40 Mistakes That Are Making Your House Look Cheap

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Whether you’re living in your first apartment or you’ve been in the same house for years, the task of furnishing and decorating your home is not only daunting but expensive. Even though it may sound doable to keep your humble abode looking like a whole Pinterest board 24/7, the reality is that having and maintaining the perfect Instagrammable home is just not... realistic (even for Instagram influencers). However, there are some cheap and simple tweaks that will make your home look 10x more expensive.

Scroll through and take a few notes on these mistakes and solutions that’ll make your pad look and feel more put together. Regardless of which of these finds you actually end up adding to cart, every single one is equal parts practical and hassle-free — which, in my opinion, is how it should always be when curating the crib of your dreams.


Mistake: Closets That Are Packed & Overflowing With Clothes

Solution: This Convenient Organizer That’ll Double Your Closet Space

Wave hello to the stainless steel hanging organizer that is the most genius method of storing multiple pieces at once. Designed to carry up to five pairs of pants per hanger, these space savers are equipped with nonslip tubing and are rust-resistant so your work slacks will stay crisp and protected while you maximize the room in your closet. Jumbled wardrobes no more.


Mistake: Statement Walls Without Frames & Decorations

Solution: The Sleek Photo Frames To Give Your Abode A Personal Touch

After all, your home is a home, and adding personal touches throughout can make your space feel especially inviting. Keep things polished with these simple rectangular picture frames that are made of plexiglass so that breakage doesn't exist here. Available in a wide range of neutrals, these are ideal for showing off your most treasured memories while still maintaining a sense of flow on your walls.


Mistake: Haphazard Keys & Mail Piles At The Door

Solution: This Dual Key & Mail Holder So Your Doorway Is Tidy

Your keys and mail need a designated place of their own, and this dual holder gets the job done while looking totally uncluttered. Made from smooth grey wood, this holder will store everything from envelopes and sunglasses to other small knickknacks that just really need a spot. With five durable built-in hooks, keys will always (hopefully) be exactly where you left them last.


Mistake: Rug-less Rooms That Could Use Some Texture

Solution: A Plush Rug That Feels Like Walking On Marshmallows

Fluffy rugs always win, and this shaggy plush area rug is no exception. Available in four sizes and a wide variety of brilliant colors to choose from, this rug is the anti-slip home addition you've been looking for. It's also made out of super-strong microfiber for that luxurious feel that I can only equate to walking on clouds or marshmallows — or both.


Mistake: Holes In The Walls From Past Decor

Solution: This Elite Spackling Repair Kit For Small Wall Holes

You can restore your walls to their original selves (kind of) with this 3M small hole repair kit that's all the professional tools in one small box. Complete with spackling paste, a putty knife, and a sanding pad, you can cover up wall damage in just four simple steps. The best part is you won't have to worry about cracking, because this stuff is built to last.


Mistake: Dark Hallways & Closets That Could Use Some Light

Solution: The Motion-Activated Lights That Illuminate Those Dim Areas

For some reason, lighting in unexpected places adds a serious sense of coolness to a place. These LED motion-activated lights are made to shine over counters, clothes, sinks, and the like. Simply stick on your desired surface and make a move within nine feet for the motion sensor to switch the lights on. With their wireless capability, bright illumination, and energy-saving powers, these lights are a no-brainer.


Mistake: Bare Windows Without Sheers & Curtains

Solution: These Sheer Window Curtains To Tie The Room Together

A window is just a window until billowy voile curtains like these are placed over top. Sheer and available in over 10 colors from deep burgundy to baby blue, these curtains are a go-to for adding depth and dimension to your space. You can also choose from a selection of seven lengths and get to filtering afternoon sunlight — without the rays being overwhelming, of course — in your home with the click of a button.


Mistake: Cluttered Clothes Piles Throughout Your Bedroom

Solution: A Compact Organizer That Fits Seamlessly Under The Bed

To avoid clutter on display, this large-capacity storage organizer box slides easily under the bed for a not-so-obvious way to store your extra blankets and comforters. With a handle that's 100% rip-proof and a crystal-clear cover so you can see exactly what's inside, this organizer is ridiculously convenient and could be put to good use in any home that's in need of resourceful storage. Oh, and it comes in three neutral shades including java, jet black, and heather grey — so the whole setup is significantly more subtle.


Mistake: Dull Hardwood Floors That Could Use Some Shine

Solution: This Wooden Floor Cleaner For No-Streak Polish

Streaky wooden floors can majorly detract from the fact that your floors are, well, gorgeous wood. This Bona cleaning spray is the no-streak, no-rinse solution you've been looking for — and it's less than $10 a pop. Safe on all finished wood floors, this water-based formula dries quickly with no residue. So... you’ll take two?


Mistake: Dusty Hard-To-Reach Places, Like Fans & Corners

Solution: An Extendable Duster For Cleaning Nooks & Crannies

It’s easy to only dust the obvious areas of our homes. The real culprit? Just look up at your ceiling fan. Luckily, this microfiber extendable duster reaches up to the high places so your fan won't get to blow dust at you from above for much longer. Plus, with its 30- to 100-inch stainless steel pole, bendable head, and split-fiber duster, this tool has a rightful spot at the top of your shopping list.


Mistake: Under-Sink Spaces That Are Over-Crowded

Solution: This Organizer Shelf That Will Keep Your Cleaning Supplies In Check

Collections of cleaners tend to add up fast over time, and things can get to a point where even reaching inside the under-the-sink cabinet means knocking over multiple bottles at once. This adjustable organizer shelf is about to make bottle toppling a thing of the past with its nonslip material, expandable design, and zero-hassle installment. It also accounts for the space needed for uncrowded pipes, so all you need to do is arrange your soaps and you're golden.


Mistake: Pilling Upholstery & Blankets In Your Living Room

Solution: A Defuzzer That’ll Renew Your Worn-In Furniture & Fabrics

Lint and fuzz are basically inevitable, but the exciting thing is that this no-battery Gleener fabric shaver is a tried-and-true way to eliminate pilling at all costs. This brush comes with three separate head attachments for various fabrics (bulky, medium, and delicate), and it gently trims away any excess material that affects the quality of your fabrics. Run this shaver over your sofa and immediately notice the difference after one speedy session.


Mistake: Kitchen Tables With Scratches & Water Marks

Solution: This Zero-Wrinkle Jacquard Table Cloth That’ll Help Protect Your Dining Surface

If you want to spruce up the look and feel of your home with just one item, let it be this jacquard tablecloth that’ll ward off liquids and resist stains. Upon spillage, fluids should bead on the surface of the fabric — and then, they can then be wiped off smoothly with zero residue. Available in seven table sizes and over 10 shades, there is no shortage of possibilities with this stunner of a table cover.


Mistake: Counters Covered In Cooking Utensils

Solution: A Steel Utensil Caddy That Holds Your Cooking Gear In One Place

Cluttered drawers are about to become a distant memory with the addition of this Oggi steel utensil holder to your kitchen. First off, it's jumbo-sized so that even your largest ladles will have a home. Second, you can choose from seven vivid colors including charcoal, brick red, and olive. This holder is also coated in top-notch powder color so chipping, peeling, and melting won't stand a chance.


Mistake: Shoes & Bags In A Pile Near The Front Door

Solution: This Bamboo Shoe Rack That Doubles As A Cool Bench

Instead of letting the doorway stack up with shoes, prop this bamboo shoe rack bench hybrid in the entryway for a more open walking space. Simple in its bamboo design, this storage bench is free-standing and extremely durable — so it should be able to hold all the things from purses and coats to those brand-new loafers you love.


Mistake: Hard-To-Clean Stains On Various Different Surfaces

Solution: The Melamine Foam Sponges That Scrub Off Even The Toughest Stains

Banishing nearly every stain that ever existed, these sponge erasers are game-changers when it comes to cleaning. They come in a pack of 100 (!) and effectively clear various surfaces of scuff and buildup. Made with premium melamine foam, these thick erasers only need water to do their job and can be used on anything from shower tile to dishes.


Mistake: Scrapes & Scuffs On Wooden Furniture

Solution: These Furniture Markers To Make Those Scribbles Disappear

Lo and behold, these Katzco repair markers are a furniture owner's dream. This dandy little kit — which is actually not little at all — includes five markers and six wax sticks in assorted shades ranging from maple and oak to cherry and walnut. They're furniture-safe and effortless to use, as just a quick swipe over any scuff will cover it up straightaway.


Mistake: Wooden Walls & Surfaces That Could Use Some New Paint

Solution: This Black Wood Peel & Stick Paper For The Ultimate Illusion

Pro tip: Get your hands on this black wood peel-and-stick paper for the quickest renovation you've ever seen. This roll by Abyssaly is made with extra-strength adhesive, so slipping is a non-issue (and you can order in six different sizes). Whether you're feeling like it's the perfect time for a door or counter refresh, this paper will work on just about any surface and have your guests questioning whether or not you just bought new furniture. That’s the power of illusion, my friend.


Mistake: Crowded Bathroom Counters Covered In Toiletries

Solution: This 3-Tier Rack With An Aesthetically Pleasing Design

Unique forms of storage can instantly revamp a room, especially this three-tier rack that doubles as a product holder, makeup organizer, and towel holder. Essentially, the sky's the limit with this modern space saver that fits just right in a corner and is made of premium quality steel so that your items will be in good hands. Choose from five shades, ranging from yellow-gold to rose gold and black. And as an added bonus, its silver coating helps prevent water corrosion for a long-lasting shelf and even cuter space.


Mistake: A Mildewy Shower Curtain That Could Be Replaced

Solution: This Waffle-Weave Shower Curtain That Repels Water

By nature, shower curtains are usually affected by water over time. But this waffle-weave shower curtain is about to change the way things work with its waterproof, washable material that stays in tip-top shape long after it's been in use. Included is a snap on-and-off liner, 12 metal hooks for easy-breezy installment, and corner magnets if that's your thing. They even come in 10 colors so that you can make the best choice decor-wise for your powder room.


Mistake: Decorative Carpets With Hard-To-Remove Stains

Solution: This Household Cleaning Bundle For Big & Small Stains

As you've probably realized, clean rugs and carpets make a world of a difference in the overall appearance of your space. For brighter carpets and refreshed rooms, this stain remover bundle is just the thing. With its deep-cleaning capabilities, Capture cleaner scrubs with the power of a high-impact sponge and simultaneously neutralizes unwanted odors. Plus, this bundle gives you the best of both worlds via a pail of carpet and rug cleaner as well as a spray for spot stains. Give a warm welcome to carpets that look as good as new.


Mistake: A Crowded Counter Overflowing With Mugs & Coffee Pods

Solution: This Metal Mug Tree With A Built-In Basket For Your Coffee Pods

With this Mikasa French Countryside mug tree, it's as simple as ever to hang your mugs on the curved hooks and pop extra coffee pods in the affixed storage bowl. P.S., you can fit up to eight of your favorite mugs and take your pick of five glorious styles to choose from.


Mistake: Bedsheets That Look Wrinkled & Faded

Solution: These Silky Sheets That Simply Don’t Wrinkle & Fade

In my opinion, everyone deserves high-quality sleep on high-quality fabric, which is why these Utopia brushed microfiber sheets are the cream of the crop in the bedding world. Not only are they buttery-soft, but they come in all sizes from Twin to California King (and have over 10 color options). You'll also get a fitted sheet, flat sheet, and two pillowcases that are 100% resistant to shrinkage and fading. Name something more worthy of adding to cart. I'll wait.


Mistake: Soap Residue On Your Bathroom Counter Near The Sink

Solution: This Teak Wood Dish That Will Keep Your Soap Dry & Elevated

If your soap is sitting alone at your sink and constantly slipping, you might need this slanted teak wood soap dish with a steady grip and impressive curved design for draining suds. Putting a sweet end to that mushy residue on the bottom of the bar is the name of the game here, and this product definitely delivers. Oh, and you can even use it as a sponge holder for your kitchen sink.


Mistake: Piles Of Food Container Lids In Your Cabinets

Solution: A Handy Organizer Made Specifically For Those Lids

It's a beautiful day for the lost-in-the-cabinet food container lids, because this organizer is about to ensure lids stick together from now on. With six built-in detachable dividers, this compact bin makes it unbelievably easy to neatly stow your lids away and into a cupboard without worrying they're going to get lost. It's, how you say, genius.


Mistake: Crooked Posters & Frames Displayed On Your Walls

Solution: This Multipurpose Level For Frame-Hanging Precision

Never let a frame go crooked again with this multipurpose laser level that has a built-in 8-foot measuring tape for premier home decorating. It's made to provide the most precise, even measurements — and honestly? It does exactly that. The cherry on top is its three projection modes: horizontal, cross-level, and vertical.


Mistake: A Cluttered Floor In Your Common Space

Solution: This Mega-Size Toy Chest So No Plush Gets Left Behind

When your own floor is no longer visible because toys are covering the surface, it's time to pull this large collapsible storage chest out; it’s durable, yet soft to the touch. Available in dark and light grey, a storage bin of this caliber is ideal for anything from plushies and pillows to blankets and books.


Mistake: A Litter Box That Doesn’t Keep Litter Contained

Solution: A Top-Entry Litter Box That Helps Prevent Mess When Your Cat Exits

Owning a cat means always having a litter box on display — it just comes with the territory. Take your fur baby's bathroom situation to the next level with this top-entry litter box that doesn't distract from the order in your home with its sleek pod design. Your cat can smoothly enter and exit with little to no scraps following them on the way out. Did I mention the scoop is included?


Mistake: A Pile Of Unorganized Recyclables In Your Kitchen

Solution: These User-Friendly Bins That Can Be Used To Organize Recycling (Or Laundry)

Because who doesn't love multipurpose home essentials? This set of three cloth bins is designed for recycling, but it can also be used to store worn laundry with its 14-gallon capacity and light, durable feel. You can even choose between keeping the set together with the Velcro adhesive or separating them to stand on their own. BTW, are they just not the cutest recycling bins you've ever seen?


Mistake: A Kitchen Drawer Full Of Unorganized Utensils

Solution: This Bamboo Drawer Organizer With Room For Nearly Every Kitchen Utensil

This bamboo drawer organizer perfectly stores pretty much every utensil you can think of. With more than seven individual sections for more than just spoons and forks, this tray is expandable to up to 20 inches wide and 17 inches long. It's also fully water resistant, so any almost-dry serving tongs won't mess with the top-tier quality.


Mistake: Smudges On Your Stainless Steel Appliances

Solution: A Stainless Steel Cleaner For No-Smudge Appliances

This special stainless steel cleaner works wonders in clearing your appliances from fingerprints and grease spots in no time. With a creamy polishing formula, this dream of a product is designed to work in 30 seconds. Simply spray, allow the foam to set, and wipe clean for a surface that is 100% streak-free. Is it magic or just a really great formula?


Mistake: Crammed, Unorganized Spices In Your Pantry

Solution: A Super Neat Spice Rack Shelf So You Never Lose The Cinnamon Again

The era of spices toppling over each other the instant the cabinet opens is hereby officially over. Say hello to this three-tier bamboo display shelf that was made to double as a spice rack. You can leave it at its original size or you can add the attachable extender portion for a long-lasting, solid home for your paprika.


Mistake: A Desktop Full Of Tangled Charging Cables

Solution: This Cord Organizer For Keeping Those Wires In Place

Have you ever worked at your desk with your devices plugged and noticed the charging cables somehow became curled? That never has to be the case again with this cord keeper that clips in three separate cords at a time to lock the setup in place. Just pop the included adhesive pad onto your desired surface (typically the desk), and thread your wires through as needed.


Mistake: Exposed Tech Cables & Cords That Don’t Match The Decor

Solution: A Cord-Concealing Kit For Making Your Home Look Cleaner In An Instant

Any product that can tidy a home as well as this cord cover raceway is a product worth adding to your cart. Just mount this wire-concealing master system onto the wall while two to three cables run through the premium PVC casing for a clean, spruced-up space. You can even paint the covers so they blend in with your walls if you want to take things to champion mode.


Mistake: A Cluttered Vanity Full Of Mismatched Makeup Supplies

Solution: A Rotating Product Organizer With Adjustable Shelves

If you're all too familiar with the fate of knocking over product after product during your makeup routine, you (kind of, totally) need this rotating makeup organizer. Made of acrylic and featuring six adjustable layers so you can fit a slew of different-sized bottles, this durable caddy is capable of holding lipsticks and moisturizers alike with zero slip and crystal clear access to the goods.


Mistake: Scattered Jewelry Around The House In Random Places

Solution: This Jewelry Box For Keeping Your Accessories Immaculate

To avoid the scene of rummaging through a drawer for that lost pair of earrings, fix the dilemma in one fell swoop with this actual gem of a jewelry box. Packed with individual velvet-lined compartments for bracelets, necklaces, and earrings, this stackable storage option is a necessity if you're in the market for a neat way to organize your accessories. There are also eight colors available, from ice blue to pearly silver (you know, just to add to the well-earned hype).


Mistake: Floors That Were Scratched Because Of Your Chairs

Solution: These Nonslip Furniture Pads For Protecting Your Floors

Scratched floors are a thing of the past with these snazzy nonslip Gorilla Pads that come in multiple sizes and are made to protect your surfaces with ease. Simply peel and stick these adhesive rubber dots onto the feet of your furniture and you're all set. Whether your floors are hardwood, laminate, tile, or linoleum, these puncture-proof pads are made to help keep them in tip-top shape. Yes, you can thank me later.


Mistake: Pet Hair All Over The Place — From Couches To Floors & Chairs

Solution: This Clever Contraption That Removes Pet Hair From Furniture In Seconds

For the lint roller-inclined pet owners of the world: This one's for you. The ChomChom pet hair remover is perfect for rolling up the pet fur that's sitting on your futon. This eco-friendly tool also doesn't need a power source to do its job. It’s also totally reusable, so you can conveniently put it to work, toss the excess, and have a good-as-new tool with the snappy release of a button.


Mistake: Smudges & Dust Hard-To-Reach Windows

Solution: A Squeegee Window Cleaner That’s Extendable

This dual-purpose squeegee is complete with four separate attachments and the ability to reach 61 inches, so you can wash windows at eye level with the same tool you use to clean those spots you'd need a ladder for any other day. It also features curved handles and an easily detachable microfiber cloth for squeaky, spotless surfaces.


Mistake: Worn-In Cushions On The Couch You’ve Had For Years & Years

Solution: These Cushion Support Panels That’ll Make Your Couch Look Brand New

If the cushions on your favorite couch are starting to look and feel a little worn out, don’t worry about buying a new couch; just add these cushion inserts and instantly renew your favorite piece of furniture. The inserts are made with wood that’s lined with vinyl, and there are three different sizes available.