28 Mistakes You Don't Realize You're Making In The Shower

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Whether you’ve realized it or not, there are a few mistakes you might be making in the shower — but that’s OK, because I've found all the solutions. These Amazon finds help solve all your shower conundrums, and a few of them simply make your shower a little more luxurious and relaxing. Even if your mistakes are as simple as not replacing an older shower curtain, the products on this list can help solve them.

Let's get into the solutions. In case you're showering with a clogged drain, I've found a protector that fits inside your drain and catches any stray hairs while the water flows. (It also makes cleaning your drain a lot easier.) Or maybe the mistake you’re making is that you don't have a place for your wine during your Friday night bubble bath. No worries: I've found a cup holder that attaches to your tub or shower and holds your favorite bath time drink. And about that shower curtain I mentioned? There's a new one on this list that's resistant to soap scum.

If you’re making these kinds of mistakes in the shower, the products here can help remedy them. Whether you're taking your daily shower or a long, relaxing bath, I've found everything you need to make it easier.


Mistake: Letting Hair & Debris Clog The Drain

Solution: This TubShroom That Lets Water Flow Through

The TubShroom fits in standard shower and bathtub drains to catch all the stray hairs and debris that usually cause clogs. The unique design lets water flow through — and after your shower, it’s easy to remove and throw away any trapped hair. Not to mention, it has over 66,000 five-star reviews on Amazon.


Mistake: Letting Your Razor Get Rusty Sitting In Water

Solution: These Reusable Shower Hooks For Your Razor

These waterproof and oil-proof shower hooks have strong, reusable suction cups instead of adhesives in case you want to reposition them. They can hold razors but also loofas, washcloths, and any other shower favorites. Plus, they’re transparent, so they go with any tile color — and they hold up to 6.61 pounds each.


Mistake: Using A Mirror That Fogs Up

Solution: This Shower Mirror With An Anti-Fog Coating

This adjustable mirror has an anti-fog coating, so you could even hang it in your shower if you wanted to. The suction cup sticks to your shower tile or a larger bathroom mirror that always fogs up. It also has a holder for your razor or any other small shower essential.


Mistake: Stepping Onto A Wet Floor Post-Shower

Solution: A Nonslip Memory Foam Shower Mat

This thick memory foam bath mat is covered in soft, velvet-like microfiber fabric — and it’s machine washable. The back is covered with small PVC dots that grip the floor, making it nonslip. Plus, it comes in eight colors and a few different sizes to fit your bathroom space and decor.


Mistake: Taking A Bath Without A Pillow

Solution: This Simple & Comfy Waterproof Bath Pillow

This simple foam bath pillow with a universal fit has seven strong suction cups that stick to any smooth bathtub. Its slim design won't take up too much room if you have a smaller tub, and the top cushion supports your neck as you relax.


Mistake: Showering Without A Grippy Mat

Solution: This Suction-Cup Nonslip Mat With Drainage Holes

Stick this oversized grippy bathtub mat to the bottom of your tub or shower with its 324 suction cups that can be repositioned. The textured top helps give you more support, and the entire mat is machine washable. Plus, it comes in eight colors including opaque and translucent options.


Mistake: Missing Out On Bath Fizzies In The Shower

Solution: These Shower Steamers That Release Soothing Essential Oils

Place one of these scented shower steamers on the floor of your shower and shower like normal. These little essential oil-packed disks will melt in the water and release calming fragrances. This pack of 12 comes with six different scents, including peppermint, lavender, and even rose. In other words, you don’t have to miss out on bath fizzies just because you’re not taking a bath.


Mistake: Listening To Music From Afar

Solution: A Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker With A Suction Cup

You can place this rechargeable Bluetooth speaker that lasts for up to 12 hours inside your shower, because it has a waterproof rating of IPX7. Stick it to your show tiles with the suction cup, or use the durable lanyard to hang it from your shower head. There are seven colors to choose from.


Mistake: Showering With Unfiltered Water

Solution: This Showerhead With A Built-In Water Filter

You can stop showering with unfiltered water, all thanks to this universal-fit shower head with a built-in water filter. You’ll get strong water pressure, and you can choose from three spray modes (including a rainfall option). Plus, all of the parts disassemble if you’re doing a deep clean in your bathroom.


Mistake: Dropping Your Soap In The Shower

Solution: These Grippy Soap Saver Pouches That Also Exfoliate

This five-pack of soap savers gives you a better grip on your bar of soap, and they cinch at the top so they don’t slip out. Plus, you can use them to hang up your soap to avoid soap that never dries. Made from sisal, the fabric of these pouches also acts as an exfoliant.


Mistake: Keeping A Shower Curtain With Mildew

Solution: This Thick & Durable Waterproof Shower Curtain Liner

If it’s time to replace your mildewed shower curtain liner, you’re in luck. This one’s waterproof, heavy-duty, and available for less than $15. Plus, all of the metal hardware is rust-resistant, the bottom of the liner is weighted, and the PEVA material is resistant to soap scum.


Mistake: Not Cleaning Streaks On Shower Glass

Solution: This Stainless Steel Squeegee That Doesn’t Leave Streaks

You can keep your shower glass free of soap scum or streaks of water with the help of this stainless steel squeegee. Simply swipe it across the shower glass or even your mirror after your shower, and it won’t leave any streaks. It comes in silver, black, gold, and even bronze to match your bathroom hardware.


Mistake: Dropping Your Loofa Or Washcloth

Solution: These Suction Cup Hooks That Hold Up To 11 Pounds Each

These suction cup shower hooks come in a four-pack for all of your favorite shower things, such as your loofa, shower cap, body brush exfoliator, or even a bunch of eucalyptus for aesthetics. These suction cup hooks hold up to 11 pounds each, and they’re easy to remove.


Mistake: Crowding The Shower With Product Bottles

Solution: A Wall-Mounted Shampoo & Soap Dispenser

You don’t have to crowd the border of your shower with product bottles anymore, all thanks to this refillable, water-resistant soap and shampoo dispenser. It mounts to your shower wall with an adhesive back, and it can even stick into a corner. Plus, to help avoid spills, it lifts off the mount when you need to refill it.


Mistake: Not Getting A Thorough Hair Clean

Solution: A Shampoo Brush That Massages Your Scalp

You can keep this waterproof brush in your shower to get your hair super clean with the help of the soft silicone bristles that help lather your shampoo. The brush doubles as a scalp massager and is small enough to fit in your hand. Plus, the large bristles make it easy to clean.


Mistake: Letting Your Drinks Fall Over

Solution: This Suction-Cup Drink Holder That Even Secures A Wine Glass

This cup holder sticks to your shower tile (or the side of your bathtub) with a suction cup and holds your drink while you relax in a bubble bath or take a shower. It comes in six colors and holds a drink of your choice (even if it’s in a can). It can also hold a shampoo bottle if you need more storage space for your products.


Mistake: Using Non-Absorbent Bath Towels

Solution: These Extra-Absorbent Bamboo Cotton Towels

These machine-washable bath towels are made with a cotton and bamboo fabric blend, and they’re absorbent as well as quick-drying. This super-soft set of four is under $30 and has over 8,000 five-star ratings. They come in four colors, including white, light blue, dark gray, and light gray.


Mistake: Using Non-Absorbent Towels To Dry Your Hair

Solution: These Microfiber Hair Towels That Secure With A Button

These lightweight microfiber hair towels can absorb eight times their weight in excess water from your hair. Each one has a button on the back to secure the towel so it stays put. Plus, the edges have extra stitching for durability, and they come in a pack of two.


Mistake: Not Letting Your Soap Bars Dry

Solution: This Wooden Draining Dish For Longer-Lasting Soap

This wooden soap dish has a waterproof coating that also helps prevent mold and mildew from forming. Place your bar of soap on it, and the extra water will roll off the drainage slits, therefore helping your soap dry quicker and last longer. It has a grippy nonslip bottom, and a two-pack is under $15.


Mistake: Taking A Bath That’s Too Shallow

Solution: This Suction Cup Drain Cover For Deeper Baths

This suction cup overflow drain cover goes over your bathtub’s overflow drain so you can fill your tub higher for your next bubble bath. It fits most overflow drains, and it has a hole on top for drainage just in case it gets too high. It’s available in four colors, including clear.


Mistake: Shower Tiles That Need To Be Cleaned

Solution: This Electric Tile Scrubber With Three Brush Heads

This electric spin scrubber has three changeable brush heads that are perfect for cleaning tile, including one small enough for grout and around the faucet. It even comes with an extender handle for tall showers. With the rechargeable battery, this spinning scrubber can clean for over an hour on one charge.


Mistake: Not Exfoliating In The Shower

Solution: An Exfoliating Body Brush With A Handle

Hang this compact exfoliating body brush in your shower with its attached handle and grab it anytime you need a little extra exfoliation. It has a wooden handle, along with soft beads between the bristles so your exfoliation doubles as a massage. Plus, it has over 13,500 five-star ratings.


Mistake: Not Scrubbing Your Feet Clean

Solution: This Foot Scrubber That Suction Cups To Your Tub Floor

This foot-shaped foot scrubber has 1,500 bristles to clean and massage your feet in the shower. Plus, reviewers love how soft the bristles are and that it stays in place. It comes with suction cups on the bottom to help prevent it from slipping around, and it can even be repositioned.


Mistake: Not Hanging Up Your Towel To Dry

Solution: These Easy-To-Install Stainless Steel Towel Hooks

You can mount these two stainless steel towel hooks on the wall next to your shower because they’re waterproof and rust resistant. They come with the necessary tools, hardware, and installation manual. Once installed, they never twist so your towel stays securely on the hook and dries between showers.


Mistake: Not Wearing Shoes In A Shared Shower

Solution: These Nonslip & Quick-Drying Shower Shoes

These shower shoes have drainage holes in the soles and nonslip treads on the bottom of each. They’re soft and lightweight, and they won’t soak up water. That way, you don’t have to worry about leaving them out to dry after each shower. They come in six colors including the basics.

  • Available sizes: X-Small — X-Large
  • Available colors: 5


Mistake: Forgetting Your Genius Shower Ideas

Solution: This Waterproof Notepad & Pencil Where You Can Write Them

Stick this waterproof notepad in your shower in case you think of something you need to add to your grocery list. It comes with 40 perforated pages and a waterproof pencil that includes a suction cup so you don’t lose it. One customer wrote, “The eraser and pencil work perfectly in the paper. It is awesome!”


Mistake: Throwing Away Leftover Product

Solution: This Bottle-Emptying Cap That Saves Extra Soap & Shampoo .

These BPA-free bottle caps pop onto your shampoo and body wash bottles — or any other products you might have — and make sure you don’t leave any product behind. This two-pack comes with adapters so they can fit various shower bottles. Plus, this kit can even help you transfer leftover shampoo into your new bottle without a funnel.


Mistake: Leaving Product In Your Skincare Bottles

Solution: This Set Of Flexible Silicone Beauty Spatulas

This two-pack of BPA-free silicone beauty spatulas has two sizes for smaller skincare bottles or travel-size products. The ends of the spatulas are bendy and flexible, and they have a pointed tip to get product out of corners. They come in blue, pink, or pink and purple, and they’re under $10.