Of The Most Popular At-Home Fitness Products On Amazon, Trainers Say These Work The Best

The hottest gym in the world is your living room.

Written by Rachel Bar-Gadda
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Listen, regularly trekking to the gym sounds like a really lovely idea — and signing up for that outdoor class is seriously something to be proud of. For all those other moments of hesitation caused by weather, busy schedules, and more, transforming your living room into a fitness zone is the answer.

Bustle spoke with a variety of fitness trainers — and of the most popular at-home fitness products on Amazon, they say these work the best. Once you’ve integrated them into your workouts, you may even say goodbye to the gym for good.


An Ab Wheel You Can Take Anywhere

Ryan Ernsbarger, certified personal trainer, sports nutrition specialist, and contributor at Fin Vs Fin, can’t say enough good things about an ab wheel due to its portability and affordable price tag. “The foundation for stability and strength begins with the core,” he tells Bustle. “This is why my number one recommendation to clients is to purchase an ab wheel. Whether you work at home or come into the office, the ab wheel only takes 10 to 15 minutes to get a great core workout, so it is the perfect way to get a quick and effective workout in.” This one features comfortable nonslip handles and is small enough to take with you anywhere.


These Dual-Sided Sliders That Work On Any Surface

Take bodyweight exercises to the next level with these sliders that have a smooth plastic side for carpets and rugs and a padded foam side perfect for hardwood or laminate floors. Stephanie Thomas, a certified personal trainer through the American Council on Exercise, considers these a great addition to the home gym, saying, “They can boost the intensity of exercises without the need of adding dumbbells. They’re perfect for plank variations and lunges, plus so much more.” She added, “I recommend them to my clients not only for their home gym but also for travel since they’re super easy to pack.”


A Set Of Resistance Bands That Include 6 Levels Of Tension

Reggie Chambers, co-owner of the New York Personal Training Gym, shares with Bustle that his favorite secret for the at-home gym is resistance bands, which are perfect when you have limited space or frequently travel. Chambers said he loves the versatility of resistance bands: “You can do almost any type of strength-training exercise with them — squats, bicep curls, rows, and more.” These fabric bands come in a set of six (three smaller and three larger) and all at different resistance levels for an effective and versatile workout.


This Jump Rope With An Adjustable Length

If you’re looking to get a full-body cardio experience in the smallest of footprints, look no further than this jump rope that features adjustable length to suit people of all sizes. As further incentive, take it from Guy Codio, personal trainer and co-owner of the New York Personal Training Gym, who tells Bustle, “Jumping rope enables an individual to engage several muscles that you might not be able to recruit from other forms of cardio...” He goes on to name multiple benefits, such as, “improved motor control (balance), quickness and coordination, improved bone density, and cardio capacity.” He adds that because both legs absorb each jump, it still remains a low-impact (read: joint-saving) workout.


A Resistance Band Set With Handles

Leigh Leigh Ann Slinger and Hilary Roten, certified personal trainers at Couture Coaching, are big fans of resistance bands with handles for at-home workouts. They recommend them as a great first buy, telling Bustle, “If you are looking to slowly build up a home gym, I would start with these. With these, you can work your entire body and get in a great strength workout. They are also great for traveling and take up very little space.” These bands come in a set of five, with resistance levels ranging from 3 to 19 pounds, and they feature ergonomic, sweat-resistant handles.


This Door Anchor For A Low-Tech Resistance Workout

You don’t need to invest in large free-standing equipment to get a good workout. Instead, small-profile gear like this door anchor that works in conjunction with resistance bands can get the job done. “A set of resistance bands that have handles, a door anchor (some have ankle attachments too), and a variety of weights,” are some of the key pieces of gear suggested by Brittany Geary, an ACE Fitness-certified personal trainer at Ladies Who Lift, who has a specialty certification in pre/postnatal training. “They are affordable, can mimic a cable machine at a gym, can be used for multiple muscle groups, and are easy to take traveling,” Geary says. This door anchor is made of heavy-duty nylon webbing to withstand lots of tension and can fit in any part of your door with its neoprene padding.


A Set Of Mini Bands That Come With Their Own Carrying Case

This set of mini bands may seem innocuous at first, but wrap them around ankles and knees and let the burn begin. “They give you a range of resistance and add tension to a movement, which allows you to work both your upper and lower body muscles in different ways to increase strength and stability,” Geary says. “They are also very affordable and easy to store.” These mini-bands cost less than $15 and come with their own convenient carrying case.


This Supportive Yoga Mat With A Carrying Strap

Geary recommends a yoga mat, like this one that’s half an inch thick, to “make floor work (like planks) easier!” The mat is made of high-density foam that’s perfect for your at-home Pilates routine or cardio yoga circuit. It comes in four colors (purple, black, red, and blue) and features a nonslip texture that is both water-resistant and easy to clean. As an extra bonus, it includes a carrying strap for effortless portability.


A Set Of Puzzle Exercise Mats That Interlock

These puzzle exercise mats are another great way to create cushioned flooring at home to protect joints and make working out more feasible, according to Geary. The mats come in a set of six tiles including 12 end borders so as to create a clean and tidy look. They’re made of supportive EVA foam and also feature a nonslip surface that provides good traction for feet and gym shoes.


An Adjustable Fitness Bench With 16 Configurations

If you’re loving the money you’re saving by working out at home but missing the variety of equipment you can get at the gym, Geary suggests an adjustable fitness bench as the answer. “A bench can be used for many different exercises — step-ups, bench presses (inclines if you can), and hip thrusts, just to name a few,” she said. This bench can transform into no fewer than 16 configurations to give you a huge range of workout possibilities. Plus, it’s height-adjustable and includes space to store equipment, both of which Geary recommends for harder workouts and added convenience.

For a more affordable fitness bench, check out this pick.


A Set Of Adjustable Dumbbells To Help Build Strength

Brett Kirkland, a certified personal trainer and owner of Zone 105, tells Bustle, “Hands down the best piece of exercise equipment on Amazon is adjustable dumbbells. [They] are one of the most versatile pieces in a gym and they take up very little space! Dumbbells can be used to work any muscle group in the entire body.” These adjustable dumbbells come in a set of two and allow you to build strength with the help of four 2.5-pound plates and four 5-pound plates that can be layered as much or as little as you like.


These Popular Neoprene Dumbbells With Near-Perfect Reviews

These neoprene dumbbells come in a set of three pairs and are clearly popular with over 73,000 reviews and a near-perfect 4.8-star rating. Kirkland explains the great benefit of using this kind of equipment, saying, “Exercising with free weights such as dumbbells helps to increase the size and strength of muscles by forcing them to contract against resistance provided by the weight.” As if it couldn’t get any better, Kirkland added that this kind of training also contributes to “better sleep, better mood, and more energy.” This set of dumbbells comes in three different weights (3-pound, 5-pound, and 8-pound) and even includes its own storage stand. The hexagonal shape keeps them from rolling and the neoprene coating provides a comfortable grip.


A Set Of Sturdy Bands To Help You Reach Your Chin-Up Goals

They say pull-ups are one of the truest tests of strength, but they can feel literally out of reach. Turn to these pull-up bands that exist to help you reach that unattainable goal. Ashley Rios, a NASM-certified personal trainer, recommends this gear, saying, “Anyone who has a home gym or is working out at home should own a set of these! They are also very versatile, portable, and require minimal space.” These bands come in a set of five from lighter to heavier resistance and can give you a leg up while working towards your goal. Use them for a variety of exercises with the help of a free instructional ebook.


This Kettlebell That Comes In A Variety Of Weights

Rios recommends kettlebells as being “[...] a great cardiovascular tool as well as a weight for a variety of at-home exercises.” Available in weights ranging from 5 to 50 pounds, this kettlebell offers lots of opportunity for strength and balance training and features a smooth, yet grippy handle to make reps feel safe. It’s constructed of cast iron and coated with vinyl to protect your floor from damage.


A Pair Of Neoprene-Coated Dumbbells For Any Kind Of Workout

For workout versatility, Rios suggests having a range of lighter to heavier-weight dumbbells handy saying, “with a variety of weights you will be ready for just about any at-home workout.” This pair of dumbbells come in a range of weights from 2 to 20 pounds and is made of neoprene-coated cast iron. They’re each color-coded to make identification easy and clock in at an affordable $12 for the pair.


This 20-Pound Dumbbell To Tone Your Whole Body

For a heavier hand weight, per Rios’ recommendation, use this 20-pound dumbbell to get your whole body feeling strong and toned without having to step out of your apartment. It comes as a single weight that can be used for a variety of exercises to increase strength and boost overall health. Made of cast iron, it’s coated in neoprene, which offers a secure grip as well as protects floors from potential scuffs. Hexagonal ends keep the weight in place and free from errant rolling.


A Foam Roller With A Textured Surface

I think it’s safe to say that it’d be pretty clutch to have a sports masseuse on hand whenever muscles start feeling tight. If that’s not in the budget, then the next best thing is this affordable foam roller, which Rios says is “A great at-home tool anyone who is serious about exercise should own to help with better recovery.” The textured surface of this roller can help to increase circulation and the high-density foam provides solid support to help roll out tight muscles and fascia. In addition, Rios adds that it can serve more than one purpose, saying, “I also love using the foam roller in some unconventional ways to mimic machines at the gym (hamstring curls and hack squats are two of my favorite uses).”


A Pair Of Egg Weights That Fit In The Palm Of Your Hand

Who knew something so effective could come in such a small size, such as these egg weights that slip into the palm of your hand? “I incorporate egg weights into my own fitness routine once or twice a week,” says Natalie Miller, ACE, CPT, and trainer at Rumble Boxing in New York City. “ I love them because they are so small and portable and you can take them anywhere! They are easy to hold and fit in your hand. I use 1-pound egg weights to add resistance when throwing punches at home. Even if shadowboxing isn’t your thing — they are still fantastic!” Thes egg weights weigh a half-pound each and feature a flat profile and a finger loop to keep them securely in your palm.


These 2-Pound Egg Weights That Come With Their Own Workout Videos

Miller recommends a heavier option, like these 2-pound egg weights, to boost cardio and conditioning even further. “I also use [egg weights] for arm strengthening and they are much easier to hold than small dumbbells — I use 2-pound egg weights for arm toning — lateral raises, tricep kickbacks — you can go high rep and really feel the burn,” Miller said. These dense egg weights are made with a nonslip grip and secure finger loop with an accompanying collection of workout videos to help you get started right away.


A Set Of Parallel Bars For Intense Bodyweight Workouts

Krystal Quagliara, ACE-certified personal trainer, playfulness expert, and author at Krystalized Health Advisors, recommends parallel bars, like this set with a knurling grip, that take up barely any room and can provide a great bodyweight-based workout. “With two of these versatile bars, you can work both the pushing and pulling muscles with dips and pull-ups,” Quagliara tells Bustle. “They allow for functional bodyweight training in a small space, or in a place with a low ceiling, like a basement gym area.” This set is made of heavy-duty carbon steel and includes rubber feet that grip the floor for a secure workout.


This Pilates Bar Kit That Includes Multiple Accessories

Quagliara also suggests a portable pilates bar kit, like this one that comes with tons of accessories, to transform your living space into a pilates gym. “These kits often come with a wide variety of resistances and workout options,” she says. “They are easily transported and stored. Using a pilates bar can aid in building balance and coordination as well as help define muscle tone during functional bodyweight training.” This set comes with six cloth resistance bands, ankle straps, a door anchor, detachable handles, two cloth hip bands, and a durable pilates bar with a comfy foam grip, to accomplish a variety of exercises. Best of all, the entire kit can be stored in its own convenient carry bag.


A Suspension System Made With Industrial-Strength Straps

Great for both newbies and experienced athletes, Quagliara recommends a suspension system, like this one that’s made with industrial-strength straps and buckles that allow you to change strap length easily and securely. “You’ll want to choose a sturdy place to anchor the suspension system in your home gym,” Quagliara said. “A ceiling mount on a beam or to a heavy piece of gym equipment may be best. You want to make sure the anchor can hold your body weight safely. With adjustable straps, you can easily work both upper and lower body with a variety of exercises.”


This Weighted Medicine Ball That Can Help Improve Core Strength

If you’re looking for ways to increase your abdominal strength and stability while not adding superfluous exercise gear, a weighted medicine ball might be the perfect solution. Just take it from Tony Horton, certified personal trainer and founder of Power Life, who tells Bustle, “Weighted medicine balls help engage your core, build strength, maintain endurance and improve overall balance. They come in a variety of sizes and weights based on personal preference.” This medicine ball is available in weights ranging from 4 to 30 pounds and is made with a textured, rubber surface for a secure grip.


A Step-Up Platform For Sustained Cardio

It’s time to put on your ‘80s-era unitard and channel your inner Jane Fonda with this step-up platform that Horton recommends for maintaining great cardio levels. “Step-up platforms help add variety to any exercise while keeping your heartbeat up,” Horton said. “They can also be combined with weights for increased muscle strength training.” This platform is made with a slip-resistant surface and includes four adjustable risers to increase or decrease height and difficulty.


A Weighted Vest Made With Breathable Neoprene

As a great way to easily up the ante on your workouts, Horton suggests using a 10- to 20-pound weighted vest due to the fact that “they distribute weight better than wearable wrist or ankle weights with less risk of injury to your joints.” This vest is available in weights ranging from 4 to 30 pounds and is made with breathable neoprene material to keep you comfortable while working out. There’s even a mesh pocket provided to conveniently store your phone, card, or keys if you’re on the move.


A Rower To Get Your Heart Pumping With Little Impact

“As far as cardio equipment, a rower is one of the most effective pieces of equipment for increasing cardiovascular fitness and burning calories,” shares TJ Mentus, certified personal trainer at Garage Gym Reviews. If you want to start, this rowing machine is under $100. “Rowing is a full body, low-impact cardio movement, making it a good option for those that need to avoid high-impact.” This rower not only features a foldable design to save space as well as an informative LCD screen but also includes an integrated app to keep track of detailed metrics in order to help you reach your fitness goals.


This Calf Massager That Uses Air Compression For Relief

Nike Global Trainer Bettina Gozo swears by compression therapy as a relief-providing device to have at home or take on the go. “As someone who is active, travels for work, is currently five months pregnant, and chases around a 1-year-old toddler, having the combination of functionality and portability in a compression item has been key,” Gozo tells Bustle. This calf massager comes with two sleeves that wrap around each leg and use air compression to help with swelling and soreness. The included remote provides two massaging modes and allows you to control pressure intensity.


An Apple Watch That Tracks All Your Health Metrics

“I’ve been an Apple Watch wearer since they came out, and I’ve loved the improvements over the years,” says Gozo. This Series 8 Apple Watch has an incredible amount of advanced features that allow it to sense your temperature, track your blood oxygen, take an ECG if needed, and track fitness metrics to maintain goals, just to name a very few of its many functions.

“It’s been my go-to to keep me staying active throughout the day, I’ve been able to hop in my pool and the shower with it on, and for women: the newest ability of cycle tracking through its temperature sensing feature is great,” Gozo said. “From taking a walk with my daughter and dogs to my workouts, you’ll usually find it on my wrist.”

This fitness tracker watch is another great option and costs less than $50.


These Adjustable Dumbbells That Go Up To 24 Pounds

When it comes to hand weights, Jeremy Kring, an NSCA-certified strength and conditioning specialist and a NASM corrective exercise specialist, says these particular adjustable dumbbells are the best on offer. “Dumbbells in general are some of the best equipment because they require more stabilization of smaller muscles, exercises can be performed in a more natural fashion and in the event you lift too heavy you don't have to be worried about getting stuck underneath them,” Kring said. These dumbbells can go from 3 to 24 pounds per hand using a magnetic pin and have a rubber handle that allows for a firm grip.

For a more affordable option, check out this adjustable dumbbell set.