Noz Nozawa’s 4 Tips For Any Aspiring Interior Designer

The eclectic creative on her holistic approach to life and business.

By Mike Sheffield

When it comes to interior design, no one does colors quite like Noz Nozawa. As principal interior designer and owner of Noz Design — her San Francisco-based full-service interior design firm — Nozawa has made a name for herself by incorporating unconventional antiques and timeless raw materials that push boundaries, earning her the nickname “the queen of color.”

“The moniker stuck because it’s basically true,” Nozawa states with a laugh. “I love using colors and layering combinations that make our clients happy.”

In her projects, Nozawa creates effortlessly bold, well-appointed spaces that not only reflect clients’ lifestyles and tastes, but also maximize a space’s functionality and a project’s budget. With a Wellness Within Your Walls® certification, Nozawa centers her design and business practices on a holistic approach that combines her business acumen with her playful creative visions, an artistic oeuvre she’s been honing all her life.