Of All The Weird Home Products That Are Popular On Amazon, These 45 Are Clever As Hell

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If you’re a savvy online shopper, you probably already know what a treasure trove Amazon can be. It’s the ultimate impulse shopping destination: You’ll find things you simply can’t find anywhere else that you never even knew you needed. But beyond that, it’s also a great place to shop for home essentials of every kind. The convenience of Amazon Prime two-day shipping has you covered in every possible scenario — whether you’re attempting a DIY project or looking for the best way to organize your pantry.

Let’s say you’ve got the basics covered, but now you’re looking for more, like maybe tools to make your life easier or the non-essentials that make a house a home. These 45 unconventional products may not have been at the top of your mind when you started shopping for your space, but you’ll surely appreciate their presence now. Maybe they’re an upgrade from an existing item, like this high-pressure shower head that makes your bathtub feel like a spa. Or perhaps it’s a fancy kitchen tool like this milk frother or an amusing piece of decor like this bootylicious planter. No matter what you’re searching for, Amazon has it, from the smart and practical to the fun and whimsical. Shop these dozens of weird and witty items for some offbeat home inspo you definitely won’t get elsewhere.


A Set Of Nonstick Baking Mats That Can Go From The Counter To The Oven

These silicone baking mats have convenient measurements right on them, so precisely rolling out dough or cutting cookies is easy. Not only that, but you can take them right from the counter (or freezer) into the oven, up to 470 degrees, to cut down majorly on that baking cleanup. They’re made of BPA-free, food-safe silicone and roll up for easy storage.


This Strong Adhesive Tape Keeps Any Rug In Place

No need to buy different size grips for each of the rugs in your house. All you have to do is stock up on this heavy-duty rug tape, an extra-strong double-sided tape that will keep them in place. You can use it indoors or outdoors on concrete, wood, tile, vinyl, and more, and it’s practically unnoticeable, unlike other types of grips that can slide out from underneath the rug.


This Collapsible Silicone Bowl Is The Best Way To Make Microwave Popcorn At Home

Bagged microwave popcorn simply doesn’t compare to stovetop, but with this silicone microwave popcorn popper you can get the best of both worlds. Simply pop up the collapsible popper, remove the lid and add popcorn kernels. Replace the lid, then heat the entire thing in the microwave for a few minutes: It pops them deliciously without single-use bags and even serves as a dishwasher-safe serving bowl, too. Plus, it collapses for easy storage.


This Handheld Milk Frother Makes Deliciously-Whisked Coffees & More At Home

If you’re a coffee lover like me, you might not even know the difference this milk frother can make in your brewing experience until you’ve tried it. Use it to expertly whisk both hot and cold beverages, from protein shakes to lattes, in as fast as 15 seconds. The powerful, battery-operated motor and silicone steel wand will ensure your drinks are top-notch for years to come, and the included stand will keep it conveniently resting at the ready on your counter.


This Time-Saving Food Slicer That Perfectly Chops Produce & More

I’ll do anything to save time on meal prep, which includes using this food chopper to slice and dice all my vegetables. Not only is it faster than chopping by hand, it also gives you more consistent results with each of the three included stainless steel blades. There’s a small container underneath to collect the slices, and you can easily use this device on most fruits and vegetables.


These Colorful Dish Cloths Are An Eco-Friendly Household Cleaning Essential

What makes these Swedish dish cloths better than your average rag or paper towel, you might ask? Well firstly, they’re more sustainable than disposable towels because they’re reusable but they’re also extra absorbent and soft on your counters and dishes. They’re multi-purpose cleaning cloths that you can use all over the house for streak-free shine: Just toss them in the wash after you’re done and use them over and over again.


These Fabric Cookware Separators Protect Your Pots & Pans From Damage

At first glance these pot and pan protectors look a little strange, but they have a distinct purpose in your kitchen: keeping bowls, pots, and other cookware separated from each other when stacked. This prevents them from scratching or chipping each other, which in turn extends their life. The set of 12 separators comes with three different sizes, and each one is made of non-slip polyester that’s lightweight.


A Bottle Brush Set That Scrubs Your Bottles & Deep Cleans Your Kitchen Sink

This bottle brush cleaner pack is one of those sneakily genius inventions. Once you have them, you won’t know how you lived without these brushes that reach where regular dish sponges can’t. With five brushes of varying lengths, you’ll be able to scrub the depths of baby bottles, water bottles, wine decanters — even your reusable straws. Plus, you can use these brushes to clean deep inside your kitchen sink’s drain.


This Peachy Planter Pot Will Turn Heads In Your Home

I have over 20 indoor house plants, and I’m always looking for new pots to hold all my greenery. This butt planter is eye-catching and amusing, and can be used as a vase, planter, or simply on its own as decor. There’s a drainage hole with a removable plug for plant health, and at just a few inches tall, this cheeky pot is great for small plants and flowers.


A Satin Pillowcase Is Just The Bougie Touch Your Bed Needs

This luxurious satin pillowcase is the ultimate bedding upgrade. The silky construction protects your hair from tangling and breakage, and it’s a lot gentler on your skin, too. Not only that, but they’re a great option for warm sleepers: The satin fabric runs cool in summer, and a hidden zipper will keep it firmly in place no matter how much you toss and turn.


This Rustic-Style Night Light Illuminates Your Home In Style

Outfit your bathroom, bedroom, or a dark hallway with this vintage-style night light to illuminate it at night. The rustic black frame encases a warm, white acrylic bulb that senses the brightness level of the room around it. It turns on and off automatically, giving this little night light some long-lasting energy efficiency.


This Simple & Sleek Bamboo Storage Shelf Works Well Anywhere In The House

You can easily use these bamboo storage shelves to help organize almost any room in your house. With three ample shelves, it makes for stylish and efficient desktop organization and is also great for storing spices, condiments, vitamins and supplements, or decor. The unit measures 15 inches wide and is made with a durable waterproof coating.


These Easy-To-Use Adjustable Spice Shakers

Give your table seasoning containers some spice with these adjustable salt and pepper shakers. These tiny but mighty shakers hold up to half a cup of spices apiece. They’re easy to refill with a screw top lid and included silicone funnel, and three adjustable settings allow you to customize exactly how much salt or pepper you’d like on your plate.


This Kitchen Scale That’s Both Very Accurate & Very Affordable

No more guesstimating: This super-accurate digital kitchen scale makes it easy to get food measurements right every single time. It weighs anything from 0.04 ounces to 11.02 pounds, with an auto-tare button that subtracts the weight of your bowl or container automatically. It’s much more economical than comparable quality scales too, so you can save your dough for more fresh ingredients.


An Organizer That Finally Fits All Your Makeup Palettes

Cosmetic palettes present a unique storage challenge: They’re unevenly sized and shaped and need to remain easily accessible so you’ll actually use them. This acrylic palette organizer was built for this: each of the eight divided sections is removable, and you can use it horizontally or vertically depending on what suits your space and needs. The clear construction makes it easy to see what you’re working with when you sit down to do your makeup, and one reviewer reported that it fit 18 palettes at once.


These Bamboo Cutting Boards Are A Huge Upgrade From Plastic

Replace your worn-out cutting boards with this three-piece bamboo set, and you’ll be glad you did. They’re made from top-grade bamboo that’s 100% food safe and won’t dull your knives. The built-in juice groove conveniently helps prevent messes. The set comes with three different sizes, so you’ll have one that works for every fruit, vegetable, meat, and cheese.


This Adorable Throw Blanket You’ll Love For Movie Nights

You can never have too many blankets, and that includes this cozy sherpa throw blanket with adorably oversized pom poms on the edge. Perfectly warm and lightweight, this fleece blanket feels like a plush teddy bear against the skin. It comes in a variety of sizes and colors, so you can get one for every person in your household.


This Pair Of Wireless LED Lights To Brighten Up Your Home

Rummaging around in dark corners and under shelves is a thing of the past with these wireless LED under cabinet lights. These adhesive, remote-controlled lights illuminate the nooks and crannies of your home with just a tap, emitting a warm white glow to help you see your closet, cabinets, or counter better. And with the remote, you can set timers, adjust the brightness, and power them on and off as needed.


These Clear Food Containers Keep Pasta, Grains, & More Fresh For Weeks

What if I told you there was an easy way to save money and keep your food fresh for longer? That’s because there is: these food storage containers keep dry foods neatly stored in your pantry, which improves the look and keeps them safely sealed. They’re airtight and leakproof, so if you struggle with pantry pests, this is also a great solution. And the four containers come with free chalkboard labels, so you can organize to your heart’s content.


This At-Home Cold Brew Maker Makes Extra-Strength Brews In Your Own Kitchen

Iced coffee lovers, behold: This cold brew coffee maker makes it possible to feed your obsession without hitting the coffee shop. Use your favorite coffee grounds to make up to 34 ounces of cold brew in this glass and stainless steel carafe that comes with an airtight silicone seal lid. Allow your coffee to brew for 24 hours for an extra-strong concoction that will keep you going all day long, even on the sleepiest Mondays and laziest Saturdays.


This High Pressure Shower Head That Completely Changes The Game

Replace your tired, sub-par shower head with this high-pressure rainfall shower head, and you’ll notice a difference immediately. The energy-efficient device is surprisingly easy to install with a maximum outflow of 2.5 GPM that will save you money on your water bill. If your area has hard water or limescale, each of the 90 anti-clog silicone nozzles will cut through it for a thorough wash that actually leaves you feeling clean and relaxed. Good luck convincing yourself to get out of the shower.


This Utensil Holder That Spins For Easy Access

Organize your countertop in style with the help of this extra-large stainless steel utensil holder. The divided container will clear up drawer space and keep spatulas, whisks, slotted spoons, and more neat and easily accessible. It spins 360 degrees and comes in seven matte stainless steel colors to match your kitchen.


An Extra-Cushiony Bath Pillow For Deep Relaxation

Settling into a warm bath is one of the most relaxing activities you can do, IMO, and it’s even more luxurious with this soothing bath pillow involved. The ergonomic cushion stays stuck to the wall of the tub with suction cups, and works wonders on sore muscles and joints. The ventilated fabric stays breathable and comfortable while you soak, and a convenient hook at the top allows you to hang this pillow to dry in between uses.


This Foolproof Plant Pot That Literally Waters Itself

If you love the look of houseplants but find they’re hard to keep thriving, then you need this self-watering and aerating planter. Hollow legs draw water up and into the pot from the reservoir at the base, which can go two or more weeks without refilling. Certain plants thrive with constantly moist soil, so this pot is a low-maintenance way to make sure they’re getting the hydration they need.


This Portable Lap Desk Means You Can Take Work Anywhere

Working from home doesn’t have to mean keeping post at your desk or dining room table. With this portable laptop lap desk, the world is your office. It serves as an anti-slip lap desk with thermal resistance, providing you with a stable and flat work surface wherever you may go. The retractable mouse pads on either side are super convenient, and the entire thing folds up compactly for easy storage and packing.


This Innovative Shelving Unit Keeps Reusable Water Bottles Organized With Ease

Reusable water bottles are a household essential these days but keeping them organized is another story. This space-saving bottle organizer is the solution: It’s an adjustable shelving unit with built-in grooves to keep them from rolling around. You can set it up in seconds and never worry about your water bottles tipping, rolling, or taking up extra space in your cabinets.


This Countertop Box To Make Baked Goods Last Longer

Don’t be a victim of moldy bread: Keep your loaves in this adorable bread box to keep them fresh and edible for longer. The steel box with a bamboo lid works without a tight seal, allowing for crucial air ventilation that keeps bread products from molding or becoming stale. It measures 12 by 5.5 inches wide with ample storage space for sandwich loaves, bagels, pastries, and more.


This Expanding Colander Makes It Easy To Wash Food & Drip Dry Your Dishes

This plastic over-the-sink strainer makes it easy to wash produce, drain pasta, and more. The extendable plastic strainer is designed to rest on either side of the sink for convenient draining. It fits most sinks and is conveniently dishwasher-safe. And it’s heat-resistant, so you can totally use it to drain pasta.


An Expanding Bathtub Tray With Room For All The Essentials

With the help of this expandable bamboo bathtub tray, you can live your entire life from the bath if you so desire. Measuring 43 inches wide at its fullest, this waterproof tray fits almost all standard bathtubs. It has built-in sections for a wine or martini glass, your phone, a book or tablet, candles, soaps, and so much more, so you can pour up the bubbles and get some quality alone time.


These Ceramic Planters Turn Your Houseplants Into Eye-Catching Wall Decor

This pair of hanging planter vases is perfect for plant lovers with limited surfaces for greenery. The geometric pots are just the right size for succulents, air plants, and more — they’d look great with a string of pearls or another trailing plant dangling down. They’re ceramic pots with metal accents, and you can even choose the color finish you’d like and coordinate with the rest of your home decor.


This Bamboo Tray That Turns The Arm Of Your Couch Into A Mini Table

No side table? No problem. This sofa arm tray converts your couch into a small tray for snacks, drinks, or the remote. It’s made from high-quality bamboo with a waterproof coating and has a folding design that can fit any sofa arm.


These Computer Stands Help With Airflow & Organization

Instantly improve your desk setup — not to mention your posture — with these monitor risers. Designed for ergonomic viewing, these two platforms raise the height of your desktop computer to help prevent back and neck pain. The two-pack of coated steel risers give your desk an elevated look with natural storage options. Plus there’s one for your home office and another for your work desk.


This Memory Foam Pillow Is A Lifesaver For Chronic Pain

Side sleepers may find the support they need with this memory foam knee pillow. This small but mighty pillow assists with hip alignment, which in turn can help with circulation, sciatic nerve, joint, or back pain, osteoarthritis, and pregnancy. Place the contoured sides in between your knees while you sleep and you’re set. The removable cover and carrying case make it easy to keep clean and tote with you wherever you may lay your head.


This Glass Honey Jar Pours From The Bottom Without Any Mess

I love the natural sweetness that honey can add to my food but hate what a sticky mess the jar becomes after just a couple uses. This no-drip glass honey dispenser takes care of that problem: The gravity-fed container is airtight with a bottom stopper, allowing you to easily pour honey into your food or drinks without making a mess. It holds up to eight ounces of honey, syrup, sugar, and more, and looks great on the counter or table with that attractive honeycomb design.


A Mini Humidifier That Blends In With Your Plants

This adorable desktop humidifier disguised as a cactus is the perfect way to subtly improve the air quality in your home. Increasing the humidity of the air can help prevent dry or chapped skin, soothe a scratchy throat, and even help your houseplants thrive. Choose the model with or without a built-in nightlight: Both run for up to four hours and shut off automatically when the water runs out.


These USB-Powered LED Lights Will Visibly Improve Your TV Viewing Experience

Movie lovers and gamers will love these TV backlight strip lights that give you a more vivid picture and upgrade your living room all at once. By using these USB-plug-in glowing white lights while the TV is on, you’ll reduce eye strain, improve the contrast, and see richer colors on screen.


This Curved Dual-Blade Knife Makes It Easy To Cut Up Vegetables & More

Throwing together dinner has never been easier than it is with this specially-designed salad chopper. The two wide, curved blades can chop up a salad in seconds, as well as nuts, vegetables, herbs, and more. Made from super sharp stainless steel, the chopper comes with blade protectors for storage and makes meal prep so much easier and more efficient.


This Durable & Convenient Wall-Mounted Rack For All Your Household Tools

Don’t relegate all your cleaning supplies to a lonely corner. Instead, store them upright on this wall mounted mop and broom holder. With three spring-loaded grips and four hooks with ample space in between, there’s plenty of room for all your tools. The stainless steel holder is perfect for cleaning supplies, outdoor tools, and more, and comes with hardware for both adhesive and screw-in mounting.


This Clever Over-The-Door Rod Gives You Extra Storage For Clothes

In homes without much closet space, you need to get creative with your clothes. This over-the-door clothes hanging rod is one way to solve the storage problem. It turns an otherwise-unused space into clothing storage, perfect for hanging pieces you wear all the time or laying out your outfit for the next day. The heavy-duty steel rod holds up to 20 pounds and fits any standard door.


A Multi-Tasking Ottoman For Storage, Seating, & More

Limited floor space means taking advantage of multi-use furniture items when you can, like this stylish faux leather ottoman. It can pull triple duty as seating, a side table, and extra storage for blankets, board games, art supplies, or even clothes. The 14-inch square ottoman folds flat when not in use, so you’re sure to take it with you to all your future homes.


This Wall Rail That Frees Up Precious Kitchen Drawer Space

Get your pots and pans out of your kitchen cabinets and onto this wall-mounted rail. With 15 S-style metal hooks that can hold up to 22 pounds in total, it’s the ideal way to store small cookware as well as utensils, mugs, and more. “The only bad thing about this utensil rack is that I didn’t buy it years ago!!” one reviewer proclaimed.


This Convenient Closet Organizer Makes Accessory Storage Easy

Make the most of your closet space with the help of this hanging organizer. The five shelves make great spots for shoes, purses, hats, or folded clothes that you’d like to keep handy, and there are six mesh pockets on the sides for storing small accessories, too. The entire thing is made from breathable fabric, with two stainless steel hooks that keep it securely hung on your closet rod.


This Trio Of Floating Shelves For Display & Storage

Show off your knickknacks, books, photos and more on these simple floating wood shelves, which come in a set of three ranging from 9 to 17 inches long. They’ll help you take advantage of vertical real estate in any room of your house, from the bathroom to the entryway. And with a subtle glossy finish available in two different colors, you can be sure that your stuff will be the standout feature.


This Silicone Cover Keeps The Gap Between Your Stove & Counter From Getting Gross

That annoying gap in between your stove and countertop is a magnet for crumbs, food drips, and residue. Stop the mess before it starts with this clever silicone cover, a flexible, matte, T-shaped cover designed to blend in with your counter. It’s heat resistant, food-grade, and easy to keep clean — just pop it in the dishwasher as needed.


These Durable Velvet Hangers Will Make Your Closet Look So Organized

These non-slip velvet hangers keep my thin-strapped shirts and dresses from sliding off but can handle the weight of bulky coats, too. The hooks swivel 360 degrees, and I have more than enough hangers in the affordable pack to support my somewhat concerning clothes shopping habit.

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