People Are Secretly Using These Things To Make Their Homes Look More Expensive

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by Madison Barber

Looking to upgrade your home, but don’t know where to start? I’ve got you covered with tons of currently trending products that’ll make your space look bougie, modern, and simply more expensive — all without breaking the bank.

How do I know where to find all of these great pieces at such great prices? Finding items like this luxe-feeling fleece blanket, this adorable tablecloth, and these farmhouse-chic wall planters is the easiest thing in the world when you use Amazon to shop. Plus, you always know what you’re getting when you shop there thanks to real customer reviews that inform you about how wonderful, helpful, and life-changing any product is.

After browsing this list, I guarantee you’ll add at least one thing to your virtual cart that is going to make your home look just like your go-to boards on Pinterest.


This Pillow That Helps You Relax In The Bath

There’s only one thing that makes a long bath more relaxing than it already is, and that’s this waterproof neck and back pillow. Made from breathable, waterproof mesh with quick-drying ventilation, this cushiony pillow will make you feel comfortable and dry, taking your calming soaks to the next level.


This Shaker Set That Will Make You A Pro Mixologist At Home

Perfect your at-home mixology skills with this shaker set that comes with all of the essentials. Not only is the stainless steel shaker in your kit, but also a measuring jigger, a strainer, and an elegant crystal glass for mixing your drinks. With this set, you can mix up to three cocktails at once — you’ll become the master of entertaining in no time.


A Cozy Sherpa Blanket For Cuddling Up On The Couch

There’s never a bad time to invest in a good throw blanket, and this sherpa option is ideal for the upcoming chillier months. This fleece blanket will keep you toasty no matter if you use the cashmere or faux sheepskin side, and it even comes in 23 colors and seven different sizes so you can find one that truly fits the vibe of your space.


These Glass Bottles That Make Any Beverage Look Fancy

Whether you’re hosting a dinner party at your house or just want to make your everyday beverages look fancy, these glass bottles are a must-have. These are just like the bottles you see at nice restaurants, with a clear body that lets you see what’s inside each one, plus a flip-top lid that won’t let any contents leak out. Each bottle in this set of two has a 33.75-ounce capacity.


These Vanity Lights With The Perfect Old-Hollywood Aesthetic

Not only do these vanity lights provide you with the best possible lighting while you’re trying on outfits or applying your makeup, but they give your space an old Hollywood aesthetic that you’ll love. You get a 22-foot strip of lights with transparent wiring and 14 LED bulbs attached, each with adjustable brightness levels.


A Fitted Sheet That Looks So Smooth

Every bed needs a fitted sheet, so why not invest in this super smooth, luxe-looking option? This 400-thread count sheet is made for mattresses with extra-deep pockets and will stay put on your bed no matter what, giving your bed a clean, non-wrinkled appearance. The 100% cotton material also ensures your sheet will feel softer with every wash.

  • Available sizes: Twin — California King
  • Available colors: 9


This Bidet That’s More Hygienic & Saves You Money

This bidet attachment for your toilet not only gives your behind a more hygienic clean after you use the bathroom, but it’ll actually help you save money on toilet paper as well. It has both an adjustable water pressure and angle that ensures your utmost comfort while you use it, and it’s suitable to install on any toilet.


These Sleek Mixing Bowls With Easy Nesting Storage

Mixing bowls are undoubtedly a kitchen essential, so make sure you have this super sleek set of five to get you through all of your prepping, baking, and serving needs. These stainless steel bowls come in five different sizes (each can nest into the one bigger than it!), including three-fourths, one and a half, three, four, and five quarts. The wide outer rims allow for drip-free pouring and they’re lightweight enough to transport around the kitchen with no problem.

  • Available colors: 5


A Set Of Floating Shelves With A Unique Geometric Look

If you’re in the market for some new ways to display your favorite picture frames, vases, and other decor items, these floating shelves are perfect. Not only are they easy to install with the included hardware, but their “floating” geometric design is both subtle and unique at the same time, giving your living space some added flair. Despite their lightweight feel, each is strong enough to hold up to 13 pounds.


This Tray Table That’s Perfect For Breakfast In Bed

Feeling fancy? Use this tray table to give yourself or a loved one a beautiful breakfast in bed. It has legs that can prop up or fold down easily, two handles on the side for easy transporting, and the aesthetically pleasing bamboo design ensures it’ll last a long time.


This Pillowcase Made Of Silky Satin

Why replace your cotton pillowcase with this satin option? The satin is way gentler on your hair and skin, giving them more slip as you toss and turn at night so you can wake up with less irritation or frizz and breakage to your hair. It’s also super breathable and cooling, so you can feel way more comfortable while you snooze.


These Mini LED Lights That Change Colors

If you wish an area of your home was just a little bit brighter, these mini LED lights can help. These adhesive lights are ideal under cabinets, in your closet, or in any other smaller space that needs illumination — your order comes with screws and heavy-duty tape to easily install them the way you like. They come with a remote that changes their brightness and color, and can even set them on a timer, so controlling your lights is a breeze.


A Fluffy Rug That Looks Great In Any Space

Adding an area rug is always a great way to tie together a room, and this fluffy one is a great neutral option. Not only is this rug the softest thing ever, but it also has a non-slip underside to prevent it from annoyingly moving around all of the time, a spongey interlayer that makes it feel plushy and cloud-like, and is made from a hypoallergenic material that won’t make you sneeze.

  • Available sizes: 2x3 — 8x10
  • Available colors: 9


This Faux Wall Tile To Upgrade Your Bathroom & Kitchen With

Is there any easier way to provide an instant upgrade to your space than this peel-and-stick wallpaper? I don’t think so. Your order comes with 10 sheets of this 12-by-12 inch, self-adhesive wallpaper in this upscale, subway tile pattern — each is heat-resistant, moisture-resistant, and super easy to clean with just a quick wipe down.


This Chic Tablecloth That Adds Flair To Your Sit-Down Meals

Using a tablecloth is the perfect way to add some elegance to your everyday meals at the table, and this linen one is great for the remaining summer days. With intricate tassel detailing on the hems and a wrinkle-free design, you can’t go wrong with this cotton linen tablecloth in your kitchen or dining room. You can even machine wash it when it’s in need of a clean.

  • Available sizes: 55” x 55” — 55” x 120”
  • Available styles: 8


This Paint That Turns Any Surface Into A Chalkboard

Want to have the ability to turn that boring, blank wall in your home into a giant chalkboard? With this chalkboard paint, you can express your creativity on any flat surface. Just brush it on to reveal a tough, slate-like wall that functions just like a regular erasable chalkboard. One reviewer writes: “This is wonderful!!! [T]his was the best option we went with for our kids’ playroom and I love it. It went on easy to paint on the walls and the kids love [to] draw on it. No worries about having the kids write on the walls!”


This Sleek Hanging Rack For Your Pots & Pans

This hanging rack is not only a great storage option for anyone with limited cabinet space for their pots and pans, but it serves as ultra-cool, modern kitchen decor as well. It’s 39 inches long and comes with 14 S-shaped hooks that easily hold your pots, pans, ladles, etc. Just make sure they don’t go over the weight capacity of 80 pounds.

  • Available colors: 2


These Wall Planters With A Chic Rustic Finish

Have you seen planters more adorable than these? I know I haven’t — they’re the perfect addition to any indoor or outdoor space where you want to add some farmhouse-chic flair, and easily mount to your wall with the included hardware. Despite their vintage, rustic aesthetic, these metal planters are made to last and won’t rust, thanks to their galvanized metal construction and hand-painted design.

  • Available colors: 3


A Desktop Fountain That’ll Keep You Relaxed While You Work

Working is stressful sometimes, but it doesn’t have to be. This desktop fountain is a must-have for anyone’s at-home workspace — the sound of the water flowing is so relaxing and its golden lotus-leaf design is beautiful to look at while you type away at your computer. At only seven-and-a-half inches tall, it’s won’t take up too much space on your desk — or wherever else you keep it!


A Smart Lightbulb That You Can Control From Anywhere

If you don’t already have some of these smart bulbs around your house, you’re missing out on how easy they are. These LED bulbs can be controlled via an app to turn them on or off, change the color of your lights, set them on a timer, and even go into “sunset” or “sunrise” mode to help you fall asleep or wake up when you need to.


This Colorful TV Backlight To Take Movie Nights To The Next Level

Your movie nights or Love Island watch parties will be transformed with this TV backlight that can change to different colors. This ten-foot light strand works with 46 to 60-inch televisions and can switch to 32 different colors, multiple scene modes, and even sync up to your music for the ultimate dance party. Control everything via the included remote.


A Handy Organizer For The Cluttered Cabinet Under Your Sink

The area that gets most cluttered in our kitchens and bathrooms is undoubtedly under the sink, which is why these organizers are a must-have. This pack of two sleek organizers is major when it comes to organizing your toiletries and cleaning products — they come with two tiers of shelves, four hanging cups (great for sponges), and five hooks that allow everything under your sink to have a proper home.


This Lively Wallpaper That’s So Easy To Apply

If the aforementioned peel-and-stick wallpaper pattern wasn’t your vibe, consider this pretty leaf print instead. This green-and-white wallpaper will give any wall in your home an instant refresh, and it’s so easy to stick, cut to your preferred size, and remove when you need to. Make sure to place it on a clean, dry, and flat surface.


A Ceiling Light That Gives Your Space An Elevated Look

There’s something so elegant about a great light fixture like this wrought-iron, semi-flush mount ceiling light. With an upscale, modern look, this light will look fabulous in any room in your home and is compatible with a few different E26 lightbulbs, including incandescent, energy-saving, LED, and halogen. Plus, the subtle crystal detailing is beyond compare.

  • Available colors: 3


A Security Camera With Tons Of Helpful, High-Tech Features

This security camera will give you peace of mind wherever you are, and it doesn’t require any crazy wiring or installation. This small but mighty camera comes with tons of awesome features, including night vision, motion sensor, two-way audio, instant alerts, a live view that runs 24/7, and compatibility with the Kasa smartphone app, your Amazon Alexa, and/or Google Home device.


A Cool Clock That Takes Your Room Decor To The Next Level

It’s no secret that traditional digital or analog clocks are super boring, which is why I’m obsessed with this word clock for your home. This clock provides a contemporary flair to any space with its sleek copper finish and bright LED words and will give you the proper time in five-minute intervals. Charge it up with the included USB AC adapter.


A Collage-Style Picture Frame To Show Off Your Favorite Memories

When you have this collage-style picture frame, your walls will never look boring. This adorable frame includes ten, four-by-six-inch photo spaces that create a collage-like effect, giving you a unique and meaningful way to display your favorite memories in your home. The moveable tablet on the back allows you to change out your photos whenever you like, and the glass front gives them a sleek look.

  • Available colors: 2


A Window Film For Room Privacy & Decor

Seeking some privacy but still want to make your home look cute? This window film has a chic leaf print that adds flair to your bathroom, bedroom, or wherever else you place this, yet gives you that privacy that a regular glass window can’t provide. Plus, this film blocks 96% of UV rays, allowing you to cut down on your energy bills by 30%.


A Modern Door Handle With A Lever Design

There’s something so simple yet so sleek about a level-style door handle, especially in this sophisticated satin nickel finish. This non-functioning handle is great as decor on any door with a push/pull function, and it installs in just a few minutes with a screwdriver. Plus, the square design of this handle adds the perfect contemporary finishing touch to your space.


These Garage Door Magnets That Give It Major Curb Appeal

Looking to improve your home’s curb appeal? Using these garage door magnets is the simplest way to do the trick. These faux handles stick right onto your garage door to make it look perfectly old-fashioned and way better than it did with nothing on it. Place them wherever you like— the neighbors will never know that they’re just magnets!


An Address Plaque That You Can Personalize To Make Your Own

Every home needs an address plaque, so why not make yours your own? This personalized number plaque is so aesthetically-pleasing and comes in four simple color combinations that will make the outside of your home look so modern and stylish (and adds curb appeal). Made from quality aluminum that won’t rust, this 11-by-six-and-a-half-inch plaque is a must for any home exterior.


These Flameless, Remote-Controlled Candles That Looks So Realistic

Sensitive to fragrant candles? Nervous about open flames in your home? These flameless, scentless candles are perfect for providing that cozy, warm aesthetic without worrying about actually lighting one up. This pack of three requires AA batteries for use. They’re controlled with the included remote which turns them on or off, changes their brightness level, and can even set them on a timer.


These Dried Lavender Bags To Freshen Up Your Home

If your closet, bathroom, or any other space in your home is carrying a musty aroma, freshen it up with these lavender sachets. These long-lasting sachets come in a convenient pack of 18 that you can hang on hangers and place on shelves — whichever area you need to refresh. They even protect against hungry moths that want to eat at your favorite sweaters.


A Mini Fire Pit That’s Perfect For Any Season

With this tabletop fireplace, you can now roast marshmallows no matter the season. This mini concrete fire pit is small enough to sit on any surface, and uses nothing but rubbing alcohol to provide a smokeless, odorless flame. It’s also super lightweight, so you can transport it from indoors to outside with no problem.

  • Available colors: 2


The Most Stylish Cutting Board That Doubles As Decor

Have you seen a cutting board more sophisticated than this one? I didn’t think so. This tempered glass cutting board has the chicest matte black design that doubles as a decor item for your kitchen or dining room, and it’s totally scratch, heat, and shatter-resistant as well as dishwasher safe. Your guests will be so impressed when you whip this out for your charcuterie board.


A Wall Mirror With A Unique Rustic Design

A mirror is one of those home essentials that can also double as decor, and these square options have the perfect look for any space with a farmhouse, rustic aesthetic. These handmaid mirrors come in a two-pack and have a carved wood design that adds the perfect accent to a functional mirror — hang them on any wall in your home for the simplest yet most beautiful decor ever.

  • Available colors: 4


A Milk Frother For Creating Café-Like Lattes

You won’t have to spend a ton on overpriced lattes when you have this milk frother — it even comes with its own metal stand, making it an adorable addition to your coffee station. This frother has an ergonomic silicone handle that prevents it from slipping out of your hands while it’s on, and it produces delicious foam in just 15 short seconds.

  • Available colors: 3


This Wine Opener That Even Fancy Restaurants Use

Opening your corked wine bottles has never been more of a breeze with this corkscrew. This bottle opener is for the pros (even waiters use it) and comes with both a corkscrew to remove corks in up to five twists and a cutter with a serrated edge to remove any foil, if your bottle comes with it. It comes in 14 sleek designs, too, from mahogany wood to a pretty moonstone.


This Cream Whipper To Upgrade Your Baking Game

Sometimes whipped cream in a can just doesn’t do the trick when it comes to creating the best-looking desserts, whereas this sleek, stainless steel cream whipper does, 100% of the time. The whipper comes with three different decorating tips (cross, lotus, and plum blossom), and they’re easy to clean with the included cleaning brush. It’s perfect for any baking enthusiast, and people will take notice.


A Veggie Spiralizer So You Can Get Creative With Your Meals

If you think vegetables are the most boring part of your dinner plate, this veggie spiralizer will make you reconsider that sentiment. This must-have kitchen gadget has seven different blades that transform your zucchinis, carrots, beets — you name it — into thin or thick spirals to make veggie-based noodles or garnishes. It comes with a catch container and an airtight lid that keeps your spirals fresh.