35 Mistakes You're Making Around The House That Make Your Place Kinda Gross

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The things on this list are honestly so normal. I mean, who thinks about cleaning their washing machine? But that’s what makes leaving your leftovers open in the fridge or allowing crumbs under the couch a mistake — it’s something we’ve pretty much all done before. That’s why I found all of the cleaning and organization solutions for the fine details like covering up the plunger or dusting your ceiling fan every now and then.

There’s also a variety pack of uniquely shaped bottle brushes to help clean every single bottle in your house, and these handy brushes are also great for cleaning nooks and crannies like your sink faucet. Plus, there’s a super slim spatula-shaped duster to fit under your couch or in super tiny gaps. These cheap but endlessly useful tools, along with everything else on this list, can take your place from a little bit gross to a clean and organized paradise.

All in all, most of us probably aren’t cleaning our washing machines once a month and our garbage disposals every two weeks. It’s normal. But this list will give you a few ideas to start cleaning and organizing a few new spots in your home.


Mistake: Your Toothbrushes Are Uncovered

Solution: A Wall-Mounted Holder That Lets Your Toothbrush Breathe

This toothbrush holder takes your water cup and flips it upside down to keep your toothbrush protected from germs and dust while promoting better airflow and drying. This holder mounts to the wall with adhesive, saving you precious counter space all while holding up to nine toothbrushes. Each holder comes with two or three differently colored cups and top shelf space to hold toothpaste or other bathroom goods.


Mistake: There Are Smudges On Your TV, Remote & Laptop

Solution: These Handy Wipes That Won't Leave Your Electronics Wet

This 60-pack of electronic cleaning wipes is a super quick way to help out your TV, laptop, remote, phone, or other electronics. They'll get rid of any fingerprints, or oil, dirt, and watermarks left on your belongings without making them streaky, so your 1080p screen will be crisp, clear, and clean. These wipes dry quickly and come with a drying microfiber cloth to ensure that your stuff looks shiny and new.


Mistake: There Are Rings On Your Table

Solution: These Silicone Coasters With A 4.8-Star Rating

This set of eight coasters is made from pure silicone, which is a seriously smart material to keep rings off your wooden surfaces. Why? It means these coasters are slip resistant, heat resistant, and dishwasher safe, which means they effectively prevents damage and are easy to clean off themselves. The glasses themselves won’t stick to these coasters, and they also help to dampen any noise you may make when lifting your drinkware, which is why these have an astonishingly high 4.8-star rating on Amazon.


Mistake: Your Kitchen Counters Get Grimy

Solution: A 50-Pack Of Trimmable Stain-Removing Sponges

You only need to trim a little square off of these 4-inch long magic stain-removing sponges and add water to clean dirt, germs, grime, and other buildup from your counters. They'll work on that mystery stain that's been there for a while or regular splashes and spills from cooking your everyday meals. Made from melamine foam, these strong sponges also work to scrub your bathroom, floors, walls, and furniture.


Mistake: Your Windows & Grates Are Dusty

Solution: A Quirky 8-Piece Brush Set That Can Clean All Your Nooks & Crannies

This eight-piece cleaning kit has uniquely-shaped tools that can effectively dust off hard-to-reach spaces like window tracks, light switches, sink corners, and air vents. Each tool is designed to reach awkward nooks and crannies, like a triangle brush that can reach sink gaps or the washable sponge brushes that can clean sliding door tracks and kitchen range hoods. You’ll be surprised of all the places you’ve neglected to clean once you add these tools to your life.


Mistake: Your Bath Mat Is Mildewy

Solution: A Hygienic Bamboo Bath Mat With Extra-Wide Planks

The planks of this quick-drying, nonslip bamboo bath mat are extra-wide, close together, and have slightly curved edges so they won't hurt your feet. It has three layers of a serious waterproof coating, so you mildew in your bathroom will be a thing of the past. If you ever want to clean it, all it needs is a little rinse in the shower and some time to air dry.


Mistake: The Air Is A Little Musty

Solution: A HEPA Filter Air Purifier That Weighs Less Than 1 Pound

Whether you’re looking to clear up dust, pollen, pet dander, smoke, or just a musty smell, this mini air purifier will keep your home’s air a little cleaner. This best-selling air purifier has a HEPA filter and an activated carbon filter, but it still somehow weighs less than one pound so you can move it from room to room with ease. Plus, there are four fan speeds, and this small but mighty gadget runs for up to 12 hours on one battery charge.


Mistake: Your Fruit Goes Bad By Sitting In A Bowl

Solution: A Breathable Wire Fruit Basket With A Geometric Pattern

Switch your fruit bowl to a geometric wire fruit basket so produce can breathe a little and last way longer. In addition to preventing spoilage, this basket's tapered design means you can stack a bunch of your favorites without any falling out. As a bonus, the modern-looking wire is dust-proof, so you don't have to clean it often.


Mistake: There Are Stains On Your Fridge Shelves

Solution: These Padded Waterproof Shelf Liners

The bubble pattern on these fridge shelf liners adds a little padding to protect your shelves from spills, condensation, and other food stains. These colorful liners are also waterproof and oilproof, truly protecting your fridge from any drips that may occur. These cuttable, colorful liners come in a pack of nine, so you can use any extras as placemats or drawer liners.


Mistake: Your Drains Keep Getting Clogged

Solution: A Hair Catching Drain Protector With 70,000 Five-Star Reviews

This drain protector is super low-profile, and most of the protector hides away in your drain to catch hair before it clogs your pipes without disrupting the flow of water. Hair wraps around the TubShroom’s ridges, and all you need to do to remove it is wipe it clean with a paper towel. Made of study silicone, this small but impactful gadget can hang out in your drain 24/7/365 without cracking or breaking.


Mistake: You Store Pans On The Stove

Solution: A Versatile Pan Organizer That Works 2 Ways

If your pans are a messy stack in your cabinets, or worse, sitting on the stove, this pan organizer will give designated, clean space to store your cookware. Store your newly organized pans vertically in five slots or horizontally in four slots. The alloy steel frame comes with hardware to secure it wherever you want extra pan storage in your kitchen, but it can also stand freely, adding to the versatility of this object.


Mistake: You Have Spills On Your Counters

Solution: A 10-Pack Of Quick-Drying, Super Absorbent Swedish Dishcloths

You honestly don’t even need water with this pack of machine washable cellulose- and cotton-blend dishcloths. Their textured surface is super scrubby when dry and gentle when wet, which makes them ideal for wiping down coutertops, drying dishes, and washing glass tables and windows. They’re reusable up to 100 times, making them an eco-friendly alternative to paper towels.


Mistake: There’s Soap Melting On The Counter

Solution: These Simple Soap Savers With Sink Spouts

These simple silicone soap dishes are small but have so many clever features. Each in this pack of three neutrally colored dishes feature anti-melt slots, a little spout, and a nonstick bottom that will keep your counters free from soapy mess and water. The spout pours water and broken pieces of soap back into your sink to keep the bottom of your bar dry, making it last longer.


Mistake: You Forget To Clean Your Shower Curtain Liner

Solution: A Scum-Resistant Shower Curtain With 131,000 Five-Star Reviews

Normal shower curtain liners get gross really quickly. But this 100% polyester weighted shower curtain liner is four times more resistant to soap scum than others thanks to its quick dry fabric. It's also machine-washable, but a quick wipe when it's wet means you won't have to wash it terribly often. This best-selling shower curtain is an Amazon favorite for a reason and has over 131,000 five-star reviews.


Mistake: You Leave Leftovers Open In Your Fridge

Solution: A 5-Piece Food Storage Set With Lockable, Stackable Lids

The lockable and stackable lids on these five food storage containers are way better than tin foil, takeout boxes, or completely lidless leftovers. Plus, the lids are super helpful when you’re ready to microwave your leftover because they feature a handy air vent which prevent splatters and help food heat up faster. Made of sturdy, BPA-free Tritan, these endlessly useful containers have a 4.8-star rating on Amazon.


Mistake: You’re Not Cleaning Bottles All The Way

Solution: A Set Of 5 Uniquely-Shaped Bottle Brushes

I have so many different types of bottles and containers in my house, and this five-pack of unique bottle brushes means I can clean every single one. There’s a super slim one, a foam one, a miniature rounded one, and more BPA-free polypropylene brushes. These can give your cups, water bottles, hummingbird feeders, reusable straws, and other oddly-shaped bottles and spaces a thorough cleaning.


Mistake: There Are Crumbs All Over Your Desk

Solution: A Tiny Tabletop Vacuum That Sucks Up Dust & Debris

Instead of sweeping desktop crumbs on the floor or brushing them into your hand, use this adorable battery-operated tabletop vacuum cleaner. The bottom is complete with tiny nylon bristles, and the easy-to-rotate rounded design that can easily pick up crumbs, small paper scraps, and other desktop debris in corners and other hard-to-reach spots. At a little over 3 inches wide, this little vacuum can sit on your desk and be at the ready whenever you need it.


Mistake: Your Fridge’s Door Handles Are Full Of Smudges

Solution: These Washable Fridge Handle Covers That Blend Right In

Instead of wiping down your fridge handles all day every day, wrap these machine-washable velcro handle covers around them. It's so much easier to just wash these covers every now and then. The simple solution prevents fingerprints, food stains, and other smudges from ruining your kitchen’s aesthetic, while the gray spotted pattern blends in with stainless steel appliances.


Mistake: You Don’t Clean The Washing Machine

Solution: A Best-Selling Cleaner That Doesn’t Require Any Measuring

In between laundry loads, clean your washing machine with this six-pack of slow-release cleaning tablets. The best-selling washing machine cleaner on Amazon, these tablets clean and deodorize the pump, valve, basket, drum, filter, and more, leaving your washing machine odorless and spotless. You only need to use one EPA-certified tablet a month — and you don’t even have to measure cleaning powder or messy liquid.


Mistake: You Have An Uncovered Plunger

Solution: A Discreet Plunger With A Zero-Touch Cover

This toilet plunger hides away inside its covered holder, so it looks nice enough to keep out. Don’t worry — you don’t have to actually touch the cover ever. Just lift the plunger and it opens up, and when you place the plunger back in its designated spot, the cover closes again. Honestly, everything about this plunger setup is more hygienic than traditional plungers because it also has a drip catcher in the bottom for excess water and ventilation slots to help your plunger dry quickly.


Mistake: You Keep Your Toilet Brush Out

Solution: A Refillable Toilet Cleaning Kit You Can Store Under The Sink

The four refillable, flushable pads in this toilet cleaning set are already packed with citrus-scented cleaner, so you don’t need to awkwardly reach to cleaner under your toilet’s rim. Just activate the pads with some water, scrub away, and flush the biodegradable, septic safe pad. No need to worry about a dirty toilet brush. The entire stain-removing set is super compact with a slim 19-inch brush and stand that can fit under most sinks if you don’t want it out.


Mistake: Fingerprints Have Taken Over Your Fridge

Solution: The Stainless Steel Wipes That Polish & Buff

Clean and polish away greasy fingerprints with these stainless steel cleaning wipes and microfiber cloth. The pH-neutral formula is safe for every stainless steel accent in your home, including fridges, stoves, grills, trash cans, and other spots. In addition to cleaning and buffing away any existing smudges, the polish in this handy wipes help protect from future smudges, dust, and even watermarks.


Mistake: Your Pet Spills Food & Water On The Floor

Solution: These Bowls With A Silicone Food Catching Mat

If your beloved dog or cat likes to splash their water or drop kibble out of their bowl, these stainless steel food bowls and anti-slip silicone mat will feel like a true blessing. available in 11 different colors and four sizes, the rolled up edges of the mat keep water and rogue bits of food contained, keeping your floors mess-free, and the bowls fit right into the holes. Best of all, the silicone and stainless steel are heat resistant, which means they’re dishwasher safe, so cleaning these bowls and mat is a breeze.


Mistake: You’re Not Cleaning Under The Couch

Solution: A Thin Washable Duster Designed For Gaps

This extendable duster looks like a long, slim spatula covered in microfiber cloth, which is what it is and why it works. It's designed for gaps under your couch, stove, fridge, bed, and other hard-to-reach crevices. “Now, I can clean under my entertainment stand and under my couch, and for less than 20 bucks. Has a telescoping arm for harder to reach places. Because it has a microfiber pad, it allows you to retrieve large debris but also dusted the floor where you wipe. Every home should have one and this one was affordable and it works,” one happy buyer wrote.


Mistake: Your Sponge Is Smelly & Dirty

Solution: A Pack Of Odorless, Dishwasher-Safe Sponges

This nine-pack of colorful bamboo fiber sponges have antibacterial fibers and a dishwasher-safe material, which means they always smell fresh. One side is super scrubby, while the other is soft, meaning you can use these handy sponges for washing dishes, scrubbing tubs, and so much more. Don't worry — both sides are non-scratch.


Mistake: Your Shower & Mirror Are Streaky

Solution: A Stainless Steel Squeegee With A 4.7-Star Rating

You won’t have to get out of the shower to grab this rust-resistant stainless steel squeegee. That’s because it has an adhesive matching hook to hang in your shower or wherever else you may want to keep it. It gets rid of all the soap scum without making an annoying squeaking sound but works equally well to clean windows, tiles, mirrors, and more, which is why it has over 45,000 Amazon reviews and a 4.7-star overall rating.


Mistake: You’re Not Cleaning The Garbage Disposal

Solution: A 40-Pack Of Biodegradable Cleaning Beads

These lemon-scented garbage disposal beads are non-toxic, biodegradable, and completely bleach-free. But these little guys still work hard to remove sink buildup, unclog your disposal, and deodorize. They only take 15 seconds (yes, for real), and you only need them twice a week.


Mistake: You Have A Messy Utensil Drawer

Solution: An Adjustable Bamboo Drawer Organizer With Up To 8 Slots

This organic bamboo drawer organizer has wide slots that will organize almost anything in your kitchen, not just silverware (but it does an amazing job of sorting silverware). Depending on how far you extend it, it gives you six to eight wipeable compartments for spices, measuring spoons, office supplies, and more, and it fits in drawers that are 13 to 19 inches wide.


Mistake: Your Dishes Dry On A Towel

Solution: A 3-Tier Bamboo Dish Rack That Collapses For Easy Storage

Wash your kitchen towel way less by drying your dishes on this eco-friendly, super durable bamboo drying rack. It has three tiers with plenty of dish slots, space for mugs and cups, and a clip-on utensil box with holes. The best part of this extra large dish rack is that it folds up for convenient storage, making it great for smaller kitchens.


Mistake: You Have Dusty Window Blinds

Solution: An Extendable Dusting Stick With Interchangeable Dusters

This dusting kit includes three duster attachments and an extendable pole that reaches up to 12 feet. Each duster attachment is made from machine-washable microfiber that’s safe for even the most delicate furniture. These handy tools cut down on time spent dusting your blinds and other hard-to-reach areas.


Mistake: Your Trash Can Emits An Unpleasant Odor

Solution: A Scentless Trash Deodorizer That Sticks To The Top Of Your Can

This little trash deodorizer doesn't need help from overwhelming fragrances. Simply stick the scent-absorbing activated charcoal in the sun when it stops working, and it will reset the odor absorbing properties. It stays put on your trash can's lid with 3M dual locking adhesive while working hard to get rid of — not mask — trash smells.


Mistake: You Use The Same Towel For Your Hands & Your Face

Solution: A Separate Set Of 100% Cotton Hand Towels

When washing your face, it may seem more convenient to grab the same towel you use to wash your hands and vice versa — but it’s probably not the most sanitary. Instead, invest in a set of towels you can easily distinguish. These towels are made from 100% natural cotton, are quick-drying, and are aesthetically pleasing enough to hang in your bathroom.


Mistake: Dirt Gets Tracked On The Floor

Solution: A Natural Coconut Fiber Doormat With Mud Catching Grooves

This classic natural coconut fibers of this doormat scrub your shoes while the black rubber grooves catch all the mud. When it's a little too dirty, simply shake it or wash it down to release the trapped gunk. Every part of this grooved mat is weather-resistant to avoid mold, making it an ideal porch option.


Mistake: You Leave Sponges In The Sink

Solution: A Corner Sponge Holder That’s Made Of Stainless Steel

This sponge holder has a unique design that tucks into the corner of your sink so it won't get in the way of dishwashing. The stainless steel construction is complete with silicone grips, making it rust- and mold-resistant and strong enough to stay in place. Plus, the rollable bar design lets excess sponge water drip through — even if you forget to squeeze it out.


Mistake: Your Washing Machine Is Mildewy

Solution: A Bendable Magnetic Door Holder To Air Out Your Washer

You don’t have to keep this washing machine door holder on all the time because it has an easy-to-remove magnetic base. It’s bendable, so you can prop open your unique washer door to air everything out as much or as little as you want. Plus, this bendy holder is wrapped in an anti-rust rubber coating, keeping your washer protected from scratches.

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