Of The Cheap & Easy Ways You Can Upgrade Your Home, Designers Say These 40 Are The Most Impactful

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There’s just something that makes me always want to redecorate my home. It runs in my blood – as a kid, I would often come home to find my mom had rearranged the living room or organized the kitchen cabinets while I was at school, giving our family home a much-needed refresh. If the layout of your home doesn’t give much room to move the furniture around, you can always make small changes that have a big impact with artwork, decor, and DIY projects.

To really get the most bang for your buck, it's helpful to consult the experts. Some design professionals have helpfully lent their wisdom to this piece, offering the tips they personally use to make their homes more vibrant and personal. Small and easy changes, like upgrading your cabinet hardware or covering dated-look countertops with marble contact paper, are designer-approved projects you can accomplish in a day, and they'll give the room an entirely new look for cheap. And renters, don't be scared – most of these tips don't require you to sacrifice your security deposit. They're easy enough for a beginner, and best of all, they won't cost you an arm and a leg. Keep reading to see what the pros think you should do to make your house look bigger, better, and bougier.


These Artisan Ceramic Vases To Keep Your Home Full Of Fresh Flowers

Pick up a floral bouquet of your choice the next time you go grocery shopping, and stick it stylish ceramic vases like these to add some living color to your space. Dominique B. Fluker, founder of virtual boutique interior design firm DBF Interiors, recommends keeping fresh flowers around: "I make it a practice to keep fresh flowers every one to two weeks in multiple rooms, including the living room and bathroom. Having fresh blooms in your space helps freshen and brighten your home," she said. This set comes with three vases of different sizes and shapes, all handmade with elegant blue glazing.


A Live Plant To Add Greenery & Boost Your Mental Health

Giving your home some greenery like this live indoor fiddle leaf floor plant can have marvelous benefits for your mood and mental health, according to Fluker. Even if you don’t have a green thumb, this plant is easy to care for. It requires bright, indirect sunlight and about two to three cups of water per week. That’s all. It’s about 34 inches tall, so you can set it directly on the floor as functional, living decor.


These Floral Scented Candles That Come In Pretty Decorative Tins

Scented candles, like the ones in this vibrant gift set, can make your home feel more zen and give it a nice pop of color. “Adorn your space with scented candles to create ambiance,” Fluker said. She recommends springy scents to bring the space to life, and this set of four comes with lavender, gardenia, lilac, and rose candles that burn for about 20 hours apiece.


An Essential Oil Diffuser To Refresh The Air Around The House

Another expert-approved way to freshen up the scent in your home is with essential oils. This large-capacity essential oil diffuser offers six to eight hours of continuous misting to improve the air quality, cover up unwelcome scents, and relieve stress after a long day. This particular diffuser looks pretty cute on a nightstand too. Fluker recommends putting it your bedroom for relaxation and sleep benefits.


A Natural Lavender Spray That Will Put You In The Mood For Sleep

Fluker also likes using a lavender pillow and linen spray, which can similarly refresh the scent of your room with more targeted effects. Made with 100% pure lavender essential oils grown in Oregon’s rich wine country, you’ll get the most out of this spray from spritzing your bedding a few minutes before tucking in for the night. Its natural calming effects will lull you right to sleep, no tossing and turning required.


Some Colorful Throw Pillow Covers To Brighten Your Living Area

If you’re ready for your couch to have a new look, “swapping out your accent pillows is a simple way to change up your living room, making it feel brand new,” Fluker says. These throw pillow covers are a wallet-friendly way to switch things up: They come in four geometric patterns in a variety of eye-popping colors, including lake blue, yellow, pink, and orange. They measure 16 by 16 inches, with an invisible zipper to keep them intact.


This Floral Peel & Stick Wallpaper For A Bold Accent Wall

You’d be surprised by how much creating an accent wall with something like this bright, floral peel and stick wallpaper can change the look and feel of your space. When choosing your color palette, Fluker recommends “light blues, pastel pinks, and daffodil yellows. These colors will brighten up your space and your mood!” This wallpaper has a navy background to make it easy to pair with other decor, and the shades of pink, orange, and green designed in a watercolor style will add texture and visual dimension to a living room or kitchen.


These Under Cabinet Lights That Can Be Controlled With A Remote

Chris Alexakis, a kitchen design expert and the co-founder of Cabinet Select, praises the virtues of under-cabinet lighting with this LED lighting kit, which installs easily and can be controlled with a handy remote. “These LED lights are very affordable and easy to install, so that you can set them up yourself and customize them so they look exactly the way you want them to. Not only will it improve the overall look of your kitchen without much work, but it will also make it easier for you to cook at night and in low-light situations,” he explains. He also recommended matching them to the existing tones in your home: Opt for warm lighting if your home has an older, cozier feeling, but choose cool lighting if your kitchen is more modern so they don’t look out of place.


A Set Of Sustainably Made Plant Stands With A Clean Mid-Century Feel

You can artfully arrange your succulents with these Fox & Fern plant stands to lift them off the floor or table and add some visual interest. Cindy Ngo, the founder of INK+ PORCELAIN, recommends them to elevate your collection of greenery. The set of four mid-century inspired stands are made from sustainably-sourced acacia wood, and includes four 3.5 inch pots that fit the stands perfectly.


This Modern Floating Shelf To Help You Organize Your Entryway

There are so many ways to use this floating shelf with a built-in succulent planter, but installing it in your entryway is interior designer Ali Levin’s preferred method. The co-founder of LABLstudio says: “Organization and greenery are two things that I love as a designer, and this modern floating shelf with a built in succulent planter perfectly combines the two; and is the perfect place to store your keys." Made from modern-looking metal and beechwood, you can use it to keep your wallet, keys, and up to 15 pounds of other everyday essentials handy and organized.


A Vibrant Paperweight To Add Flair To Your Desk

The little things go a long way when it comes to adding personality to your home through decor. “Infuse pops of color and personality through accessories,” Levin recommends. “This paperweight from ArtSugar adds a much-needed sense of playfulness to any desk or workspace." It’ll hold down your documents and liven up your home office with its bright, bold colors.


This Swinging Desk Lamp With A Simple Modern Look

“Lighting is such an important part of setting the right mood for a space,” Levin says. “We love the clean lines and simple Scandinavian design of this desk lamp, which works anywhere from a nightstand to a desk.” The solid wood frame is completely adjustable and can be set up without tools. Once you place this on your side table, desk, or nightstand, the arm can be swung from side to side to meet your lighting needs.


The Bold Canvas Print That Adds Personality To Boring Blank Walls

Your walls are a blank slate for decor, so Levin advises adding some eye-catching artwork, like this designer-inspired lip print with bright hues of pink and purple. “This print from ArtSugar definitely brings the drama! The bold colors add personality to any space, and it's a bonus that it can be hung with double sided tape, removable putty, or thumbtacks,” she says. “It's so easy, now you have no excuse to hang art in your home!”


A 2-In-1 Paint & Primer That’s Available In 12 Highly Pigmented Hues

Richard Petrie, a home expert at Thomas Sanderson, preached the virtues of house paint for giving your home’s exterior a new look. "If you’re looking to increase curb appeal but don’t have a large budget, a fresh coat of paint can work wonders,” he explains. “Colorful doors are on-trend so opt for bright, show-stopping colors to transform the exterior of your home.” This all-in-one paint & primer will save you time and effort on your project; reviewers report just needing two coats to refresh their doors or cabinets. This particular pint comes in a wide variety of super pigmented colors in glossy, satin, and matte finishes.


An Easy-To-Install Door Knocker That Gives Regal Vibes To Your Front Door

To give your exterior a new look without the commitment of paint, Petrie recommends installing a door knocker. This lion head front door knocker offers antique elegance in bronze, gold, or silver, and is cast from quality zinc alloy materials. It measures just six inches tall, but will add a stately appearance to your entryway.


The Matte Black Door Knob That Is A Timeless Update

The little details, like swapping your old, scratched doorknobs for some timeless matte black doorknobs, can make a bigger visual impact than expected. "It can be costly to update your home with new furniture, so simple upcycling like painting cupboard doors and updating the door handles can have your rooms transformed from drab to fab!" Petrie notes. Installation instructions are included and easy to follow for these sturdy doorknobs, so you can knock out this project for a completely new look in an afternoon.


These Soft, Patterned Curtains That Block Out Unwanted Light

“Blinds and curtains can completely change the look and feel of a room without the cost of updating the entire space,” Petrie explains. “Pick a striking new pattern for a bold look or for a more relaxing ambience hang some voiles." These geometric patterned curtains add some mid-century geometric flair, and filter only a portion of light and heat so you’ll still get some natural light shining through.


These Sheer Curtains That Add A Relaxing, Romantic Vibe To Your Room

On the flip side, you can still follow Petrie’s curtain advice and opt for something much more neutral, like these sheer curtain panels. They’ll filter incoming light and obscure the view for your privacy, but you’ll still get all the benefits of natural lighting. With a light, airy feel, these curtains are a simple upgrade that could even make your windows appear larger.


This Plush Shaggy Rug That Is Comfortable & Stylish

Megan Nelson, a co-owner and founder of Nest with the Nelsons, endorses adding a rug to any room to give it a refreshing new feel. “A well-styled rug can really bring a whole room together with little effort,” she says. “[They’re] easy to find, can showcase any style, and come in all shapes, sizes, and can fit almost any budget.” This fluffy shaggy rug is no exception. It’s available in three sizes and eight solid colors, and offers an incredibly soft place to land your feet in a nursery, bedroom, or living room.


These Colorful Throw Pillows Made From Super Soft Velvet

Nelson also advises updating your pillows as an easy home upgrade. “Pillows are a great way to add in texture to a space, add a pop of color, and really change the look and feel of a living room without dropping a ton of cash,” she explains. These velvet decorative throw pillows certainly deliver on color and texture. The velvet is ultra-soft to the touch, and these pillows are available in over 20 different colors and patterns, so you can shop for your favorite shade.


This Soft, Textured Throw Blanket With 21,000 Five-Star Reviews

If you’re looking to scale up your living room, this textured throw blanket will have a similar effect to Nelson’s throw pillow advice — and it’s super cozy to boot! This throw is made from 100% high quality acrylic fabric that’s soft to the touch yet cozy enough for snuggling underneath. Available in three sizes and 25 colors including rust, mustard, and royal blue, this blanket is even machine washable, because life happens.


These Gold Cabinet Pulls That’ll Bring Your Kitchen Into The 21st Century

The small details, like the pulls on your kitchen cabinets, can really reveal the age of your home. “Take a drab 1980s looking home into the 21st century just by adding in a little touch of elegance and modern flair in the form of updating cabinet pulls,” Nelson advises. These gold cabinet pulls complement a contemporary kitchen and come with all the hardware you need to install them. With a brushed brass finish and aesthetically pleasing rectangle design, these handle pulls will be functional and sleek for years to come.


This Adjustable Lamp With A Convenient USB Charging Port

Nelson also speaks to the benefits of adding additional lighting sources to your home, such as this bedside lamp with a USB port that’s perfect for a side table or desk. “Lighting is also a great way to showcase your home in a new way, with a new perspective,” she explains. “Adding a light in the corner near a chair might just be your new favorite reading spot." Small in stature but large in impact, this desk lamp emits warm, comforting light and has three brightness levels. As a bonus, you can charge your devices on it whether the lamp is on or off.


The LED Strip Lights That Can Stick Anywhere For Adjustable Lighting

If your home is already plenty bright, Nelson suggests going in the opposite direction with some softer lighting, like these LED strip lights. “This can make all the difference of how you feel in your home, and even impact your mood, too,” she says. The 16.4 feet of strip lights have dimmable options from 10 to 100%, and are equipped with self-adhesive on the back that can stick anywhere. Cut to size as needed to wrap around a mirror, place under your bed, or adhere around the room at ceiling level to give your space some much-needed softness.


These Dramatic Floral Curtains That Have A 4.8-Star Rating

A designer-approved hack for upgrading your space and drawing the eyes upward is to hang patterned, colorful curtains, like these poppy garden panels, at ceiling height instead of just above the window. “Dressing up your windows with an appropriately styled and sized curtain can make all the difference to bring drama and luxury to any room,” Nelson explains. These particular curtains come with a vibrant floral pattern that can add a much-needed pop of color to your space. Amazon shoppers love the thick, soft curtains that still allow light into your space, which is why they have a 4.8-star rating.


These Peel & Stick Subway Tiles That Are Waterproof & Heat Resistant

Devin Shaffer, the lead interior designer at Decorilla recommends these peel and stick subway tiles to revamp your kitchen or bathroom backsplash. “[They look and feel] just like ceramic or porcelain products and for under $150 a backsplash transformation will take your kitchen to a new level,” he says. “We love the retro twist of the teal and white options." The tiles have ultra-strong adhesive that will stay put when you need it and are waterproof and heat resistant.


A Pair Of Heavy Duty Glass Cabinet Pulls With A Pop Of Color

There are tons of kitchen remodel items available on Amazon, and Shaffer particularly recommends these glass cabinet pulls to give your kitchen a colorful new look. "Of the thousands of kitchen hardware products on Amazon, we're excited to see our clients excitement about the Brass and Crystal Pulls that come in at under $20 for a set of two,” he says. Use the eye-catching pulls on your cabinets, drawers, dressers, cupboards and more to give them a shiny, retro-inspired appeal.


This Customizable Sign To Make Your House Feel Like A Home

Once you’ve found a home you intend to stay in for the foreseeable future, you can really make it feel like your own by adding this personalized sign, customized with your last name. When we say this sign is customizable, we mean it. Choose from metal, acrylic, or wood materials, 20 different colors, and two sizes to suit your tastes. Anton Giuroiu, an architect and the CEO and founder of Homesthetics, says: “To make any house a home means to make it more than just a place to stay in. It requires people to actually bond there and a sign like this shows that people are living in it and they are owning it to the fullest."


This Cozy Couch Blanket That Looks So Expensive

You’ll enjoy bragging about this faux fur throw blanket on social media almost as much as you’ll enjoy snuggling up underneath it. "This blanket is not only Instagrammable, but it also has the ability to make any space cozier,” Giuroiu says. “It makes any house more of a home by adding a touch of that familiar comfort you’ll feel when you’re actually at peace." Made from no-shed silky soft fleece, this blanket will look incredibly luxe when draped over your sofa or bed and is machine washable as needed for care and upkeep.


The Floating Shelves That Give You Space To Showcase Your Favorite Items

My home would be nothing without the various tchotchkes I’ve collected over the years. Zach Houghton, the CEO at Loftera, agrees, and recommends these Mkono wood floating shelves to show off whatever it is that brings you joy. “Indeed, home is where the heart is, and no house will feel complete without some objects to reflect who you are and what you value,” he says. “[Installing these shelves] enables you to transform unused corners into functional display areas.” They’re made from stylish paulownia wood with handsome metal brackets and are useful in practically any room to show off your personal style and mementos.


An Elegant Wall Mirror To Make Any Space Look Larger & Lighter

Installing this round wall mirror isn’t just a functional choice for checking your outfit, it can also elevate your decor and make your space look larger. “This wall mirror is designed to fit any space seamlessly while adding style and elegance to an area of your choice,” Houghton says. It’s available in two different sizes with a gold or black frame, so you can choose the style that best suits your tastes.


These Vegan Leather Pillow Covers That Add Textural Intrigue

Try out these Two Queens Lane faux leather covers to experiment with different textures in your home and refresh tired throw pillows. Interior designer Elle Jupiter says: “One of the most impactful things that a homeowner can do is to layer in both visual and tactile textures. One of my favorite ways to introduce texture into a space is to include a variety of fabrics like faux furs, knitted throws, and vegan leathers like this one.” These neutral covers will go with any other colors and fabrics while adding a hippie-chic effect to your space.


A Pair Of Smart Light Bulbs To Create Perfect Lighting

These color-changing LED smart light bulbs allow you to customize the exact brightness and color (there are literally thousands of options) to suit a particular room, using an app or your voice via a smart home device, and that’s something Jupiter says can take your home to the next level. “Attention to detail is what sets professional designers apart from everyone else. When upgrading a home, be sure to not only consider the form and aesthetics of the pieces, but also the function,” she notes. “With smart light bulbs, you can set the perfect tone to make the room feel just right.”


This Chic Comforter With A Cozy Quilt Design

An all-white comforter, such as the LINENSPA down alternative quilted comforter, will give you the fluffy, cloud-like perfection you’ve been craving for your bed. Marco Bizzley, a certified interior designer for HouseGrail, recommends investing in your comforter not only for looks, but for quality. “Down comforters feel cozy all year long,” he says. “Big fluffy beds make you want to lay down and sink into your bed.” Made from 100% polyester, this comforter is a hypoallergenic alternative to down, with a box stitch design that’s easy to care for and long-lasting.


A Two-Toned Storage Basket That’s Fashionable & Functional

Invest in a trendy piece you’ll actually use forever: this cotton rope storage basket. According to Bizzley, natural-looking accessories are currently all the rage, and this basket is also a useful way to store a wide variety of things in plain sight. “[These baskets] are highly versatile, and you can easily use them to store lightweight blankets, plants, or your hats and scarves during the winter months,” he explains. The two-toned basket has ample space, and the neutral tones and simple, useful design will work in different rooms of your house.


The Marble Contact Paper That Covers Counters With A Classic Pattern

Makeover your countertop, table, desk, or nightstand in a timeless marble pattern with this peel and stick wallpaper. "Marble adhesive paper is the perfect way to make your home look sleek and elegant. Unlike natural marble, this product won't break the bank and is installed within minutes,” Bizzley says. The contact paper, which has over 22,000 five-star reviews, sticks to any flat surface with its self-adhesive backing. Using it to cover a well-worn piece of furniture is a great way to easily and stylishly upcycle it.


A Rainfall Showerhead That Makes Your Tub Feel Like A Spa

You’ll never feel bougier than when you’re standing beneath this three-way rainfall showerhead, which has seven water settings and is shockingly easy to install. “Dual showerheads are an inexpensive way to make your bathroom feel luxurious,” Bizzley says, because of their ability to be used alone or together, giving you a spa-worthy shower. The stainless steel finish adds to the luxe effect, making even a dated bathroom feel brand new.


A Floating Corner Shelf That Is Shaped To Show Off Your Style

Function meets form in these Greenco two-tier corner floating shelves, which are endorsed by Dave Mason, the owner of The Knobs Company. “[It’s] a multipurpose piece of furniture that will be an attractive addition to any room in your home,” he syas. “It will look good no matter where you place it.” The L-shaped unit is made in three finishes, and is the perfect way to turn an unused corner of your home into a place to show off your houseplants, books, or other small decorative objects.


A Mini Glass Chandelier That You Can Simply Plug In

Nothing says elegance quite like this mini glass chandelier. Despite its small size, installing it in any room will have a big impact, according to Giovanni Scippo, the director at 3D Lines. “[Lighting] can transform your home's atmosphere without doing anything drastic,” he explains. This particular chandelier is also easy to set up: Just hang, plug in, and go for an instantly upgraded reading nook or bathroom.


A Farmhouse-Chic Pendant Light For Trendy Statement Lighting

This on-trend pendant light comes in a farmhouse style built to complement modern homes. “Give your space an instant boost by upgrading your lighting,” Scippo says. “[Statement lighting is] growing more popular this year.” The adjustable height gives you flexibility in your installation process: Hang a few above your countertop or dining room table, or use one to draw attention to a piece of statement wall art. They’re compatible with any 60-watt E26 based bulbs, so you can truly customize the look to suit your design sensibilities.