40 Mistakes You're Making Around The House That Make Your Place Look Sh*tty

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After settling into your space, it’s super easy to just sort of settle in and let life happen. You forget to fix those tiny messes, sort those unorganized piles, and find a space for small things. Those undone final details can honestly make your house look, well, a little sh*tty (don’t get mad). It’s OK, though, because these 40 things will fix these mistakes and polish up those details, leaving your home looking better than new.

Some of these mistakes are super easy to fix, like a messy bookshelf — just pop some pretty bookends on your shelf. Another easy one: grab some matching bath towels to make your bathroom look more cohesive. There are even final-touch decor pieces on this list like a photo book with an elevated linen cover, a pack of hexagon-shaped cork boards, an adorable striped tote bag for laundry that’s structured so it won’t spill clothes all over the place. These small details can turn a house into a home and sort unsightly clutter.

We all have those small vibe-ruining messes in our homes that just make everything look sh*ttier. But now, we have a complete guide to point out these easy-to-ignore issues and simple solutions.


Mistake: Your Wood Furniture Has Noticeable Scratches

Solution: A Furniture Repair Set With Two Coverup Formulas

This 13-set of wood furniture repairing supplies comes with two formula options, including liquid felt-tip markers and waxy crayon-like sticks. The waxy option fills in cracks and dents, while the markers blend together to recreate the exact shade of wood you’re looking to replicate. When used together, this set that comes in six different shades will make vintage furniture look as good as new.


Mistake: Pet Odors Have Taken Over Your Home

Solution: A Stain & Odor Fighting Spray With 55,000 Five-Star Reviews

Made with just a handful of pet-safe ingredients, this Rocco & Roxie Stain & Odor Eliminator has over 55,000 five-star reviews on Amazon. Unlike other cleaners, it’s safe to use around pets and children while still being tough enough to scrub away unsightly pet stains and odors from your carpet, tile, upholstery, hardwood floors, laundry, litter box, and other hard-to-clean places.


Mistake: Unorganized Spices Are Taking Over Your Counter

Solution: These Spice Racks That Are Scratch-Resistant

If you’re short on counter space or pantry space, this spice rack mounts right onto your walls, making practical use of your space. The scratch-resistant finish helps keep it looking good, while the simple bar design keeps your spices in place. Plus, the bar is even reinforced for added durability.


Mistake: Your Wooden Floors Are Dull & Dirty

Solution: An Eco-Friendly Spray With A 4.7-Star Rating

This plant-derived, water-based hardwood floor cleaner spray uses simple ingredients that are safer to use around people, pets, and the planet, according to the EPA and is free of parabens, ammonia, formaldehyde, and more. It even has an unscented option, which is especially helpful if you have a lot of wood floors and don’t want an overwhelming scent. The PH-neutral formula means you don’t have to worry about discoloring your wood, but this product still works hard to clean your floor of dirt, dust, and grime while leaving them shiny.


Mistake: Your Windows Are Streaky

Solution: A Streak-Free Spray That Cleans Up Haze With Less Work

These glass cleaners wipe away grime from your windows but also clean up those streaks or haziness from a way worse cleaner you used before, and it does so with fewer wipes than other cleaners. The ammonia-free formula means you’re good to spray it on tinted windows, and it works on glass screens, like your phone and TV. One reviewer raved, “THE BEST! Coupled with microfiber clothes, this product clears mirrors and windows with no streaks! I’ve tossed out all other glass cleaners and now only use this.”


Mistake: You Have A Messy Fridge

Solution: The Space-Saving Bins That Are BPA-Free

These transparent fridge bins will seriously fix that messy (and possibly sticky) fridge by keeping similar items together, all while allowing you to see exactly what’s inside. Each one has a pull-out handle for easy access, and they’re BPA-free, which keeps your food safe.


Mistake: Your Cords And Cables Clutter Up Your Desk

Solution: These Silicone Cord Organizers That Can Stick To Anything

These cord organizers come equipped with double-faced adhesive that can stick to glass, wood, plastic, and other surfaces and stay in place, keeping your cords streamlined and untangled. Made from durable silicone that holds your chargers, cords, and other cables firmly in place, these clips come in three sizes that you can use throughout your home office, living room, and bedroom. They’re also available in five different colors including black, white, and a wood grain to match your decor.


Mistake: You Get Paint On Your Baseboards

Solution: A Tool For A Clean Baseboard Line With An Extendable Option

Use this edger tool with an extendable pole as a handheld gadget that prevents splattered ceilings and baseboards and also prevents you from stretching and reaching to paint hard-to-reach corners and spaces. The perfectly squared-off foam pad works with oil and water-based paint and can be used at any angle. One reviewer raved: "Absolutely love this little gadget works a treat and will save you an enormous amount of cutting in and reaching."


Mistake: You Have Piles Of Shoes Everywhere

Solution: A Tiered Wooden Shoe Rack That Holds 300 Pounds

A classic shoe rack is the go-to fix for your mudroom, closet, entryway, or wherever else you have shoes in messy piles, and this one is super strong with a 300-pound capacity. That means you can stack so many shoes, clean up your living room, all thanks to this aesthetically-pleasing bamboo rack that comes in both light and dark stains.


Mistake: Your Grout Has Seen Better Days

Solution: An Easy-To-Use Grout Marker That Dries In 5 Minutes

Revive that bathroom grout with this bright white grout marker without leaving behind an unpleasant, strong odor. The fast-drying grout paint is waterproof and this pen is easier to use than tubes. One happy customer said: “For the price, this did the trick & made the shower look sharp/clean. The paint dispenses easily & is pretty simple to apply evenly (and if you screw up, just use sponge to wipe off where you colored outside the lines).”


Mistake: Your TV Cord Is Hanging Down Your Wall

Solution: A Paintable Cord Cover That's Easy To Install

This simple adhesive cord cover hides HDMI cables, TV power cords, Ethernet cables, lamp cables, and other eyesores effectively. It’s in white or beige, but you can paint it to blend in with your wall. It's 1 1/2 inches wide, so it can fit a bunch of cords, and the snap-on design makes it easy to reorganize and swap out your cables.


Mistake: Kitchen Tools Drip All Over Your Stove & Counter

Solution: A Non-Slip Silicone Spoon Rest With A Cleanable Drip Tray

This four-slot food-grade silicone spoon rest is a simple yet effective way to keep drips and dirty spoons and spatulas off your counter and stove. It’s even heat-resistant and dishwasher safe, so you can use it no matter what you’re cooking and clean it up with ease. The silicone construction means it won’t slip, a key feature that helped this get over 16,500 five-star reviews on Amazon.


Mistake: Unwanted Odors Coming From Your Sink

Solution: Plugging The Drain With This Sink Stopper

If your kitchen smells a little off, there may be unwanted odors coming from your sink. Luckily, this sink stopper is universally designed to fit onto any drain, and features a 100% rubber gasket that creates a waterproof seal to help prevent smells from leaking through.


Mistake: Your Desk Is Overflowing With Papers

Solution: Sticking Them Onto This Handy Cork Board

If your work desk is overflowing with documents and papers, sticking them to this cork board is a cute way to help tidy up your home office. It’s also great for organizing mail in your entryway — and many reviewers appreciated how it looks less utilitarian than other boards. Choose from two colors: white or black.


Mistake: You Have Ugly Painted-Over Outlets

Solution: A Three-Sided Outlet Extender With Eight Charging Spots

If a bunch of your outlets are painted over or you have unsightly power strips sitting on your floor, plug in one of these fireproof outlet extenders. This handy surge protctor gives you eight ports with three different styles for charging, including five AC plugs, three USB slots, and one USB-C slot. This three-sided outlet extender is an Amazon shopper favorite with over 21,500 reviews and a 4.8-star rating.


Mistake: Tracking Mud Throughout Your Home

Solution: Wiping Your Shoes On This Door Mat Before Heading Inside

Tired of cleaning up dirty floors? Wiping your feet on this door mat before you go inside can help keep your home clean. The heavy-duty fibers latch onto dirt and debris, while the waterproof backing helps keep it looking good while sitting outside. Choose from five colors: emerald, black, brown, khaki, or grey.


Mistake: You Have Mismatched Towels

Solution: A 100% Cotton Matching Towel Set That Has 27,000 Five-Star Reviews

You can finally swap out mismatched towels for this eight-piece 100% ring-spun cotton set that has two full-size bath towels, two hand towels, and four wash cloths. This set is beloved by Amazon shoppers for being super absorbent yet super soft, so much so that these towels have over 27,500 five-star reviews. As a bonus, these are available in 14 different colors to match your bathroom’s design.


Mistake: You Let Dishes Pile Up In The Sink

Solution: This Two-Tier Drying Rack With Pull Out Water Trays

This dish drying rack has a double-decker design that saves you counter space and makes the time consuming chore much, much easier. Don’t worry about water soaking your counter — it’s complete with pull-out trays to catch the water on both levels, which other dish racks don’t have. This compact piece even has designated slots for utensils and your cutting board


Mistake: Your Pantry Is Overrun With Open Boxes

Solution: These Stackable Airtight Containers That You Can Label

Throw away half-opened cereal boxes and packages of pasta and pop your dry ingredients in these BPA-free cereal box-shaped, stackable airtight containers. This pack of 12 comes with labels, a chalk marker, and a choice of a blue or black sealing ring on the top to keep your pantry organized and your ingredients visible and fresh.


Mistake: Your Walls Are Covered In Holes

Solution: A Patching Putty Designed For Small Picture Hanging Holes

This spackling putty dries three times faster than most and is designed for those annoying small holes from old pictures and decor choices that you're not into anymore. It won't shrink or crack and is strong enough to hold nails after applied to your wall. One reviewer raved: “Awesome stuff, I am a big DIY'er and I have used every single kind of [spackle] there is but man this stuff blew my expectations out of the water! First it’s light and fluffy (lightest whipped cream) and yet it’s dense enough to easily build up and fill even a 5"x 9" hole! You just build up from the outer space and gently add to the middle and it sets! It doesn't fall down or dry droopy. I will only use this from now on.”


Mistake: Fridge Odors Are Overpowering Your Kitchen

Solution: The Discreet Non-Toxic Fridge Deodorizers That Last For 6 Months

These fridge deodorizers will keep your kitchen from becoming overpowered by odd smells all while being perfectly discreet, because they’re white to match the inside of your fridge or freezer. They’re odorless, so you won’t have to deal with strange fragrances to cover the gross food smells, and the non-toxic deodorizers work for up to six months, much longer than baking soda or other deodorizers. They’re leakproof, and they even stop your fruits and veggies from getting slimy.


Mistake: Keeping Dry Ingredients In Subpar Containers

Solution: These Airtight Canisters Made From Stainless Steel

Not all dry ingredient containers are created equal — this set of four are made from sleek stainless steel, with airtight lids to help keep everything fresh. There’s also a window on the side so that you don’t have to open them up to know what’s inside. Plus, each order comes with four in varying sizes, making them great for everything from pasta to brown sugar.


Mistake: Stumbling Around Dark Kitchens

Solution: These Under-Cabinet Lights That Are Easy To Install

You don’t need to spend an arm and a leg to brighten up your kitchen — just add these lights underneath your cabinets. The adhesive backing makes it easy to stick them right into place, and there’s no complicated wiring required when installing. Supply three of your own AA batteries, and they’re ready to go.


Mistake: There’s A Lack Of Light In Your Hallways

Solution: A Set Of Best-Selling LED Nightlights That Turn On Automatically

These LED nightlights with a simple square ring of light come in a six-pack and automatically adjust to the lighting in your home. When ambient light becomes duller, these smart lights kick on, so you never need to mess with them. Each energy efficient light plugs right into your outlet and leaves the second one totally open, and these run for over 10,000 hours, which is why they’re the top-selling nightlight on Amazon with a 4.7-star rating and over 39,000 reviews.


Mistake: Your Clothes Overflow Onto The Floor

Solution: A Structured Laundry Tote Bag That’s Waterproof

This adorable striped tote bag is actually an easy-to-carry laundry hamper with waterproof coated lining. It holds its shape when you pop it on the floor, and you don’t need to assemble it at all, whether you’re loading or unloading laundry. Plus, it folds up for easy storage when not in use and has extra-long handles, so you can carry it with just one hand.


Mistake: Messy Cabinets Filled With Pots & Pans

Solution: A Wall-Mounted Rail That Can Hold Up To 22 Pounds

If your cabinets could use a little organizing, this wall-mounted rail is a great place to store pots, pans, stirrers, and more. It’s strong enough to hold up to 22 pounds — and each order includes 15 S-shaped hooks to get you started. “Comes with all the hardware needed and easy to install,” raved one reviewer. “I could easily fit a few more pots/pans too.”


Mistake: Your Vanity Has Too Much Stuff On It

Solution: Hanging Up These Stylish Acrylic Shelves

Running out of space on your vanity? Open some up by transferring skincare and makeup bottles onto these floating shelves. They’re made from clear acrylic, allowing them to blend with nearly any style — and since the edges are round, they’re less likely to leave behind scratches when putting them up.


Mistake: Your Curtains Let Too Much Light In

Solution: These Insulated Curtains That Block Light, Sound, And Cold

A room that’s actually dark for bedtime makes your house feel way chicer, and these thermally insulated blackout panels effectively block out 90% of light. These thick curtains don’t just block light, they also block out the cold air or heat and sound. They come in 12 sizes and over 20 different colors, because a good fit and color match is essential for a bougie window treatment, and they’re machine-washable.


Mistake: Books Fall Over On Your Bookshelf

Solution: A Set Of Sturdy, Anti-Slip Bookends With A 4.8-Star Rating

These anti-slip steel bookends with a geometric tree design have to be one of the easiest fixes for an unorganized area. Just pop these sturdy 7-inch bookends on your shelf, stand your books up, and that messy book situation is gone. With a clean, effective construction, these bookends have amassed an impressive 4.8-star rating on Amazon.


Mistake: Your Garbage Can Has Seen Better Days

Solution: A Stainless Steel Can That’s Fingerprint-Resistant

If your trash can is looking a little worse for wear, might I suggest this stylish one as a replacement? The foot pedal lets you pop it open without having to touch anything, while the brushed stainless steel exterior works to prevent cloudy fingerprints. Plus, the plastic liner is removable for easy cleaning.


Mistake: You Have Dirty, Dusty Floors

Solution: A Spray Mop That’s Easy To Use

There’s no need to bust out a bucket of soapy water when you have this spray mop, as the cleanser bottle is all you need to get your floors looking clean as new. It’s refillable with nearly any type of commercial cleaner, or even just plain water if your floors need a rinse. Plus, the microfiber mop head is reusable for thousands of cleanings.


Mistake: There’s Chipped & Fading Paint On Your Walls

Solution: A Value Painting Set That Even Works For Stains & Chalk Paint

This wall painting set is the best-selling item of its kind on Amazon. Why? It has everything you need to paint any room, including a 9-inch roller frame with two covers, a 4-inch roller frame with two covers, a paint brush, a tray, and a foam brush, so you can do jobs both big and small. The tools can be tucked away in a paint rolling tray so it can easily be stored under your sink or in a drawer. The entire set is designed for walls (especially dingy, chipped ones), and it even works with stains, chalk paint, and more.


Mistake: You’re Putting Meaningful Items Wherever

Solution: These Floating Shelf For Corners

If you're out of spots to tuck away meaningful pieces but you're also out of room for shelving, these floating shelves fit in the corner of your room, giving new purpose to an otherwise unused area. Each one can hold up to 7 pounds, and you can distance them as far apart as you like since they aren’t connected.


Mistake: You Have Stacks Of Photos To Organize Later

Solution: A Best-Selling Scrapbook With Pages You Can Write On

An average photo album makes your piles of photos look better, but this photo scrapbook with an elevated linen cover look will look extra polished. The liftable protective plastic film and self-adhesive pages make this scrapbook easy to use, and you can even write on the pages with metallic pens to personalize the experience further.


Mistake: You Have Nowhere To Put Your Houseplants

Solution: A Wood Plant Stand That Can Fit In Small Spaces

This three-tiered wooden plant stand is unique in that the different levels hold different weights so you can pair a heavy plant with your favorite small plant. The bottom shelf holds the most weight at up to 50 pounds, but it’s less than 12 inches wide, making it ideal for homes with a small amount of space and a large amount of plants.


Mistake: Your Pillowcases Are Old And Tattered

Solution: These Cooling Bamboo Pillowcases That Hug Your Pillow

Made from 100% bamboo viscose fabric, these pillowcases will keep hot sleepers cool due to teeny gaps in the fabric that help wick away sweat. Beyond helping you get a good night sleep and keeping hair frizz-free, the end of these pillowcases surround your pillow so the edge won't stick out anymore, which looks way nicer on your bed. These buttery soft pillowcases are available in 12 different colors and three sizes to suit your decor and exact bed size.


Mistake: You Have No Place To Store Kid's Artwork

Solution: A Moisture-Resistant Portfolio That Even Shows Off Oversized Crafts

This artwork preserving portfolio has 48 water-resistant pages for all of the finger paintings, drawings, and even slightly larger crafts and projects your kids bring home. It’s bound so the archival-quality pockets won’t slip out. One reviewer raved: “Love this folder. Bought two of them. One for watercolor and one for drawings. A super organized way to hold all your treasures.”


Mistake: You Have Poor Room Lighting

Solution: A Bendy Floor Light That’s Remote Controlled

This bendy LED floor lamp can create the exact lighting you want because the warmth and brightness are fully customizable using the accompanying remote control. Plus, it has a super-safe weighted base, and a gooseneck you can adjust to your room’s needs, so you can really perfect your lighting situation.


Mistake: Your Countertops Are Due For An Upgrade

Solution: This Marble-Looking Vinyl Sheet With 22,500 Five-Star Reviews

This vinyl countertop cover is adhesive without any extra glue, which makes it easy to apply to your counters, shelves, table, or whatever else you want to plus-up. The glossy white and gray marble pattern will quickly lighten up your space, and it’s easy to wipe clean with a wet cloth. This is a highly popular DIY project with over 22,500 five-star reviews on Amazon.


Mistake: Your Cat Tracks Litter Across The Floor

Solution: A Waterproof Mat That Traps Loose Litter

It’s almost too easy for litter to wind up scattered throughout your home, which is why this mat is such a must-have for anyone with a cat. The waterproof bottom helps keep your floors safe from urine transfer, while the top layer works as a sieve to shake litter off your cat’s paws. And since it’s also super-smooth, it won’t bother your cat’s paws when they step onto it.

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