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These Are Pisces' Erogenous Zones, According To Astrologers
by Kristine Fellizar
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For Pisces, the zodiac's romantic dreamer, sex isn't just something you do with a partner because it's fun or feels good. It's a way for them to connect with another on a deeper physical, emotional, and spiritual level. They love making their partner feel truly desired, and nothing makes them happier than being able to fulfill their partner's fantasies. If you're looking for ways to take your Pisces' pleasure to the next level, knowing Pisces' erogenous zones is key.

Each zodiac sign rules over at least one area of the body, starting with Aries at the top of the head. Since Pisces is the last sign in the zodiac, they rule over the feet.

"Pisces is arguably the most spiritually mature sign because it contains every other sign’s lesson within it, and it also rules your most earthly connected body part — your feet," astrologer Tara Schulenberg tells Bustle. "Our feet have 72,000 nerve endings, and every organ in the body has a nerve ending in the foot. It's why a reflexology massage is a full sensory experience."

This Water sign loves being touched, and even more so, loves reaching out and touching others. According to astrologer Arriana Fox, Pisces tend to hold their deeper emotions back until they truly want. But once they're fully comfortable, they will "delight and enthrall you with their abundant passion and will give their all in long passionate marathons," Fox says. "They are a very sexual sign."

Although a Pisces' feet and toes are the most sensitive parts of their body, those aren't their only erogenous zones. So, if you're looking to make your Pisces feel good, here are the areas of their body you should pay a lot of attention to.


As the ruler of the feet, it's only natural for Pisces to be highly sensitive in that area. Kissing or rubbing your partner's feet are quick ways to turn them on. Pisces is all for foot play. "Start at the bottom with a foot massage and work your way up," Fox says. "This will drive your dream-lover wild and get things off in the right direction. They tend to like being dominated, and giving away their control is erotic to them." Don't be afraid to get creative with it and use their feet and yours in new ways.


Pisces are fairly simple and love those sweet small gestures. For example, hand-holding is something that Pisces really appreciates. According to Schulenberg, the hands are one of Pisces' more secret erogenous zones. "They like getting hand massages where they’re receiving a full sensory experience," Schulenberg says. "Any sexual position where you can feel a sense of closeness, tenderness, and merging into one is appreciated. They have a beautiful duality in them where they love to 'make love' with a lot of affection and deep feelings and love to be a little naughty. If you can give them both, they’ll be all yours."


Pisces is one sign that can get easily turned on by their partner's touches. But one particularly sensitive area is the head. According to astrologer Kyla Derkach, it's another one of their hidden erogenous zones. "Pisces is connected to the crown chakra and higher mind, so stimulation here takes them to the heights of the non-physical world!" Stroking their hair, massaging their scalp, and kissing them on the head, can get them in the mood. As long as your touches are soft and gentle, they'll be happy. As Derkach says, "They are sensitive souls and need to feel safe and loved."


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