People With Well-Behaved Dogs (Who Used To Be Naughty) Swear By These Genius Things

Products that put the “good” in “good boy.”

Written by Bimini Wright
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Contrary to popular wisdom, you can teach an old dog new tricks. Whether you’ve got a brand new puppy or a senior rescue, being a Pet Parent is a big responsibility. It can be hard sometimes to give your pooch the proper guidance and discipline they need — after all, who can resist those puppy dog eyes? Thankfully, you don’t have to spend a ton of money to train your dog effectively; there are plenty of genius products out there that can help you turn a naughty dog into a well-behaved one.

This list has everything from leashes that discourage aggressive pulling to puzzles that challenge your pup’s intellect. Plus, every product on this list has been vouched for and approved by doting pet parents like you.


A Dog Toy That Keeps Them Mentally Stimulated

A bored dog is a destructive dog. Keep your hound entertained (and your favorite shoes safe) with this interactive dog treat puzzle. With 20 hidden treat compartments, this tray can keep your dog occupied while engaging their natural hunting instincts and exercising their mind at the same time.

One Glowing Review: “My Great Pyr puppy is very smart, so I was looking for something to work his brain and this is his first puzzle toy. Got this for him for Christmas... BEST THING EVER. [...] He likes the moving parts A LOT and will play with the slide parts after the treats are gone.”


A Ball That Defies Even The Toughest Of Chewers

If your pup has acquired a taste for shoes, redirect their toothy energy with this squeaky chew ball. This toy makes scents, literally. All-natural derivatives of a tasty food product are embedded into the surface of the toy at a microscopic level, so as your dog chews, delicious scents are released, keeping them interested and engaged. In addition, these toys are durable and built to last even under the heaviest chewing.

One Glowing Review: “Our dog Kevin is a relentless chewer who destroys toys and mangles tennis balls in minutes. This ball stands up to the chewing and he plays with it constantly. He brings it wherever he goes. The most loved toy ever.”


This Rechargable Nail Grinder For Nervous Pups

Your furry best friend leaping up enthusiastically to lick your face is adorable — the unintentional scratches inflicted by their nails are not. If you struggle to give your pooch a manicure, this electric nail grinder is for you. With a quiet motor and low vibration, this is an excellent alternative to traditional nail clippers for nervous pets who dislike having their paws handled. Ergonomic design with a diamond stone bit places less stress on the cuticle and more on your pet’s mental well-being.

One Glowing Review: “I actually trimmed [my] pup’s nails without her getting crazy. She let me trim them while sitting in my lap. It was amazing. Would highly recommend this grinder to those who have dogs that won’t let you trim their nails.”


This Seat Cover That Makes Your Dog Feel Safe In The Backseat

Muddy paws don’t have to equal muddy car seats if you have this adjustable car seat cover. Its nonslip design features a rubber backing and sturdy anchors that prevent your furry buddy from sliding around, so they (and you) can relax knowing they’re safe and sound. Available in four different colors, it’s 100% waterproof, extremely durable, and easy to vacuum and wipe clean.

One Glowing Review: "Easy to install and my car-sick dog actually laid down for once. Seems to ease his anxiety in the car. My dog usually stands the whole drive and tries to get in [the] front seat. He stayed in the back and was quiet for the hour trip."


A No-Pull Leash For Stress-Free Walks

This totally customizable no-pull dog harness loops across the chest of your pupper, gently tightening as the dog pulls, using their own strength to encourage them to ease up on the lead. Made with loose weave soft polyester, it reduces chafing and has no buckles or clips to dig into the skin.

One Glowing Review: “In just a week or two my dog Louie has started walking with me rather than pulling me all over the world. It also has made it easier for him to listen to me when we change direction or he tries to resist going a certain way.”


These Dog Bowls That Prevent Your Pooch From Playing With Their Food

If your hound is a diva, prone to throwing tantrums at mealtime (or they’re simply a messy eater), then you need this no-spill dog bowl. A food-grade silicone base prevents the bowl from skidding across the floor when pushed by hungry noses, and a raised edge catches any splashes or spills. In addition, it’s rust-resistant, easy to clean, and comes in five different colors.

One Glowing Review: “So glad I got this. My dog is a goober who likes to grab her water dish & fling it into the air, splashing water all over. We have had this for 2 months now and she hasn’t been able to figure out how, woo!”


This Cozy Dog Bed That Helps Them Sleep Through The Night

Speaking from personal experience, it’s amazing how much room even a tiny pooch can take up on the bed when they’ve decided they’d rather sleep with you. Reclaim your space by giving them an alternative they can’t resist with this cozy donut bed. Available in four different sizes and colors, a soft cotton filling and round donut shape allow your dog to curl up in a natural, comfortable position — plus it is conveniently machine washable.

One Glowing Review: “My sister's dog kept waking up during the wee hours. [...] She finally realized that he didn't like his bed. She wanted this pet bed because it is shaped like the way he curls himself up. Finally, her dog is sleeping through the night.”


A Dog Collar That Lights Up So You Can See Spot Run Even At Night

Keeping track of an excited off-leash dog can be a struggle at the best of times; it’s near impossible at night. This rechargeable light-up dog collar offers up to 1,000 feet of visibility, so you can easily spot your pet in the dark whether you’re hiking, camping, or just looping around the block. Durable and waterproof, it stays bright in all weather. It comes in nine colors, and there’s a size appropriate for every breed.

One Glowing Review: “We use these collars when we let our dogs out at night to go to the bathroom. It helps us to keep track of them if they get distracted by an animal while they are out at night. Highly recommend for anyone who has a lot of property or does not have a fenced in yard to keep track of your doggos.”


A Reinforced Short Leash That Gives You More Control Over Your Pet

You may know that your pup is the sweetest angel in the world (you’re probably not wrong), but when you’re out for a walk, it’s important to remember that not everyone loves dogs. So if your doggo is prone to pulling, keep them from getting tangled in a stranger’s legs and sniffing things that they shouldn’t with this short dog leash. It features nylon webbing with reinforced stitching and a comfortable neoprene handle, so it won’t hurt your hands and is durable enough to handle strong pullers.

One Glowing Review: “I needed a shorter leash to train our rescue that pulls on walks. We're still working on training, but having a shorter leash has helped keep him from getting distracted by every tiny smell. The leash is well made, seems strong, hardware clips easily, and the padding is comfortable around your hand/wrist.”


These Interactive Dog Bowls That Help With Slower Eating

If your hound looks more like a hungry hungry hippo at mealtimes, try this slow-feeder dog bowl. This durable plastic dish helps reduce the risk of gulping, choking, and vomiting brought on by speed-eating by utilizing a raised star design that forces them to work for their kibble, giving them enough time to chew between swallows. Nonslip rubber keeps it in place and it is dishwasher-safe for easy cleaning.

One Glowing Review: “This bowl is very sturdy and feels like it will last. Our husky pup loves it, and it has slowed down her eating by a ton. She no longer makes herself sick from woofing down her food in 2.4 seconds. Highly recommend.”


A Pack Of Fashionable Pee Pads That Save You Money On Disposables

If your dog is potty training or struggling with incontinence, reusable pee pads make it easier to take care of their needs. They’re super absorbent, machine friendly, and control unwanted odors. They come in a range of beautiful colors and prints to blend right into your home’s aesthetic.

One Glowing Review: “Even on top of carpets there’s no leaking unlike disposable pads. I feel like I just found my answer to the problems I was having with disposable pads!”


This Portable Dog Crate That Makes A Good Puppy Den

This dog crate is engineered with heavy-duty steel and high-strength wire, making it durable and capable of taking a beating from even the biggest breeds. It easily folds for storage or travel and comes with a divider to partition it into smaller sections to accommodate a growing puppy or more than one dog.

One Glowing Review: “This is perfect for the two medium dogs I recently adopted. I have used the divider when the girls wanted or needed their own space. I have removed the divider when the girls wanted to cuddle at night. It is extremely durable and so easy to put up/break down.”


These Tasty Treats That Help Pump The Brakes When Zoomies Go Too Far

But with the calming natural ingredients L-theanine, magnesium, valerian root, and more, these anti-anxiety dog treats can help calm your dog in stressful situations. Grain and soy free, each chew is packed with vitamins and minerals to meet your pup’s needs, but best of all? Dogs think they’re delicious.

One Glowing Review: “My dog has separation anxiety to the point that she used to cry, screech, tear things up, and have accidents in the house whenever I was away for more than a few minutes. I say ‘used to’ because, ever since I started giving her these treats, every single one of those things ceased.”


A Bag Of Dog Treats That Are Pumpkin Flavored

It’s hard to bribe –uhh, I mean, train — your dog to behave correctly if they aren’t properly incentivized. These all-natural hand-crafted dog treats are tasty enough to tempt even the pickiest of eaters. They contain no gluten, wheat, dairy, or grain, and are made with zero preservatives, artificial coloring, or artificial flavors, so they’re especially excellent for dogs with sensitive tummies.

One Glowing Review: “We’ve tried all kinds of foods and ‘mixers’ to entice Luna, but they only interest her for a short period of time. After trying this, she’s hooked and is so excited when I am preparing her food. I liked the variety pack so we can keep her interested in the various tastes.”


This All-Inclusive Dog Training Set

This complete dog training kit has it all — a durable treats pouch with a built-in waste-bag dispenser, a dog clicker, an ultrasonic whistle, and even a house-training doorbell. It also comes with a training manual, with a step-by-step guide to help you teach your dog everything from basic potty training to cool tricks.

One Glowing Review: “I purchased the dog training set for a stubborn puppy. [...] Our puppy was potty trained within a week using the bells and our large dog stops barking when he’s outside the minute he hears me blow the whistle. I also love the treat bag. This has made life so much easier.”


This Handy Shower Attachment That Calms Your Dog At Bath Time

Dogs love to get dirty, but in my experience, most of them do not love to get clean, which can make bathtime a real headache. It’s hard to scrub your dog, keep them from running away, and rinse them with clean water all at the same time. Enter the Aquapaw scrubber tool; it attaches easily to your shower or hose and lets you brush and rinse simultaneously, leaving your other hand free to calm your pet or reach for the doggy shampoo. You can easily adjust the pressure of the spray with a simple touch of a button, and the scrubber itself is made from 100% FDA-grade silicone.

One Glowing Review: “Omg, this little thing is amazing. [...] Because you control the spray, the dog isn’t terrified. The nubs allow you to scrub the undercoat of the dogs — now they are just as clean when I bathe them as when I’d bring them to a groomer! Fast, effective, worth every penny.”


A Plush Dog Toy That Mimics Their Mom’s Heartbeat

Listening to a new puppy cry through the night is heartbreaking (not to mention exhausting) and tests the resolve of those who are determined not to let their dog on the bed. This snuggle puppy toy has a realistic heartbeat and can help reduce loneliness, fear, and anxiety. It comes with heat packs to mimic the maternal intimacy your pup misses and helps you both get a whole night’s sleep.

One Glowing Review: “I just got a new puppy, and after the first night listening to him whine in his crate I bought this. [...] He settled right down and went straight to sleep. Each time I get him up to go potty and then put him back in the crate, he falls straight to sleep snuggled up with the heartbeat puppy. I definitely recommend this for anyone getting a new puppy.”


This Almost-Indestructible Chew Toy That Dispenses Treats

Made by one of the most trusted names in dog toys since 1976, this durable Kong natural rubber dog toy has well over 50,000 five-star ratings. Recommended by vets and tough enough to withstand heavy chewing, this treat-dispensing toy is a great way to keep your pet entertained and engaged. Its unique shape means it bounces in unpredictable directions, making for an exhilarating game of fetch.

One Glowing Review: “I have a few of these. Keep a backup in the freezer for when my teething pup is trying to teeth on me. [...] They are virtually indestructible and the dogs LOVE THEM. [...] A lifesaver for hyperactive dogs!”


A Ball Launcher That Does Most Of The Work For You

Enjoy a rousing game of fetch without having to touch a dirty, slimy, slobber-covered ball with this dog ball launcher. Super easy to use, it acts as a lever to throw the ball further and faster, ensuring your pup gets all his zoomies out without exhausting you. Lightweight and portable, it comes with a chuckit! tennis ball that’s brightly colored and easy to find in tall grass.

One Glowing Review: “I recently adopted a dog who LOVES fetch. After a few days of play with him, my arm was SORE and I needed a solution. This chuck it ball launcher is amazing! My arm is saved and my kids can get in on the fun.”


This Live-Feed Camera For Spying On Your Pup When You Aren’t Home

If you’ve ever wondered what your dog gets up to when you’re not home, wonder no more! With this pet monitoring camera, you can keep tabs on your pets and interact with them, too. Be notified of activity, so you can tell a misbehaving dog to get off the couch or ease your fur baby’s separation anxiety with a reassuring word. An optional subscription-based add-on even allows you to chat with a live veterinarian.

One Glowing Review: “When I go out my dog has terrible anxiety and sits at the door crying. It's heartbreaking. He sounds like a human baby. I'm able to talk to him and quiet him down. I'll never be without a camera for him again.”


A Portable Barrier That’s Easy To Use

It’s important to set healthy boundaries with your pup. Sometimes that means setting literal physical boundaries like this pet gate so that a toilet-training pup can’t pee on your heirloom rug. It’s convenient and portable, so you can put it anywhere you need it, and it requires no tools to install. It has rubber bumpers to protect your walls and a cute paw-print motif.

One Glowing Review: “Cute puppy but he’s like a toddler of course!!! Driving me bananas going into rooms we don’t want him in because he’s not fully potty trained so we find little puddles or doggy diamonds and that stresses my husband out a lot. Bought 2 of these and they work amazing!!”


This Toy That Challenges Your Dog’s Smarts

Dogs need active stimulation each day. If your pup is getting into mischief because he’s too sharp for his own good, challenge his smarts with this treat dispensing ball. It encourages extended playtime and healthier eating, and the difficulty level can be adjusted so the toy grows with your dog. It’s easy to use and clean and is available in two different sizes.

One Glowing Review: “We adopted a 4-year-old German Shepherd who has separation anxiety. [...] Before we're going somewhere, we put some kibble and treats into the toy, and we give it to him right before we leave. For us, his separation anxiety is [worse] in the first 20-30 minutes after we leave, and then he's okay. This toy keeps him busy for just about that long, so his anxiety subsides while he's using it.”


A Net Barrier For Keeping Your Snuggle Buddy Out Of Your Lap While Driving

You may love it when your fur baby snuggles up in your lap —but not while you’re driving. Prevent accidents and distractions by keeping your needy pup in the backseat where they belong with this net barrier. Made with four-sided elastic dual mesh, it easily installs into almost any vehicle with included hooks that clip to your car’s headrests. It even comes with a handy storage bag for toys, treats, or your groceries.

One Glowing Review: “I should've bought this a long time ago. [...] This keeps him in the back and now he has room to lay down comfortably.”


A Couch Cover That Extends The Life Of Your Furniture

This protective cover creates a sort of mini-couch just for your pup, with soft memory foam padding that supports their neck and keeps their head off your pillows. A water-resistant base layer and its extra-long drape defend your upholstery from dirty paws, and its quilted finish looks great.

One Glowing Review: “We wanted something that looked nice enough to leave on the sofa all the time, was big enough for our large breed dog, didn’t cover the entire sofa, wouldn’t slide down and would keep the sofa clean. This product does the job perfectly!”


This Brain-Stimulating Garden Of Squeaky Toys

If your dog is a hole-digging treasure hunter, you can redirect their foraging instinct with this snuffle mat. Eight removable squeaky plush carrots hide treats, plugging them in tightly so they won’t fall out even if your pet flips the whole thing over. It’s a fun and brain-stimulating game and food dispenser in one.

One Glowing Review: “My 11-year-old Chihuahua isn't really into toys. [...] I took the plunge & purchased this & it is the best thing that has ever happened to him!”


A Flirt Pole That Gives Your Dog A Workout

This flirt pole is designed for high-energy dogs and breeds with a naturally high prey drive. It’s a great way to wear your pup out in a short time, as they sprint and jump in the canine equivalent of high-intensity interval training. It also acts as a training tool and provides the mental exercise dogs need.

One Glowing Review: “I have [a] German Shepard who lives for this toy. [...] The pole is sturdy [and] the handle is comfortable. [...] This is a great way to tire out a dog physically and mentally especially if you're pressed for time.”


These Loud Clickers That Are Great For Training

Initially developed for training animals like dolphins and orcas at SeaWorld, clicker training is a great way to communicate positive reinforcement when training your dog. These button clickers come in a set of two, are made from rust-resistant metal, and have handy wrist loops, so you don’t have to fumble holding a leash and reaching for a treat.

One Glowing Review: “I have a 2-year-old Bichon that I’ve had a hard time potty training. [...] I [am] happy to say that after a month of use my dog has gotten better at toileting outside instead of in the house. The clicker itself is sturdy and loud enough for her to hear when outside.”


A Mat That Helps Ease Anxiety

Recommended by vets and trainers, these lick mats are a great distraction for your pup during stressful situations like thunderstorms, trips to the vet, nail trimming, and more. The textured surface encourages saliva and scrapes odor-causing food pieces off your pets’ tongue, promoting healthier teeth and gums. It’s also a great way to deliver medications and supplements.

One Glowing Review: “I have an anxious rescue dog that uses licking as a comfort. I thought this might help her and it did. The mats stick to my old vinyl floor just fine. [...] Depending on how much peanut butter I add, it keeps her busy for at least 20 minutes.”


These Bully Sticks For A Tasty, Protein-Packed Treat

Puppies explore the world with their mouths, which is adorable until they get a little too nippy with your fingers. These bully sticks are a great way to redirect their needle-sharp nibbling. Made of 100% natural grass-fed beef, they’re an excellent alternative to rawhide chews. Better yet, they scrape away tartar, promoting good dental health.

One Glowing Review: “These are great. They are perfect when my puppy wants something to chew. It's much better than my hands or clothes! HIGHLY Recommend!!”


This Book That Teaches You To Speak Your Dog’s Language

This dog-behavior book has everything you need to better understand your furry friend. Written by board-certified specialists of the American College of Veterinary Behaviorists, this book supports science-based and benevolent training and has accessible examples that make it easy to understand.

One Glowing Review: “This book is fantastic. [...] I wish I had had this book years ago. [...] I have learned so much about both my dog, and about how to work with dogs in the future. I highly recommend this book to EVERYONE!”

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