People Are Calling These Hidden Gems Their Cheapest, Most Clever Finds Of The Year

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Nothing compares to the thrill of spotting a serious bargain or discovering a well-designed product that answers all your home decor wishes. In fact, it can feel so good that it’s tempting to keep it a secret. However, I’m spilling the beans because — as you’ll see below — people are calling these hidden gems their cheapest, most clever finds of the year.

An anti-fatigue mat that makes you feel like you’re standing on clouds? Add to cart. How about a $15 pack of hydrocolloid blemish patches that are practically invisible yet incredibly effective? The people have spoken, and these are the best cheap goodies around. I’m here to make sure you got the memo loud and clear.

Browse the list below for more affordable and clever secrets spilled, all available on Amazon.


A Trunk Organizer With A Tie-Down System To Keep Everything In Place

If you’re tired of hearing that jug of windshield wiper fluid constantly slamming up against the backseat whenever you break, snag one of these trunk organizers that has over 55,000 reviews on Amazon. Not only does it feature expandable generous compartments but it uses a very clever tie-down system that involves top netting and straps to keep the entire thing from shifting while you’re on the move. The lining is waterproof and the organizer can be collapsed down flat when it’s not in use.

One Review: “I absolutely love this organizer. It was worth every dollar spent on it and I cannot imagine managing the contents in my car without it [...] The hooked straps latch onto the back of my rear seats and tighten well. I've gone lightly off-road, managed sharp turns, and bounced on dips. Nothing comes loose and everything stays secure.”


This Indoor Insect Trap That Quietly Eliminates Pest Problems

This indoor insect trap will take control of that fruit fly infestation using ultra-quiet fans which, when lured in by UV light, can suck in insects and trap them on the included glue board. It comes in either black or white and has a stylish design that you won’t mind displaying on your countertop or wherever bug problems arise in your home. In addition to fruit flies, it deals effectively with mosquitos, gnats, and moths.

One Review: “Really clever product! Definitely gets the job done!”


A Popular Pet Hair Remover With A Cult Following

People are obsessed with this extremely effective pet hair remover as evidenced by its 116,000 reviews on Amazon. Instead of relying on battery power or rolls upon rolls of sticky paper, it uses static electricity generated by you to ingeniously pick up hair off furniture, upholstery, and anything you can imagine. Roll it back and forth and it will pick up hair and deposit it into a small receptacle that can be easily emptied.

One Review: “IT FRIGGIN' WORKS! It is so genius, easy to use, easy to clean, and portable (yep, pet hair in the car too lol)...I am just...amazed with how well this hair remover works [...] You won't be disappointed. Possibly the best Amazon purchase I've ever made.”


This Car Vacuum Cleaner That Comes With Clever Attachments

Not one bit of Chex Mix debris will remain lodged in the crevice of your backseat after you utilize this affordable car vacuum cleaner with over a whopping 126,000 five-star reviews. It comes with three attachments — a flathead hose, an extension tube, and a brush head —to clean up all manner of crumbs, hair, dirt, sand, and much more. It plugs into your 12-volt outlet and gives you plenty of room to operate with a 16-foot cord.

One Review: “My car looked brand new after using! For the price, I would absolutely recommend.”


A Digital Meat Thermometer That Reads In Less Than 3 Seconds

With over 48,000 five-star reviews, people clearly love this digital meat thermometer that allows them to cook food to perfection by giving them accurate temperature readings in under three seconds. The thermometer is battery-operated with a large backlit LED screen (great for nighttime grilling) that displays temperatures in either Fahrenheit or celsius. Conveniently store it by hanging it up or popping it onto the fridge with the help of its magnetic backing.

One Review: “Why didn't I have one of these till today? What a genius device – and this one is inexpensive and super easy to use. I see no downside. A pleasure.”


This Bike Phone Mount That’s Affordable Yet Sturdy

This bike phone mount that costs less than $20 is a must-have for those adventuring via two wheels whether that be by bicycle, motorcycle, or scooter. It mounts to your handlebars with a secure grip and features a strong and flexible silicone netting that stretches to fit around most phone models, keeping your phone in place no matter how bumpy the road or the weather. As a bonus, the mount allows you to swivel your phone up to 360 degrees so you can go portrait or landscape mode as needed.

One Review: “I've had this for about a year now and I use this phone mount every time I ride my bike. For the price, it is about unbeatable.”


A Pack Of Velvet Hangers That Keep Clothing Off The Floor

Keep your clothes in the best shape possible by using these genius velvet hangers with a non-slip texture that keeps clothing securely stored. They feature a contoured shoulder to help maintain the shape of your clothing and include small notches on either end for holding items with straps. This pack of 50 hangers costs less than $30 and their slim profile allows you to fit up to 50% more than normal hangers, according to the manufacturer.

One Review: “They are just as good as the ones that cost twice the price. I would definitely recommend these hangers to anyone who wants to change out their hangers that just aren’t cutting it!”


This Purple Shampoo That Can Extend Your Salon Blonde

You can help remedy brassiness in blonde hair by using this brilliant purple shampoo with over 47,000 reviews. It’s made with potent purple pigments and even includes UV filters to help prevent fading over time. The formula is free of sulfates, parabens, phthalates, formaldehyde, and more, and leaves your hair conditioned — which, at only $30 a bottle, can save you serious money at the salon.

One Review: “Best purple shampoo I’ve used, and I’ve tried A LOT. Cruelty-free & no sulfates.”


These Charcoal Water Filter Pods To Keep Your Keurig Tasting Delicious

Pop one of these clever charcoal water filter pods into your Keurig to remove impurities and maintain the great cup of coffee you expect every day. Each pod uses three layers of filtration to remove chlorine, calcium, and other hard minerals that might distort the taste of your brew. They come in a pack of 12 for under $15 and are compatible with most coffee machines compatible with K-Cups (note: except Cuisinart).

One Review: “I am a serious coffee lover. And these filters make the coffee taste better. They are also very reasonable in price. [...]”


A Pack Of Swedish Dishcloths That Are Reusable Up To 100 Times

Say goodbye to pricey disposable paper towels and say hello to these completely genius Swedish dishcloths that can each be reused up to an amazing 100 times. They’re made of all-natural cellulose and cotton and can be used all over the house from the bathroom to the kitchen. They can absorb up to 20 times their weight in liquid and also work well as a scrubber when they're dry. They cost a mere $20 for a pack of 10 and only require a toss in the washing machine for easy cleaning.

One Review: “I may never use another dishcloth [...] Great for wiping the counter, stove, and appliances. They go in the washer and dryer too. Great product! I am telling all my friends!!”


These Compression Foot Sleeves That Can Stimulate Blood Flow

These clever compression foot sleeves have over 41,000 reviews for their ability to help increase blood flow and lower inflammation in feet and ankles. They fit under any kind of sock and can help provide both arch and heel support all day. They’re made of breathable and moisture-wicking fabric and are available in four sizes and five colors.

One Review: “For as cliche as it sounds, these compression socks have changed my life [...] The first time I put on the compression socks I literally breathed a sigh of relief. [...]”


A Set Of Stainless Steel Mixing Bowls That Nest To Save Space

This ample set of six stainless steel mixing bowls won’t take up any unnecessary cabinet space due to their clever nested design. The six different sizes give you plenty of options when it comes time to cooking or baking as they’re perfect for mixing, prepping, or even kneading. Best of all, these versatile bowls won’t carry forward any lingering odors or stains and are dishwasher-safe for thorough cleaning.

One Review: “I love how easily this set is to store and that all the bowls fit nestled together [...] Great set, I'm happy with them!”


This Foot Peel Mask That Smells Like Coconut

For only $20 you can return your feet to a state of blissfully soft innocence as if they have never touched down on rugged earth. Simply slip on the booties of this foot peel mask, wait 60 minutes, and remove them to see dry skin slough off within one to two weeks. The mask uses a blend of fruit extracts and acids to perform this small miracle on feet ranging any size up to an 11.

One Review: “I never leave reviews but after researching so many foot peels, I want you all to know that this one really works – buy it!!!”


A Splatter Screen That Keeps Your Oven Top Grease-Free

Never again dread frying up that burger knowing you’ll be spending precious time scrubbing grease from the cooktop later. This budget-friendly splatter screen is made of a fine stainless steel mesh and sits directly on top of your pan to cleverly catch any flying grease or food from making its escape. It has a plastic handle to protect you from heat and is conveniently dishwasher-safe.

One Review: “For the price, I'm blown away. Been looking for a replacement & came across this unit. It is [...] sturdy, way beefier than expected. Works like a champ.”


These Silicone Oven Mitts That Can Handle The Heat

Seriously upgrade your cooking game with these silicone oven mitts that have a high 4.8-star rating and can handle temperatures up to 450 degrees. Never again will a slightly wet fabric mitt cause intense burning as these mitts are waterproof and steam-resistant. They feature long sleeves that protect your forearms and quilted cotton liners for additional comfort. A textured grip helps you grab any kind of dish with full security.

One Review: “The design, including covering the wrists and part of your upper arm is genius. Very well made. Would highly recommend it.”


An Anti-Fatigue Mat That Relieves Pressure On Joints

Make moments spent washing dishes at the sink more comfortable with this genius anti-fatigue mat that reduces joint pressure. It’s made with thick-density foam that provides support to your body and improves posture whether you’re standing in your kitchen or at your standing desk. It’s available in five sizes to accommodate your needs as well as 12 colors and patterns to suit your decor.

One Review: “This anti-fatigue mat is like standing on a cloud wearing cloud shoes, it is amazing! I actually feel energized when using it with my standing desk. I highly recommend this anti-fatigue mat to anyone who stands or has legs!”


This Mineral Oil That Protects Your Expensive Butcher Block

Butcher blocks don’t come cheap and you can stretch their life significantly by using this mineral oil that will cost you less than $15 and last you years. The food-grade formula is odorless, colorless, and tasteless and will prevent any drying or cracking in the wood. Simply rub it into your cutting board by hand or with a rag and let it sit for four hours to offer the ultimate protection.

One Review: “We just put in butcher’s block countertops this year and this oil legitimately makes them look like they were professionally done! I will be buying this product over and over again, it more than does the trick, it’s affordable and easy to use! Thumbs up!”


A 3-Piece Chopping Board Set In Different Sizes

No matter if you’re preparing herbs or chicken, this chopping board set comes with a size perfect for the job. Three pieces are included in small, medium, and large sizes, and each is made in super durable plastic that can take tons of chopping while not absorbing stains or smells. As a bonus, each board has clever juice grooves around the edges to catch liquid and prevent a mess on your countertop.

One Review: “Very happy with the sizes and that it came with three [...] It is a plastic material that’s very hard and well made. Not too light, not too heavy, just right and easy to clean.”


This Seat Cushion Made Of Comfortable Memory Foam

Instantly improve posture and relieve pressure on that work-weary spine by using this seat cushion made of memory foam. Place the cushion on any chair whether that be in the office or the car, and feel yourself effortlessly sitting up straighter as the cushion distributes your weight evenly and provides comfort to your entire posterior. A non-slip bottom keeps it in place and a handle allows you to take it on the go.

One Review: “I really like the firmness of my memory foam cushion. It is very comfortable, supports my lower back, and allows me to sit correctly while at my desk and not hunch my shoulders. The sciatica pain in my right leg is alleviated!”


A Set Of Bottle Brushes With A Long Reach

You’re doing the earth a solid by using refillable water bottles but that means you might require some special tools to make sure those bottles stay clean. These clever bottle brushes have over 27,000 reviews on Amazon and come in a set of five to help you thoroughly clean those hard-to-reach areas. Included in the set are two brushes for water bottles and tumblers, a narrow brush for long-necked bottles, a small brush for baby bottles, and even one to clean straws.

One Review: “This set was everything I was looking for! There are five people in the house and we all have different bottles (S'well, Contigo, Starbucks tumblers), so I needed brushes that would be versatile enough for all of us [...] even the largest brush was able to fit through our smallest bottle. Wonderful quality and amazing price as well!”


These Magical Flames Packets For Rainbow-Colored Bonfires

Transform your normal bonfire into something truly special by tossing in one to three of these magical flames packets as they will instantly make your fire a multicolored show of intense color. You can use the packets in indoor as well as outdoor wood-burning fires and the rainbow-colored flames will last over an hour. Best of all, you get a healthy pack of 10 for only $12, making it truly affordable to enjoy brilliant displays night after night.

One Review: “Kids and adults both will like it. It's fun to watch and a cheap price. It's worth it.”


An Effective Stain Remover That’s Totally Nontoxic

That beet juice that your server accidentally spilled on your new white pants? Have no fears because, when applied quickly, this powerful stain remover works efficiently to rid your clothes of any life-threatening damage. Beloved by over 19,000 five-star reviewers, people are obsessed with its ability to free clothing (and furniture!) of stains by using a completely non-toxic formula that’s also biodegradable.

One Review: “Seriously the best for getting out easy and every stain. Has gotten out blueberry, blackberry, beets, and everything in between! So impressed.”


These Hydrocolloid Pimple Patches That Are Virtually Invisible

These ingenious hydrocolloid pimple patches are sheer, thin, and fairly transparent. Wear them for over six hours for the best results — day or night — and when they begin to turn white, you’ll know they’re ready to remove. The patches, which have over 27,000 reviews on Amazon, can be used on sensitive skin as they’re free of alcohol, paraben, phthalates, and fragrance.

One Review: “The clear dots blend completely with my fair skin. They also help me keep my fingers off a bump, and let it heal. I noticed the difference in one day. These are genius.”


An Affordable Sheets Set Made From Eco-Friendly Bamboo

This luxurious sheets set is made of eco-friendly bamboo viscose that is OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certified, which means it’s been tested and proven to be free of harmful substances, yet will still only set you back $60. Each set comes with two pillowcases (one for a twin), a flat sheet, and a fitted sheet, and is available in 15 gorgeous colors such as light blue, peach puree, or sand. The bamboo material is breathable and works well to keep you warm when it’s cold, and conversely, cool when it’s hot.

One Review: “These are the softest, most comfortable, least overheating sheets I have ever or will ever own. I have now replaced every set for all five beds in my house with these, and I'll never buy anything else as long as these are still available [...] The fact that they are so affordable [...] makes them beyond.”


A Tactical Flashlight That Can Light Up An Entire Backyard

If you’re looking to get the most bang for your buck for your emergency toolkit, look no further than this tactical flashlight that has a zoomable beam powerful enough and wide enough to light up your whole backyard. It has over 23,000 reviews and a high 4.7-star rating and is made from military-grade aluminum that can function through any type of weather.

One Review: “This thing is incredible! By far the brightest flashlight in this price point, I would go as far to say the brightest under $50.”


This Wine Bottle Opener That Will Make You Feel Like A Sommelier

There’s a reason people in “the biz” (waiters, bartenders, sommeliers) use this traditional corkscrew wine bottle opener. It allows for efficient extraction of the cork with maximum control and the least amount of possible breakage. A small serrated blade helps you remove foil effortlessly and the double-hinged fulcrum assists in clean cork removal in a minimum number of steps. Choose from over 15 different handles from classic rosewood to moonstone.

One Review: “​​Very highly recommended, ESPECIALLY for the price! I purchased my first unit in 2014, and three years later with regular use, it's still going strong [...] Plus, you can show off your "waiter skills" and open wine quickly and smoothly, just like they do in restaurants.”


A Durable Water Bottle With Three Layers Of Insulation

Maybe you crave ice cold water during a vigorous hike or perhaps you prefer a steaming hot tea to warm you while you wander the hills. This extremely clever stainless steel water bottle gives you both options thanks to its three layers of insulation that allow beverages to stay hot for up to 12 hours or cold for up to 24 hours. They come in tons of pretty colors and even include three different lids depending on your needs: one for hot drinks, one for cold, and one for drinks containing ice or fruit.

One Review: “I am amazed at the quality of these bottles. Hot keeps hot and cold stays ice cold all day. The mouth of the bottle is wide, making it easier to clean. I also enjoy the different lids to choose from. Genius. This is by far my favorite water bottle I own [...]”


This Jar Opener That Removes Lids With Ease

This genius jar opener allows those dealing with carpal tunnel or other wrist-related issues to quickly and easily remove even the toughest will-not-budge lids. It installs easily to the underside of your cabinet using the provided adhesive and screws and will open jars of any and all sizes. Over 19,000 reviews and a high 4.7-star review speak to its effectiveness, not to mention its affordability at under $20.

One Review: “This is such a clever, inconspicuous, and easy-to-use item. It works exactly as advertised and is a great help to anyone who deals with arthritis. I would highly recommend it to anyone.”


A Set Of Spatulas Made Of Heat-Resistant Silicone

This set of spatulas costs a mere $11 and gives you everything you need to cook and bake like a pro. It provides you with four different sizes including a large and small one, as well as a spoon spatula and jar spatula. Each is made of silicone that can withstand temperatures of up to 480 degrees Fahrenheit without melting or warping. They won’t scratch your pans and can be easily washed up in the dishwasher.

One Review: “This is probably the best set of spatulas I've ever used [...] I really liked that they are differently shaped and perform uniquely because of that. I'd reorder these in a heartbeat. Great price, great design, great performance.”


These Underbed Storage Bags That Use Your Space Efficiently

These budget-friendly under bed storage bags are the perfect solution for those who have minimal space but so much to store. They come in a set of two, are made of durable linen, and feature a reinforced handle and transparent top so you can see exactly what you have stored inside. Stash them underneath the bed to cleverly utilize that neglected space or place them on top shelves of closets so that you can easily access seasonal clothes, bed linens, or large items like comforters.

One Review: “Absolutely five stars!! [...] These were the most affordable option I could find for the purpose and it was great that they came in a set of two, at that. Dude...just one of these bags can easily fit like 3-4 thick comforters or quilts [...] I definitely recommend!”


An Odor Eliminator Spray That Includes A UV Flashlight To Detect The Source Of Smells

This smart combination of UV flashlight and deodorizing spray allows you to locate pet stains with pinpoint accuracy and deliver a dose of unwanted odor-eliminating formula on the spot. The spray uses active enzymes to remove smells and leaves your carpet or furniture with the pleasant scent of fresh oranges. The flashlight conveniently attaches directly to your spray bottle so you can detect and spray all in one go.

One Review: “It actually works and smells amazing! The light is great to detect the stains. I would find the stains with the light, clean as instructed, then check again with the light. They were gone! Highly recommend!”


This Magnetic Wristband To Make Home Improvement That Much Faster

Attack projects around the house with total ease using this clever magnetic wristband that holds all your screws, nuts, and bolts right where they’re most accessible. The wristband features ten strong magnets to securely hold your hardware and the nylon strap is both adjustable and made of breathable mesh to keep you comfortable while working. So climb that ladder knowing you’ve got everything required to get the job done fast.

One Review: “No more struggling to hold drill bits, screws, and any other small metal pieces while standing at the top of a ladder trying to manage everything at the same time. This wristband makes the project so much easier!!”


A Multipurpose Magnetic Pickup Tool With An Extendable Neck

If you’ve been messing around under the hood of your car and dropped an important piece of hardware into the dark depths, this magnetic pickup tool will save you the impending headache of trying to reach for it. It features an extendable (and bendable!) neck up to 22 inches that also has magnetic capabilities to retrieve that lost hardware. It is designed with three powerful LED lights so you can see exactly what you’re working on and its magnetic base lets you free up both hands if needed.

One Review: “If you’ve ever dropped a bolt in the engine compartment then you know how frustrating and tedious it is to retrieve it with a standard extension magnet. The bright LED lights in this tool make quick work of finding and retrieving that runaway bolt. Its magnet is even powerful enough to pull up your wrench or socket too. I love this thing!!”


This Hanging Closet Organizer For Increased Storage

If you’ve got limited drawer space or a limited budget, this fabric hanging closet organizer does an amazing job of using vertical space to increase your storage abilities and all at the price of $15. It includes five sturdy shelves to store anything from shoes to sweaters to bags and has six mesh pockets along the sides, perfect for smaller accessories. It boasts over 13,000 reviews on Amazon and comes in four different colors (black, gray, java, and white) to match your closet aesthetic.

One Review: “Affordable organizing… That’s what I was looking for and that’s what I got!”


An Infrared Thermometer That Reads Object Temperatures From Afar

This thermometer tool has many clever uses from being able to read the surface temperature of your oven interior to detecting possible issues in your car. Hold it at least 14 inches away from the object and it will give you a live temperature reading ranging from -58 degrees Fahrenheit to 1,112 degrees Fahrenheit. It features a large backlit LCD screen to read clearly in the dark (which is great for detecting hot spots during a nighttime grill) and two AAA batteries are included to get you up and running right away.

One Review: “Ease of use and accuracy out of the box is phenomenal; it never touches the hot surface so will never suffer heat damage; the warranty for such an inexpensive item is outstanding, and it even includes batteries! Chalk me up as a fan!”


This TV Backlight Strip To Reduce Eye Strain

If you’ve ever felt that watching a film in the dark left you with more headache than happiness, this TV backlight strip can help (while simultaneously turning your living room into a home theater). Its LED lights wrap around the back of your television using the included adhesive and provide an ambient glow that can help to alleviate eye strain while also enhancing the color and contrast of your content. Simply plug it into the TV’s USB port so you have no hanging cords to worry about.

One Review: “Great product that is very easy to set up and use. It worked perfectly for my 55" and the USB power is a genius idea. Light level is fairly bright, perfect for my setting.”


A Handheld Milk Frother That Creates Foam In 15 Seconds

If you’re short on time or money, this battery-operated handheld frother with a powerful motor will froth any kind of milk in a mere 15 seconds and it costs less than $20. Use it to whip up iced lattes to hot cappuccinos at home and save tons of money at the coffee shop. The wand is stainless steel and even comes with its own handy stand for elegant storage.

One Review: “This Bean Envy frother is so superior and I would literally pay four times as much for it because it saves me so much money [...] I would rather have my own coffee at home with this than go to any coffee shop!!”


These Cat Scratch Deterrents That Protect Your Furniture

You love your cat ... but paying an arm and a leg to reupholster your favorite sofa might push the boundaries of that affection. Instead, opt for these ingenious cat scratch deterrents that affix to your furniture using peel-off adhesive and sturdy twist pins to prevent cat claws from tearing up material. The transparent shields can be applied to all kinds of fabric and can be trimmed to fit the dimensions of your sofa or chair. They come in an ample pack of 10 for less than $30.

One Review: “Whoever invented this simple product was a genius! I like that it can be cut to size, that the plastic film is sturdy but not too thick, and that the twist pins help ensure that your cat won't have fun peeling off the protective film from your furniture.”


A Coffee Canister To Keep Your Grounds & Beans Fresher For Longer

This coffee canister boasts two clever features to keep your grounds and beans fresh: an airtight seal and a release valve that whisks away flavor-destroying CO2 (which is especially helpful for freshly roasted coffee). Use its convenient date tracker to monitor the freshness of your beans. With over 10,500 reviews on Amazon, this canister comes in four sizes and, at $23, will cost you less than a top-shelf bag of beans.

One Review: “[...] These Coffee Gator canisters are exactly what I was looking for! Very good quality. CO2 valve is great and guarantees my coffee tastes like it should (you even get years' worth of replacement valves)!”


This Bonsai Starter Kit For Growing Four Different Trees

If you’ve been romanced by the art of bonsai but are too nervous to give it a shot, this bonsai starter kit will provide everything you need to successfully grow four different types of trees from seed and all for only $20. The kit includes four seed packets, markers, compressed soil discs that provide all the nutrition you need, and biodegradable pots that can be planted straight into the ground. There’s even a handy growing guide to offer help along the way.

One Review: “This is pretty much the coolest thing I've ever bought on Amazon in my life! And the kit is perfect for beginners. I'm so tempted to buy another one just to do it all over again!”


A Salt & Pepper Shaker Set With Adjustable Ceramic Grinders

If you tend to prefer a coarser texture for your salads but a finer texture for marinating meat, you can customize your cooking with this salt and pepper shaker set made with adjustable ceramic grinders. Their stainless steel and glass design will look elegant on any table and their wide mouth makes them easy to fill. They won’t clog or create a mess — which makes that $20 price tag a worthy investment.

One Review: “Looks good and works really well. I particularly like how easy it is to adjust the grinder. Also, it is so easy to see how much salt or pepper is in the clear glass container. Very clever design. I highly recommend this fantastic product.”


This Bathtub Pillow For A Serious Spa Experience At Home

Turn your average bath into an experience of true luxury and relaxation simply by adding this affordable bathtub pillow into the mix. It attaches to your tub using six strong suction cups and is made of a 3D mesh fabric that encourages airflow so that it doesn’t get too hot or wet and resists mildew. Hang it to dry using the convenient hook.

One Review: “This is not your average bath pillow. It feels like a cloud [...] You really can sit back and relax with this behind you. When you're done the pillow dries almost instantly. This is one of the best self-care items that I have purchased.”


A Pizza Cutter That Rocks For A Precise Slice

If slicing pizza feels like you’re hacking away with toppings flying every which way, you need this pizza cutter that uses a rocking motion to deliver a perfectly precise cut. Designed in a half-moon shape, it features a handle for an ergonomic grip as well as a cover to protect its stainless steel blade when it’s not in use. Use the sharp blade to chop or slice anything from herbs to vegetables to cake and toss it in the dishwasher for easy clean-up.

One Review: “It was super easy to use and cut all the way through the crust without having to use a ton of force or go back and forth a bunch. I rock it twice and it's completely cut. It even gets through the salami and chunky toppings with ease. I highly recommend it. Way better than any other cutter I have ever used.”


These Oil & Vinegar Dispensers With Smooth Pouring Spouts

Upgrade your daily cooking experience with these oil and vinegar dispensers that each feature a specially designed spout for a controlled pour. They’re made of chic glass that includes measurement markers so you know exactly how much to dispense and they are designed with wide mouths for easy refilling. As an ingenious perk, a special filter can be added to the lid to allow you to infuse your oil or vinegar with spices and herbs with no fear of potential clogging.

One Review: “I bought these because I wanted better control over the olive oil levels in my cooking. They are fantastic! They pour smoothly, evenly, and consistently [...] I would recommend these as a very fairly priced, great product that works just as they say it does.”


A Combination Lock Box To Keep Precious Items Secure

This lock box offers great security for precious items like passports, valuables, or medication by using a keyless three-digit combination. It’s constructed with steel corners for durability and has non-slip rubber feet to keep it in place and not damage surfaces. Choose from over 10 colors and patterns such as florals, polka dot, pink, and leopard. Who says security can’t be fun?

One Review: “This combination lock box is one of the best items I have ever purchased not only on Amazon but anywhere. I have had it for almost three years and it has worked flawlessly every time I have needed to open it.”


These Measuring Cups & Spoons That Include A Metric Measurement

These measuring cups and spoons not only allow you to bake or cook using any standard US measurement but they also each feature metric markings to navigate any recipe with ease. They’re made of rust-resistant stainless steel and can be used to handle both dry and liquid ingredients. Hanging holes allow for accessible storage and, with over 8,000 five-star reviews, are a steal at only $31.

One Review: “If you want the best metal measuring cups you have ever owned then buy these cups. Buy them for a new cook, an experienced cook, or any cook that you know – it will be money well spent and you will probably only have to do it once for each special person in your life.”


A Set Of Exercise Cards To Create A Varied Workout

If you’re bored by the same old routine, grab a deck of these extremely clever exercise cards that feature clear illustrations and directions to spice up your workout either at the gym or right from home. There are tons of budget-friendly decks with different focuses from yoga to pilates to weight-training exercises. Each deck has 62 sweat-proof cards with so many ways to use them — you can follow a preset workout, create your own custom routine, or simply shuffle them on the fly for total spontaneity.

One Review: “I'm really impressed with this item and appreciate the price point. I've spent hundreds of dollars on programs in the past that are now hidden away in a DVD case, losing value daily. For less than $20, I am again looking forward to my ever-changing workout and health. Thank you so much for a great product!!”


These Stemless Wine Glasses That Are Unbreakable

Perfect for any outdoor soiree where broken glass would most definitely sour the mood, these stemless wine glasses won’t shatter due to their stainless steel construction. They come in all kinds of gorgeous finishes such as a dreamy pink/green ombre, black marble, or bright turquoise. As an added bonus, the stainless steel material helps to retain your beverage’s cool temperature, so that rosé can remain chilled all evening long.

One Review: “These are PERFECT because they’re easy to clean, shatterproof, better looking than glass. I love them and would buy them again!”


A Heat Protectant Spray That Adds Hydration To Damaged Hair

If you’re in love with the results of your styling routine but your hair isn’t a fan of all that heat, you can use this heat protectant spray that contains coconut oil and other vitamins and minerals to help restore health to damaged hair. Spray it on towel-dried hair, comb through, and style as normal. This spray protects hair from temperatures up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit. Many of its 7,000 Amazon reviewers rave about how the formula helps smooth, detangle, fight static, and even add volume to hair.

One Review: “I’m so happy with this product! [...] No more static, smooths and protects hair from blow drying damage, pleasant but not overwhelming coconut scent. If you battle hair static, try this. It actually works!”


These Stainless Steel Wire Racks That Are Incredibly Versatile

If you’re an avid cook or baker you will love these stainless steel wire racks that come in a set of two and can cleverly be used both to cool and to cook. They come in three different sizes and fit over most standard baking sheets to provide you with an elevated surface while cooking. Simply place them outside the oven on your countertop to be used for cooling such items as cookies, muffins, or bread. The durable material won’t warp or rust and the racks are a cinch to clean in the dishwasher.

One Review: “I have used this for roasting veggies and chicken in a sheet pan and also as a cooling rack for items like banana bread. It's worked great!! I love the size, it stores easily and is very flexible.”