Mercury Retrograde Winter 2022 Do’s & Don’ts

Double-check everything.

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Buckle up. On Jan. 14, the planet of communication will be spending its backspin in unpredictable Aquarius and no-BS Capricorn — so expect shocking truths, and beware of ex flings. Prepare for Mercury retrograde’s cosmic drama with these do's and don'ts.

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DO: Double-Check Your Tech

Not only is technology super sensitive during Mercury retrograde, but it's stirring the pot in tech-obsessed Aquarius, so expect there to be glitches in your phone and social media to get wonky. Save your work often, fix your spelling, and check your emails.

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DON’T: Make Commitments

Mercury retrograde is notorious for brain fog, so hold off on signing contracts or making long-term commitments. Instead, take time reading through the fine print and sleeping on those big decisions as your feelings may change.

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DO: Think Before You Speak

Mercury retrograde shakes things up in areas of communication, which is why things so often get lost in translation during the backspin. If tensions are bubbling up to the surface, reflect before reacting to something that might be a miscommunication.

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DON’T: Get Caught Up At work

With Mercury spending time in Capricorn, ambition and determination are heavily in the air, even as the planet segues into the visionary sign of Aquarius. Remember to create boundaries at work. Proper breaks and self-care are non-negotiables!

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DO: Be Cautious With Your Friendships

Aquarius is ruled by the house of friendships, so Mercury’s backspin can cause miscommunication, fights, and misunderstandings to run wild in your social circle. Treat your pals with extra care and be patient and empathetic.

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DON’T: Get Mixed Up In Your Past

Exes — and the buried feelings associated with them — tend to make cameos during Mercury retrograde. Expect ex-friends to return or past problems to bubble up to the surface, but try to focus on your present rather than get swept away by nostalgia.

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DO: Something Good For The Community

With Aquarius representing society, it's important to take care of your environment. The collective is due for a massive hug, making it a good time as any to give back to your community. Consider a donation drive or volunteering.

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