40 Mistakes You Don't Realize You're Making That Cause Expensive Damage To Your Home

These products will make you feel a little safer.

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Taking care of your home can be an arduous task. From constant cleaning to choosing the right security system, there are so many moving pieces that it’s a challenge to keep track of everything. When you cut corners or simply aren’t sure of the best way to tackle difficulties, costs can add up and the number in your bank account can drop rapidly.

Not to worry. These 40 products will help you save money at every turn, protecting your property and making the most of what you already have at home. If you’ve ever looked at your electricity or water bills and thought “there’s no way it should be that high,” these products will help you make up the difference and keep your finances where you want them.


Mistake: You Keep Leaving The Freezer Door Open

Solution: A Freezer Door Alarm That Lets You Know When The Cold Is Escaping

This freezer door alarm will sound a gentle chime or an alarm at full volume, depending on your preference, when you've left it open. You can choose between four sound levels, from quiet to loud, and the highest-volume setting comes with an additional siren that goes off every four minutes. It's extremely easy to install; it simply lets out a beeping noise at a low volume when the alarm and sensor are far enough apart.


Mistake: Turning Up The Heat Or Air Conditioning

Solution: A Foam Draft Stopper That Maintains The Temperature You Want

Cut temperature-related costs with this foam draft stopper, which seals to the bottom of any door to insulate the room. Its durable material will last through any season, and it stops hot and cold air alike from escaping. With its cotton canvas cover, it'll glide over surfaces from wood to tile without damaging floors.


Mistake: Rugs That Slip & Slide

Solution: This Double Sided Carpet Tape That Keeps Rugs In Place

This double-sided carpet tape will firmly adhere to even the roughest surfaces. It fully replaces rug pads and prevents slips and slides for maximum safety. Many reviewers say they “100% do not regret it and would buy it again.” Each roll contains 20 yards of tape.


Mistake: Too Many Plugs, Not Enough Outlets

Solution: A Plug Adapter Set That Can Charge 4 Devices At Once

With this plug adapter set, you can charge up to four devices at once — and if you're an international traveler, take this along with you because it works throughout various counties including Europe, Japan, and more. Its USB ports eliminate the need to look for a separate plug, and its powerful electric current charges your technology fast. Stow it in your purse or suitcase — it's compact and portable.


Mistake: You’re Not Using An Up-To-Date Carbon Monoxide Alarm

Solution: A Carbon Monoxide Detector With A Powerful Alarm Sound

Minimize risk with this carbon monoxide detector to help keep yourself and your family safe. Its advanced sensor gives you accurate data about the presence of carbon monoxide, and if it detects a high level, it emits a loud noise to let you know what's going on. With an LCD display that shows you the amount of carbon monoxide in the air in real time, it's easy to install and use.


Mistake: The Wattage Of Your Light Bulbs Is Too High

Solution: These Smart Light Bulbs That Are Compatible With Alexa & Google

With nine watts of energy and adjustable brightness functions, these smart bulbs will save you a fortune in your electricity bills. They'll use up to 80% less energy than your old light bulbs, but they'll still be as bright as you want or need them to be, not to mention their countless color options that add a burst of creativity to any room. Connect them to Alexa or Google Assistant to control color and brightness with your voice, allowing you to adjust their settings with ease.


Mistake: Forgetting To Turn Your Space Heater Off

Solution: This Compact & Powerful Space Heater That Stops Overheating

Sometimes, forgetting to turn off your space heater can lead to painful burns and even fires when left near flammable items. Help remove the risk with this compact and powerful space heater, which automatically shuts off when it tips to the side or begins to overheat. It’s no less effective just because it’s small; one reviewer says they’re “totally surprised but very happy that this great little heater worked so well.”


Mistake: Avoiding Dealing With Insects In Your Home

Solution: An Indoor Insect Trap That Does The Work For You

You don’t need a zapper or a harmful pesticide to get rid of pesky bugs; instead, try this indoor insect trap. It features a powerful fan that pulls insects inside, a UV light that attracts them, and a sticky glue board that secures them to the trap, keeping them away from your plants, food, and garbage. It works best on fruit flies, gnats, and mosquitoes, so if your home is plagued by any of those pests, give this a try.


Mistake: Flushing Disposable Wipes Away

Solution: A Bidet That Will Transform Your Bathroom Experience

Save your septic system and completely upgrade your bathroom with this bidet. With its rust-proof water sprayer and universal fit, it'll adjust to your toilet regardless of size or structure, and its control dial allows you to choose the pressure and water level you want. You'll save money on toilet paper, wipes, and costly plumbing bills while feeling better than ever in the bathroom.


Mistake: Your Bathroom Floor Looks Like It’s Flooded When You Shower

Solution: An Absorbent Memory Foam Bath Mat

No matter how much you dry off in the shower, there always seems to be some water that drips onto the bathroom floor; contain it with this absorbent memory foam bath mat. Made with a velvet cover, it feels absolutely luxurious when you step out of the tub, and you can machine wash or dry it to keep it just as clean as you. It’s also a great fit for the kitchen, especially when you’re washing dishes and want to prevent water from dripping onto the floor. You can get it in 22 different colors and multiple sizes to best fit your space.


Mistake: You Forget To Water Your Lawn

Solution: A Premium Sprinkler With 3 Rotating Arms & 12 Spray Nozzles

This premium sprinkler is great for people who want to take better care of their lawns and avoid the possibility of a lawn fire. Its three rotating arms and 12 spray nozzles ensure you'll cover all the real estate you need, and with its 360-degree range of motion, you won't miss a spot. You can even leave it unattended without wasting water since its stability-enhancing metal weights ensure it won't move or tip over while it keeps the lawn hydrated.


Mistake: You're Using Dish Towels To Pick Up Pots & Pans

Solution: These Professional Silicone Oven Mitts That Are Heat Resistant & Easy To Clean

Use your dish towels for drying and slip on these professional silicone oven mitts instead. They’re highly heat resistant, and the material is incredibly easy to clean; simply stick them under the faucet. You'll be able to handle heat up to 450 degrees while staying comfortable and burn-free. They come in gray, aqua, black, and red.


Mistake: Leaving The Closet Light On All The Time

Solution: These Stick-On Lights That You Tap To Turn On

Thanks to these stick-on lights, you won’t have to leave overhead lights on when you’re sorting through outfits. Simply tap to turn them on and off — and with their long-lasting and bright LED glow, they'll last up to four times longer than many other puck lights of a similar style. You can also store them under kitchen cabinets, on stairs, in the trunk of your car, or anywhere you could use a little bit of extra light.


Mistake: You're Cutting Food Directly On The Kitchen Counter

Solution: A Nonslip Cutting Board With A Sizable Surface Area

Keep countertops free of food-borne bacteria and use this nonslip cutting board instead. Its sizable surface area allows you to cut and store as much food at a time as you want, and it helps you seamlessly transfer food to pots and pans. Made from BPA-free and dishwasher-safe plastic, it resists punctures and won't warp over time.


Mistake: Not Thoroughly Cleaning Your Grill

Solution: This Extra-Long Cleaning Brush & Scraper

Use this extra-long cleaning brush and scraper to reach every inch of your grill. Its ergonomic handle allows you to grip firmly and comfortably while you work, and its sharp scraper fully removes residue. You can wash it in soapy water and hang it up to dry; because it's made of stainless steel, it'll stay rust-free.


Mistake: You're Clogging Your Shower Drain

Solution: This Silicone Drain Cover That Catches Stray Hairs

With this silicone drain cover that catches stray hairs, the process of cleaning your shower drain will be way less of a hassle. Its suction cups keep a firm grip on any flat surface and protect your pipes from unwanted foreign objects. You can also use it in the kitchen sink as a cheaper way to trap food residue.


Mistake: Your Extension Cords Aren't Right For Outside Work

Solution: A Heavy-Duty Outdoor Extension Cord That's 50 Feet Long

From PA equipment to electricity generators, heavy-duty equipment calls for a heavy-duty outdoor extension cord like this one. Made with a water-resistant and highly visible orange vinyl jacket, it's useful in all weather conditions, and you'll be able to keep track of it no matter how complicated the job. One reviewer called it a “really good heavy-duty cord” at a “way cheaper price than the big box stores.”


Mistake: Your Freezer Gets Super Frosty

Solution: These Freezer Mats That Help Prevent Frost From Building Up

Save space and effort with these freezer mats that stop frost and ice from building up, giving you more room to store all your favorite frozen foods. Instead of embarking on a complicated defrosting process, all you have to do is throw these on your shelves to maintain low frost levels. They come in a pack of two, so you can use them on both shelves without having to make an extra purchase.


Mistake: You Aren't Winterizing Your Pipes

Solution: This Insulation Tape That Helps Prevent Pipes From Freezing In Winter

Stop your pipes from freezing this winter with this insulation tape. Made with an aluminum foil layer that's flame retardant, it'll protect pipes from fire as well and generally prolong its working capabilities. It's over 30 feet long, and its strong adhesive won't budge, even after years of effective use. “Easy to cut, shape, and stick,” said one reviewer.


Mistake: You Run The Dishwasher Multiple Times To Remove Stains

Solution: This 3-Pack Of Scrubbing Sponges That Get The Job Done

Of this three-pack of scrubbing sponges, one reviewer asks: “Where have these been all my life?!?” They shouldn’t grow mold or odor over time (unlike most other kitchen sponges), and they're specially equipped to remove residue that seems stuck. They will quite literally take your dishwashing experience to another level — just look at the slew of enthusiastic comments on the page.


Mistake: You're Not Securing Outdoor Furniture When It's Windy

Solution: These Sandbags That Stop Furniture From Blowing Away

These sandbags are a smart way to secure your outdoor furniture in place through any weather conditions. Their Velcro handles allow you to carry them anywhere with ease, and you can fill them with sand. rocks, bottles of water, or anything that's readily available to you. You can use them to help stabilize canopies, umbrellas, chairs, and anything that's in danger of toppling over on a particularly blustery day.


Mistake: You're Not Labeling Your Detergents

Solution: These Laundry Labels That Are Water & Oil Resistant

From stain remover to fabric softener to regular detergent, these laundry labels will ensure you don't lose track of which dispenser is which. The labels are set to standard sizes of 10.5 by 13 centimeters, and their thick PVC material is resistant to water and oil and removable without residue. Their minimalist farmhouse style is so adorable and will stick on any detergent or dispenser with a smooth surface.


Mistake: You Leave Your Electric Stovetop Unprotected When You're Not Using It

Solution: This Rubber Stovetop Cover That's Extra Thick

Ensure that your electric stovetop is spill-proof and scratch-free with this rubber stovetop cover. The top side can withstand hot surfaces up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit, so it's safe to put pots directly on top of it — but you shouldn’t place it directly over the stove if it’s on. Its surface makes for a smooth cleaning process, and you can hang it up on a hook on the wall to save kitchen space.


Mistake: You're Using The Same Smoke Alarm You've Always Had

Solution: An Updated Smoke Alarm With A Dual Ionization Sensing Chamber

Help protect yourself and your family from kitchen accidents, tipped-over candles, and unattended space heaters with a smoke alarm that’s of excellent quality. Its dual ionization sensing chamber makes it particularly sensitive to smoke, so it'll detect disasters right away.


Mistake: You Aren't Cleaning Your Dishwasher

Solution: This Dishwasher Cleaner & Disinfectant That Removes Soap Scum

This dishwasher cleaner and disinfectant comes recommended by dishwasher repairmen, and for good reason; it removes soap scum, rust, and limescale, and helps your machine run smoothly. Reviewers say that not only does it keep the dishwasher clean, but it actually helps it run quietly. It's safe to use on dishwashers with any interior material, including stainless steel.


Mistake: You Aren't Replacing Old Appliances

Solution: This Compact & Powerful Gourmet Toaster

If you seem to notice rust whenever you make your morning avocado toast, it might be time for a replacement — like this compact and powerful gourmet toaster. With a timer that counts up to 15 minutes, you'll have the breakfast or snack of your dreams in no time. Its temperature is adjustable up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit, and it includes a nonstick back pan and a removable wire rack to accommodate all food shapes and sizes.


Mistake: You Don't Have A Fire Extinguisher

Solution: This Commercial Grade Fire Extinguisher That's Rechargeable

If you aren't equipping your home with fire extinguishers, you could be missing an important step in protecting yourself and your home from accidents. This commercial-grade fire extinguisher will definitely get the job done; for starters, it's approved by the Coast Guard, and it fights gasoline, paper, and oil fires, as well as so many more. It can also be recharged after you've used it by a certified professional.


Mistake: Your Plumbing Isn't Tightly Secured

Solution: An Adjustable Wrench With A Wide Mouth

Make sure your plumbing is tightly secured with this adjustable wrench. Its wide mouth makes it useful for a number of tasks, from plumbing to car repair to general home maintenance. With a slide jaw engineered for precision, it'll get any job done effectively and allows you to pay attention to detail while you work. They also come in a set of four.


Mistake: You Have Your Air Conditioner On All Day, Every Day

Solution: An Oscillating Fan With 3 Speed Options

When everyone around you is using their air conditioners at the same time, keep a backup on hand, like this oscillating fan with three speeds. Store it on the floor, your desk, or anywhere you need an extra breeze. With three timer options (two hours, four hours, and eight hours), you can use it as long as you like without having to turn it off when you're finished.


Mistake: Your Tech Devices Are Always On The Charger

Solution: These Power Banks That Charge Via USB & Solar Panels

Stay charged even in outages with these power banks, which you can recharge via USB and solar panels. They're made of eco-friendly silicone and other high-strength materials that are waterproof, dustproof, and can withstand tall vertical drops. With two bright LED flashlights on each bank, you'll stay safe through any sticky situation.


Mistake: You Forget To Patch Up Your Windows

Solution: This Screen Repair Tape With A Super Strong Adhesive

With this screen repair tape, you can patch up your windows with no hassle. Its super strong adhesive stays on through any weather condition, from rain to snow and everything in between. Made with high-quality fiberglass, you can trust that this table is durable enough to do the job; one reviewer comments that it's even effective on pool screens.


Mistake: You Aren't Thoroughly Cleaning Your Oven

Solution: This Heavy Duty Oven & Grill Cleaner That's Fume Free

If you’ve ever cleaned your oven or grill, only to smell something like burning plastic, you might want to try this heavy-duty oven and grill cleaner — thankfully, it’s fume free. It's designed to get rid of even the toughest grease and residue, and it's even safe for self-cleaning ovens. Use it on grills, broilers, and any stainless steel surface to keep them as clean as can be.


Mistake: You Don't Know About Water In Your Basement

Solution: This Battery Operated Water Alarm Perfect For The Basement

Take care of flooding as it happens with this battery-operated water alarm. With an incredibly effective detecting system, it'll sound for as little as 1/32 inches of water. The sensor is made with a 6-foot wire, so you can hang it up on the wall or extend it into a sump pit. Over 5,000 people didn’t hesitate to give it a five-star rating.


Mistake: You Forget To Trim Your Trees

Solution: These Premium Pruning Shears Made With Titanium

These pruning shears will help you maintain your plants with ease. They're made with ergonomic handles that make gardening comfortable, and their sap groove prevents stickiness by channeling away sap as it flows. Designed for branches with a diameter of 3/4 inches and below, they're a great companion for any outdoor work and can help you stay ahead of broken and hazardous branches.


Mistake: Your Lock Is The Same As It Was When You Moved In

Solution: A Door Knob With Interior & Exterior Locks

It’s a good idea to change up your locks every once in a while to prevent break-ins and security mishaps; this door knob with interior and exterior locks is a great place to start. You can choose between matte black and satin nickel finishes, depending on your home design, and the machine screws come preinstalled in the handle for greater ease when you implement it. It's made with heavy-duty springs and a sturdy adjustable latch, so you know it's built to last.


Mistake: You're Buying Furniture Without Measuring Your Space

Solution: This 25-Foot Measuring Tape With A Self-Locking Mechanism

This 25-foot measuring tape helps you look for the right piece of furniture without any of the guesswork. Its self-locking mechanism allows you to extend it and keep it in place while you measure, and when you’re done, you can simply push the button on top to bring the tape back in. Its nylon-coated blade is durable, so you can continue to use it while you redecorate over the years.


Mistake: You Aren't Securely Storing Important Documents

Solution: This Small Lockbox That’s Easy To Stow Away

Protect your personal belongings, from documents to valuables, with this small lockbox. It comes with a fireproof money bag and is designed without holes, so it'll help keep your things out of harm's way — even in case of emergencies. The setup process to apply a passcode is only three easy steps, and it comes with a security lockout system and override key just in case you happen to forget.


Mistake: You're Letting Your Gutters Fill Up With Leaves

Solution: A Gutter Cleaning Tool With A Specially Designed Hook

With this gutter cleaning tool, you can take care of clogged leaves and debris with ease. It's designed with a hook that pulls unwanted objects out from under your gutters and can even clean behind skylights or any structures on your roof. The tool is also ergonomic, so you can move it around to fit your needs without straining your back or wrists.


Mistake: You're Not Using The Right Products To Clean Granite Surfaces

Solution: This Daily Granite & Stone Cleaner For Extra Shine

With just one application, this granite and stone cleaner will help remove stains and unwanted buildup while adding an extra layer of shine. It shouldn’t leave residue or streaks behind, and it's gentle enough for daily use. One reviewer says it “brought new life to old countertops” and that the “shine lasted several weeks before [they] had to reapply.”


Mistake: You're Leaving Your Iron Plugged In

Solution: A Steam Iron With An Automatic "Off" Function

This steam iron features an automatic “off” function, so you can avoid energy waste if you forget to unplug it yourself. Its scratch-proof ceramic plate glides easily over fabric and shouldn’t damage clothes, and it reaches its maximum temperature in just one minute. You can choose the temperature you want or the type of fabric you're ironing, and it will heat up according to your input.