People Are Secretly Using These Cheap Things To Make Themselves Look Better

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Ever see a friend or a stranger and think, “How do they look so put together?” Perhaps they’re spending lots of money to get their desired look — or maybe they know something you don’t. I’m here to highlight the best of the best when it comes to Amazon products that make you look polished. Check out these 40 cheap things that people are secretly using to make themselves look even better.

On this list, you’ll find beauty products that reviewers swear by, like lipstick that stays on all day and a hair protectant designed to eliminate unwanted brassy tones in your hair. These best-kept secrets are budget-friendly and sure to add a pep to your step.

You’ll also find better ways to store your belongings — especially your clothes. When it comes to looking your best, you want to show up wrinkle-free in clothes that fit you well and make you feel confident. I’ve included a better way to store seasonal garments, as well as heat-activated tape for hemming clothes and curtains.

The secret is out, so shop fast before everyone else finds out.


A Hair Repair Mask Under $30 Made With Coconut Oil

This hair repair mask helps make your hair look smoother and shinier even after just one use, thanks to ingredients like keratin and coconut oil. The formula is designed for any type of hair and coats your locks to repair damaged and over-processed hair for a fraction of a salon treatment. The deep conditioner fortifies your hair and helps to reduce split ends and frizz. Use it once a week to maintain hydrated hair.


These Sleek Water Bottles To Help You Stay Hydrated

There’s something about a pretty water bottle that makes me more likely to stay hydrated. That’s why reviewers love these clear glass bottles. They have an 18-ounce capacity with stainless steel screw-on lids. They’re dishwasher safe and surprisingly under $20 for a pack of six.


This Hairbrush That Helps Gently Detangle Knots

This detangling brush is designed to smooth tangles without damaging your hair. The secret is small, cone-shaped bristles that separate your hair from side to side, rather than up and down. You can use it on dry or wet hair and on adults or kids. It works for all kinds of hair, too — curly, natural, thin, thick, and even extensions or wigs.


A Cooling Gel Face Mask To Help Soothe Your Skin

The soothing face mask has cutouts for your eyes, nose, and mouth but fully covers the rest of your face in cold or hot therapy (depending on what you need). Keep it in the freezer or heat it in the microwave; it’s available in four colors.


The Boxes That Help Keep Your Shoes Looking Like New

These foldable shoe boxes help keep your favorite shoes in their best condition — but when the box isn’t in use, it collapses to save space. These boxes are ideal for small apartments or dorms where space is at a premium. The durable plastic is easy to clean and transparent to make it easy to find the pair you’re looking for.


A Hair Heat Protectant That Also Tones Blonde Hair

Keep your hair shiny and strong no matter how much you love a good blowout with the help of this thermal heat protector. Not only does it shield your hair from high heat from a blow dryer, straighter, or curling iron, but it also minimizes brassy and yellow tones that could be dulling your bright blonde color. It helps combat breakage and is made specifically for blonde, platinum, ash, silver, and gray hair.


This Pet Hair Remover That Cleans Clothes & Furniture

A few fast rolls over your outfit or the sofa with this pet hair remover and you’ll instantly lift up your pet’s sticky fur and hair. The reusable roller traps hair and lint without requiring tape or adhesives. To clean it, press the open chamber button and shake debris straight into your waste basket.


These Nonslip Hangers That Keep Your Clothes Organized

Keep your clothes neatly hung on these nonslip velvet hangers. Not only do they maintain a more organized closet but they help ensure your clothes keep their shape and prevent wrinkles. The hangers have a thin design with a stainless steel head that swivels 360 degrees. Each can hold up to 10 pounds so feel free to use these for your winter coats or winter pants. This pack of 30 has earned more than 50,000 reviews.


A Wrinkle-Removing Portable Steamer Perfect For Travel

Investing in one of these clothes steamers will ensure you never show up to a meeting with wrinkly clothes. It heats up in less than a minute and is designed to prevent spilling or tipping. The compact size is ideal for travel and storage and safe on all fabric types.


An Ice Roller To Wake Up Your Skin In The Morning

Start your morning on the right foot with an ice roller that’ll wake your skin up. Roll it over your face or neck for a quick cool-down and keep it in the freezer so it’s ready whenever you need it. The roller, which has a perfect five-star rating, can also help to soothe pain from headaches or sunburn.


The Makeup Brush Cleaner That Keeps The Bristles In Good Condition

Cleaning makeup brushes always feels tedious, yet you’ll be amazed by the difference a well-kept makeup brush can make. With this quick-cleaning brush sanitizer, you’ll never dread the chore again. This cleaner requires nothing more than some water and soap to clean and dry your brush collection in a few seconds using its three powerful speed settings and 5-ounce bowl. Recharge it easily with a USB and use it again and again.


This Foot Peel Mask That’s Earned More Than 40,000 Reviews

This four-pack of foot peel masks has earned more than 42,000 reviews and 4.5 stars overall for its low price and ability to quickly remove dry skin from your feet. Just wear the foot masks for one hour and old skin will begin peeling off about a week later, leaving you with smoother, softer feet. The masks are available in several scents, including papaya and peach, and they also come in packs of two, three, four, and eight.


A Glass Nail File With A Fan Following

If you love the look of natural nails but need a way to keep them looking good all of the time, this glass nail file with a fan following and more than 4,000 reviews gets the job done. Unlike many others on the market, this files in both directions and can be washed with soapy water to keep it in good shape. Reviewers confirm that using this file can keep nails from splitting and looking brittle.


An Eye Shadow Primer That Keeps Makeup On Longer

This is the eyeshadow primer that’ll help your makeup stay on longer. Many reviewers love that it stays put throughout the day, whether you’re hanging outside or dancing all night. Made especially for oily lids, this primer is also designed to brighten your skin and enhance your shadow’s shades. It’s earned more than 31,000 reviews and was named Amazon’s #1 best-seller in “eyeshadow primers.”


The Nail Drying Drops That Are Less Than $15

The absolute worst part of any manicure is the waiting game where you anticipate not being able to move or touch anything for what feels like forever so that you don’t smudge your wet polish. Enter these nail-drying drops to take away that torture: not only will they dry wet polish in just 60 seconds, but they’re formulated with moisturizing jojoba oil and vitamin E, so they’re actually good for your nails and cuticles. They have a high 4.7-star rating and more than 8,000 reviews.


This Stain Remover In A Convenient Spray Bottle Formula

Spilled wine on your carpet, couch, or a new dress? Never fear — this super concentrated stain remover eliminates new and set-in stains from most surfaces. This one is specifically designed to target red wine spills without damaging your belongings. The spray bottle makes it easy to apply directly to the stain, as well as carry it on the go.


A Relaxing Scalp Massager That Removes Product Buildup

Treat yourself to a soothing scalp massage with this shampoo brush set. The silicone bristles are soft and loosen product buildup while deep-cleaning your scalp. The pack of two includes one brush for wet hair and one for dry hair. Massaging your scalp with either brush can help reduce itchiness and promote blood circulation, even encouraging hair growth.


The Shoe Cleaner That Keeps Sneakers Like New

Keep those white sneakers sparkly with this magic shoe cleaner. The formula, which is the #1 Best Seller in “shoe cleaners,” comes with a cleaning brush and can be used on a variety of materials like leather, vinyl, suede, and canvas. Gently scrub off any scuffs or dirt from your shoes to have a brand-new-looking pair without spending a ton of money. This popular pick boasts more than 27,000 reviews.


A Hanging Organizer To Keep Help Protect Your Bags

This hanging purse organizer with more than 8,000 reviews has eight windows for storing handbags or other accessories. The deep pockets are easily accessible and clear, which makes it easy to see what’s inside. The durable metal hooks hang over your closet or bathroom door, creating usable storage in an otherwise wasted space. And at just $17, you’ll make a huge difference in your closet without spending a lot of money.


The Ring Light That Improves Your Photos & Videos

Upgrade your selfies with this standing ring light for your phone. Whether you’re snapping a new profile pic or recording your latest TikTok, this compact, yet mighty ring light will improve the quality of photos and videos. It features LED lights and has three color modes — warm, daylight, and white —and adjustable brightness levels.


This Nonslip Yoga Mat To Help You Relax

Not only is this yoga mat non-slip and extra thick, but it also has yoga poses printed on it to inspire your flow. The extra long mat is 5mm thick to support you and cushion your joints against the hard floor and is made of a special BPA-free PVC that wicks moisture and is easy to clean. This mat includes 70 yoga poses for you to use as inspiration and create your own workout and it boasts more than 7,000 reviews.


The Skirt Hangers That Help Keep Your Clothes From Wrinkling

Keep your skirts from getting wrinkled with this skirt hanger. It hangs on your closet’s rod and neatly stores up to four skirts. This pack comes with six hangers, so you can store up to 24 skirts at once. The durable, nonslip grip hangers are also great for keeping trousers, jeans, or slacks in one organized spot. No need to iron when you store your garments properly — just unclip, get dressed, and head out the door looking sharp.


A Purple Hair Care Set That Keeps Blonde Hair Bright

Make your blonde hair color last longer by preserving it with this purple shampoo and conditioner. The purple duo is made for bleached, platinum, silver, blonde, and ash-blonde hair. It reduces those brassy, yellow undertones that come out the longer you go between coloring appointments and the vegan formula is cruelty-free.


The Body Wash That Helps Relieve Skin Irritations

This tea tree oil body wash can help eliminate unwanted body odor as well as skin irritations like ringworm, athlete’s foot, and more, according to the brand. The 12-ounce formula is made with eucalyptus and peppermint oils which help soothe irritation, as well as nourishing jojoba, coconut, and olive oils that deeply moisturize. It’s strong enough to eliminate dirt and grime, but gentle on your skin and can be used on your face, hands, feet, back, and chest.


The Fabric Shaver To Help Renew Your Favorite Sweaters

This fabric shaver can help remove fuzz from your favorite sweaters, no matter how long you’ve had them. It’s operated with two AA batteries (which aren’t included), and it’s designed with a comfortable handle. Plus, there are three settings to choose from depending on what kind of fabric you’re shaving.


The Waterproof Bags To Keep Seasonal Items In Tip-Top Shape

Storing your seasonal clothing is a good way to declutter your home, but at what cost? Without proper storage, those seasonal belongings can get ruined. These vacuum-sealed bags are reusable and completely waterproof to keep coats, sweaters, and linens safe in your attic, garage, or crawlspace. This set of six includes two extra large bags, one large bag, one medium bag, and two roll-up bags.


These Boot Inserts That Keep The Shape Of Tall Boots

Most boots aren’t cheap, so you want to store them properly to maintain their shape and style. These inserts keep your tall boots standing upright to prevent creasing or bending, which may crack the leather or cause your shoes to wear more easily. These foam inserts come in a pack of six and are simple to stick inside any boot opening to provide ample structure and support.


The Subtle Pimple Patches That Help Heal Acne Fast

Eliminate unwanted acne with these pimple patches that work while remaining invisible. These patches are made of natural hydrocolloid, which absorbs pus and excess sebum in your pores and helps calm inflammation. It draws these impurities out of the skin, healing the pimple or whitehead without any picking or popping. It also keeps the area clean while it heals. This pack of 60 has earned more than 28,000 reviews.


This Derma Roller Set That Helps Skin Serums Penetrate

This derma roller uses tiny needles to gently massage your skin without any pain. It helps your skin more effectively absorb any skincare products you use, giving you a glow. This best-seller in microdermabrasion devices has a 4.4-star rating and more than 26,000 reviews. This set of two comes with storage cases and costs just $21.


The Residue-Free Dry Shampoo Made From Oat Milk

This gentle dry shampoo is made with oat milk to clean your hair without leaving a white residue behind. The spray is free of parabens and sulfates, ideal for all hair types, and uses corn starch and other natural absorbents to absorb oil, dirt, and residue from your scalp. Meanwhile, the oat milk smoothes your hair and protects your scalp. The dry shampoo is loved by reviewers, many of whom say it adds incredible volume while cleaning your hair.


This Retractable Lint Roller That’s Perfectly Portable

Keep this retractable lint roller in your purse, backpack, or at your desk to remove pet hair or lint on the go. The compact roller is refillable and comes with 30 sheets that are easy to tear off. The retractable design gives you full-size sticking power without taking up too much space in your bag. It’s available in a variety of colors, all under $8.


A Comfortable Wire-Free Bra That’s Seamless

Comfortable undergarments are a must so that you can feel your most confident self. This wire-free bra is smooth and won’t dig into your skin. Thanks to its seamless design, it provides the perfect base under clothing to make whatever else you’re wearing look amazing.

  • Available sizes: X-Small — 3X-Large
  • Available colors: 17


These Satin Silk Pillowcases That Smooth Hair & Skin

The right pillowcase does more than just cushion your head — it can also help to leave your hair and skin feeling soft and clean. That’s why shoppers love these luxurious, satin silk covers. This material has the look and feel of silk without the high price tag or maintenance requirements. It’s breathable, soft, and also causes less friction (which means less chance of waking with bedhead). It is available in 24 colors and four sizes. Not to mention you get two pillowcases for just $9.


This Liquid Lipstick That You Don’t Have To Reapply

You won’t have to apply this lipstick throughout the day — it will stay put until you take it off. The liquid lipstick has a matte finish that remains flawless for up to 16 hours. Not only does it draw attention to your lips, but it moisturizes them at the same time. Choose from 36 highly pigmented colors for only $8 and see why more than 77,000 customers reviewed this pick.


A Cuticle Conditioner That Revives Your Nails

Give your nails a little TLC with this cuticle conditioner serum. It’s made with Japanese seaweed, aloe vera, bran oil, shea butter, and vitamin E to moisturize cracked skin or nails and protect brittle or dry cuticles. Just add a drop to your nails and gently massage them for noticeable results. Best of all? It costs less than $10 and has high ratings and reviews.


The Lip Brushes That Help Exfoliate Your Pout

Exfoliate your lips and leave them feeling smooth and soft with this silicone lip brush. This set includes two double-sided exfoliating brushes that are gentle and easy to clean. The BPA-free brushes help stimulate circulation and are great to use prior to lip oils or balms for deep hydration that’s noticeable.


An Iron-On Adhesive That Makes Hemming Easy

Need to quickly hem a skirt or dress? Try this bestselling hem tape that you iron on to instantly hem pants, skirts, curtains, and more. The adhesive tape is double-sided and activated by heat to secure even the heaviest fabrics like denim, suede, and wool. The permanent adhesive is lightweight, easy to use, and a breeze to disguise. This $3 hack comes in black or white to blend with your clothing and it’s a best-seller with more than 17,000 reviews.


The $13 Buttery-Soft Leggings That Match So Many Outfits

Amazon shoppers rave that these high-waisted leggings are buttery soft and rival expensive leggings from well-known brands. Their polyester-spandex blend is soft to the touch, breathable on even the hottest days, and they’re backed by over 80,000 reviews. This affordable pair is a must-have for workouts, walks, or for building an athleisure look. It comes in capri length, full-length, and full-length with pockets.

  • Available sizes: One Size — One Size Plus
  • Available colors: 21


A Backlit Trifold Mirror With Magnification

Touch up your makeup and hair with this handy trifold mirror. Its bright LED bulbs make it easy to see your face in full light and it features panels with three different magnification options: 1X, 2X, and 3X magnification. It's small enough to fit on your bathroom countertop or bedroom dresser, but its trifold design lets you store it wherever you need to (or travel with it for on-the-go glam).


This Miracle Shoe Spray That Deodorizes With Fresh Pine

No need to leave your shoes outside anymore — just deodorize them with this miracle foot spray, which requires little more than two spritzes per shoe. The natural pine scent doesn’t just cover smells, it neutralizes and eliminates them. Keep this spray in your gym or golf bag so that it’s on hand after a sweaty workout or long walk.