 inches wide — yet it can hold up to 12 knives and a pair of scissors. It’s complete with a small drainage hole at the bottom in case your knife to prevent mold, and the slot-less design can fit any variety of knives. Best of all, the bottom is weighted to keep your cutlery extra secure.


This Glass Bathroom Accessories Set In Matching Vintage Styles

Each of the jars in this glass bathroom set are complete with matching vintage accents and a pre-printed pack of labels, helping you to keep your cotton rounds, cotton swabs, soap, and toothbrushes organized. All of the stainless steel lids have a water-resistant coating, and the glass look easily lets you see how much lotion or cotton rounds you have left. Plus, these lids come in black, bronze, or brushed nickel to match the rest of your bathroom.


These Floating Shelves That Let You Show Off Your Mementos In Style

The geometric wire and wood design of these floating shelves looks nicer and less clunky on your wall than bigger, bulkier shelving systems. They hold up to two pounds each, making these great for odds and ends like photos, souvenirs, and succulents. This hanging storage solution comes in a few unique shapes like hexagon shelves and even a crescent moon, making them suitable for different vibes and different rooms.


These Smart Bulbs That Can Slowly Brighten In The Mornings

These LED smart lightbulbs can be synced with your Amazon Alexa or Google Home Assistant to be controlled via voice commands. And you can, of course, set them on timers or turn them off and on no matter where you are with an app. What makes these a bit unique is that these light bulbs can help you slowly wake up with a wake up mode that slowly brightens in the morning; there’s also a sunset option to subtly dim the bulbs throughout the evening.


This Hanging Basket For All Of Your Cabinets

This wire hanging basket can be used in your cabinets to store everything from cleaning supplies to extra shampoo and soap to office supplies — or anything in between. With a simple over-the-door design and sturdy hooks that won’t damage your wood, this nearly footlong basket can hold all of your essentials, freeing up more cabinet space.


A Can Organizer To Make More Room In The Fridge

You can stop cluttering your fridge with boxes of sparkling water and soda thanks to this can organizer. This BPA-free fridge add-on gives you more space for ingredients and leftovers (AKA — you can grocery shop less often). Each one holds nine 12-ounce cans or 11 7.5-ounce cans. These bins are easy to wipe clean and can even be used in the pantry.


This Desktop Organizer That’s Cute & Useful

Made of natural wood and available in four different finishes, this desktop organizer comes in two pieces that can be arranged to suit your exact needs, desktop dimensions, and personal style. Reviewers note that this shelf system is easy to build and that it can hold an astonishing amount of stuff, keeping your home office organized and clean.


A Set Of Coordinating Bath Towels That Are Made From Soft Cotton

If you’re looking for an easy way to upgrade the look and feel of your bathroom, start by getting a matching set of towels. Available in 13 different colors, this soft cotton set comes with everything you need for a coordinated bathroom including two bath towels, two hand towels, and four washcloths. This plush, double stitched hemmed set is an Amazon shopper favorite with over 30,000 five-star reviews.


These Modern Stainless Steel Containers That Keep Your Food Fresh

These stainless steel containers prove you don’t have to go with the plastic or glass look for your pantry organization. The glass windows still let you see how much is left of your pasta or quinoa, all while giving your cabinets a total modern vibe. Best of all, you still get a secure storage solution with the screw on, airtight lids that keep your food fresher for longer — they just look more sleek.


This Mesh Tape That Keeps Your Rugs Secure & Flat

This mesh tape keeps the corners of your rug from rolling up, keeping your floors looking their best and keeping you safe from tripping on rolls and bumps. The thick, strong tape sticks to your carpet and your floor without causing any damage, all while preventing your rugs from moving around.


These Stove Gap Covers That Stop Gross Drips & Spills

These stove gap covers are made from dishwasher-safe silicone, so you won’t have to pull out the stove to clean (which is always a little terrifying), because these will catch any rogue drips from the stove. Just be sure to trim down these extra-long covers to fit your unique counter.


These Linen Bins To Replace Messy Storage Baskets

There’s a little secret to making basket organization look tidy — these linen bins with lids. Instead of those lidless baskets that show all of your clutter, these collapsable bins look cleaner, and they’re stackable. If you’re worried about forgetting what’s in each one, they’re complete with handy pockets for labels and small little windows on the sides.


These LED Lights To Add Aesthetic Lighting To Your Closets, Stairs & Kitchen

These under cabinet LED lights can add some warm lighting to shadowy areas of your home, including under kitchen cabinets, hallways, stairways, closets, and more. They have a remote that you can set timers with or adjust brightness levels, or you can simply touch each one to turn them off and on. They run for 100 hours on one set of batteries and come with adhesive tape and screws so you can easily put them wherever.


A Water-Resistant Mat That Relieves Back & Foot Pain

That occasional cooking spill is way less stressful with this cushioned kitchen mat because it’s water, stain-, and even oil-resistant. So you’re good even if you spill some avocado oil. Not only will it look nice dinner after dinner — it’s also cushioned and non-slip, which alleviates some strain in your feet, knees, and lower back as you work in the kitchen. Choose from black, brown, or gray, and each one will have a grippy diamond print.


A 2-Pack Of Easy-To-Install Towel Hooks That Easily Match Your Bathroom

These towel hooks easily match your bathroom hardware (even if it’s a trendy gold) with four colors to choose from. They’re also complete with a hidden mounting setup, so they’ll look like they were already a part of your bathroom. These hooks also have an anti-rust and anti-corrosion design — a bathroom must.


An Entire Set Of Acacia Wood Utensils That Are Pretty & Practical

If you don’t already have a utensil crock on your countertop, these wooden utensils will make you want to grab one — the 100% acacia wood is something you’ll definitely want to display. This lightweight set comes with seven must-have pieces of cookware, including three spatulas, a slotted spoon, a mixing spoon, a salad spoon, and a salad fork. Unlike bamboo utensils, these won’t crack and unlike plastic, these won’t melt, making these durable, nonstick tools a worthwhile investment.


An Expandable Drawer Organizer To Keep Your Flatware & Knives Organized

Finally — your utensils won’t scratch up all of your kitchen drawers with this bamboo drawer organizer. It expands from 17.5 to 20 inches wide to protect all of your unique drawers from scratches, and you get the bonus of handy sections to organize everything. With five distinctive sections, you can even give your chef’s knives their own slot to also make your drawers a little safer.


A Waffle-Knit Shower Curtain That You Can Toss In The Washing Machine

With this minimalist shower curtain, you don’t have to rely on only your waterproof shower curtain liner to catch every drop of water. The waffle-knit fabric is as soft as the one you’re used to, but it’s also water-repellant. It comes in 10 colors, plus it’s machine-washable, which is way easier to clean than vinyl shower curtains.


A Bamboo Paper Towel Holder That Mounts On Your Wall

This paper towel holder is easy to hang on your wall, under a cabinet, or even behind your pantry door. It’s made of attractive, durable bamboo, which will match your kitchen regardless of your decor or appliances. Not only will this wall-mounted paper towel holder give you back precious counter space, it will also keep your roll far away from rogue splashes of water, making your paper towels last longer.


An Under-The-Sink Organizer With A Cup For Your Cleaning Brush

This under-the-sink organizer is complete with a handy little cup to hold your bathtub cleaning brush or your dish brush — depending on which sink it’s under. It also comes with six hooks for your sponges and cleaning cloths, clearing up so much space under your skin. If your dish soap spills, both of the shelves have drainage holes for easy rinsing.


These Artificial Succulents That Looks *So* Realistic

Add some greenery to your space without worrying about keeping plants alive with these artificial succulents. You get four different types of succulents, so they look like you took the time to pick them out at a farmers market. They come in matching white pots, adding a pop of color and coordination to your space with almost no effort on your part, especially when it comes to watering.


A Cabinet Organizer That Keeps Bakeware Organized & Scratch-Free

Adding more storage space with this cabinet organizer is a cinch. The seven wire dividers are adjustable to keep all of your pans, baking tins, and cutting boards vertical and easily accessible no matter their different widths. The non-slip plastic base isn’t too bulky, while the wires will firmly stay in place without scratching your bakeware.


This Soft Sherpa Throw Blanket That’s Still Breathable

You don’t need to buy a cozy blanket and a lightweight one with this sherpa throw blanket. The fluffy microfiber design is still breathable enough to curl up with on warmer days. With a non-shedding design, you can even add it to your bedding without worrying about the plush fabric getting all over your duvet.


The Sink Strainer & Stopper That Can Hang Out In Your Sink All The Time

This sink strainer is the only tool you’ll need for your sink because it’s also a stopper. Plus, you don’t have to find a spot for your stopper when you’re not using it. It has a twisting design, so you can stop up the sink without removing it. When you’re all done with dishes, it’s easy to bend the silicone and dump all of the gross food bits in the trash, wipe this strainer clean, and put it back in the sink.


These Refrigerator Handle Covers You Can Pull Off & Wash

Pull off these velcro handle covers and wash them every few days, and the front of your fridge is good to go. The cotton material absorbs food, oily fingerprints, and dust, which is especially helpful if you have a stainless steel fridge. These gray covers are available in five different sizes, which makes them suitable for any refrigerator, and they come in packs of two, three, four, or five, so you can use them on your oven door and microwave as well.


A Key Hanger That Doubles As Your Entryway Table

This key hanger is the solution if you don’t exactly have the space for an entryway table. You can pop all of your unread mail in the rustic little mail holder with a slatted design. There’s even a small shelf space for sunglasses, a wallet, or even just a succulent to spruce up your space. Of course, you’ll also get four double hooks to hang keys, your small trendy purse, face masks, a dog leash, or an umbrella.


This Grout Refreshing Pen That’s Effortless To Use

This waterproof pen is a sneaky way to refresh your grout and make everyone think that you totally renovated your bathroom. It comes as a wide tip or narrow tip marker, so it’ll even work on those tiny trendy tiles. There’s also no need to press too hard with this effortless and non-toxic pen — it’ll refresh your grout with little to no effort.


A Sink Caddy That Keeps All Your Soap, Sponges & Rags In Order

Fix your mismatched sink setup with this stainless steel organizer. It replaces your soap dispenser tray, sponge holder, brush holder, and your washcloth hanger, all in one compact space. Plus, the entire caddy has drainage holes and a removable tray to catch excess water. Grab this stainless steel organizer in medium or large, depending on how many dishwashing essentials you have.


A Slim Fabric Hamper That Fits In Tiny Bedrooms & Laundry Rooms

Even if your washing machine and dryer are stuffed in a small closet, this slim laundry hamper will probably fit. It’s just 8 inches wide, but it’s still structured with removable rods, so you can keep it on the floor. This waterproof hamper also folds up extra-small, so you could even take it with you on vacation.


This Foldable Bin That’s Still Made Of Sturdy Plastic

This is the collapsible bin to grab if you really love sturdy plastic storage. This bin is just like your normal plastic tub, making it ideal for toys, paperwork, snacks, or clothes, but it comes apart and folds down like a soft fabric bin. Each one has a durable handle on top and classic latches on the sides to keep the lids secure. Grab this storage solution in white, pink, or blue.


A Bathroom Trash Can That’s Sleek Yet Affordable

This stainless trash can is ideal for your bathroom, because it keeps all of your trash hidden away, but despite being made of a premium material, it’s surprisingly cheap. This trash can is also fingerprint resistant, so you don’t have to waste any of your pricey stainless steel cleaning products on it, and it has a removable basket that makes cleaning any spills a breeze.


A Desk Mat That Protects Your Desk From Spills & Hot Laptops

About mid-work day, when your laptop starts to overheat, this faux leather desk mat will protect your desk. It also gives you a grippy non-slip surface so your coffee mug doesn’t tip over while you work. If a coffee spill does happen, this double-sided mat is even waterproof. It also makes your desk look sleeker than a clunky mouse pad, and yes — your mouse will glide with ease over this mat.


A Hanging Organizer To Store Your Sauces & Cleaning Supplies

Store all of your bottled cleaning supplies, pantry ingredients, or beauty products in this over-the-door hanging organizer. The 24 clear slots let you see all of your essentials, so you never buy a new multi-surface cleaner when you already have one. This over-buying solution is also adjustable with three stainless steel hooks that easily attach to your pantry or closet door.