Of The Most Popular Gifts On Amazon This Year, These 60 Are Seriously Worth The Hype

These products are receiving lots of praise.

by Andrea Hannah
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Of The Most Popular Gifts On Amazon This Year
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Whether it's time for the holiday hustle or you're looking for a birthday present, it's typical to search for the most unique, hyped-up gifts of the year. Some of the most popular gifts on Amazon are currently available, and they're even better than you could have imagined. In other words, shopping is about to get much easier. If you aren't sure which items meet the “rave reviews” test, I've got you covered. Here's a collection of some of the best Amazon products that deserve all of the attention that they're getting.


A Sturdy Phone Holder That Clips Onto Your Car Vents

For your friend who always seems to lose their phone in the car, this vent clip holder is a must-have. The clip itself can attach to various air vents and rotate freely. It's also completely adjustable, so you can extend the sides to fit to your particular smartphone while you drive. Overall, it makes it possible to see the GPS without fumbling for your phone.


These Extra-Long Lightning Chargers That Are Wrapped With Braided Nylon

This pack of sturdy lightning chargers are coated with braided nylon that's flexible, but still protective against tears and punctures. They're also 6 feet long, so you'll get some extra reach out of them. One customer wrote, "These lightning cables charge quickly - but the best thing about them is they are durable."


A Futuristic Pad That Wirelessly Charges Your Devices

You can say goodbye to your cords and chargers altogether with this wireless charging pad. This genius device is great for anyone who has tons of devices that need to be powered up — I'm talking wireless earbuds, smartphones, and more. To use the platform, just plug it in and set any compatible device on top. Then, your device will charge up while it sits on the pad.


A 100-Pack Of Fan-Favorite Disposable Face Masks

This value pack of 100 disposable face masks ensures you’ll always have a fresh mask on hand. Made with a three-layer fabric that’s still breathable, and comfy, elastic ear loops for a snug fit, these masks have won over thousands of Amazon reviewers — over 31,000 of them rate these puppies a solid 4.7 stars.


The Moisturizing Cuticle Oil That Banishes Hang Nails

Instead of taking your best friend to the spa, why not gift them a bottle of this rich cuticle oil? That way, they'll be able to care for their nails whenever they get dry, preventing painful cuts and hangnails in the process. This oil is made from a soothing combination of ingredients like honey and lactic acid, both of which lock moisture into the skin for the long haul.


A Kit To Grow Beautiful Bonsai Trees At Home

This kit comes with everything needed (including pots, peat discs, seeds, propagator bags, and markers) to grow three different bonsai tree varieties from home. Amazon reviewers remark that the instructions are easy to follow — it’s an incredibly peaceful hobby that both beginners and expert gardeners will enjoy!


A Shampoo Brush That Gives Your Head A Massage

Whether you're trying to get a deep shampoo in or just massage your scalp, this silicone shower brush is a must-have. The product's soft but sturdy bristles will give your locks a thorough cleaning while they massage your head and increase circulation. Choose from three colors: light green, pink, and purple.


A Smart Electric Toothbrush That Tells You How Long To Brush

Reviewers are big fans of how well this electric toothbrush works — and its reasonable price. For one, the brand claims it’s 10 times more effective at cleaning your teeth compared with a manual toothbrush, and it has multiple brush modes so you can choose to prioritize things like whitening, gum massage, or gentler cleaning. It has a convenient timer to let you know you’ve brushed enough. The toothbrush even holds a charge for four days (assuming you brush for 2 minutes twice a day) and comes with a convenient carrying case and eight brush heads.


A Tiny Tool That Sharpens Your Kitchen Knives

This tiny knife sharpener may not look like much, but it does the work of bigger sharpeners and then some. It features two slots: a "coarse" one for sharpening dull kitchen knives, and a "fine" one that goes the extra mile by polishing them up. And at less than $7, it's a way better deal than ditching good kitchen knives for a totally new set.


The Shampoo That Keeps Your Hair Thick And Shiny

Over 9,000 reviewers have insisted that this clinically-tested shampoo works to strengthen hair and keep it thick. It's infused with a combination of high-quality ingredients (including rich argan oil, biotin, and nutrient-dense pumpkin seed). The natural formula is also sulfate-free, so it works to truly nourish your hair and scalp without any chemical buildup.


This Sink Cover That Can Easily Provide A Ton Of Extra Vanity Space

For people with smaller bathrooms, this sink cover could serve as a real lifesaver. It has a steel frame that keeps it sturdy and supported, and it can resist heat up to 480 degrees Fahrenheit, making it a great place for your hairdryer and hot tools to rest. Despite its strength, it’s surprisingly lightweight, making it easy to travel with.


A Powerful Humidifier That Doesn't Make A Sound

This cool mist humidifier can add moisture to your home all year long. For one, it has a 1.5-liter tank that can run for up to 16 hours before it needs to be refilled. It's also "whisper quiet," per the brand — so you can keep it right next to your bed without being disturbed while you sleep. There's even a light function in case you want a soft glow.


A Pair Of Satin Pillowcases That Reviewers Rave About

Boasting a 4.5-star rating overall on Amazon after 72,000-plus reviews, these pillowcases are a clear favorite on the site with reviewers indicating the smooth satin fabric can benefit both skin and hair. One reviewer writes, “My hair and skin look so much better since I made the switch.” The pair of pillowcases costs less than $10 — a total steal! — and they come in a wide range of solid color options and even some fun patterns, too.


A Colorful, Wifi-Connected Bulb That Works With Alexa & Google Home

Whether you’re crafting the ambience for an intimate dinner party or a holiday rager, this color-changing bulb takes things to the next level. It shines in any hue you choose from a color spectrum within its app, and is dimmable for ultimate customization. You can use your voice to control it using Alexa, Google Home, or Microsoft Cortana.


A Spray That Helps Dry, Color-Treated Hair Flourish

Anyone that struggles with dehydrated, color-treated hair will be thrilled to open up this anti-frizz spray. It works to prevent hair from becoming too dry by coating each strand and locking in the shine. To use the product, just spritz it on after washing — and then, blow-dry. Your hair should come out silky smooth. Reviewers have mentioned that this little bottle lasts a long time, too.


This Lip Treatment That’s Packed With Nourishing Ingredients

Thanks to ingredients like shea butter and songyi mushroom extract, this lip treatment is incredibly hydrating — it’ll keep your lips smooth and soft. “Loveeee this balm treatment!!” writes one Amazon reviewer. “It gives really great non-sticky moisture that lasts a long time.” The product leaves behind a glossy shine and a subtle vanilla mint scent when applied.


The Blink Mini Indoor Smart Security Camera That's 29% Off Right Now

Get notifications on your phone when motion is detected with this super easy-to-install Blink smart security camera. It also lets you have a conversation over the camera thanks to the two-way audio feature. For less than $25 while it's on sale, it's an easy way to add peace of mind to your home, even if it's just to check on your pet. With more than 40,000 ratings and 4.5 stars overall, it's a popular pick.

Want a little more? You can also purchase the Blink Mini camera with an Echo Show 5 for $49.99 (originally $124.98), a savings of 60% for the bundle, too.


A Multi-Functional Kitchen Tool For Fruit Or Veggie Lovers

The functionality of this kitchen tool is hard to beat — utilize the melon baller to get perfectly-shaped scoops of your favorite fruit (reviewers particularly love using it with watermelon, cantaloupe, kiwi, and more), remove seeds and flesh from veggies with the dual scoopers, or even do some carving with the built-in carving knife. Despite all of these uses, the tool nests together to take up minimal space in your drawers.


This Handy Storage Case To Organize & Test All Of Your Batteries

Got batteries rolling around haphazardly in your junk drawer? This storage case has slots for 180 batteries, allowing you to organize them by type so you always know how many you have on hand. It even has a built-in battery tester to ensure you aren’t holding on to any duds. The organizer is made from durable plastic, and it has a transparent lid for better visibility.


The Indoor/Outdoor Smart Camera That Works With Voice Commands

This high-definition, motion-detecting smart camera is perfect for anyone who wants to see what's going on at home (inside or out) when they're not around. It has a Starlight Sensor to be able to transmit full, color video even at night. You can use the recommended smartphone app to watch footage from afar, or you can hook the cameras up to your Alexa or Google Assistant and control them by the sound of your voice.


A Heated Eyelash Curler That Works Shockingly Well

Amazon reviewers confirm that this heated eyelash curler is much more effective at achieving *gorgeous* lashes than a traditional eyelash curler. “I’ve used a regular old eyelash curler my whole life and this puts it to shame,” explains one reviewer. “This curler does a really good job of getting the most length out of your lashes, curling, and making them look so good you might think they’re fake!!!” The device heats up in just 10 seconds (choose from three temperature settings). And it’s USB rechargeable for your convenience.


The Popular Foam Rollers That Curl Your Hair Without Heat

Anyone short on time and long on hair will love these foam rollers. The pack comes with various sizes that easily bend however you want — and you can twist them around each other to lock them into place. Since they're made completely with foam, they're soft enough to sleep in and don't require any heat to work.


A Vacuum That Literally Sucks Dirt Out Of Your Pores

Instead of trying to treat your blackheads with chemical peels, poking, and prodding, try this vacuum on for size. It creates a seal on your skin and actually pulls the dirt from your pores. The gadget comes with five head attachments and works with five suction modes, so you can choose the right one for your complexion. Plus, it's even rechargeable.


This Body Exfoliation Brush That’s Lightweight & Easy To Use

If you tend to get irritated while shaving, this exfoliating scrub brush may quickly become your new best friend. Great for full-body exfoliation, this popular brush will help reveal softer skin. It’s also a great way to incorporate a little extra self-care into your routine. You can use it either in or out of the shower, depending on your preferences. When you’re all done, it couldn’t be easier to clean.


The All-Natural Face Masks That Have Different Purposes

Give the gift of rejuvenated skin with these all-natural face masks. This variety package includes four different packs of masks that work to hydrate, brighten, smooth, and purify complexions with nourishing ingredients. And the best part? There are no parabens, toxins, mineral oils, or artificial fragrances in any of them.


These Buttery-Soft Sheets That Won't Wrinkle

Who wouldn't love a new set of really soft sheets? Well, over 50,000 reviewers have insisted that these are the softest, most durable sheets on the market. They're made with brushed microfiber that's hypoallergenic and wrinkle-resistant (even if you tend to toss and turn all night). Each set comes with a pillowcase, a flat sheet, and a fitted sheet — and there are tons of colors to pick from.


A Complete Makeup Brush Set With Remarkable Reviews

This brush set comes with 14 brushes in a wide variety of sizes and shapes for all of your makeup needs — from contouring to applying eye shadow to filling in your brows... you can truly do it all! Amazon reviewers are wild about this set of tools, giving it a 4.6-star rating overall after a whopping 110,600-plus reviews on the site. “High end quality and a great price,” commented one. The brush bristles are made of soft and silky nylon, and the handles are made from wood.


A Fleece Throw Blanket That'll Make You Want To Stay In

This microfiber fleece throw blanket is so soft that you won't want to share — but you totally can. At 5 feet wide, it's perfect for snuggling up on the couch with your favorite person. The double-enforced seams keep it durable, and it's machine-washable for whenever you need to clean it. Plus, the blanket comes multiple shades that you can decorate your cozy spots with.


The NutriBullet Blender Kit That Comes With Lidded Cups

This BPA-free blender kit has everything you need to make a delicious breakfast drink or post-workout snack. The mini blender comes with two blade caps, including a milling blade for chopping up large produce and an extraction blade to pull out nutrients. Plus, it comes with two cups that have sealable lids, so you can take your smoothies on the go.


A Mini Steamer That You Can Fit In Your Luggage

For your loved one who's always traveling, this mini steamer will be a much-appreciated gift. It's small and lightweight, so it can easily fit into your luggage without taking up too much space. It also steams for 15 continuous minutes before needing to be refilled — and when you're finished with your clothes, you can use it to steam your curtains, bedding, and rugs.


A Phone Holder That Keeps Your Device Protected & Within Reach During Bike Rides

This phone bag mounts directly on your bike, allowing you to always have your device within reach — and the touch-sensitive technology means you can operate your phone without needing to pull it out of the bag... talk about convenient! The phone bag has a universal design so most smartphones should fit in it, and it’s totally waterproof to keep your phone protected from the elements. It’s sizable enough to store other items (including your keys, wallet, or phone charger) while you ride, too.


An Insulated Water Bottle That Comes With 3 Lids

This insulated water bottle is a great gift for anyone who's always traveling. For one, it features double-insulated walls that keep warm beverages hot for 12 hours (and cold drinks chilly for up to 24). It also comes with three lids: a hot beverage lid, a standard water bottle lid, and a sports lid with a straw. Whether you're on your way to work or a workout, there's a lid for that.


The Sleek Salt And Pepper Shakers With Stainless Steel Lids

Bring these gorgeous salt and pepper shakers to a dinner party and they're sure to be a hit. The set is made with real glass and sleek stainless steel. Plus, the grinders for both are within the lids (instead of at the bases), so you shouldn't end up with spices all over the table.


These Waterproof Bike Lights So You Can Ride At Night

For the biker in your family, this set of safety lights is a must-have. There's one that works as a headlight for the front, and another that looks like a brake light for the rear. Both waterproof bulbs feature silicone straps that can attach to a variety of different seats, handlebars, and even helmets. On top of that, you can recharge them with a standard USB cord.


A Shower Head That Feels Like A Rainstorm

Instead of standing beneath a standard shower head, try this luxury, high-pressure option that literally makes a shower feel like rain on your shoulders. The jets are even made with rubber that won't rust, so you'll have one less thing to clean while you're refreshing your bathroom. It installs without tools in minutes.


This Electric Lighter That’s Great For Both Indoor & Outdoor Use

Skip the matches and go straight to this electric lighter for candles and campfires. Great for daily use, this lighter is a solid investment since you can recharge it with a USB. Since you can use it approximately 600 times before it needs a charge, you might not even need to charge it that much. If it does need a boost, it’ll tell you — its display actively shows battery volume. It’s also quite popular with over 16,000 five-star reviews.


This Hairbrush That’ll Help Conquer The Toughest Tangles

Trust this Crave brush to help smooth out your toughest knots and tangles. By working from the tips to the roots, brushing your hair won’t be as big of a chore. It’s also kid-friendly, with soft plastic bristles that won’t snag or pull. It’s available in a ton of different colors, and you can also buy it in a two-pack to save a little extra.


This Mandoline Slicer With 5 Interchangeable Blades That Have Different Capabilities

This mandoline slicer comes with five sharp, stainless steel blades that allow you to cut food quickly and safely. It can be used to slice, shred, and grate your ingredients in a way that’ll help you save time on dinner prep. This device even comes with its own storage box to safely store the blades you aren’t using, and it also has a finger guard to help keep you safe. Over 17,000 customers gave it a five-star review.


A Vacuum Pump Set That Makes Your Uncorked Wine Bottles Last Longer

There will be no more stale wine with this brilliant vacuum pump. Here's how it works: Place the vacuum stopper into the bottle you want to keep fresh and pump until you hear a "click," which signals you have an airtight seal. The set comes with eight reusable stoppers that are dishwasher safe for easy cleaning.


A Comfortable Hammock That’s Lightweight & Compact For Travel

This hammock weighs only 24 ounces and it folds down to the size of an eggplant, allowing you to easily carry it with you on your travel adventures. It’s made from an incredibly soft, yet strong parachute nylon material, and it comes with lengthy straps and carabiners for hanging. The single version can support up to 400 pounds, while the larger double hammock can hold up to 500 pounds.


A Luxurious Faux Fur Rug That Comes In Different Colors

Not only does this faux fur rug look stunning on any floor, but it feels just as luxe as it looks. It's made with high-grade, long-grain Mongolian "fur" that's unbelievably soft to the touch. At 2-by-3 feet, it makes the perfect conversation piece in front of a fireplace or at the foot of the bed. But to be honest, you might just want to lounge on.


A Retinol Facial Serum That's Made With Vitamin E, Green Tea, And More

It doesn't matter if you have a full-blown skin care routine or if you slap some water on your face every morning and call it day — this vegan retinol serum is a total must. On top of miracle-working retinol, this paraben-free serum uses ingredients like vitamin E, witch hazel, jojoba oil, and green tea to nourish, smooth, and moisturize.


A Rechargeable Fabric Shaver That Gets Rid Of Lint

This easy-to-use fabric shaver is just what you need to make your favorite sweaters look like new again. It works to gently shave down pilling and lint from the surface of the fabric. It can run for more than one hour on a charge — when it needs more juice, just connect the USB charging cable to fill up the rechargeable battery.


A Milk Frother To Make High-Quality Lattes From Home

Give the coffee lover in your life this handheld milk frother and watch them light up. Instead of spending tons of money to have someone else create their morning pick-me-up, they can heat up their own milk, turn this gadget on, and let it do its magic. It'll whip the milk into foam within seconds so they can create a delicious latte every time.


An Indoor Thermometer That Also Reads The Humidity

Not only does this indoor digital thermometer read your home's temperature, but it also tells you the humidity level. It also signals whether that level is dry, wet, or comfortable. Some reviewers love this little thermometer so much that they bought even more to monitor their garage and basement.


A Powerful Mini Vacuum Cleaner For Your Vehicle

Small, yet mighty, this vacuum cleaner is designed to get your vehicle clean in a snap — it can suck up dirt, crumbs, hair, and other debris with no issue (and it has a built-in HEPA filter that’s easy to clean). The handy tool weighs just 2.4 pounds, and it plugs directly into your 12V outlet for power. Utilize the three different attachments for detailing.


A Snuggle-Worthy Weighted Blanket

This weighted blanket is like the epitome of comfort — it’s made from seven layers of snuggly fabric, and it is gently weighted by micro glass beads for extra relaxation. “The blanket itself is soft, cozy, and I find that I sleep MUCH better with the weight than without,” explains one fan. Choose from different sizes and weights (ranging from 5 to 30 pounds) based on the wearer’s size.


This Long Slicer That Cuts Pizza With Ease

Quickly and easily cut your favorite pizza with the help of this extra-long slicer. It’s quite sharp to go right through your pie as you rock it back and forth — and it won’t push your toppings around like a traditional roller tends to. Once your pizza is ready to be devoured, simply toss this pick in the dishwasher for cleaning.


A Smart Scale That Can Measure 12 Body Metrics

This smart scale is designed to measure 12 different body metrics — including weight, BMI, heart rate, bone mass, and more — and it’ll sync the data for up to eight users with most of the popular fitness apps for convenience (there’s a free Wyze app that it’s compatible with, too). The scale features an easy-to-read LED display, and one set of batteries can last up to 18 months.


This Ring Toss Game That’s Sure To Be A Crowd Pleaser

This ring toss game will bring some friendly competition to your next get together — it’s easy to learn (the goal is to swing the small ring onto the hook), but actually quite tricky to master! The surfboard-shaped game can be set up in just minutes indoors or out. And all of the mounting hardware to do so is included.


A Set Of Rustic Shelves That Are Easy To Install

For your friend who just moved into a new place, these rustic shelves are the perfect combination of thoughtful and functional. They come in a set of three — and each one features a thick wooden base and industrial metal brackets for easy installation. Plus, all of the mounting hardware is included with the set.


A Refreshing Body Wash That's Made With Tea Tree Oil

It's no secret that tea tree oil is great for clearing up acne, but this tea tree body wash does even better: It can clear eczema, athlete's foot, nail fungus, and more (thanks to the product's fungus- and bacteria-fighting qualities). Hundreds of reviewers have agreed that this stuff really works — and it smells amazing to boot.


A Handheld Milk Frother For Creating Creamy Lattes At Home

This battery-powered milk frother from Bean Envy is the key to making deliciously rich and creamy lattes at home. It’s designed with an ergonomic silicone rubber handle that fits comfortably in your hand. Just tap the top button with your thumb and the stainless-steel wand will powerfully whisk and blend. Beyond coffee, it’s also great for stirring protein powder shakes and whisking eggs. This option is available in eight colors and includes a stainless steel stand.


A Complete Makeup Brush Set For All Of Your Cosmetic Needs

These makeup brushes and blenders are the perfect gift for anyone who's been pining for some high-quality applicators. The 23-piece set includes 13 brushes and four makeup sponges for foundations, powder, creams, and eyeshadows. There are also a couple of silicone facial tools that are useful for applying masks and exfoliating the lips.


A Star Map Made Of A Date & Location Of Your Choosing

Commemorate a special day — including a birthday, wedding anniversary, holiday, or something else — with the help of this star map poster. Simply input the date, time, and location of your choosing, and you’ll receive a gorgeous image showing exactly how the sky looked! You can have the poster framed or unframed, and even customize the text, too


This Cult-Favorite Snail Mucin Repair Cream

With over 13,000 five-star ratings, this moisturizing snail mucin cream from Seoul Ceuticals is a clear K-beauty favorite. In addition to a high concentration of snail mucin filtrate, it contains other nourishing ingredients such as shea butter, organic aloe, jojoba oil, and vitamin E. Apply this moisturizer day and night for hydrated and plump-looking skin.


A Tea Tree Oil Foot Soak To Soothe Achey Feet

This tea tree foot soak is great for tired feet that have been stuffed into tight shoes, because its natural makeup helps sooth achy muscles and rough calluses. This soak includes calming ingredients like tea tree oil, eucalyptus, peppermint, rosemary, lavender, different salts, and more.


A Hand-Repair Cream Kit With Natural Burt's Bees Products

This all-natural hand repair kit is a miracle worker for parched skin. Each kit comes with ultra-luxe almond cream and shea butter cream for your hands, as well as lemon butter cream for your cuticles. It also comes with a pair of gloves that you can wear after applying the creams to help seal in moisture.


This Wireless Doorbell That’s Super Simple To Set Up

If you need a doorbell for your home, this one is a total breeze to set up — simply hang the doorbell using the included adhesive or screws, and plug the receiver into an outlet... voila, easy as that! The doorbell has a 600 foot range, and you can even customize the sound (there’s different chimes and levels, and even a silent mode option). This pick is weatherproof and designed to withstand extreme temperatures.


A Mesh Pillow That’s Designed To Make Baths More Comfortable

This bath pillow will take your bath from just average to amazing — it’s designed to support your head, neck, back, and shoulders for the most amount of comfort! The pillow is held in place by six suction cups, and it’s made from a soft 3D mesh material that dries quickly.


The Wireless Earbuds That Charge In Their Case

These wireless earbuds are ridiculously easy to charge, which is half the battle of owning a pair. Every time you set them in their carrying case, they'll automatically power up. But the batteries in both the earbuds and case are so powerful that you probably won't even have to recharge them that often. The buds can play for almost four hours continuously, and the case will provide an additional nine hours of charge.


A Facial Cleansing Brush That Exfoliates And Massages Skin

If you're looking to uplevel your skin care routine with a facial cleansing brush, this Olay model is an excellent choice. It’s battery-operated and has two speeds so you can choose between a daily deep clean or gentle exfoliation. It’s great for removing makeup, and is waterproof so can do its work in the shower, should you wish.


This Dense Foam Roller That Releases Tense Muscles

This foam roller is an everyday essential, hands down. Whether you're sore from an intense workout or being on your feet all day, it can offer major relief and balance. It's super dense — so when you roll your sore muscles over it, the cylinder works to break up tight tissues and increase circulation.


This Highly-Rated Eyelash Curler Designed For All Eye Shapes

This eyelash curler from Brilliant Beauty helps anyone achieve lifted lashes in seconds. It's constructed from premium-grade stainless steel and has an ergonomic design for easy handling. The 48-degree angled arc fits all eye shapes and lash lengths. This pick comes with two silicone pad refills and a satin carrying pouch, making it a stocking-stuffer must-have for every beauty lover.


The Adult Coloring Books That'll Help You Chill

For less than $20, you can snag this bundle of adult coloring books for you and your friends. This pack comes with an animal book, a scenery book, and a geometric shapes book — and each one is filled with intricate designs that'll keep your attention for hours. On top of that, the pages are smooth and thick — so you can use your favorite markers without worrying that the color will bleed through.


A Cute Instant Camera With A Built-In Selfie Mirror

Not only is this mini camera adorable, but it also prints your pictures right after you snap them. It has a special selfie mirror in the front, and it comes with a macro lens attachment for closeups. The little pictures the come out are super fun to take and share — and you can hang them up in your favorite spots.


A Tripod That Turns Your Phone Into A Professional Camera

This tabletop tripod makes it easier than ever to snap a professional-looking picture. It has flexible legs that you can bend in any direction to secure the structure — and you can even wrap them around a pole or hang it from a branch to get the perfect angle. No matter where you put it, the unit will hold onto your phone tightly to keep it in place.


A Cozy Blanket That You Can Actually Wear

Your chronically cold friend is sure to be thrilled when they open up this sherpa blanket sweatshirt. It's made from soft microfiber and sherpa — and it features a hood for extra coziness. There are also pockets to warm up your hands or secure your phone while you're relaxing. It comes in 14 colors and patterns, as well as two lengths.


A Cooling Pad That'll Keep Your Laptop From Overheating

This cooling pad can help keep your laptop from overheating. It's super thin, so you can take it with you while you travel — and it tilts at an angle so you can easily see the screen. The pad also features three extremely quiet fans to keep your computer cool without all the loud whirring.


This Protective Laptop Sleeve With Over 2,900 5-Star Reviews

Available in three different sizes, this convenient laptop bag can hold most standard laptop computers. It uses soft lining, water-resistant nylon fabric, and a zippered enclosure to keep your computer secure and protected from jostling and the elements. It also has two additional pockets for stashing accessories like chargers and headphones. Choose from hues ranging from neutral gray and khaki to this eye-catching purple.

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