45 Mistakes You're Making That You Don't Realize Cause Misery For You

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Do you ever think about getting an organizer for all of those gift cards you’ve been given throughout the year? Maybe not. But if you bought one, you wouldn’t lose them — and you wouldn’t miss out on that free coffee, am I right? (Because, yes, missing out on free coffee is a pretty miserable experience.) That’s just one of so many mistakes you might be making that are causing misery for you. This list has the solutions, though — and they’re available on Amazon.

That genius leather gift card holder is actually an oversized credit card keeper, but it’s pretty perfect for keeping your gift cards tucked away and safe so you don’t lose them. There’s also a laundry detergent station that tilts and secures your detergent to make sure none goes to waste, and it’s even complete with a reusable pouring cup at the base. Plus, if you’ve experienced the misery of stale food, there’s a heated bag sealer on the list that creates a ridged seal that’s airtight. That way, you can seal your snack back and re-open it later.

This list is full of inconvenient, less-than-ideal mistakes you might be making on a daily basis. Don’t worry, though — it’s also full of the solutions.


Mistake: Washing Your Cast Iron Pan With Soap

Solution: This Stainless Steel Iron Chain Scrubber That Doesn’t Remove Seasoning

You can get rid of your disheveled plastic scrubber (and put the dish soap down), all thanks to this machine-soldered and dishwasher-safe chainmail scrubber that’s built for cleaning cast iron pans. All you need for after-dinner cleaning is warm water, and the stainless steel design will help remove debris from the surface without sacrificing the seasoning.


Mistake: Letting Your Avocados Go Bad Too Fast

Solution: An Avocado Saver With A Little Avocado Seatbelt

The seatbelt-like, adjustable rubber strap on this avocado saver is super adorable — but it also secures your avocado to help prevent the air from getting in. It comes in a two-pack, and only the skin of the avocado is exposed. Therefore, it’s protected for your fridge or if you want to carry it with you.


Mistake: Leaving Your Wine Bottles Open After A Glass

Solution: These Vacuum-Sealing Corks That Help Your Open Bottles Last Longer

When this almost-zero-effort wine saver set is completely sealed like a cork, it makes a clicking sound and creates an airtight closure so that you can revisit your unfinished bottle at your leisure (for up to one week). It comes in three colors: white, black, and a gift-ready style with metallic gold accents.


Mistake: Not Getting That Last Bit Of Toothpaste Out

Solution: These Colorful Tube Squeezers That Ensure None Goes To Waste

These tube squeezers can help save up to 30% of any product in a tube, so be sure to pop them on your splurged-on products (whether it’s toothpaste or moisturizer). Plus, one pack comes with four of them in different colors. One reviewer raved, “There are literally no drops of toothpaste left in the tube ever.”


Mistake: Accidentally Shrinking Your Clothes In The Dryer

Solution: This Accordion-Style Drying Rack That’s Easily Stored In Between Uses

Unfold this accordion-style drying rack and hang anything that you think might shrink in the dryer. It comes in white or a chrome finish, and it's complete with 15 drying rods. One reviewer raved, "Very easy to fold and store in a small location (we live in an apartment), has a great number of racks, and doesn't take up a lot of space when in use."


Mistake: Losing Your Socks In The Laundry

Solution: A Hangable Cord That Locks Pairs Of Socks In Place

This unique cord sock keeper is washable to help keep all of your pairs together, and it’s complete with a foot-shaped hanger for after the wash. The cord comes in five colors, and it’s full of clips that slide and snap in place to keep each sock duo together.


Mistake: Losing Your Keys When You’re In A Rush

Solution: This Tile Tracker That Can Help You Locate Your Keys In No Time

This water-resistant tile mate keychain will help you find your keys or phone whenever they’re missing. The Bluetooth connection should work up to 250 feet away, and the matte finish comes in black or white. Plus, it coincides with the Tile app (along with four other common apps — even Alexa).


Mistake: Buying New Coffee Pods All The Time

Solution: These Reusable Pods That You Can Fill With Your Own Coffee

These reusable coffee pods can be filled with the coffee you already have. They come in a four- or six-pack, and there are even options that come with a compact coffee scoop to fit the cup. They’re BPA-free, and each snap-to-close lid has a unique design with a spot for your coffee maker to close like normal.


Mistake: Forgetting To Charge Your Phone

Solution: These Portable Chargers For On-The-Go Power

Each of the portable chargers in this two-pack has a micro USB port and two USB ports, along with four safety features (including protection against overheating). Each one also has a separate port to recharge the battery, so you don’t have to take up any of your charging spots. They have over 41,600 five-star ratings, and there’s even a fun purple and yellow pack.


Mistake: Accidentally Fraying Your Charging Cords

Solution: These Curly Cable Savers That Shouldn’t Slide Around

These curly cable savers come with 24 in a colorful pack, and they’re made of silicone that shouldn’t slide down the charging cord. They’re meant to help prevent your cables from fraying, and they’re available in black as well as grey. One reviewer wrote, “I love this product so much. It protects my cable chargers and cables overall. I love that it comes in a huge quantity pack. Definitely worth it.”


Mistake: Not Getting All Of A Condiment Out Of The Bottle

Solution: A Slim Silicone Jar Spatula For Scooping

Scoop all of the mayo (or honestly even ketchup) out of a bottle with this slim silicone spatula that has a jar-scraping design. It’s BPA-free as well as stain-resistant, and there are six scooping designs, including one for your blender. Plus, it’s reinforced with extra-strong nylon — so it’s not too bendy.


Mistake: Taking Your Gloves Off To Type

Solution: These Breathable Gloves That Work With Your Phone Screen

These breathable knit touch screen gloves come in three sizes, and they even have added grip with a cute pattern. Plus, they make it way easier to hold onto your phone. They come in ten colors, and one reviewer raved, “But they fit perfectly, and they work flawlessly on my phone while texting. They are also soft and comfortable.”

  • Available sizes: Medium, Large, X-Large


Mistake: Losing Batteries & Not Knowing If They’re Charged

Solution: A Transparent Organizer With A Removable Power Tester

You can pop so many batteries into this under $20 transparent battery organizer — even the rectangular ones. It even features a power tester on the side that’s removable (in case you want to carry it around the house and test every battery you can find). Plus, this organizing kit comes in black, gray, green, red, white, and even purple.


Mistake: Accidentally Losing Gift Your Cards

Solution: A Credit Card Case That's Perfect For Gift Cards, Too

This zip-up leather case might be designed for a ton of credit cards — but it's perfect for all of your gift cards, too. It has 26 spots for cards, along with a hidden little side pocket. The case itself is even made with RFID-blocking material, and it comes in 20 colors.


Mistake: Waking Up Too Late For Breakfast

Solution: A Fast-Working Machine That Makes Breakfast Sandwiches For You

Make your favorite layered breakfast combo in this five-minute, non-stick breakfast sandwich maker that only requires four quick steps (including building the sandwich before it cooks). Every layer is dishwasher-ready, and it comes in mint, black, red, and even coral. Plus, one reviewer even called it “an absolute joy to own.”


Mistake: Hitting Snooze & Accidentally Oversleeping

Solution: An Alarm Clock That Rolls Around & Runs Away

Yes — you’re going to have to chase around this super loud runaway alarm clock on wheels, but it will solve your oversleeping situation. You can only snooze it once, it comes in 10 colors, and it will be totally okay rolling off a bedside table (3 feet max).


Mistake: Leaving Open Leftovers In The Fridge

Solution: These Airtight Food Containers With Sauce Cups & Measuring Spoons

Even the four small sauce cups have leakproof tops in this 24-pack of airtight food containers. They also come with colorful measuring spoons as well as labels — and if one falls out of your fridge, the BPA-free plastic shouldn’t shatter. One reviewer raved, “This set of containers is a great buy. The lids make for an outstanding leak-proof seal.”


Mistake: Using Closet Hangers That Let Your Clothes Slip

Solution: These Nonslip Velvet Hangers With Soft & Protective Details

Each of these velvet-lined hangers are feature two soft and super protective details to help prevent your clothes from slipping in your closet. There are gentle notches for strappy looks and contoured shoulders that shouldn’t ruin the shape of your clothes. Each one will hold up to 10 pounds, and you can get 30, 50, or 100 of them with the three-pack options.


Mistake: Leaving Lights On & Upping Your Electric Bill

Solution: These Colorful, Voice-Controlled Light Bulbs That Work Via Phone App

If you often leave the lights on by accident, don’t worry: These colorful LEDs have a voice-controlled on-and-off setting, but they can also be controlled from your phone. They even work with Alexa or Google Assistant, and there are also timer settings that you can choose from.


Mistake: Leaving Your Fridge Door Open Overnight

Solution: A Loud Stick-On Alarm That Lets You Know When You’ve Left It Open

Even if you have a freezer out in your garage, you’ll probably be able to hear this stick-on freezer door alarm from 600 feet away. If that's way too loud, there are four other settings to choose from (including a quiet mode). One reviewer raved, “Saved me aggravation and money by doing exactly what it said. Love this.”


Mistake: Paying Extra Money For Your Oversized Suitcase

Solution: This Handheld Luggage Scale That’s Great For Traveling

This sleek, handheld luggage scale has a short strap that clips around your suitcase handles. It also has an easy button to switch from pounds to kilograms before it weighs your luggage. The device can hold up to 110 pounds, and it will let you know if the battery is getting low.


Mistake: Letting Your Produce Go Bad In The Fridge

Solution: A Refillable Apple-Shaped Produce Saver

This pack comes with two Bluapple produce savers shaped like actual blue apples to pop in your fridge in effort to keep your produce fresh. You can easily refill the apples with ethylene gas-absorbing packets (which help prevent quick soiling) — and one reviewer raved, “These things legit work! My fruits & vegetables literally last longer with them in the drawer.”


Mistake: Using Planters Without Saucers & Getting Water Everywhere

Solution: A 3-Pack Of Planters With Matching Saucers Attached

You don’t get a mismatched saucer setup (or forget the saucer entirely), because this three-pack of ceramic planters already comes with matching saucers. They’re actually attached to these stoneware planters so that you won’t lose them. Plus, this watering-ready set even comes in six colors.


Mistake: Letting Sheets Ride Up At Night

Solution: These Hidden Elastic Bed Sheet Holders That Clip Them Into Place

These adjustable elastic bedsheet holders stay tucked under your mattress and have a unique triangle design to hold onto slipping sheets in three different spots. They come in a four- or eight-pack — and they have extra-strong nylon straps along with rust-proof, nickel-plated clipping hardware.


Mistake: Digging Through Your Bag To Find Your Phone & Wallet

Solution: A Zip-Up Purse That Doubles As A Phone Holder & Wallet

This zip-up crossbody cellphone purse lets you carry your phone separately (instead of stuffed away with everything in your regular purse). It comes in 36 colors, and you can either get it with a pocket in the front or a transparent cover. Each one opens up with wallet-like compartments, so there’s even room for your cash and cards.


Mistake: Accidentally Leaving Coffee & Water Stains On Table

Solution: These Neutral, Marble-Like Coasters With An Organizational Stand

These neutral coasters have a marble-like pattern for a stone-textured moment in your decor. They come with a contrasting black stand to hold them, and they’re complete with cork bases. Plus, the top of each can absorb spills in 10 to 15 seconds, therefore helping to prevent stains on your coffee table.


Mistake: Using Your Counter Space For Drying Dishes

Solution: A Dish-Drying Rack That Rolls Over Your Sink

A roll-up dish-drying rack is your counter space solution — and this $12 one is made with stainless steel, so it can handle getting splashed with hot water from your sink. It also withstands up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit and is grounded with silicone edges. Plus, four sizes are available.


Mistake: Using A Shower Mirror That Fogs Up Easily

Solution: A Fog-Free Shower Mirror That Locks Into Place

This mirror shouldn’t fog up in the shower, and it’s made with transparent plastic. It even rotates 360 degrees and has a razor holder at the bottom. The mirror also comes in black or silver (along with an a larger option), and you can lock or unlock the suction cup just by twisting the back.


Mistake: Burning Your Food While Cooking

Solution: A Magnetic Timer That’s Designed For The Kitchen

Even if you set this magnetic kitchen timer to silent mode, it’ll still visually alert you so that you never miss it. Plus, you can set two timers at once — and it even has a stand in case you don’t want to display it on your fridge. Once person wrote, “Can easily be heard over music and/or a stove vent fan.”


Mistake: Letting Your Coffee Get Cold At Your Desk

Solution: A Waterproof Coffee-Warming Stand With A Handy Sensor

Unlike a lot of other options, this waterproof coffee-warming stand comes in unique colors, including metallic pink and dark green. The sensor on the bottom responds to the weight of your mug and clicks on when you set it down. Plus, your mug's new favorite warming spot is complete with a layer of tempered glass on top.


Mistake: Running The Dishwasher If It’s Already Clean

Solution: This Dishwasher Magnet That Reminds You If They’re Dirty Or Clean

You can quickly update everyone in your house on the dishwasher status (or simply remind yourself) with the help of this sliding dishwasher magnet that states whether the dishes are dirty or clean. It’s complete with an anti-scratch, silica-coated magnet — and it comes in four colors, including an illustrated option. One reviewer raved, “Very nice, clean look that fits perfectly with stainless steel appliances.”


Mistake: Leaving Your Snack Bags Open

Solution: A Heated Bag Sealer That Helps Prevents Stale Snacks

This handheld heated bag sealer is complete with a ridged panel design to recreate a leakproof seal, and it doesn't even need batteries (just plug it in to heat it up). It comes with a plastic case, comes in five colors, and seals up any size bag in three to five seconds.


Mistake: Loosing The Remotes To Your TV

Solution: A 5-Compartment Remote Holder That Keeps Them Together

Organize five remotes with this polished, fabric-lined remote control organizer (or grab the large version if you also want to pop your phone in it). This caddy's elevated PU faux leather fabric comes in woven textures, marble print, glitter, metallic 3D florals, and more.


Mistake: Cluttering Your Countertops With Toiletries

Solution: An Oversized & Cleanable Toiletry Organizer For Your Wall

This oversized toiletry wall organizer sticks on with adhesive — and thankfully, every piece is cleanable so you can confidently store your toothbrushes. It comes with either two or three magnetic water cups, an automatic toothpaste dispenser, and so much storage. Plus, it even has a small protective drawer.


Mistake: Scratching Hardwood Floors With Your Chairs

Solution: These Silicone Chair Leg Covers That Help Prevent Scratches

You can go for the transparent option in these silicone chair leg covers, or you can grab them in brown, black, gray, and more to match the color of your chairs. The matte color options aren’t too shiny, and they even come in seven sizes — all of which are grounded with soft felt.


Mistake: Dropping Things Between The Stove & Counter

Solution: These Covers To Fill Those Hard-To-Clean Gaps

These silicone stove gap and counter covers have non-tacky coatings on top so that your cooking spills won’t stick to them. They’re also heat-resistant up to 446 degrees Fahrenheit and can be trimmed — but you probably won’t need to cut them down, thanks to the three size options.


Mistake: Storing Herbs Incorrectly In The Fridge

Solution: This Herb Keeper With A Basket That Snaps Open

The basket of this herb keeper snaps open, so you can replace your herbs as needed. The outside container is built to hold a small amount of water in the bottom, and the basket is even complete with an easy handle. Overall, every detail helps protect your herbs while increasing air circulation.


Mistake: Always Buying Disposable Makeup Remover Wipes

Solution: These Bamboo Makeup Removers That You Can Reuse Again & Again

The stitching on the edge of these reusable bamboo- and cotton-blend pads is extra strong, but it also adds a cute green accent that makes them stand out. They come in a fully-washable 20-pack that’s complete with a mesh bag and a printed container.


Mistake: Using Plastic Wrap & Running Out

Solution: This Beeswax Food Wrap That You Can Keep Reusing

This reusable and washable beeswax wrap has a large size and shape that’s designed for loaves of bread. That means it's big enough to wrap up leftovers, or even to spread out and protect your counter while you're baking. One reviewer raved, “I don’t know why I didn’t do this before!! I bought the bread wrap so I could cut it into the small sizes that I wanted.”


Mistake: Running Out Of Disposable Water Bottles

Solution: A Reusable Water Bottle That Filters As Your Drink

You can replace the Brita filtering stick when needed, but it’ll be helpful to keep this durable water bottle around instead of constantly running out of disposable ones. It comes in five colors and has a handle on top. Plus, you only have to grab a new filter after 40 gallons.


Mistake: Leaving Makeup Brushes Open On Your Vanity

Solution: A Covered Makeup Brush Holder With Pearl-Like Beads

This makeup brush holder has a transparent, dome-shaped cover that also makes it dust-proof and waterproof. Plus, you get a package of chic pearl-like beads to pour in the container and keep all of your brushes upright and organized. One reviewer raved, “Gorgeous! Feels solid and well made. The pearls are such a nice touch.”


Mistake: Shoving Everything Into A Suitcase That’s Overflowing

Solution: A Set Of Packing Cubes That Keep Everything Organized On The Go

These bright turquoise packing cubes can help organize jumbled suitcases. They're water-resistant, and they’re sized differently to fit into various luggage types. The cubes also come in ten colors and patterns, and the nylon is extra-thick. You can also store them in dressers or drawers after arriving to your destination during each trip.


Mistake: Accidentally Losing Your Wireless Earbuds

Solution: A Magnetic Strap That Holds Onto Your Earbuds While You’re Listening

You can choose from 16 colors and keep your earbuds close with this silica gel earbud strap. Instead of snapping a harsh clip onto your earbuds, the magnetic securing system is super gentle. One reviewer raved, “My earbuds kept falling out, and I didn't want to lose them. This strap is a perfect solution. Easy to use and wraps around the case nicely.”


Mistake: Spilling Laundry Detergent While Emptying The Container

Solution: A Laundry Detergent Station That Pours For You

This laundry detergent station keeps the container tilted for pouring, and it’s complete with a reusable cup at the base to catch the detergent when needed. It comes in six colors and is designed to keep heavy detergent bottles in place. Plus, there's even a strap to help keep it secure.


Mistake: Leaving Your Earbuds In A Tangled Pile

Solution: This Sturdy Silicone Earbud Clip That Keeps Them Organized

This washable silicone earbud clip organizes your earbud cords and then buttons in place. It comes in 16 colors, and you can use it for any cord that’s long enough to wind around it. Plus, you can even pull out the bottom of the cord to keep your earbuds wrapped up (but still use them).