People With Clean Homes (That Used To Be Gross) Swear By These Genius Things

From icky to immaculate, with minimal effort.

Written by Claire Epting
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When I get around to cleaning my apartment, I’m always shocked by just how many places I find dirt and dust. Sometimes, a conventional broom or mop isn’t enough to get the job done — which is why I was thrilled to hear about these genius cleaning products on Amazon that customers swear by.

From a flexible duster that clears out those hard-to-reach crevices to a cordless hand vacuum that sucks up piles of chip crumbs and pet hair, here are the clever home products that people with clean homes can’t live without.


This Window & Glass Cleaning Cloth That Works With Just Water

Ditch the paper towels and spray cleaner and opt for this window and glass cleaning cloth that only requires water. Generously sized, it’s made with patented Ultra Microfibers that wipe away smudges and dust with ease. The dual-layer construction optimizes airflow, which results in a streak-free shine.

One Reviewer Wrote: “So recently I've been determined (ok obsessed) in finding cleaners and shames to achieve NO STREAK glass shower doors and glass patio sliding doors with nothing working...until this product!!!!! I was reluctant to try yet another product and more money spent. But low and behold this product WORKS WITH JUST WATER!!!!” — Amazon Customer


These Nonstick Liners That Keep Your Oven Free Of Spills & Messes

Made out of tough nonstick material, these thick oven liners catch grease, cheese, batter, and other spillover while you’re baking or roasting. This way, when you’re finished cooking, you can simply remove and rinse the liner instead of having to scrub the hardened bits off the bottom of your oven. Each sheet is fully reusable and heat-resistant up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit.

One Reviewer Wrote: “EXCELLENT! Keeps foods from dropping on bottom of oven, and washes out easy and clean. I do a lot of cooking and baking so I use my oven a great deal, these oven liners are wonderful, light, easy cleaning and DO THE JOB!!!” — Amazon Customer

  • Available colors: 4


These Scrubbing Brushes That Attach To Your Drill For Power Cleaning

When it comes to cleaning stubborn stains off tile, grout, and tubs, sometimes you need to pull out the big guns. These four scrubbing brushes attach to your power drill with the included rod for a deep clean that doesn’t require a lot of elbow grease. An extended reach attachment that’s also included helps you to reach tricky spots. Press the power drill button to rotate the brush and effectively remove grime from bathroom and kitchen surfaces, carpets, and more.

One Reviewer Wrote: “The combination of sturdy nylon bristles and the power of a drill makes even the most stubborn stains and grime a breeze to remove.” — Amazon Customer


The Bendable Dust Brush For Cleaning Hard-To-Reach Crevices

Thanks to its flexible, 18-inch-long head, this dust brush can access all those hard-to-reach spots you might typically skip while cleaning — such as under the couch or behind large appliances. The microfiber cloth cover picks up dust, pet hair, and other small bits of debris, and can be tossed in the washing machine afterwards. You can extend the pole to up to 55 inches in length, allowing you to dust high-up spaces as well.

One Reviewer Wrote: “I should've taken a photo of what came out from under the fridge but it was scary- have also cleaned under the bed where the Dyson can't reach- glad we got it!” — Ed C.


The Brush That Cleans Narrow Grooves & Gaps

Perfect for clearing dirt and debris from window tracks, air vents, and shower door gaps, this narrow brush can reach into the tightest spaces. The elevated, ergonomic handle keeps your hand out of the way, so you can have an unobstructed view while cleaning. When not in use, the brush conveniently hangs on a hook, thanks to a circular opening at the base of the handle.

One Reviewer Wrote: “This is the perfect tool to clean my shower door grooves. I’ve been using a toothbrush and it would never get the job done. This cleaned out all the nooks and crannys with the first swipe. The ultimate tool!” — Tori


The Mini Countertop Trash Can That’s Cute & Functional

I don’t know about you, but I find anything miniature to be downright adorable — and this stainless steel trash can is no exception. Measuring just 6.5 inches tall, the mini waste bin is perfect for gathering used tea bags, coffee pods, tissues, food wrappers, and more. Thanks to its itty bitty size, you can place it just about anywhere — including your kitchen counter, desk, sink, or dresser.

One Reviewer Wrote: “This cute mini garbage can is very practical on my bathroom vanity! It is the same size as the jars of Qtips and cotton balls that I keep on the counter. It is perfect for catching wrappers, makeup wipes, Qtips, etc. that might otherwise find their way to the countertop or or the floor. It helps to keep things tidy and clean, plus it is easy to empty!” — Lisa S.


This Cream-Based Cleaner That Removes Dirt & Grease From Cabinets

Over time a layer of oil and dirt can build up on your kitchen cupboards, thanks to cooking residue that waft through the air. You can use this cream-based cabinet cleaner on painted, laminated, and natural wood to remove grease and dirt from its surface. Free of waxes, silicones, and chemical solvents, the gentle formula also helps boost your cabinets’ shine — just follow up with a buffing cloth to create a brilliant luster.

One Reviewer Wrote: “This is the best cabinet cleaner ever. Easy to use and really gets the grime off and conditions well. My cabinets looked new when I was done.” — Amazon Customer


An Extendable Microfiber Duster That Cleans Your Ceiling Fan Blades

If you often neglect your ceiling fan blades while dusting your room, you’re not alone — but this microfiber duster makes the task a walk in the park. With a pole that extends out to 47 inches in length, it has a fluffy microfiber head that wraps around each individual blade to clean both sides at once. In short, this duster makes this typically bothersome chore as easy as can be.

One Reviewer Wrote: “I wasn't sure what to expect, but this works amazingly well on ceiling fans. Ours were pretty dirty and this grabbed most of the dust and hung onto it, the blades looked really clean after.” — Danielle K.


A Microfiber Spin Mop That’s Easy To Wring Out

With an angled head that effectively accesses hard-to-reach corners, this microfiber mop makes cleaning your floors so much easier. Not to mention, it comes with a water bucket that includes a basket for hands-free wringing. Just press the pump with your foot to spin-dry the mop head in between uses. You don’t even need any chemical cleaners — the microfiber material effectively picks up dust and dirt with just water.

One Reviewer Wrote: “This mop has made my work so much easier. I use to use a wringer mop that I twisted dry. With the O’Cedar, you spin the mop head dry in the bucket with your foot. No more twisting and hurting your hand!” — Job


These Drain Snakes That Keep Your Pipes Unclogged

Stopped-up pipes are no match for these flexible drain snakes — the angled barbs are designed to catch hair, food, and clumps of product residue. Simply stick one into the drain, twist it around, and pull it back out to lift the debris from the pipe. This set also includes a long metal snake with a claw on one end for removing any leftover gunk.

One Reviewer Wrote: “Cleaned a blocked tub drain in two minutes! Amazing. I had used some other drain openers (liquid) in previous weeks, but none worked until I tried this tool. Very effective!” — Darain


The Mattress Protector That’s Hypoallergenic & Waterproof

Protect your mattress from accidental spills, dust mites, and bacteria by placing this waterproof cover over the top. Made of a hypoallergenic, machine-washable cotton terry fabric, the protector easily slips over your mattress and stays in place with its fitted sheet design. You don’t have to worry about it changing the feel of your mattress, either — you’ll barely notice it’s there.

One Reviewer Wrote: “Finally! Someone has made a quality mattress protector that actually fits and does not "pop off" every time I roll over. The material used for the top of the mattress cover is a terry-cloth blend and is so soft AND it keeps your sheets from shifting. Would totally recommend!” — Lisa A.

  • Available sizes: Twin — California King


A Wall-Mounted Organizer For Your Brooms, Mops & Brushes

Designed with five spring-loaded clamps, this wall-mounted cleaning tool organizer has plenty of space for your broom, mop, duster, and more. It’s also equipped with six sturdy hooks to hold your brushes and rags. Place it in your supply closet, your garage, your kitchen — anywhere you want your tools within arm’s reach.

One Reviewer Wrote: “I can’t believe I waited so look to get one of these. I put my mops and brooms and hung umbrellas on it and now my utility space doubled. I love it!” — June

  • Available colors: 4


These Silicone Gap Covers That Keep The Space Between Your Stove & Countertop Clean

Tired of dislodging gunk and debris from the narrow space between your stove and countertop? These silicone strips serve the unique purpose of covering that space up, so nothing can fall down into the crack. Heat-resistant and easy to clean, the gap covers fit snugly over your countertop and stove’s edge. You can even trim them down to fit the size of your stove.

One Reviewer Wrote: “This product does just what it is supposed to do - heat resistant, easy to wipe and extremely easy to install in my kitchen. I was lucky - my gap covers didn't need any trimming at all, they fit perfectly and they don't move during normal kitchen use.” — Amazon Customer

  • Available sizes: 21 inches, 25 inches, 30 inches
  • Available colors: Black, Clear, White


This Unique Bathtub Drain Protector That Catches Hair With Ease

One seriously effective way to keep your drains from becoming clogged with hair is by using the TubShroom. Made out of durable stainless steel, the uniquely shaped device catches every strand that passes through the drain, without affecting the flow of water. The hair neatly collects around the TubShroom’s cylindrical body, so you can easily dispose of it.

One Reviewer Wrote: “This catches so much hair and water does not get backed up. For perspective, we are two people who shed a lot! It looks much nicer than the plastic hair catcher I was using, and it's soooo much easier to clean.” — Caitlin D.


A Coffee Maker Cleaner That Removes Mineral Buildup

Over time, mineral deposits can develop inside your coffee maker — this descaling solution safely removes buildup with its natural, odorless formula. Simply dilute the solution with water and run it through your coffee maker to deeply clean your machine’s parts. Not only will your brewer run more smoothly, but your coffee should taste better, too.

One Reviewer Wrote: “This descaling solution really did the trick on our coffee maker. We had been getting a bitter taste and cleaning with this took care of that issue, the coffee tastes so much better.” — Diane M.


These Reusable Swedish Dishcloths That Replace Your Paper Towels

Each one of these highly absorbent Swedish dishcloths can be used and washed up to 100 times — which is great if you’re looking to cut back on your paper towel usage. Safe for use on marble, stainless steel, tile, and wood, the cellulose-cotton cloths soak up a variety of messes and spills. When dry, the textured surface can be used to remove grease and other buildup from your household surfaces.

One Reviewer Wrote: “Love these! I have significantly cut down on how many paper towels I use (& buy) now that I use these. Much thicker than a paper towel and have a nice texture to scrub with.” — Denise T.

  • Available multipacks: 10


The “Fun Guy” That Deodorizes Your Refrigerator

Your fridge can become a hot spot for unwanted smells, but luckily, there’s an easy solution — this adorable refrigerator deodorizer that looks just like a whimsical mushroom. Just pop off the cap, add some baking soda, and let this clever gadget absorb any unpleasant scents. This gadget is dishwasher-safe for occasional freshening up.

One Reviewer Wrote: “This lil fun guy is so cute! I don't have an egg tray but if I did, he'd fit perfectly. Less wasteful than using an entire box of baking soda, the lid pops on and off easily for cleaning and filling. I was a bit skeptical at first, but it really does work to keep the entire fridge smelling fresh.” — Amazon Customer


A Nonslip Doormat That Traps Dirt & Mud Before It Hits Your Floor

Constructed with tough, waterproof fibers, this hard-wearing doormat traps the dirt, mud, or snow from your shoes before it has a chance to hit your floor. The top surface features a subtle plaid pattern that complements a wide range of decor styles, while the bottom has an anti-slip layer that keeps the mat securely on your floor.

One Reviewer Wrote: “They hold sand and dirt like no other rug. They can handle tons of water from snow and sloppy puddles outdoors while protecting the floor underneath. [...] I’m very pleased!” — Amazon Customer

  • Available sizes: 2
  • Available colors: 7


This Heavy-Duty Shower Curtain Liner That Resists Soap Scum

This heavy-duty PEVA shower curtain liner does an excellent job of keeping water inside your tub, so your bathroom floor doesn’t end up soaking wet — but even better, it resists soap scum, so you don’t have to tackle that tricky cleaning job. Available in clear, frosted, and opaque styles, the liner attaches to your rod hooks with a row of rustproof metal grommets. Three magnets at the bottom of the liner ensure it stays securely in place while you shower.

One Reviewer Wrote: “This is the best shower curtain liner I've ever purchased! The weight and thickness are great! Scum and dirt don't seem to stick to this liner like the ones I've had in the past. I'm using mine as a liner but it could be used as a shower curtain alone.” — Penelope L.

  • Available sizes: 5
  • Available colors: 9


A Simple Ceramic Spoon Rest That Keeps Your Countertop Mess-Free

Not only does this white ceramic spoon rest make a lovely, farmhouse-chic addition to your kitchen, it’s also the key to keeping your stove and countertop mess-free while cooking. Got a sauce-dipped spoon? How about a batter-covered spatula? Utensils of all sizes can be placed on the wide, heat-resistant surface. And reviewers love it — it’s earned a 4.8-star overall rating after 6,000 reviews.

One Reviewer Wrote: “Absolutely love this! Fits most spoons and helps prevents spills. It’s a stylish tool and easy to clean.” — Mauricio H.


The Handheld Vacuum That’s Cordless For Quick Cleanups

Notice some chip crumbs on your counter, or some pet hair on the sofa? No need to lug out your large push-style vacuum. This handheld vacuum from Black + Decker tackles small messes with the single push of a button. It’s also completely cordless, so you can use it anywhere — even your car. A wall-mounted charging base keeps the vacuum out of the way — but easy to access — when not in use.

One Reviewer Wrote: “Seriously I hate vacuuming but this nifty handheld is super convenient and easy. It's amazing how useful it is, from messy pet stuff to cobwebs to cars. Love it.” — Megan


This Splatter Screen That Stops Messes Before They Start

Don’t wait until your stovetop — or even worse, your wrist — comes into contact with hot oil splatters. This stainless steel mesh screen protects your kitchen (and you) from spitting oil as you fry your food. Designed with an easy-grip handle, the generously sized splatter screen can also function as a strainer and a cooling rack.

One Reviewer Wrote: “I have so many sizes of frying pans that this oversize guard can be used on all of the larger ones. It is sturdier than my old ones that did not make it through my last move. It is also slim enough I can keep it in the drawer in the bottom of my stove on top of all my frying pans.” — Amazon Reviewer

  • Available sizes: 9.5 inches, 11.5 inches, 13 inches, 15 inches


These Nonslip Fridge Liners That Keep The Shelves Spotless

Cleaning spills and food residue from your refrigerator shelves typically takes a lot of time and effort, but not if you use these nonslip liners. Made from textured, waterproof EVA material, each durable liner catches spills before they have time to set into the glass. It’s much easier to rinse these colorful mats with soap and water than it is to scrape the hardened mess off the shelf.

One Reviewer Wrote: “I was just tired of cleaning messes in my refrigerator! I now lined the shelves and if there is a spill I just take out the liner (instead of the whole shelf) and clean it! Wish I had them sooner.” — Amazon Customer

  • Available multipacks: 2


A Scented Candle That Eliminates Pet-Related Odors In The Home

We love our furry friends, but if we’re being honest, they don’t always smell the best. Luckily, there’s an easy way to keep your home from smelling like the inside of a pet store 24/7 — this odor-eliminating candle. Made of a slow-burning blend of soy and paraffin wax, the candle provides up to 70 hours of scent. This one has a heavenly French vanilla fragrance, but you can also opt for a handful of other options, like zesty lemon or calming lavender.

One Reviewer Wrote: “I am so sensitive to smell, and I’m allergic to most fragrances, but I absolutely love this candle!! But it burns it helps eliminates orders but doesn’t overpower you. I got the Vanilla and I will trying some of the other scents soon. Would definitely recommend this product to my friends with pets!!” — Rose

  • Available scents: 7


This Clever Gadget That Dispenses The Perfect Amount Of Dish Soap Onto Your Sponge

With just a single push, this sponge holder dispenses the perfect amount of dish soap, every single time. Besides helping you cut back on wasted dish soap, the cleverly designed gadget also keeps the area around your sink tidy and mess-free — eliminating the need for a soap bottle and separate sponge holder on your counter.

One Reviewer Wrote: “It's simple, it's easy and it works. I use much less soap than before and I love that I just grab the sponge and I'm ready to wash dishes. [...] It may seem like a small thing but this has made my life just a little easier and I'm saving money on dish soap too.” — AmyP


A Powerful Stain-Removing Spray With An Invigorating Citrus Scent

The next time your dog or cat has an accident indoors — whether it be urine, vomit, or solid waste — there’s no need to fret. Angry Orange’s enzymatic cleaning spray effectively breaks down smelly pet stains from your furniture and carpet, leaving behind a refreshing citrus scent in its wake. You can also use it to freshen up tile, turf, and even hardwood floors.

One Reviewer Wrote: “This is the best stuff we’ve ever used for all pet messes. Our cat is sick and often can’t make it to the litter box, and this cleans up and deodorizes like nothing else. It eliminates odors completely and gets breaks up even dried messes on contact.” — Adam


These Pumice Stone Brushes That Tackle Limescale & Hard Water Stains

These natural pumice stone cleaners make easy work of removing the hard water stains, limescale, and calcium buildup along your toilet bowl, sink, and tub. Each scrubber is tough enough to tackle stubborn residue, without damaging the porcelain surfaces in your bathroom. An extra-long handle ensures you can reach deep down within your toilet bowl to get the best possible clean.

One Reviewer Wrote: “These are my favorite items for getting the mineral buildup ring off the toilet! I’ve tired the stick less version and that’s just gross. The sticks on these change the game and my toilets look so clean!” — Mikayla


A Durable, Waterproof Blanket That Makes For The Perfect Pet Barrier

If you love having your pet snuggle with you on your bed — but fear they may have an accident — you can protect your duvet and mattress with this waterproof cover. Featuring a different shade on either side, the reversible blanket is made of a water-resistant microfiber with a waterproof TPU coating. It’s available in multiple sizes that are also suitable for your couch, chair, or car.

One Reviewer Wrote: “I love this blanket! I have a cat that likes to pee on my bed! Constantly! This blanket has saved me so many times. I like the fabric, it doesn't crinkle at all and now I don't do hours of laundry for a KING size bed.” — Patricia S.

  • Available sizes: 7
  • Available colors: 20


The Cleaning Tablets That Keep Your Dishwasher In Tip-Top Shape

Even though your dishwasher is typically the one doing the cleaning, adding one of these dissolving tablets to an empty cycle will ensure that it remains fresh and performing at its best. A single tablet helps remove food residue, limescale, and mineral buildup from the tub and racks, as well as all of the parts of the machine you can’t see.

One Reviewer Wrote: “The water is really hard where I live, it was leaving mineral buildup on dishes and the dishwasher wasn't cleaning very well. I used this one time and it was like a miracle. I will definitely continue to use once a month. Highly recommend!” — Alex


These Shower Door Seals That Keep Water From Seeping Underneath

Made out of durable PVC, these waterproof seals are ideal for frameless glass shower doors — they do an excellent job of preventing water from spilling out onto the floor. Several reviewers raved over how easy they are to install, and you can even cut them down to size so they perfectly fit your individual shower doors.

One Reviewer Wrote: “It fits super-tight on the door, which is great because it won't come loose. The part that installs on the shower door is very strong and rigid and the part that seals on the tile is flexible enough to easily open and close the door and keep a tight seal so that water does not leak out.” — S. Philip


A Pack Of Ultra-Thick Eraser Sponges That Clean Anything & Everything

Thick and ultra-absorbent, these cleaning sponges only need a bit of water to work their magic — and they erase scuffs, grease, and discoloration like magic. They’re safe to use on just about any surface, including marble, leather, wall paint, and stainless steel. You get 20 sponges in a pack, which ends up being a super wallet-friendly deal, as well.

One Reviewer Wrote: “Can’t believe I’m writing a review for off brand magic erasers, but seriously, these are 10x better than the originals. No joke. They don’t shred/ disintegrate after basic use like the others do. In fact, I’ve scrubbed pretty hard with these and they still hold up.” — Nick W.


This Extendable Broom That Comes With A Self-Cleaning Dustpan

With a handle that extends to 52 inches, this broom makes it easy to sweep up dust and debris without hunching over. It comes with a dustpan that has a flexible rubber lip, ensuring every last crumb makes its way inside. A set of built-in teeth on the dustpan works to clean the broom’s bristles as you go. When you’re done, you can snap the two pieces together for upright storage.

One Reviewer Wrote: “This is the nicest broom! The bristles are soft and do an exceptional job of gathering all the fine dust, cat hair, and little crumbs from the floor. Then, just whisk it all into the dustpan without bending over, and finished.” — Peggy S.

  • Available colors: 4


A Powerful Cleaning Solution That Nixes Hard Water Stains

Formulated with a fresh mint scent, this oxygen bleach cleaner breaks down the minerals that form hard water stains on your household surfaces. You can use this powerful product on your tubs, tiles, sinks, showers — you name it. Just squeeze a small amount onto your sponge or scrubber and rub it directly into the stain for fast results.

One Reviewer Wrote: “All I did was wipe it on, left on for maybe 2 minutes and wiped off with clean wet cloth or rinsed off with water. Had I not done, and witnessed myself I would have thought someone was trying to prank me. It had a pleasant scent, nothing flowery, just nice.” — Kathy W.


These Odor-Resistant Silicone Scrubbers With A Yummy Peach Scent

Unlike traditional kitchen sponges, these silicone scrubbers won’t retain unwanted odors over time — the only thing you’ll be smelling is their fresh peach scent. When used barely damp, the sponges have a rough texture that’s great for dislodging stuck-on food debris, but when wet, they’re soft enough for more delicate glasses and dishware. The scrubbers can even be cleaned in the dishwasher, so you can use them over and over again.

One Reviewer Wrote: “Long lasting and never gets a funky smell, I’ve used these for years now and won’t buy a different sponge for the kitchen sink. A little stiff at first but breaks in nicely after some regular use, each sponge usually lasts me 2 months.” — Amazon Customer


A Mat That Traps The Litter That Falls Off Your Cat’s Paws

Cat owners, listen up: If you’re tired of having to constantly sweep up stray litter from the floor, this rubber mat can help keep the mess under control. The honeycomb-shaped mesh surface traps the litter that’s stuck to your feline’s paws, collecting it on the bottom layer and sandwiching it, so you can easily dump it into the trash later.

One Reviewer Wrote: “This mat works great! There's nothing on this planet that keeps all kitty litter from tracking but this mat sure keeps it down quite a bit! I'm quite impressed with this mat and my cat doesn't mind walking on it at all!” — D. Morrison

  • Available sizes: 3
  • Available colors: Brown, Black


This Battery-Powered Scrubbing Tool For Clearing Out Gunk Between Tiles

Clearing out the gunk and mildew from between your tiles can be a tedious task, but it’s so much easier when you’re using this powerful scrubbing tool from Rubbermaid. The battery-powered unit has an oscillating brush head that rotates 60 times per second, deeply cleaning grout lines with barely any effort on your part. Use it in the nooks and crannies of sink and shower fixtures, too.

One Reviewer Wrote: “This thing is amazing. Clean all the things!!! I have had less than 24 hours and have already cleaned all the grout lines in bathrooms and my oven. Gets in really hard to reach places, and loosens up dirt quickly.” — Amazon Customer


The Whimsical Steam Cleaner That Helps With Stubborn Microwave Stains

As you can tell by her disgruntled expression, the Angry Mama steam cleaner means business — and that business is getting your microwave looking spic and span in no time at all. Just fill her up with vinegar and water, then let her blow off some steam in the microwave for seven minutes. The steam loosens the food splatters and stains on your microwave walls, so you can easily wipe them up with a cloth.

One Reviewer Wrote: “Seriously the greatest invention. Makes cleaning the microwave as easy and a minute wipe down with paper towels. No scrubbing at all.” — Caralyn H.


A Storage Caddy That Lets You Tote Your Cleaning Supplies Around

You’re a lot less likely to get overwhelmed while cleaning if your supplies are organized and easy to carry from room to room — for example, in this durable storage caddy. With plenty of space for your spray bottles, wipes, and sponges, the caddy even has a built-in handle with a comfortable grip

One Reviewer Wrote: “Works perfect for my cleaning needs. Everything is kept in it at one central location in a cabinet in the laundry room under the sink. So practical and easy to carry from room to room.” — Patti


This Screen Cleaner Kit For Smudge-Free Electronic Devices

Many of us use our smart phones, laptops, and tablets on a near-daily basis, but how often are we actually cleaning them? This streak-free spray is formulated specifically for electronic devices and televisions, removing smudges and residue without the risk of potential damage. The included microfiber cloth wipes away the solution without any discoloration or stray fibers left behind.

One Reviewer Wrote: “This gives my standard LED laptop screen the same look as when I first took it out of the box. It removes any lines from when the screen is closed and may contact the keyboard. It also removes marks from if somebody touches my screen (earning my ire if they do so). Spray a bit on and wipe gently with the included cloth.” — Mike H.


The Popular Stainless Steel Cleaner That Creates A Streak-Free Shine

Stainless steel appliances can become a magnet for fingerprints and smudges, which is why it’s a good idea to have this fan-favorite cleaning spray on hand. Complete with a microfiber towel, the highly rated spray works to remove grease and residue while also promoting a streak-free shine. The polish leaves a protective barrier over the stainless steel surface, repelling dirt and dust.

One Reviewer Wrote: “Honestly, this made all my appliances look brand new. It’s shiny and easy to use. The cloth really helps get all the smudges out. I’m surprised I didn’t know about this sooner.” — Jada K.

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