Prep For A Weekend Getaway With These Affordable Travel Essentials

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Traveling can be stressful, but it doesn't have to be when you have the right supplies to keep everything (and yourself) comfortable and organized. Whether you're heading to the beach for a blissful weekend or are embarking on a 2-week getaway, there are a few travel essentials that can make the process of getting there so much smoother and more enjoyable. From toiletry accessories and suitcase organizers to the best beauty products to reach for mid-flight, has everything you need to prepare for your next adventure.

You don't have to have a type-A personality to be good at traveling; it just takes a few precautionary supplies to stay ahead of the potential mishaps that your journey may bring, whether it be a dead phone battery, a toiletry explosion, or a shortage of packing space. Ahead, you'll find the best affordable travel essentials to get your hands on before your next journey, all available on

First Things First: A Sturdy Carry-On Suitcase

Double Your Packing Space With These Handy Compression Bags

Never Be Stuck Without Phone Battery Again With This Portable Charger

Increase Your Packing Space With This Add-On Duffle

Beat A Leaky Face Serum With This Waterproof Cosmetics Bag

Catch Some Zs While You Travel With An Ergonomic Headrest

Keep Your Skin Safe From UV Rays With This Convenient Sunscreen Stick

Keep Your Luggage Organized With These Handy Packing Cubes

Stay Warm At 40,000 Feet With This Compact Travel Blanket

Bring Your Top Shelf With You In These Convenient Travel Tubes

Make The Sky Your Personal Spa With Tea-Infused Eye-Gels

Get Soft Hands No Matter Where You Are With A Perfectly Portable Hand Cream

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